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Cathy Taylor

Position: Special Education Non-Cat Pre-K
School: Winnsboro Elementary School
School District: Franklin Parish School Board
City, State: Winnsboro, LA

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Cathy Taylor was nominated by Barbara McGuffee, her special education director and supervisor.

"I have known Cathy Taylor for nine years. I have had the privilege of being her supervisor, and she has taught my Non-Categorical Preschool Class for the past nine years," said McGuffee. "Ms. Cathy is truly a teacher who loves her students and wants what is best for them.  Her special education students have a large place in her heart.  At any given time I visit Ms. Taylor's class, she will be on the floor with her students teaching them, assisting them or holding one in her lap."

Ms. Taylor is a hard worker. She takes care of her students mentally and physically. She has been known to buy whatever a child needs out of her own pocket to make sure that their needs are met.

Ms. Taylor goes above and beyond to serve her children.  She arrives at school each day an hour before school starts to meet her children and make sure they get off to a good start.  She stays late to plan after they are safely put on the bus for their return trip home.

"I have met many teachers throughout my 31 years of education, but I canot think of one any more deserving than Ms. Cathy Taylor," said McGuffee.

Comments (10)

Amy parks Posted 10 months ago

I really appreciate your and all u have done for my baby boy u r one of the best people I know u are a very good and loving person.

Rose Campbell Posted over a year ago

I have known Cathy Taylor as a teacher and friend for 25 years. She is very dedicated to her students. She loves each and everyone of her students and her goal is to teach them to their highest potential. When she leaves school after a long day of work, Cathy goes home to prepare her lessons for her students to meet each individual's ability. She works hard to make sure every student is learning in her classroom. Cathy greatly deserves this award!

Melissa Hammons Posted over a year ago

Ms. Cathy is a devoted, caring educator. She rises above any expectations and truly bonds with the children in her class. We love Ms. Cathy and are proud for her nomination.

Marilyn Wilson Posted over a year ago

I have known Cathy Taylor for 25 plus years. In those years, I have seen the compassion she has for her students. You can see the love she has for each of "her babies" in their faces. Cathy is very deserving of this award!

Sherry Wall Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cathy cares for each of her students as they were her family. She takes her role in their education very serious and it shows in the children's attachment to her.

Wiley F. McClary Posted over a year ago

Soon after meeting Cathy Taylor you know how compassionate she is. She speaks with tenderness and love for all. Teaching has always been a profession of "calling". Teachers are special people with challenging tasks and tremendous responsibilities. Cathy Taylor is certainly "called" to meet the challenges and so willing accepts the responsibilities. I appreciate her dedication and devotion to the young students she welcomes to her classroom each day. Wiley F. McClary Asst. Superintendent Franklin Parish Schools

Cynthia Futch Posted over a year ago

Ms. Taylor really does love her students, and it shows in her everyday interactions with them. She truly does have a passion for teaching the young students in her class.

Yvonne Blount Posted over a year ago

Cathy is so deserving of this award. I feel that she is the best prek-k teacher in Franklin Parish. She is always putting her students first. She goes up and beyond what I feel like a teacher should do for their students. These are her children and she loves them, protects them and teaches them life skills and teaches them curriculum where most people would give up on that student. Cathy Taylor is a life changer in the lives of these students and the student's parents.

annette ghere Posted over a year ago

This is the teacher a parent wants for their child. Cathy Taylor is intelligent and dependable. Continually improving upon her skills as teacher so that she can take the best care of her students. She wants only the best for her students. She cares about the total person, (mental, physical and emotional). She will be the child's voice when he or she can not speak, the child's legs when he or she can not walk. Only the child's family can love them more than she does. This is a good, an honest, and hard working educator. Her students always come first in her life.

Lisa Roberts Posted over a year ago

Ms. Taylor has a passion for teaching and she is a very highly organizes,cretivity and highly intuitive teacher. Ms. Taylor gives her students plenty of love and attention. Ms. Taylor personality traits enchances her students learning process. Ms. Taylor refers to her students as her babies.