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William Tome

Position: School Resource Officer
School: Carver Community Middle School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Delray Beach, FL

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William Tome was nominated by Thomas Ledbetter, a member of the community.

Mr. Tome has been a LifeChanger in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach, Florida for over 30 years. He is a school resource officer for Palm Beach County Schools and a retired officer from Boynton Beach Police Department. After retiring, he began working in the local school system to help the youth in the community.

Mr. Tome has helped inner city, at-risk youth, both in school and during after school programs. He has always been a pillar in his community with regards to helping students stay out of trouble and stay in school. He has done a majority of this through community youth sports programs that he has founded, fundraised for, and operated for many years.

Mr. Tome founded the Police Athletic League of Boynton Beach and the Bill Tome Foundation. His foundation is completely operated by volunteers and raises over $60,000 annually for the kids in these communities. The money is used to pay for sports equipment and league fees so the children don't have to pay to participate. The foundation also takes students back-to-school shopping each August for supplies and clothes. Additionally, they offer a yearly scholarship to a local high school senior for college ("The Bill Tome Leadership Award"). He also buys uniforms and supports local school athletic teams, as well as educational initiatives.

Mr. Tome is known by most people in the community and has received several honors for his work. He has been named Palm Beach County Chief's Youth Advocate of the Year, and Boynton Beach even named a city athletic Park after him, The Bill Tome Sport Complex! He has helped many young men and women achieve their goals through his unselfish efforts. Mr. Tome helped and mentored Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson while he was a young man before his sports career started.

Mr. Tome also started a Violence Prevention initiative. It has a basketball league with at-risk students and involves them in team building and sportsmanship. The sense of pride and confidence these students get from Mr. Tome's time and effort is immense! This league has had teams travel to NYC to play in tournaments. Most of these kids have never been outside of South Florida!

"If it wasn't for Mr. Tome's efforts and organization, there would be a lot less high school graduates from these communities, as well as more street violence and chaos," said Ledbetter. "As an ex-educator and football coach in this school District for fifteen years, I can personally name several kids who, if it were not for him, would have never made it to high school, let alone finish and graduate."

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Joe Mastro Posted 8 months ago

I’ve been honored to grow up with Bill and am proud to call him my brother in law for close to 35 years. Bill has always had a passion for sports. A great athlete that started in PD’s from Delray, Boynton, and NYC. Through this process he worked with many at risk Kids and while on the force always tried to connect with these kids. One thing he noticed was his love of sports while working with these kids was a deeper way of connecting to them. He started from coaching kids to bringing the PAL program to Boynton. This led to an organized sports program for all kids where the magnitude of his efforts intensified. He now was hearing of kids in need, and he’d go knocking on doors to get these kids into his programs. During this time he also created the Bill Tome Foundation which was established to raise funds for Uniforms, Travel nationally with these kids - who for first time Boarded a flight and got out of FL. For the first time. A half dozen or so of these kids have turned Pro. Talk about making a difference in someone’s life! And what a testament to his hard work. Today Bill is retired and spending more time on the foundation funding sports programs and getting kids ready for school by buying back to school supplies. The world needs more Bill Tome’s in this world.

Robert McDonald Posted 9 months ago

Good Day to all! It’s with GREAT pleasure,& honor to express my heart about one of our all time GREAT human beings,& a very caring,& thoughtful individual!!!We met over 20yrs ago in Ohio, at a basketball ball tournament,& our connection was instant!!! Our commonality was that WE cared about people/youth,& we started what has become a bridge from Florida to NYC,& back!!! Our relationship has trickled down to our youth who’ve gone on to finish college,& some who’ve played professionally,& some of those guys have come back,& have given a hand up to the youth we serve today!!! Bill is truly one of the ALL TIME GREAT HUMANITARIANS I’ve been able to meet,& call my friend,& Brother,& his work in the streets,& the lives he continues to touch!!! I’m not sure if I can articulate the value of what this mans’ selflessness has,& means to so many??What value can one attach to The value of saving a human life??? I would attach BILL TOME,& I say this with LOVE,& care,for a CHAMPION OF A MAN who continues to share,& care for us ALL????????

