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Richard Patterson

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Ed V. Baldwin Elementary School
School District: Cumberland County Schools
City, State: Hope Mills, NC

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Richard Patterson was nominated by his principal, Rhonda Hill.

Mr. Patterson is a motivational team player at Ed V. Baldwin Elementary School. He provides students, staff, parents, and the community with daily words and acts of kindness. He begins each day with his morning walks throughout the school to get everyone's day started with a positive vibe.

"We never know what HAT he is going to wear, but we know it will have meaning and purpose as he incorporates it into his daily learning and life lessons he teaches us all," said Hill.

Mr. Patterson retired from a career of serving our country to serve our country's most valuable resource - our children.

"We appreciate his invitations to join him also across the street from our school at the commuity church as he performs in the Christmas play and other services," said Patterson. "We know we have been blessed by his support and services at our school and in our community. He inspires us to do our best and be kind to others as we work together to grow successful citizens in a peaceful, loving community."

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Derryck VanCobb Posted over a year ago

I can't imagine anyone more qualified to receive this award then Mr .Patterson. Mr Patterson changes lives no only from his students but also adults he comes in contact with...He is a teacher , a mentor, church deacon, and a husband changing lives daily. Mr Patterson was an assistant coach with me and I saw him you his gifts up close everyday at practice...I also got to see grown people cry and testify they wouldn't be where they are today or alive if it wasn't for Mr Patterson being there during their sobriety.

Jean Rogers Posted over a year ago

Richard has proven to be more than a model to others, he goes the extra step to help others achieve their goals. While he cares for all, he especially cares the the youth of today who are the visionaries of tomorrow. His belief is “if I can make a positive impact on their lives while they are young, they can change the world”. I believe he has done this with his students in the past and is still working hard for those still to come. He is deserving of this award and much more.

Wooody Cox Posted over a year ago

Mr Patterson is one of finest men I know. He has so much love to share with everyone and he does. He is always serving the Community in many different way. He is a big part of Highland Baptist Chuch and all that we do there. I have seen his touch so many people lifes. My own life being one.There not words to really say to describe him to the fullest so I will wrap it up like this. Rich Patterson is one of the most Godly men that I know but yet still remember where he came from as he focuses on where God is leading him to. I am a better and blessed person just from knowing him. Thank you.

Katie Smith Posted over a year ago

There are never enough words to describe Rich. When I think about Rich, I think about the compassion and understanding he has. He has been a huge inspiration to, not just my life, but others that I know as well. He had taught me many things, but the biggest one has to be to always have integrity in everything I do. I can only hope that I inspire others as he has done for me. Thank you Rich!

CARLOS RODRIGUEZ Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson aka Rich is an inspiring man who has emerged as a great leader and champion of kindness. His commitment to serving children who at a tender age need a caring and affable teacher is an example of his selflessness. I've come to admire his dedication for early childhood education where he applies the graciousness many have been commenting on. I am happy he has found his purpose and calling in life at the service of the young because he is eternally young at heart and fits right in. Kids will likely never forget him much like friends who never have. NYC misses you but you are exactly where you need to be.

Todd Adams Posted over a year ago

Rich touches lives wherever he goes. Whether as a kindergarten teacher in North Carolina, working with youth in residential treatment in North Dakota, or working with college students sharing his talents with art. Rich is truly a life changer in more ways than one. His love Of education as well as life is contagious. The world needs more like Rich Patterson!

Michele Iiams Posted over a year ago

Rich is always looking for ways to be a life changer wherever he is. He leaves a path of warmth and joy through his interactions with everyone he encounters. No excuses from Rich, just hard work, kind words and a determiniation to be a positive influence in every situation. I miss seeing him at the University of North Dakota. We are fortunate to have one of his works of art as a visual, lasting reminder of his time with us. While I miss having him on campus I know he is making an even greater difference as a kindergarten teacher. Keep up the great work my friend!

Vincent Todd Posted over a year ago

Yup, that’s sound about “Richard” lol! Richard has always been an inspiration. You don’t meet many people like him in your life time. I met Rich at very critical time, he had an influence on my successes as a young adult. God obviously works through Richard.

FERN PURNELL Posted over a year ago

On a personal level I've known Richard for more than 30 years. He has always been a fun loving individual and a big kid at heart. So it doesn't surprise me that he would involve himself into the kids. As anyone else we've all had our own problems but those that find a way to push that aside; whether it be on a daily basis or making a drastic transformation for life to make a difference in everyone else's life on the positive aspect, that is definitely Richard Patterson. I'm sure he was chosen by those that would agree that we need more individuals like him to make a difference in other shapes and forms of life.

Dianna Rubenstein Posted over a year ago

Richard is an amazing person. He has a heart if a lion. He always loved helping children. That is why I am not surprised he became a childhood educator. There was a time he told me he wanted to teach at his old elementary school. He takes a disability or disadvantage and makes it minuscule. That is what I admire about my brother.

