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Teetee Braxton

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Warrenton Elementary School
School District: Vicksburg Warren School District
City, State: Vicksburg, MS

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TeeTee Braxton was nominated by multiple students.

Ms. Braxton changes the lives of her students in many ways. She takes her students and molds them into leaders.

Ms. Braxton is very organized and clean. Her classroom feels like home, and the atmosphere in this room is always fun. No matter what mood you are in, Ms. Braxton will make you laugh. Everyone has a "role," or a job in her classroom, and some students have multiple roles.

"I have four jobs: ELA speaker of the house, interior decorator, supervisor, and ride or die," said one of her nominators. "Ms. Braxton tells us how to do our jobs, and if we get three strikes for not doing them, we get a pink slip. If you get a pink slip, you are fired and you have to sign it. She teaches us to be real-world leaders and employees. In our class, we also have a leadership team. The leadership team consists of all the speakers of the houses, assistants, assistant speaker of the house, assistant supervisor, and supervisor (me). Ms. Braxton also taught us our class motto, PUSH (Persevere Until Something Happens."

"I have never met a person like her.  She makes it her job to inspire, motivate, and challenge her students," said another nominator. "She loves to see the eagarness of her students. I believe she eats, sleep, and think of her students daily.  She is firm, but fair at the same time. I haven't met a student she hasn't reached or inpsired in my 8 years of knowing her.  She is a dynamic and loyal worker. There isn't a job or obstacle in teaching she hasn't acepted the challenged. She is always finding ways to produce and nuture her students. She is an awesome team player and enthusiastic leader."

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Douglas Posted 3 months ago

An excellent teacher sees the natural gifts of her pupils and liberates them. The true leader makes her followers twice the person they were before. oh, what an excellent teacher you are. You inspire, guide, lead, and instill so much in the youth. Things we will never forget and we will always treasure. Thanks for being you and an inspiration to many. #LCOY

Leriah Maxey Posted 4 months ago

You are one of the best teachers I had since I been in elementary school thank you Ms.Braxton

Leriah Maxey Posted 4 months ago

Ms.Braxton is the best teacher, the reason I say that because she takes her time and teach you and she ask questions after it and then if you don't get it she show how you do it again and that's what I like about her she is a life changer and she will get you to the next level.

Tiana Posted 4 months ago

Thanks for working hard with us and doing your best. Thanks for always showing us love and giving us gifts at Christmas and end of the year. I could not believe a teacher spent her own money and gave each student a gift. That means a lot to me. You are awesome.

Tan Posted 4 months ago

Congrats to the best!!! Changing lives and giving your all. Keep up the good work.

Cam Posted 4 months ago

Congrats, Ms. Braxton!!! You are a life changer.

kaykay Posted 5 months ago

i love how you we get have fun while you teach love you

tionna scott Posted 5 months ago


Arielon:3 Posted 5 months ago

I appreciate u as a part of the pack, your sacrifices don't go unnoticed you deserve a break sometimes from all da ciaos

Carly Posted 5 months ago

Mrs.Braxton u r the best teacher i appreciate u as a really good teacher

kaykay Posted 5 months ago

love you ms.braxton everytime you get mad at us its cause you want us to learn and listen

jayjaylove Posted 5 months ago

I like that she is funny and fair.

kaykay Posted 5 months ago

congratulations Ms.braxton your the best teacher ever and never stop doing things you love.

Patrickmoore Posted 5 months ago

i like that u tought me everything i learned

Jalan Posted 5 months ago

Those who educate children well are to be honored. Every child who have met you, learned from you, and mentored by you over the years can agree. Thanks for having a positive impact on my life and others. You show great leadership in all your extra activités, workshops, leadership meetings, mentoring, and all other endeavors you participate in. Thanks for being you. Congratulations and I hope you win!!!

A. Green Posted 5 months ago

Students love and respect her, and they ask to be in her classroom all the time. Every since I met her I have not found anything bad about her. She is a great teacher.

Trineka Anderson Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations to my beautiful cousin! I always knew teaching was not only a career choice for you, but a way for you to impact the lives of our future generations. Your caring and charismatic spirit has been a life changer both in and outside of the classroom. I actually enjoyed having you as my teacher during the summer. The only part I didn't like was when you would whip us lol. Not to mention we had an AWESOME lunch lady! Oh how I miss her so..... Baby, she would be so proud of you! Just know that you have been changing lives for a long time now and it never went unnoticed! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and helping me to sort out some difficult things in my life! I love you cousin and cousin the great work. You are a jewel and forever a LIFE CHANGER!

Treyowna Veal Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations cousin on your nomination! You have been a teacher since we were little kids! You’ve always made us play school so you could be the teacher..We actually had to go and tell and complain so you would give someone else a chance to be the it’s not a surprise to the family that you’re an amazing teacher because you had a lot of practice!! I’m so proud of you! Every time I talk to your dad, he brags on your accomplishments; not to mention how he thinks that you’re a wonderful mom and that makes me happy..Keep up the good work couzzzzzzzaaaaannnn! ????????????????????????