Charmain Postel Posted 11 months ago

Some call him Bill, some call him Mr. Tome, but Officer Tome is one of my personal hero. As a little girl living directly across the street from a community center, I would see the way Officer Tome treated everyone. I would run across the street and just watch him coach the little league players, or bring them snacks, and take pictures with them. Never did I imagine he would save me from an event that could cost me my life. It was during the summer of my ninth grade year, when Officer Tome was at the local community center, I was on my way to attempt suicide after being date raped, but needed to take a short cut through the center so relatives could not see me. Officer Tome, stopped me and said, 'Hey how your doing?" I said fine, his response was, "if you ever need anything, you know you can always talk to me, I love you kid and walked away." At that very moment, that was what I needed, someone to say "I love you kid". Today as I approach my 33rd birthday in a month, "I love you kid" still echoes as if he said it yesterday. I never had the opportunity of meeting my father, plenty of male role models but only one that changed my life. Therefore, I nominate one of my heroes, Mr. Bill Tome, who is certainly worthy of The Life Changer of the Year Award.

Donna Breyer Posted over a year ago

Having Bill Tome become our School Resource Officer has been one of the best things that has happened to Carver Middle School. His kindness and true love for helping our students and staff have made the school a safer and better place to be. He goes out of his way to make sure our students can come to him about anything and will help them in any way he can. He goes above and beyond to make sure there is a positive role model for those children that need one. By being this caring about our youth, he has changed so many lives with his Foundation. I am honored to know him and to see all the good he does in our school and also the community! He is one in a million and TRULY deserves the title of Lifechanger of the Year!

Robert Gutierrez Posted over a year ago

While there is an obvious family bias, as Bill's uncle, I can't think of a more deserving recipient of your award. As a retired teacher - having taught students at every grade level from seventh to doctoral students at university - I have never met anyone that is as good with youngsters. This goes from teaching to mentoring to just taking care of them. Those young ones' concerns become his concerns. One can readily see why Bill was attracted to public service and why most of that service has been dedicated to interacting with kids with a wide variety of challenges. Those would include financial, familial, social, educational, and the gamut of those problems inner city youth face. One can truly say, if not for Bill's presence in many of these young ones' lives, in dire need of change, they would not have met with any form of success. As it is, many have and that includes a number who are in the public's consciousness - as in professional sports. Upon my sincerest, reflected regard, I can recommend Bill for your Life Changer of the Year award.

William Tome St. Posted over a year ago

I’am supporting William tome jr, for life chnanger of year. not because he is my son.but because I have seen him,Change the lives of so many kids, that other wise would have fallen thru the cracks.By the way Some of them have become famous sports figures.Thanks to the efforts of William Tome Jr .I am very proud of him for all the things he has Achieved . He deserves the recognition His dad.

Ryan Mastro Posted over a year ago

I have been fortunate enough to witness the influence that Bill Tome has had on his community since I was a small child. Whether it was driving a basketball team across the state of Florida in a 15 person van, paying out of his own pocket for his players’ lunches, or just being a pillar of strength and support. Bill is the kind of person to not only put your needs above his own, but the needs of your entire family and his entire community. I didn’t realize the immense impact that he had on an entire city until I was fortunate enough to tag along with him during PAL events as a kid. Everywhere he went, I would hear “Hey Officer Bill!” from dozens of people who always lit up when he entered the room. He’s the type of person that proves that one person can truly make a difference in their community. It’s amazing to see people who have ended up in every walk of life still come back and thank him for his service. Whether it’s playing in the NFL, graduating the police academy, or volunteering for the PAL, Bill has had a positive influence on just about everyone that he’s come into contact with. Bill Tome is the true definition of a Life Changer, and I’m proud to call this man my uncle.

Darlens desir Posted over a year ago

Officer tome was a big role model to me and my family he helped us throw good times and bad times he was like a second father to me who helped keep me out of jail and for that i think him alot

Sandra M. Herrera Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome, truly deserves this Award for his dedication to our Carver Middle School.