Mary Foster Posted over a year ago

I met Mr. Patterson in 2013 when he welcomed our family to kindergarten. My daughter was his student, but he works with the family as a whole to ensure the child’s success. He is humble, compassionate, and dedicated. There is a major difference between an educator and a teacher. Mr. Patterson is the true definition of an educator and life changer. He does so much more than focusing on the curriculum. He gives intellectual, moral, and social instruction while focusing on personal development, overall progress, and genuine life-skills. To this day, Mr. Patterson is still her favorite teacher. I am honored to be one of “his parents,” a former co-worker, and friend. This world is a better place because of Richard Patterson!

Paskley Beasley Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson is one of the most unselfish person I have ever meet. He has saved my life with his inspiration. He is a caring, loving, and giver. He teaches kids how to be a better person in life and guides them with there education. I think no one else is more deserving of this award than Richard Patterson. He makes the world a better place everyday.

Anne Kelsch Posted over a year ago

Rich Patterson is a model educator and a model human being. Not only is he life changing for his students-- supportive, compassionate, engaged and resourceful as a teacher-- he is life changing in the way he lives in the world and interacts with others. Rich's consistent message is "how can I help you be your best self?" He invests himself fully, not just in his every day life but on his free time and in his choices, in walking-the-walk, mentoring others and modeling how to be a force for good and positivity. I first met Rich years ago as a student in my Western Civilization class at the University of North Dakota. Since then I have been fortunate to witness innumerable occasions in which Rich invested time and energy in others, seeking to support them in their learning and to motivate them to think bigger, and embrace the change that they can be in the world. Rich's colleagues and students have a role model the I would wish for all schools. He is deeply deserving of this award.

Tara King Posted over a year ago

Richard is a great example of “service above self”. He gives so freely of his talents to invest in others. Though Richard has an amazing voice that we “borrow” for narration of our Christmas plays...his actions speak more loudly. Something as small as volunteering to use his artistic skills to run the face painting booth at a children’s event to volunteering to mentor my male teenage students on how to behave with class and manners...this guy is the real deal. His approach to life is to always attack each day with optimism and never fails to see the silver lining. His attitude is contagious. Everyone needs a “Richard Patterson” in their lives!

Debbie Cox Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is a great teacher. You can tell by looking at the children's faces when he's reading them a book or during a special fun activity. He goes out his way to ensure his students has the best experience while they are in his class. He truly deserve this award. He is a role model.

Sarah Larson Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson is hands down one of my favorite people!! Richard is full of energy, compassion, dedication, and joy! Richard makes everyone he encounters feel important and takes the time to engage with each person. His joy for life is infectious! His dedication to any task, whether it be tearing down a wall covered in black mold or helping to shape the minds of little children he does it with passion and zest! I am beyond proud to call Richard Patterson my friend and constantly stand in amazement at his inspirational approach to life!

Renita F. Patterson Posted over a year ago

He is an excellent teacher. He gives his kids a chance, and that's what they need. They are our future.

Theresa Patterson Dennis Posted over a year ago

I am the big cheese of my brothers and sisters. Richard is the baby. I had to take him wherever I went. He was like a part of my body. He grew up as the typical boy in the projects of the lower East side of Manhattan. It was called "The Hill". Growing up was not easy, but Richard grew up to be a strength to our little neck of the woods. Friend and mentor to many on the Hill and in parts of the world that he has lived or visited. It is truly hard for a black man to achieve what Rich has, he beat the odds. My brother a college graduate, motivational speaker, kindergarten teacher, mentor and friend. There is no one that should speak wrong of him he is truly blessed by God Almighty and chosen to spread his word. I will not be surprised if his next step was the ministry. HHe is unstoppable when he wants to achieve. I love my brother deeply. He deserves this. He has a very good support system and at the top is his wife Lunie. "Let's do this'.

Valerie Lawrence Hankerson Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson is a kind and humbled man of God. I have known Rich all of his life, having grown up as next building neighbors, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He is a survivor. He has changed his life and the lives of others. He spreads sunshine and positive vibes with his daily interactions. He is a committed educator. It is an honor to have him in my life.

Russell Lauricella Posted over a year ago

Richard and I grew up in New York City in the 1970s and 1980s. New York at that time was a veritable war zone. There were not many opportunities for inner city kids like ourselves other than nefarious activities. Richard chose to embrace his true-self and focus on making things better for himself and most notably others. There were many paths that Richard could have taken but he chose to embrace life and to contribute to the community by helping to the change lives of the children who are so fortunate to have him. Of all of my friends and acquaintances in life, Richard has impressed, even amazed me more than anyone. Richard's experience in changing the lives of others has undeniably come from his experience in changing his own life. May God continue to bless you Rich, and keep up the phenomenal work!

Maryanne Beasley Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson “Rich” what an amazing person! He is the example of what we all should be in life, brave,supportive, smart, caring, but most of all he is the developer to help mold our future adults into caring individuals, just like himself, he starts at the kindergarten level, and lets the children’s young minds blossom. There is nobody more deserving of such an amazing award! Richard Patterson, Rich, Teacher, our life saver ??

Jennie Rubenstein Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson brings enthusiasm and creativity to the learning process. It is genuine and kids know it

David Reuter Posted over a year ago

Richard is a good man, a great role model to others and an awesome educator. He is a Life Changer for young and old!

Azzam Posted over a year ago

Just wanted to say that in the plus twenty years you have been a stand up friend, brother, and inspirational man in my life. I'm grateful that God seen fit for our paths to cross. Stay blessed and keep doing what you are doing.