Lynne Brewer Posted 6 months ago

What a tremendous honor! Ms Braxton is very deserving of this award. She is an outstanding teacher. She builds relationships with her students, challenges them daily, motivates and inspires them, and loves her student!

Cosandra Stewart Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations! You deserve this and so much more. Thanks for positively impacting the lives of so many, especially my daughter, Teagan. You are an excellent educator! Continue to shine your light through others while educating them! You are amazing!

Kelda Bailess Posted 7 months ago

Congrats!! I love your passion for changing lives in our district! Keep it up! ??

Pamela Beck Posted 7 months ago

You are one of the best teachers out there. I am so glad you are one of my co-workers and a friend. You have helped me a lot. Congrats!

David Campbell, Deputy Superintendant Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations to one of our GREAT teachers! We are so proud of you!!! Warrenton Elementary is blessed to have you. We are so glad you are part of the Vicksburg Warren School District family.

Luke Posted 7 months ago

We would like to say we appreciate everything Ms. Braxton for all the hard work she does. She works with the youth after school and on the weekends to help prepare them for programs and other activities. She volunteers of her own time. She doesn’t get paid for all she does. She goes over and beyond the call of duty. Thanks for all the support, guidance, and leadership you have shown with the youth. God Bless You.

RJ Posted 8 months ago

I used to be bad in k-4, but when I got to your class, I seen myself in my own career, being a better person, I started to see what you saw in me, and the way you treated me made me feel like you were my mom. I will always remember you! I will never forget the lady who came and showed me love and respect. You showed me that I can be a better person. I thank God for you.

Don Posted 9 months ago

What can I say about this awesome teacher that havent been said. She changes lives for the better. She gives tough love. She comes to games to support you. It just doenst stop in the classroom. She goes over and beyond. She spends her own money to help others. She motiveats, appreciates, congragulates, and inspires. Thanks for all you do. I will never forget you and ll the things you do that help us grow into future leaders.

Roosevelt Posted 9 months ago

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ms braxton , you changed my life .

ben Posted 9 months ago

good job!

kevin Posted 9 months ago


Markyia Cusic Posted 9 months ago

Love Mrs.Braxton

Patrickmoore Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations, you are a hard worker and you deserve to win,and stay doing what you love????????????????????

joaquin Posted 9 months ago

hi mrs braxton

Arielon Posted 9 months ago


nope Posted 9 months ago

great job

Markyia Cusic Posted 9 months ago

Ms.Braxton is the best!!!!!!!!!!

im invisible Posted 9 months ago

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JAKERA JACKSON Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Braxton is the best teacher ever

Charrie Posted 11 months ago

Congratulations Ms. Braxton. I hope you win, so you can continue to buy students Christmas presents every year. You always giving and that’s wonderful. I didn’t know a teacher would spend her own money and buy gifts for every student. Not only give with your own money. I remember you telling us to write thank you notes to Donorxhoose when they sent us things we needed for class. You always wanted us to have the best and be the best. Why couldn’t you follow us to 6th grade. I know you need to spread your love to all not just us. I will never forget. Keep doing what you do and God will be proud.

Angela Clark Posted 11 months ago

Teetee Anderson Braxton is simply the best!! She made my Jazlyn feel right at home for the first time since we moved to Vicksburg. She showed my daughter love, compassion, and how to be a true leader!! I am forever grateful for this shining star in Jazlyn's life!! Jazlyn will never forget her fifth grade teacher. She respects and loves Ms. Braxton dearly! I am so grateful Jazlyn had the opportunity to experience such a wonderful educator and motivator!!

Fred Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Braxton keep doing what you are doing. You reach and touch so many lives. We need more teachers like you. I am glad I got a chance to meet and know you. Where would this world be if there was not a Ms. Braxton. I am glad you never gave up on me. Thanks and I hope you win. You are truly the best!!!!

Jax Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Braxton is the best teacher I could ever have. When she tells me it"s going to be alright. It usually is. She's not one of those teachers who has a favorite. She loves all of her children equally. Also she works hard after school with VBMA program. She also tutored after school for 2 years straight.

Danni Posted 12 months ago

Teetee Braxton is simply the best!! She made my Son feel right at home for the first time since Kindergarten. She showed my son so much love, compassion, and how to be a true leader!! I am forever grateful! He respects and loves Ms. Braxton dearly! I am so grateful Sam had the opportunity to experience such a wonderful teacher and motivator!!

