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Davitra Dewberry

Position: Eighth Grade Acceler8 Teacher
School: Mesquite Academy
School District: Mesquite Independent School District
City, State: Mesquite, TX

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Davitra Dewberry was nominated by her colleague, Briggette Jordan.

"Davitra is a great example of a LifeChanger. She has the ability to give each student what they need at the present time," said Jordan. "She makes sure all of her students feel important and cared about individually and collectively. I've witnessed her give every one of her students a birthday present on their birthday and make them feel special."

Acceler8 is a program designed to help students who are behind their grade level. They are given the opportunity to catch up to the current grade and move on to high school. This is a new program that was implemented last school year, and Ms. Dewberry is the lead teacher. She has helped this program succeed!

"Completing the program and advancing to the current grade does wonders to improve the students' self-esteem. Davitra does whatever it take for her students to be successful. I have the pleasure of working with students within her class, so I was able to see her teaching ability," said Jordan.

Ms. Dewberry is a member of the Leadership Team this year for her campus. She also mentored a teacher who was new to the Acceler8 Program this year.

"This was my first year on the campus, and she was a great welcoming committee for all new staff this year. She comes to school early, works during some of her lunches and leaves school late while taking college classes," said Jordan. "She's always willing to give a helping hand to anyone in need."

Comments (19)

Tracy Snyder Posted 3 days ago

Ms.Dewberry is awesome! She’s always positive and has a smile for everyone. I love sharing my end of the hall with her. Congrats, Dewberry!!

George Turner Posted 3 days ago

Ms, Dewberry has a nurturing and encouraging spirit. I admire the way Davitra meets and greets her students where they are. I have had the privilege of working with Davitra for a number of years. Most significantly has been the way Davitra instills confidence in her students / student and helps them apply those same characteristics toward the learning process. In short, Davitra is a change agent who welcomes challenge and one who is enthusiastic about sharing her time and talents with her village.

Pamela S. Hughes Posted 3 days ago

She is a life changer. I am so proud her

shirley Reed Posted 4 days ago

WOW-this comes as no surprise to me. Ms. Dewberry, you show such grace for all students. I appreciate your positive energy around the school and interacting with all students. I am so proud of your hard work. Thank you for changing lives.

Jessica Propps Posted 4 days ago

Congratulations Davitra! You work so hard and are very deserving of this award.

Barbara Townsend Posted 4 days ago

Ms. Dewberry, Congratulations on your nomination, you are much deserving of this award. Your not only a great teacher but you give your students 100%. They are so fortunate to have a dedicated teacher that cares about everyone of her students. You provide each of them with the hope they need to stay in school and graduate.

Chuck Johnson Posted 4 days ago

Ms. Dewberry has a noticeable impact on her students each day. She does so much more than teach her students academics; she prepares them to be successful in life!

D’Edward Davis Posted 4 days ago

She is the best teacher a boy could have

brittney gonzalez Posted 4 days ago

she's an amazing teacher.

Kay Young Posted 4 days ago


Emilee Simmons Posted 4 days ago

As a new teacher, I came early to set up my classroom and met a loud, cheerful 2nd grade teacher that quickly found herself in my classroom welcoming me to the campus. Two years later, I found her across the hall from me as my new 6th grade teaching partner who pushed me, asked the hard questions and made me a better person, friend and teacher. But more importantly than that, she showed me what the power of relationships can do with your students. The same love that Dewberry showed me every day, was the same love she fiercely showed her students. She is the life changer daily to whoever enters her classroom and whatever campus she is a part of.

Shanay Johnson Posted 4 days ago

Congratulations Davitra there's no one more suitable for this nomination like Davitra. She's a very hard working person who goes beyond and above whats ask of her to do. A teacher's job is to impart self knowledge to her student and make them a better individual. Davitra has always performed her duty with complete dedication and your hard work and sincerity. She has worked diligently for the betterment of the students and this is being reflected in her students and her commitment towards her students is commendable. The excellence in education affects not just the students but also the entire community. Your dedication will have an impact on the entire community and educational system as well. It's really nice to work with Ms. Dewberry. Ms. Dewberry set an example of learning and excellence among students and co-workers alike. A job well done Davirta Dewberry. She most definitely deserves to the Life Changer Of The Year!!!!!

Clifton Collins Posted 4 days ago

Ms. Dewberry is a creative, dedicated, and passionate teacher, she works hard to impact the lives of every student that walks into her classroom. She attacks every day with relentless effort and her students benefit tremendously because of it.

Jerry Caston Posted 4 days ago

Ms. Davitra Dewberry is someone who we would call in the military "Mission Ready." She accepted and was assigned a challenge to begin a class in the middle of the semester with no knowledge of her students. However, when you are mission ready, you are willing to accept any challenge and ready do whatever it takes to accomplish the objective. Ms. Dewberry was able to transform her classroom into the working learning environment by instilling within her students that they are a part of the learning community and she held them all accountable for their own individual actions. She is also some who understand that educating students is a team process and she understands when and if it is necessary to ask for others help when necessary. I would classify her as a teacher who seeks responsibilities and takes on responsibilities for educational actions. Ms. Dewberry is the ultimate team player, educator, and co-worker that help shapes, redirect and encourages her students to seek a different approach to lifes obstacles. What is fitting person to be nominated for this esteemed award "The Life Changer of the Year."

Precious White Posted 4 days ago

Congratulations Davitra! I see your hardworking everyday and not only do you support students but you also support teachers.

Briggette Jordan Posted 4 days ago

Congratulations Davitra on your nomination. You've worked hard this year and the students have benefited from your tenacity. Keep up the good work.

Kendra Bush Posted 4 days ago

Davetra is a go getter! She does whatever it takes for any student on campus not just those in her class. Everyone loves Ms. Dewberry! She definitely deserves to be Life Changer Of The Year.

Lauren Hatch Posted 5 days ago

Davitra Dewberry is one of the hardest workers I know! She impacts her students daily and meets them where they are at. A true champion of changing lives.

Abram Joseph Posted 5 days ago

Ms. Dewberry leads a program many educators shy away from. She leads our Acceler8 program which is geared towards combating the national dropout issue. Students are overage 8th graders who have missed content that allows them to go on with their peers, but more devastating, they have lost hope. Ms. Dewberry not only teaches content,but she revive lives. She is teacher, mother, and counselor to all students.