Dennis Archer Posted over a year ago

Most dedicated person I met from the Lower East Side. Rich has coached kids for many years and kept them at the highest competitive level. He has a unique ability to capture the attention of his students and in doing so makes for a productive learning environment. Did I also mention his charismatic personality? ??

Yvonne Holter Posted over a year ago

Rich is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He couples that with a wonderful self-deprecating sense of humor, an inspiring humility, and a true desire to make a difference in the world through his work with children. I have watched him interact with many college students, most several years younger than him, genuinely and honestly, making the kind of positive impact most of are merely able to work toward. He is a true role model for everyone who knows him. I can think of no one more deserving of this kind of recognition than Mr. Rich and I sincerely hope you acknowledge his work by naming him Lifechanger of the Year. It won't change who he is or how he lives his life, but it will, in a wonderful way, demonstrate that his efforts are recognized.

Kelly Bryan Posted over a year ago

What I know about MR Patterson he is WELL Spoken, Caring, Loving, Generous and always Prepared and a Giving Soul and Represents Teachers Everywhere Well and I am Proud to him FRIEND

Willy Morris Posted over a year ago

I had the good fortune of meeting Richard Patterson in New York City at a time in my life when I really needed people to look to as role models and his incredibly positive and loving Spirit made a huge positive impact on my life getting on track and getting to a better place!

Donna Hasz Posted over a year ago

I had the great privilege of meeting Richard (Mr. Patterson) when my daughter attended college with him. During that time, I learned of some of the struggles he overcame in his life. He always has a positive, can-do attitude. He and my daughter became friends and we got to share a some very good times together. When she graduated, Rich came to the dinner we had in celebration and gave her a memento that he worked very hard for and that has been a symbol for her to always keep going because hard work pays off. He is truly a "gentle man" and I think he embodies the true spirit of this award. He definitely is a life changer!

Tasha Major Posted over a year ago

When I see the Life Changer of the Year award all I see is Mr. Patterson. Mr. Patterson started as a teacher to my daughter, then became a coworker, and now he is family. I've known Mr. P since 2011 when my daughter entered his kindergarten class. The standard that he set from the beginning for her was just fantastic. To watch him bring greatness out of her every day at school the whole year was beautiful to watch. Not just for her but every child that walked through his classroom door. He holds them all to the same standards of greatness day in and day out. Fast forward to us as coworkers, I still witness the greatness that he pulls out of every child. Even when the child feels like there is no greatness in them, Mr. P pulls it out. Mr. P is very passioned about pouring into our children and their learning. As everyone else has said, he always starts a day with a hug and a good morning to everyone he sees. He has a way of brightening up the atmosphere that he is in. I remember the day like it was yesterday. A 2nd grader thought it was a great idea to write on my shoe, all of my other coworkers thought it was funny but Mr.P felt my pain and understood what I was going through. LOL Mr.P also gives back to his community and will go out of his way to help whoever and whenever he can, even if its last minute. Never do I hear Mr. P complain about the things he does and the people he has help. Not even if its a child that may need a little bit more love from him.

Anthony N. Noel Posted over a year ago

Greetings to all. I have known Mr. Patterson for over 30 years. He is a fighter, survivor, and inspiration. He was always a great athlete, blessed with strength, speed and skills. I later found out that he was a graffiti artist and became a graphic artist. He fought the ups and downs of the NYC environment to become what he is today. He can tell you the specifics if he chooses. When I was working with a neighborhood community group encouraging young people to get an education and skills I thought he wasn't listening. WELL, NO ONE COULD HAVE PREDICTED THIS. The students in his school are truly blessed. Congratulations RIch, you won already.

Zachary D Rogers Posted over a year ago

I’ve know rich since 1980’s we come from the lower east Side New York... I am so proud of him cause where we come from not a lot of our friends made it out...He’s a real positive person a big influence on a lot of people.. through good in bad he’s always been there... so went RICH DOES GOOD that rubs off on all of us...SO PROUD!!!!

Randall Robinson Posted over a year ago

Our community has been blessed by Richard's presence and service. Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of getting to know Richard. He has been and continues to be a life changer at our church, so I understand why he has been chosen for the Lifechanger Of the Year award at Ed V. Baldwin Elementary School. Congratulations, Richard!

Beonca Beyard Posted over a year ago

Speechless would be a word that I can describe for Mr. Patterson. He did an AMAZING job with my daughter. 4 years ago my daughter was in his Kindergarten classroom. He built an even stronger foundation on her educational path and now she is a straight A student. I look forward to seeing Mr. P everyday. He brings so much joy to the students and his co-workers. There is a long list of things I could write about Mr. P and this award is very suitable for him. Great educator!

James A Moore Posted over a year ago

I pause, deep breath, and smile before considering a word for this giant of a human being. I've known Rich for 30 years, and he is a testament of perseverance and dedication. Working in a summer camp with individuals with disabilities Richard's energy, gift of giving, and joy of sharing with others still resonates too this day. I can go on, and on. I can see no better recipient of the Lifechanger Of the year award than Mr. Richard Patterson.