Hannah Posted 12 months ago

What can I say about this amazing woman. She is my hero. I didn’t think I would make it in school without her constant support and perseverance. She kept at me when I didn’t know how to. She made me want to do better. I am better because of her. She was there for us during school hours and after school hours. I am a great leader now because of her. No longer bad news like everyone thought I was. She is awesome. Never gives up on a kid. We need more of her in our lives. If we had more teachers like her I wouldn’t have started out so bad and confuse.

Sharon Posted 12 months ago

You are very inspiring. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your constant support of me. You always had something wise to say. You always helped me with my anger issues. I remember a time when you help me from getting in a fight. You were always understanding. You treated me low your own child. Wow you are one of a kind. I hope your students know just how great you are. You deserve this honor. You always put your students first. Oh and thanks for coming to my games. Your the first teacher I have had to do that. ????????

Carter Posted 12 months ago

Here is a website where my favorite teacher was spotlighted in the newspaper. Truly awesome Ms. Braxton. You are simply the best. #LCOY

Ms. Ward Posted 12 months ago

Here is a website talking about this great teacher.

Yolanda Atkinson Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Braxton is a wonderful teacher that goes above and beyond for her students. She is dedicated to each and every child that walks in her classroom.

Toni Griffin Posted 12 months ago

Ms.Braxton was my 5th grade teacher. Not only was she a teacher she was also inspiring! She always told us how to be kind to one another! She’s a very good teacher and she helps you understand her work! I’m very thankful for the things she has taught me and others .

Nyiah Smith Posted 12 months ago

She is a wonderful teacher she inspired be to do better in school . She love to do hand on work with student ????? if they they do t understand the math problems. I really love you Ms.Braxton ????

Ezra Anderson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Braxton is a wonderful teacher and role model for students. She gives 110% every time. When it comes to teaching, she is top notch and in a class of her own. If you want a Michael Jordan caliber teacher, Ms. Braxton is the teacher you need on your team. She goes far and beyond your ordinary teacher.

Ms. Holyward Posted over a year ago

Thank you Ms. Braxton for showing me what it means to succeed and challenge yourself. You are so inspiring. I hope you win and others can see what we see in you.

Samuel Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Braxton is a very good teacher she teaches us about the real world real probloms and how to slove them she helped me with fractions she helped me with deicmals and other thing and i really hopes she wins.

Marcus Posted over a year ago

She has helped me with fractions so much

Kederrion Posted over a year ago

Ms.braxton teaches us a lot, but makes it so fun. She's the best teacher I've ever had. She inspire so many people. I hope she wins.

Teagan Stewart Posted over a year ago

Ms,Braxton has inspired me to do many things. I hope she wins.

Samuel Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Braxtion teaches us strictly but makes it very fun.

Samuel Ross Posted over a year ago

I am so delighted that she was nominated. She's a teacher that you wish you'd always had.

Samuel Ross Posted over a year ago

She has taught us about what could happen in the real world.

Samuel Ross Posted over a year ago

The first day that you step in the classroom, you wouldn't want to leave.

Samuel Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Braxton is one of the GREATEST teachers ever!

Samuel Ross Posted over a year ago

I'm thankful that she put me in the position of math speaker of the house.

Samuel Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Braxtion is one of the nicest teachers I have ever meet and she always,makes me smile.

Ashton Saleh Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Braxton can put a smile on your face even when,there is nothing to smile about.

Kim Posted over a year ago

Optimism, love, caring, peace, laughter, and hope oozes from your soul!

S. White Posted over a year ago

Teetee Braxton is one of the teachers that I have met that stands out among the rest. She reaches you by building relationships with you. What a unique quality she has to reach each and every child in her class, no matter the diversity. She is an inspiration and role model of how a teacher should be.

Mallory Beard Posted over a year ago

Ms. Braxton is the best teacher I have ever had. I'm so glad that she was nominated. She is so funny and fun, even when she is in a bad mood. Mostly she is always in a good mood though. She so nice and sweet. She makes us laugh so hard, and she has such good hummer.I just love her so much. I will never have a teacher like her again, even if I do I will not forget her. She is very smart and intelligent. I hope she will have a great time with her nomination life changer of the year. I love you Ms. Braxton.

Robert Wadford Posted over a year ago

Ms.Braxton is the best teacher a student could have. Ms.Braxton makes learning fun, and creative. She makes up songs so we can remember a subject. The students in Ms.Braxton's class are always saying how good of a teacher she is. Ms.Braxton is full of motivation, and is a great leader.

Teagan Stewart Posted over a year ago

I am so elated that Ms.Braxton was nominated. She deserves it and more. In the short time she has taught me she has inspired to start a book.

Samuel Ross Posted over a year ago

She has taught us many techniques throughout this school year.

Charles Posted over a year ago

I am so proud and a honor to be in her class. She has made me come out of my shell and she has inspired me to do many things. I love you Ms.Braxton. keep up the great work!

Samuel Ross Posted over a year ago

She has pushed us a lot throughout the school year. This is the best teacher I've ever had.