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Bonnie Murray

Position: Fifth Grade Math Teacher
School: Mount Auburn Steam Academy
School District: Dallas ISD
City, State: Dallas, TX

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Bonnie Murray was nominated by her colleague, Lenora Coleman.

In today's society, there is a longing for educators who can make a difference, who are deeply, passionately connected to children and communities, and whose commitment to ongoing, creative teaching inspires and sustains. Ms. Murray is such an educator and human being.

"I remember the first time I observed her teaching a fifth grade math class in an inner-city classroom to a group of low-income students. I came away stunned by how brilliantly and vividly she evoked an intimate dimension of mathematics to the reality of the daily life of the students," said Coleman. "She models all that is best about Robert Moses’ Radical Equations - - showing the relevancy of the lesson to the life of the student. Ms. Murray demonstrates, in the words of Michael Guillen, 'the power and poetry of mathematics.'"

The world of mathematics comes to life in Ms. Murray’s 5th grade classroom in a way that entertains and enlightens. Although Ms. Murray is currently a math teacher teaching in an environment with the most vulnerable of children and youth, she has a strong foundation in reading, writing, and other core subjects. She also has a passion which supports her approach to teaching the whole child.

"Ms. Murray is, without question, not only one of the best, most skilled teachers, but one of the finest people I know," said Coleman.