Clifford Patterson Posted over a year ago

Richard’s life is a walk of adversity overcome by hard work and a love for life and mankind. From the hard core pavement of New York City’s streets to the classroom in Ed V. Baldwin Elementary School Mr. Patterson has warmed the hearts of everyone he has had the honor of crossing paths. Richard is a wonderful husband, Deacon, brother, uncle, coach and mentor. One would wonder can any more be said on top of the above humbling facts. Yes. Richard’s greatest and most efficient and effective attribute is his love of children. I had an opportunity to see this Godlike character of Richard first hand in his classroom. His classroom is bright, colorful and energetic. The children are loving, thoughtful, and have a thirst for learning. What is also amazing was his meeting each child at their level of cognition that I saw would bolster each child’s self-esteem and empower them. Love and education ruled that day I was honored to watch my brother, Richard do what he loved the most...expand the mind of inquiring future doctors, lawyers, legislators and I may have seen a president.

Samantha Smith Posted over a year ago

I have known Richard for 9 years. I have to share Richard is one of the most caring and kind individuals that I have ever known. His laughter and quick wit is contagious. His genuine smile brings joy to everyone he meets. I have seen this man give unconditional love and compassion in all areas of his life. You will not find a more passionate, energetic, honest, and sincere person. Lastly, Richard has a very high level of integrity, commitment, and faith. I am truly honored to know him.

David McLaughlin Posted over a year ago

I have known Richard and the Patterson family for over 40 years. Richard is it true product of the Lower East Side.he is deeply rooted with the qualities that a young man grows up with in a strong Village. I believe he is always been highly talented in many areas. I've always admired his positive outlook on life.I'm not afraid to tell you he was one of the first basketball players to take me to school on the basketball court. throughout his life I know he has experienced a lot. just growing up on the Lower East Side is an experience in itself. at this juncture in his life I can only be proud of what I hear and see coming from Richie. I know the rest of his friends are all so proud of him. it is a blessing to still have him in my life. although we don't speak much we keep in touch on makes my heart smile just to know he's leaving behind a wonderful Legacy of working with children.

Lawrence Denson Posted over a year ago

Richard is a valued friend, and he personifies the phrase “ I WILL NEVER BE OUTWORKED” This gentlemen is an amazing teacher !!! ... from basketball to academics.. And I am HONORED to call him a friend!! Lawrence Denson

Wayne? Barnes Posted over a year ago

I? have? known Richard Patterson since 1980.? He was?introdiced? to? me? by a?mutual friend who? had family troubles and? ?lived in? ?an?abandoned building on? ?the.?lower east side of? New? ?York.? Richard"s role as a? ?big brother and? caring protector of?the? less fortunate was? ?impressed on? me? from? ??the? moment we? met.? The? Lower?East Side? was? a? rough, crime ridden?neighborhood filled with? negative influences to? distract a? ?young man? from? making positive life choices.? Richard, despite the? odds against him has? ?made? positive? choices? and? ?through diligence? and? a? hard?work? ethic, achieved great things? in? ?athletics, then as? a?student, an?d ultimately? an?educator.? His? positive? attitude is? ever? present and? is?infectious! At the? end of? ?each correspondence he?always thanks? me? for?being his friend? which? never? fails to? elicit a? smile? on? my? ?face as? I? revel in? his? humility.? Although Richard? has? much to?be? ?proud? of in? his own life? in? terms of? athletics? and?educational ahievements, he? can? never? ?be? ?heard to? brag.? His? ?focus is?always? toward? others and? ?how? ?he? can?improve their lives through? love, kindness, and?appreciation.? A? parent could? not? hope? for? a? kinder, gentler? man? to? guide their? child than Mr.?Richard? Patterson.?

Clifford Patterson Posted over a year ago

Richard and adversity are life partners. In his short lifetime Mr.Patterson has overcome a myriad of obstacles. From his loving yet meager beginnings growing up on the city streets of New York to growing the young minds of the boys and girls

Renee Reed Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson is an amazing Kindergarten. I worked with Mr. Patterson for three years and saw his passion to teach students and meet them were they were at. I have seen him mentor students as well as stay after school to tutor students who needed extra help. Mr. Patterson always go above and beyond to meet the needs of his students and their families.

Tanisha Gray Posted over a year ago

Words can not do this wonderful man justice! Mr. Patterson was both my son and daughter Kindergarten teacher. I remember when you could actually request the teacher you wanted and everybody wanted Mr. Patterson as their child's teacher. He is absolutely remarkable. My son who has Autism was so blessed to have him as his educator early on because he set the standard for learning. I am 100% sure that Mr. Patterson played a huge role in my son being where he is now academically. He bonds with his students and makes sure they are prepared in every way. I still have an emotional video of him actually shedding tears because the students were moving up to the next grade. Mr. Patterson has even showed up to my son's birthday party and even attended some of my daughter's basketball games. What he does for the kids goes even beyond the classroom! My oldest son is headed to Middle school next year but my youngest is headed to Kindergarten and i can only hope that he gets to enjoy the Mr. Patterson Experience. He is the true definition of a Life Changer!