Frank Briganti Posted over a year ago

I’ve know. Bill on a professional level and personal level for 35 years and have never seen Bill give up on any child. His tireless and selflessness has made an impact on so many young men and women in the community. Having been in law enforcement for 35 years I’ve always felt a sense of accomplishment when I would run into a young man or woman who’s life you impacted along the way. If you’ve ever spent any time with Bill you can’t help witness young men and women that have become successful adults come and thank Bill for all his efforts to help them either get on or stay on the” straight and narrow”. Bill has had such a powerful impact on not only individuals, but on the community as a whole. I can’t think of any person more deserving of this honor than Bill Tome.

Ellen Horowitz Posted over a year ago

I began working with Officer Tome this past schoolyear at Carver Middle School and I can truly say his presence enhances the environment on a daily basis. He has a way of creating community and connecting with students through his role as the SRO and through the William Tome Foundation. When you walk in his office, it is covered with pictures and thank you letters from past students who he worked with throughout the community. Officer Tome is not only there for the students, but he supports our staff and teachers as well. I am truly blessed to know, work with, and call Officer Tome my friend. He is the epitome of a Life Changer!

Yvette Nieves Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is an amazing human being. He goes above and beyond for every single member of our educational community. As a teacher at Carver Middle school I have had the privilege of seeing first hand how enormous and kind his heart is. I am so honored to work with Officer Tome and I am beyond grateful for all he does for all of us. Thank you for keeping us safe and showing us all what is means to be kind.

Mari Hernandez Posted over a year ago

I nominate William Tome, as LIFE CHANGER OF THE YEAR, for the great job his doing , for his kindness and dedication.

Regina White Posted over a year ago

Bill Tomé is a amazing person he have done so much for Boynton Beach. I remember when I came in contact with Bill being One of the parents of the Boynton Beach bull dog football team there was nothing that he did not try to do for the kids that were playing football and so many other Sports to keep them off the streets so they would have a opportunity to do something great. I know he made it impact in my children’s life over the years and so many others. I could go on and on concerning this man and there’s so many things that he has done that I don’t even know but what I do know he deserves this and so many accolades because of what he has done over the years Thank you so much for allowing me to give you my testimony about Bill Tome

LoriAnn Roderick Posted over a year ago

The 1st time I met Bill Tome was my 1st day at Boynton Beach High School, where Bill was one of our School District Police Officers. I was on an unfamiliar campus, and well, frankly, I was lost. I came around the corner in the Administration building, and he saw me. Before I could ask, he said, "is there something I can help you with?" That is the epitome, the legacy, that is Bill Tome. He is father, brother, husband, coach, mentor, friend, neighbor. He wants to know what he can do, for you, for your family, for your team, for your club. In the 7 years I have known Bill, I have yet to hear him say "no" to anyone. I don't know how he does it, he just finds a way. Need new team uniforms, he's got you. Need food for your family, or some assistance just getting through to the next paycheck, he doesn't give it a second thought. Clothes, school supplies, sporting equipment, new scoreboards for the Community Center with the park that bears his name, he'll help you get it. What I love about his legacy most, is that these same people, same teams, same clubs that he helps, give back, every time. They volunteer for him on a moment's notice. Hosting a Golf Tournament? Volunteers come out in droves. Starting a new season with the Bill Tome Stop the Violence Basketball League, keeping hundreds of kids ON the courts, not IN the courts, volunteers show up to coach, mentor, keep score, whatever Bill needs. Bill Tome is the epitome of life changer. Children and adults alike. I couldn't be more proud to nominate him. NO ONE is more deserving.

Michelle Posted over a year ago

Officer Tomé has changed my life in an amazing way ,he helps me throughout all the problems I face he also encourages me to do better and achieve my goals in life.officer Tomé is the first police officer that I feel comfortable around and I thank him for always helping me

Angelica Wilks Posted over a year ago

I feel like Officer Tome has really changed my life for the better. He fought for me to go down the right path. I personally don't like authority, Officer Tome is someone I'm willing to listen to. He's someone I respect and someone I can count on. I know that years from now if I need help, he'll be there!

woodnie sauveur Posted over a year ago

Like every officer in my county, officer Tome is a hero because he is willing to help others from their problems . Officer Tome is an example for every officer ; most of these traits are open-minded , caring , and risk-taker he shows these trait by helping students . He is willing to protect my school no matter what happens . He is willing to help others in need to protect them .That's why I think he is a hero.

