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Cathy Adams

Position: Counselor
School: Piedmont Elementary School
School District: Piedmont Public Schools
City, State: Piedmont, OK

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Cathy Adams was nominated by her principal, Andrew Graham.

Mrs. Adams is an exceptional educator who makes a positive impact on students on a daily basis. She is a one of a kind counselor, educator, and mentor for her students.  In her regular daily duties, she conducts daily guidance lessons in each of her school's classrooms based upon the needs of her students.  She also conducts a variety of small group lessons, such as Cool Club, which assists students dealing with anger issues. Mrs. Adams will conduct these small group lessons through the year and identify students with the help of her fellow teachers who need extra assistance. She has also started the PAL program, where local high school students mentor the elementary students every Tuesday before their lunch. The younger students love this activity, and many of them continue to have a positive relationship with their mentors, even outside of this structured time.

Mrs. Adams has also assisted many families in times of great crisis.

"In this past year, we have had three students lose a parent, and another student lost a little brother to a terrible farm accident," Graham explained. "In each of these incidents, she has gone above and beyond to care for those students and their families.  She has provided assistance to those families by taking the time to speak with the parents at great length and help them as needed, even outside of the school time and hours. She truly cares about each person and student she works with."

Mrs. Adams makes a positive impact on both students and teachers, and she'll assist teachers whenever they are in need. She is simply a caring person who will do whatever is needed to ensure that Piedmont Elementary School cares for every person that graces the halls. She is a one of a kind educator.

"This past year, she was recognized as our Site Teacher of the Year, District Teacher of the Year, and was selected as one of twelve finalists for State Teacher of the Year," said Graham. "She was more than deserving for each one of those recognitions, yet she continues to be humble and not broadcast her accolades. She changes lives each day, yet she just goes about it as though that's what you should do each day without any accolades."

Comments (2)

Rose Bussure Posted over a year ago

Cathy, you have no idea of the impact you have in the lives of the students and their families you touch. You are Piedmont's Angel. May you be blessed beyond measure as you bless those around you beyond measure.

Missy Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Adams will always hold a special place in my heart. One day I received a phone call from Mrs. Adams about my child who was suffering from anxiety at the time. She is very understanding and caring and it gave me great comfort to have that conversation with her. Both my children have had her as a counselor and absolutely love her. Every time I see Mrs. Adams she is smiling and interacting with the kids. She just puts you at ease to be around her. We love her so much!!