Eddie Perez Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure of knowing Richard Patterson for over four decades. In our 20's and 30's Rich's work ethnic was to always be on time for work. He taught me how to always give everything my best effort, to never give up. When he decided to go to college in his 40's, I knew he would succeed in getting his degree. I had the opportunity to visit Rich in his 1st year as a new educational teacher. We cleaned and set up his new classroom. I watched firsthand Rich's endless energy as he kept the children's attention by asking them to identify colors and engaging them with questions. Today he inspires me by his countless good deeds of helping people in need from hurricanes and rebuilding communities. He motivates me to continue exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle even though we're miles apart thru social media and phone calls. He is truly a good guy and a motivating person to all that know him.

Kasi martin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is not my students teacher but is an awsome teacher and friend. He always helps out when he can and cares deeply about the kids at school and our church.

Dr. Tami Carmichael Posted over a year ago

From the moment I met Rich as a student in the classes I teach at the University of North Dakota (UND), I knew he was a life changer. He embraced every opportunity to learn and grow and to encourage everyone around him to do the same. Throughout the years, Rich has returned to my classes — and other classes — at UND to share his inspirational life-story with students, to remind them of the great privilege of education, and to inspire them to embrace and engage in their lives and to invest in the people around them. He has also used his artwork to engage others and to create visual statements of his belief in the power of education to change lives. I have seen so many students touched by Rich’s message — after every talk he gives, there are dozens of students lined up to shake his hand and thank him for his advice and encouragement. And his work never ends there. He befriends those students and stays in touch with many of them, providing advice and support as they make efforts to change their own lives. I have witnessed many, many instances of students whose paths were shifted to the better, whose goals were redirected, and whose entire outlook on life was improved after listening to and talking with Rich. When I think of people who are truly “life changers,” Rich Patterson is the person who jumps to the top of the list. I can think of no other individual I know more deserving of this award.

Latoya Brown Posted over a year ago

I had the honor to work with Mr. Patterson my 3 years at Baldwin Elementary. Amazing, outstanding, and extraordinary are just a few words that come to mind as I think of him as teacher and colleague. His classroom made you want to be back in kindergarten again to be able to stay for a long length of time to learn everything he taught. He goes over and above and I can honestly say this about him as each one of his kids gain a unique outlook into learning and what it means in life. He definitely continues to change the life of every kid that enters that room.

Albert Wade Posted over a year ago

Richard has been an inspiration to his community here in the Lower East Side. He has Coached the young kids in basketball. While coaching them he used that platform to motivate both young and old. He moved on to further his Education. He continues to educate, motivate others to the best they can be. You made the right choice when you chose him.

Kathy Sovine Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is such an inspirational person. He starts each morning by going to each classroom to say good morning to teachers and students who have arrived. I must admit I feel cheated if I don’t get my morning hug. He helps set the tone for the day with his positive comments and best wishes. His students love him. This is very evident if you ever have had the opportunity to watch him in action. We are very lucky to have him working with our kids. I feel honored to call him a friend.

Durielle McGuire Posted over a year ago

Since I’ve become a teacher at Baldwin my morning hasn’t started without hearing Mr. P approach me “McGuire! How are you?” with a hug. Imagine that, someone genuinely asking you how you are, EVERY MORNING! I always say “I’m well” (I’m such a nervous speaker and he KNOWS THAT lol) we hug and share positive vibes. It has been such a joy having Mr. Patterson on my team as a beginner teacher. He has shared such encouraging that has helped push me through the trying times this school year. He has exposed me to several different strategies when it comes to leading my students on a road to succeed, leading me to succeed as an individual, period. I don’t think my “thanks” could ever do justice for how Mr. Patterson has had such an impact on my life in such a short period of time. I am forever grateful to have met Richard Patterson, he is truly heaven sent.

Nelah McLean Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson always said 90 or above. YOU CAN DO IT ! Thank you Mr. Patterson for your encouragement.

Kisha McLean Posted over a year ago

Mr. Richard Patterson is a man of many talents. He is a teacher, mentor, friend, and family to those who may lack those attributes in their lives. On a daily basis I can count on knowing that some of his heart filled with the strength, will reach someone. On the days that life's journey can give me strife along with trials of the What If's or Why Not's. Mr. Patterson will say something that makes what seems hard, a reason to keep pressing forward. Mr. Patterson believes in the paying it forward and sharing his given gifts to bless the next person. Which is why I know he was sent for so many that are lost and need an extra push sometime, or another. Mr. Patterson is a blessing and will go down in the history books for all he has done and, plans to do.

Anita Pownall Posted over a year ago

What can I say about "Patterson." He has an awesome attitude each and every day. He has had a career as a professional basketball player, motivational speaker, graffiti artist, and teacher. He has been around the world and sought out new experiences that always include meeting people, in the places he goes, from different backgrounds and points of view than his own, and he genuinely gets to know them and learns about their lives. If he visits a place and a local says, "You don't want to go there," that is exactly where he wants to be so he can see/participate in the life of others. He brings all of his life experiences to his students, their parents, and his colleagues every day along with a good dose of patience and honesty. He is a mentor to boys at our school because he remembers what it was like to be "naughty" as a child so he truly does understand and anticipate what they need. He can take a moment of water spilled on the floor and turn it into a science lesson about evaporation that the kids carry with them for years. I know, I had a child tell me all about it when he was in my 1st grade class. In addition to the things he does at school, he has touched countless lives with his volunteer activities at church and with veterans, not to mention encouragement of his own nieces and nephews. I can't think of a greater and more true "life changer" than Richard Patterson.