Anthony MIrisola Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is the most caring given and helping person I know. He helps the community any way he can. He will do almost anything to put a smile on someones face. He does many things in the community and helps keep carver community middle school protected and safe for the students and staff. he is always hard working and believes that anyone can be great he will never give up on himself others or the community. He is the most caring person i know and he deserves to be nominated for this award and he deserves to win this award for being one of the most influential person in Delray Beach. thank you Officer Tome for being the best you can be.

Adore Straghn Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is one of the best police officers we have at Carver Middle School i'm not saying the other officers we had at our school weren't good but what I am saying is that no others officers that we had in all my three years at Carver Middle School showed support and kindness like he has and no other officer has donated boys and girls basketball uniforms, laughed and joked with us in the cafeteria, or helped us out of trouble even when in doubt. So all in all if anybody is worthy of this award is William Bill officer Tome.

Ana Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is a great person. He is one of the most caring people I know, he is very selfless and cares a lot for students. He is very close with the student, officer Tome makes all the students feel safe in school. He is one the most hard working, brave and caring people I know. he helped change our community for the better.

Amanda Salomon Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is a person who cares for the community no matter what the causes are. He has a huge impact on all the students at Carver Middle School, he guides us through any altercations. Officer Tome also informs us students about the outside world and what to expect, he also advises us to remain out of trouble and to always be safe. He participates in every event we have whether he physically can or not. Officer Tome comes to every event ready to support his school and community. He is the best at what he does and we support him as much as he supports us.

Keneisha Mondelus Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is a hard working person. He's a positive and also a very caring person.He shaped our school and community too provide it the safety we all need.He helps are school when time is needed.We can count on him for any type of help.

Miya Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome has helped all of us. He makes sure that we are all safe and i thank him for that. Thank you!

jeff riche Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome , is a hard working man that does everything he can do to help the community and give back to where he came from , not only that during the school day he can brighten a students day from one of his jokes. Officer Tome you are a great person i would like to thank you for what you have done for the school and the community , as you are really hard working and inspiring , as you should win this award for all the things you have done .

Jovante Pierre Louis Posted over a year ago

Officer William Tome is one of the best officers i"ve meet in the past years i have been at Carver Middle School. Officer Tome has done many things for the students that attend Carver Middle and that live in Delray Beach, Fl. He a really cool cop, he has lots of jokes, he is fun to be around, and he is always there to help you when you need it.

Brianna Monclaire Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome has made a great impact on our school and in our hearts. He is a very kind man and I wish him nothing but the best in this lifetime. He is a hard worker and is amazing at his job. I out of the very many students really appreciate him and is grateful for all he that he does.

Brianna Monclaire Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome has made a great impact on our school and in our hearts. He is a very kind man and I wish him nothing but the best in this lifetime. He is a hard worker and is amazing at his job. I out of the very many students really appreciate him and is grateful for all he that he does.

Nashka Myrtil Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome has a very good heart ,he makes sure that everyone at Carver Middle School is safe.

jenna Posted over a year ago

he is a very nice man and is always caring for other, making sure that everyone is doing ok!

Anne Christie Altidort Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is a very caring person. He is very brave, funny, and you can always count on him. He convinced/persuade us kids to want to finish and graduate school and become somebody one day in the future. He keeps our environment safe and always find a way to help all the communities. He always got a smile on his face whenever I see him and I always say Good Morning or Good Afternoon to him. He will listens and help you whenever you need help. He is a great man!!

Betty Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome, is the bravest person you can ever meet.He's caring and kind.He help keep the community and our school safe

Darvens Altidor Posted over a year ago

William Tome is a hard working man an the community love your work cause you did it the right way and correctly I am sure that many people on your community love the work that you are doing for those 30 years of hard working i am so happy that you can make high school students graduate what am saying is keep up the good work for your communities

Beyonce Noel Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome is one of the most caring people that I know he just brings positiveity everywhere that he goes. He has honestly brings such a positive change to our community. I would change his position in any way he is such and caring and selfless man. He understands and helps students with things that they struggle most. He is such a good man that has helped our school , students and definitely the community.