Victoria Byrne Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson, Is a God send! He is a devoted teacher and absolute wonderful person. He lights up a room while keeping his kids attention. The kids know when its time to joke and whenits time for work and make no hesitation about it. He helped my son, he had him for Kindergarten and 1st grade. He cares for his students not just while in school but outside of it as well. We need more Mr.Pattersons!

Dee Everitte Posted over a year ago

Richard is a person who you can turn to for guidance.He listens to you wholeheartedly without judgement and will give you honest living Godly genuine advise from the heart and Gods word. Richard is a very encouraging person to all those around him.Once you meet ”Patterson” you can't help but love him!

Kori McMillian Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is a joy to work with each day. He greets everyone with a smile, a hug and some positive inspiration.

Nicole Young Posted over a year ago

An amazing teacher to say the least. Im so happy Lucas had you for K and 1st!! We wish he could keep you all through elementary school!

Kris McCammitt Posted over a year ago

I've worked with Mr. Patterson since he began at Baldwin. His demeanor and rapport with every student is amazing. He speaks truthfully with parents and children and encourages them to be their best.He is calm, encouraging, and patient with everyone. He acts as a role model and mentor to students that may otherwise struggle to have one. Beyond the classroom, Mr. Patterson comes around to each classroom every morning and greets teachers, parents and sometimes students with a good morning hug, hand shake, word of encouragement. Within the community, Mr. Patterson works with Veterans in the community and gives them support. He collects clothing for vets to prepare them for the job market and give them every advantage. The impact that Mr. Patterson has had within the community is staggering.

Heather Matheney Posted over a year ago

A true mentor, not just a great teacher.

Mischa Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson goes above and beyond for each and every student (and their families) that he comes into contact with. He supports students not only in their academic success but their personal interests as well. He takes pride in knowing that each student who crosses his door has a purposeful life not limited by their surroundings. Mr. Patterson is always there to lend an encouraging word and let students know that they matter to someone in this world. With all of his experience serving children, he continues to strive to learn new things to better meet the changing climate we live in today. He is a life changer because of those he has impacted. Those children and families have also changed his life. Attributing to a cycle of growth and change for the betterment of the community.

Sade Echols Posted over a year ago

Mr Patterson!!!!! He has to be one of the greatest men I have ever met in my life. Hes so amazing at what he do. Just him as a person speak so many volumes! I nominate Richard Patterson as my winner!

Laura Cook Posted over a year ago

I work with Mr. Patterson as his Instructional Assistant. I feel blessed to have this privledge because he is an amazing teacher. He teaches the curriculum and life skills simultaneously. His students know they are here to "do their job of learning" but also that he cares about them and their personal success in life. He is also an active deacon at church, and enjoys helping others have a life of significance. He uses his past life experiences to help others to create a better present and future for themselves and their families.

Tara Montgomery Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is such a blessing to me and my son. My son is excited about school and learning because of Mr. Patterson. He is such an inspiration to people who he meet. He's a very dedicated person who loves what he does. He is always a ball of life and a positive person. He's just a great person. Congratulations and thanks for ALL that you do!!!!!!

Wallis Sutton Posted over a year ago

What can say about Mr. Richard Patterson? He has truly changed my life. Some things may happen by chance but, I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the union between he and I was divinely inspired. Richard came into my life at a time when I was really at a crossroads. At that time, I desperately needed guidance and direction, in the worst way, or risk being lost in life forever. Richard provided that guidance and so much more. He quickly became a mentor and a real inspiration in my life. His role as a mentor developed into that of a best friend, brother, father, spiritual adviser and so much more. He wears many hats in my life and, I have come to depend on him a great deal as I ascend both personally and professionally. Richard has taught me what it takes to make a difference in this world and it all revolves around love. He is constantly reminding me the valve of hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes we, as individuals, search for someone to laugh with about the more comical things in life. Other times we seek to find that person with whom we can cry over our pain and sorrows in life. Many times we encounter another that will be there to compassionately tell us the truth when we need it. Sometimes we need another someone whom we know will be there unconditionally, no matter the circumstances. When you meet one person that embodies all this and more, it takes your breath away. Richard is that person. He is also the best listener I have ever met and sometimes that is all we need. For each life that I know he has touched, there are two that I don't know of. Richard doesn't discuss how many he helps but, I know this to be true. The fact is that his unprecedented humility doesn't allow he himself to see all that he does to touch so many lives. That's the kind of loving person he is and, I am so grateful to have him as a part of my life. There is no such thing as a bad day for Richard and that is the type of spirituality I am striving for. With his help, I know I will get there. He deserves to be celebrated and I celebrate what he has brought to my life on a daily basis. I sincerely thank you, Mr. Richard Patterson from the bottom of my heart, for being the humanitarian that you are. Congratulations my friend, brother, father and adviser. You are already a winner!

Rippi Singh Posted over a year ago

Rich is rich with love, inspiration and dedication. He has a wonderful personality that is larger than life itself.

Zach Kennedy Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson’s passion for teaching is exceeded only by his passion for people, which includes his overwhelming desire to see each individual be the “best” version of themsleves that he or she can be. His passion for life and love for others encourage and challenge me every day to grow in my own life. I am grateful for his influence in my life and other’s lives, and I’m even more thankful for his friendship.

Jeremy Jonson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson has definitely played a vital role in transforming my life.Very passionate about helping others. He is always inspiring and encouraging me to do better and be better.Not only has he shared his wisdom of life with me, he has helped teach me how to have the integrity to carry out that wisdom. Absolutely is he a life changer!Thank you Mr. Patterson

Iris Duhaylongsod Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is a well-respected, excellent, kind-hearted, passionate teacher and colleague! I first met him when I started teaching at Ed V Baldwin Elementary as an exchange teacher. He first introduced me around and made me feel at home to then a very new environment for me. The children and education are his life, his passion! He always, always come in early in the morning, ready for the day, full of energy and optimism! He treats every single day as an opportunity to influence and change lives. I believe every single student in his class and even some who are not his will forever remember his name, and how big of an impact he has made in their lives.

Kelly Kennedy Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson’s passion for teaching and the students he teaches simply radiates from him. In words and in action. He is not only an excellent educator, but an encourager and mentor to others.

Joey Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is one of the reasons I stayed at Ed V Baldwin. He is super awesome at his job. He is encouraging and wise beyond his years he has the Passion that I wish many other teachers could have. He has a smile that That will brighten anyone's day!! God bless him!!! Good luck! Well Deserved! Your number 1 ALWAYS!

Phyllis LeDosquet Posted over a year ago

Rich was my student in my Child Development class at the University of North Dakota. That was about 18 years ago and I still remember where he sat in class. It was an 8:00 AM lecture with over 80 students and he always sat on the left side, front row and never missed class. He always asked questions and was fascinated by the topic of "Child Development". He had not yet declared his major in Early Childhood Education but I knew he was destined to be a teacher and a great teacher. I was his professor in other classes as he pursued his degree and he was not only a dedicated student but an amazing person with a heart as big as the universe. He was a trailblazer in Early Childhood Education as a male teacher in this field. I know that he spoke at many conferences about this topic. I have not spoken with him in many years, but I follow him on FB and we periodically will make comments to each other. His dedication, love, and passion for his career, students, and life are always an inspiration. It is interesting that I saw this post about his nomination tonight as I just told a wonderful story about him in class last night. He makes me smile... he definitely is a lifechanger :) .

Nadia Prashad Posted over a year ago

I am honoured to write about Mr. Patterson. From the first day that I met him at school, it was quickly apparent that he has a strong, positive influence on anyone that he meets. I appreciate the sincerity and thoughtfulness that comes across to those who speaks to; young and old, he is truly genuine and a wonderful example of a life changer!

Julia Pabst Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is 100% the best definition of a life changer. Every morning he walks around the school giving smiles and positive words to each staff member in the building. I cannot begin to tell you how much each day I see him means to me. There have been days when I just didn't want to be there and just a smile, hug, and positive word from Mr. Patterson has completely changed the way my day went. He is a BRIGHT light that shines everywhere he goes. In addition to Mr. Patterson being a colleague, he was also my daughter's kindergarten teacher. As an educator he challenges his kindergartners to be better human beings. He teaches them so much more than just their abc's and 123's. Social and Emotional learning is put at the forefront of his classroom instruction. My child (who is now in 5th grade) speaks clearly, uses her manners, responds to others using kind words regardless of how they treat her, and can hold a conversation because of the foundation that Mr. Patterson built many years ago. Additionally, last year, he went above and beyond to help my daughter see her dream of becoming a vet come true. He connected her with a family member who owns her own vet clinic and they were able to have a 30 minute conversation about what my daughter needed to focus on moving forward to become a successful vet. Mr. Patterson has truly changed the lives of my entire family because of the love and generosity he exudes everyday.

Ymerrie Rose Payad Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is a kind-hearted person. I admire him the way he handles/disciplines his class. He is truly a good teacher. He teaches life more than anything else. Keep going Mr. Patterson. God bless!

Kimberley Harris Posted over a year ago

How cool is it that Richard comes and says good morning to each teacher every day. What a positive way for us to start our day! Setting us up for a positive day and positive classroom environment. If he comes slightly after the bell, he makes sure to connect with each student in my class too. The children love it and so do the staff. We need more people like Mr Patterson in our world.

Reva Rubenstein Cronin Posted over a year ago

I have known Richard Patterson since he was a teenager. He was a kind and caring person then and he has grown into a special inspirational teacher! His ability to connect with children is uncanny! And he relates always treating each child with respect! Richard Patterson is a man who encourages all to be better and kinder. He is an asset to every community he inhabits.

Jeanette Freshley Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mr. Patterson for around 9 years, and he has made each day special! I look forward to his greeting every morning because he makes everyone know how much he cares with each word of encouragement! He is an amazing teacher who does whatever it takes to help his students succeed, and he motivates all of his coworkers as well. He always has a positive outlook no matter what, and is an inspiration to students and colleagues as well as others he meets. Mr. Patterson volunteers his time very often to help others in the community. He truly deserves this award because he is such an unselfish and caring person who would do whatever he could for anyone.