Renee Welch Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is a kind, loving, bright person who sees the best in everyone. Hes a very selfless and humble Officer who always checks on us and is there for us. Officer Tome has helped us achieve many things and most importantly has kept us out of harms way!

Ashton Dorsainvil Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is one of the main reasons of why I don't get into as many fights as I did in the past, he also made sure that the other students don"t get into fights, if it wasn't for him Carver Middle would be complete chaos so I thank him for coming to Carver for changing it for the better

Kechauna Gilmore Posted over a year ago

Good job officer tome i'm so proud of you because you went from buying buildings to a successful man and i'm proud to nominate you. good job and keep up the good work

Kisha Posted over a year ago

What I think of Officer Tome is that he is a great staff and police officer, He makes sure that we are safe, and he is always interacting with kids at school,and he is just a fun person to be around with. He always the type of person to ask about your day, and trys to smile or even laugh.

woodline salomon Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome, is the most caring person you can ever meet. He's selfless , hard working , and brave. He's always humble and always stay positive. He helped change our community and our school to be the best as it can.

nadley francisque Posted over a year ago

bill tome is dedicated and he is a good person he has a a big heart.he is a real lifechanger he will welcome you with open arms and help with anything you need help with you can always come to him ,hes a big influence at my school he's always in a good mood he always ask how you are doing and how is your day he is a great man and there is no other way to put and i'm thankful form him and what he has done

madleychounaud Posted over a year ago

i go to carver middle school where officer tome is recently working and all i can say is that he has a good heart and he likes to makes jokes even if it offends him and i also think of him s a strong officer there has been crazy things happening at carver middle school and he has had control of everything and to conclude i nominate william tome as life changer of the year.

Imani Denz Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is very kindhearted and hardworking. He always looks out for the students and does a great job making sure we are safe. Congratulations!

Marjorie Joseph Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is really a great help to Carver Middle School.He is a great officer ad really helps me feel safe.He interacts with everyone and makes sure everyone is okay.He surely is a lot of fun and tries to bring situations to justice.Even though I got to meet him this year,I can already tell how Officer Tome is.He is kind,funny, completely selfless and treats all of the kids in school as his own.Officer Tome dedicated his life to serve as the protection of Carver Middle School.When we had a bomb threat at the school.Officer Tome jumped into action.He stayed strong to show all of us.Officer Tome deserves the award.He has changed not only mine but other lives too.

sam Posted over a year ago

Officer tome has helped out my school a lot this past year. He has given us advise if we needed it on something and he tries to help us in anyway shape or form he could. In the beginning of the school year officer tome helped out our school basketball team with the coaches.

Linzie Francois Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome, is an extremely considerate person. He chose to volunteer at our school to help keep us safe. He jumps into action when anything goes wrong. He donated money for boys basketball team who were undefeated this season. Thank you Mr. Tome for your contribution to our school and community.

Jorge Alfaro - Funez Posted over a year ago

he is the nicest person you will ever meet. He serves and protect us in Carver Middle School. He is willing to help the students, teachers, and staff. He is a big help around the campus.

madleychounaud Posted over a year ago

i go to carver middle school where officer tome is recently working and all i can say is that he has a good heart and he likes to makes jokes even if it offends him and i also think of him s a strong officer there has been crazy things happening at carver middle school and he has had control of everything and to conclude i nominate william tome as life changer of the year.

Omar Farook Posted over a year ago

This School Resource Officer has indeed been one of the best that I have worked with in my 25 years of teaching. The love and caring that he shows for our students has made him one of most popular go-to adults on this campus. Those students that have been wronged feel that he's there for them. The wrongdoers feel that they will get a fair shake. When he was willing to enter the Pie-the-teacher booth to raise funds for the math department it showed another side of this terrific officer. Black, white, blue, or green, Officer Tome sees all his students as - just students. His many other community projects done over many years also give evidence of his commitment to the community which he serves. I see no reason why William(Bill) Tome should not win this award.

Ryan A. Shreiner Posted over a year ago

Officer William Tome is a caring and nice person who has helped not only me, but every one in our community. He cares about the well-being of others, and wants everybody to be safe. In school he is one of the most trustworthy and caring adults that you can talk to about issues or anything of that sort. He is also really good at his job of keeping everybody safe and well.