Gerry Dincher Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson is a very kind person. Every morning he walks through the school to great each teacher in person with a fist bump, hand shake, or hug. He remembers what we have discussed and follows up a month or two later. He is an excellent teacher. I am proud to work with him.

Melvin Dove Posted over a year ago

He is a great church worker. Very friendly, always positive and liked by everyone!

David Probus Posted over a year ago

Where do I even start with Rich? I met Rich a while ago now at my church. From the moment I met him, he has been such an encouragement. Richard is one of those guys who you meet and can't help but smile when the conversation is over. He is such a genuine, loving guy who will go out of his way to show love to those he meets. He loves the little ones that he teaches every day, and I know that he gets so much joy investing in the lives of those young people in his classes. I am working through my Master's Degree, and Richard is always interested to see how my studies are going and to offer some encouragement. He is a great friend, a dedicated man of faith, and just an all around awesome guy. I can think of no other that deserves this award more than my buddy, Richard Patterson!

Jenny Scott Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson has had an eclectic career that encompasses living in a variety of places. He is the definition of motivation and kindness. He teaches his Kinders to respect adults and their learning should be wasted. He is an awesome professional and a wonderful colleague.

Rachel Frye Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of workong with Mr. Patterson for anout 7 years. He is ALWAYS willing to help a student, colleague or parent in all that he does. He has asked friends from NY to come to Baldwin and share their life experiences and how important setting goals at such a young age can be. I taught 4th grade. When he enters the building well before school begins, he makes it a point to greet every staff member with. hug or high five before making his way to his classroom. He routinely came into my class thru the day when he knew I had students who needed one on one positive male role model. He truly invests ALL that he is to his school and the people he meets along life's incredivle journey. He is involved in his church and gives back to the community in various ways. I count it a blessing to have worked with him and to have the opportunity to work along side his positive contagious spirit. My children, now 8th and 6th grade, have known him for 8 years and still look for crazy hats to purchase for him as he incorporates them in his daily life lessons of viewing all situations from unexpected perspectives. What a joy and a blessing to know Richard Patterson! Well deserving for certain!

Tashiba Villalobos Posted over a year ago

Good people always deserve the best.

Ricky Watkins Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Richard Patterson most of my life and he’s always been a great inspiration. Great to see his influence expanding and making a difference in his community.

Jennie Rubenstein Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson is kind and open and full of creative energy. He hears kids and can connect to their needs. Most importantly he can connect kids to real mentors that can match a child's vision of their future with a pathway to their dreams.

Sue S Palmer Posted over a year ago

Sue Stewart Palmer Richard Patterson has made a wonderful addition to our church and community. He is always volunteering to help with local projects and traveling with a group to help those in need. Richard always has a smile and a hug to make your day better.

Lisa Hinnant Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination, you are truly a inspiration to so many, thank you for being in place for me and others, you are truly deserving of this award for your love and time you give to so many. I’m so very grateful that I got to meet you on my journey, God loves shine so bright in you , may God continue to use you as a vessel to spread his love ??

Jaymee Adams Posted over a year ago

He is a great person, who always finds the best in his kids. He helped my shy son come out of his shell when he had MR. Patterson. He will always be one of my favorite teachers and I kind of wish he could have my son every year! He deserves it!

Lunie Culanculan Patterson Posted over a year ago

His passion and dedication to teaching young children caught my attention considering his being a male. I taught college students in a University, but I can't handle a Kindergarten class. I admired Mr. Patterson's patience with kids.

LaShon Watkins Posted over a year ago

So proud to say Richard Patterson comes from my community Lower East Side. I hope he wins this award, he is an asset to any community he is in.

emily perry Posted over a year ago

I have had the opportunity to work with Richard Patterson for the past nine years, the last five being spent working with him on the Kindergarten grade level. Mr. Patterson is very deserving of this award. He continuously works hard to serve not only the children in his class, but all students at Ed V. Baldwin Elementary. If it his encouraging smiles to students, hellos, or going to the classroom to check on a student, Mr. Patterson always let the students know that he cares about them and he truly does. He wants to see every child succeed and be the best student they can be in and out of the classroom. Mr. Patterson also encourages the staff. I look forward to my morning every day and if by chance I do not see him, I seek him out because having that positive energy from coworkers helps our day. He gives encouraging words to us and, I speak for myself, motivates me to become a better teacher, person and friend. Mr. Patterson is deserving of this award because he is an all around amazing teacher in and out of the classroom.

Rhonda Varriano Posted over a year ago

Mr. Patterson was my student teacher at West Elementary School located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He was such a positive and up lifting spirit to work with and learn from! Everyone who met Mr. Patterson, never forgot him! His positive energy is contagious! The world needs more Mr. Pattersons!

Rhonda Hill Posted over a year ago

Richard Patterson is an excellent teacher. He has so many hats and talents. He traveled through his basketball career which I confused his travels as being in the service. But needless to say, he is a true server to everyone he meets and a powerful positive influence in our community. He is also a published artist from his earlier New York days and artistic adventures. He never ceases to amaze me and provide a helping hand and heart to all he encounters.