Briana W. Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is a very kind and funny man who cares for all the students at Carver Middle School. Never has a day gone by that i haven't seen him with a smile on his face or joking around with one of the students. I feel safe with him patrolling the campus. He is an amazing person and truly deserves this award and I hope that he wins.

Emil Marcelin Posted over a year ago

this man is very hlpful to me in school.

karina jimenez Posted over a year ago

officer tome has been a very good influence. he has kept the students and staff safe in many times. he has done a very good job and im grateful for that

Jeffrey Acuna Posted over a year ago

I would like to nominate Mr. William Tome as this years Life Changer of the Year

Elisabeth Francisque Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is a life changer he makes sure that you are alright while doing his job keeping up safe.

rogan clasen Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is very good at what he does. Around school campus he watches what everyone does and controls the environment. Whenever there is a fight he is the first one there to break it up.

Gerlouse Posted over a year ago

He makes sure everyone on campus is safe and he looks out for any trouble that can be stopped. he is a great officer

admia selmo Posted over a year ago

he keeps our school safe

Lucius Seymour Posted over a year ago

Where to start? I met Bill Tome back when i was in 2nd grade. The Hester center was just built and I became apart of a program called PAL. At that time i was just a kid and was just getting to know everybody because my family just moved from Jacksonville Fl about a year prior. Bill welcomed me with open arms. The program change my life for the good. He instilled everyday life skills, and manors into every kid that were apart of that program. There were no denying a kid because of race, or their ethnic background. If a kid didn't have it, Bill made sure they will have it. He was the Pillar and backbone of that program which help mold over probably about a million kids throughout the years. Well, it got me to this point in life. PAL equaled opportunity, opportunity equal a new life. All of these things couldn't have happened with out this great man Bill Tome

Dennis Rumph II Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome is and was a life changer. He started the PAL basketball league which I was apart of since I was six years old, because of Bill I was able to go to college to play ball and play ball overseas. Bill influence on my life was monumental and I’m forever grateful for the sacrifices he made for me and the kids I grew up with. Also Bill convince me to go to the police academy and once again I thank him for that. This man is a blessing and has had an effect on multiple generation and he still doing it now. Thank you so much Bill.

Lonnie Scholl Posted over a year ago

Bill tome, I, don’t know where my boys would be right now, if it wasn’t for you. You used the Police Atlethic League to keep them off the street, having them involved in Bulldog football, which lead to a football scholarship at Wisconsin and basketball which lead to a scholarship at Lynn university. Your continued support throughout the years has been absolutely beneficial and truly appreciated from me and my family. Your contribution to my family has truly set us up for a better future. We can’t thank you enough. We love you and we appreciate you!

Robert Travieso Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome has dedicated his life to the service of others. The reason he deserves this recognition is because it's never been about the recognition to him. He has been a positive role model to countless people in our community. He's not simply a Life Changer, he's a Lives Changer.

Marquis D Hargrove Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome is the epitome of what a public servant should be to the community. It has been a privileged to meet and work with such a remarkable police officer and friend. Bill's impact on the communities of Boynton Beach and Delray Beach is immeasurable. He has changed the lives of so many children over the years. He is, and has been a Life Changer. Bill, thank you for being a Giant in the community and giving so much, to so many.

Alfred Wilson Posted over a year ago

I e meet Officer Bill Tome in 1989. Never have I meet a man such a big heart and caring spirit for kids that want his. No matter what race,creed,of color Bill treated everyone the same,with live and understanding . Being one of the founding fathers of the Youth sports program in the city of Boynton,he was a light in a dark community. Through his d.c. ports and cherr programs some kids was able to tour these United states and go to places thel never go again. We produced pros in the nba,wnba,nfl,mlband the business world. Education was first on his list to get them to better themselves. He and Linda don't talk love they showed love. Bill helped closed a gap of racial tension between the city and the police department. He help unite CV ops and kidsgetting them to trust each othet.thank gig for allowing me to walk and learn from this great man. He is truly a life changer he helped change a whole country. He changed boynton. He helped changed me. I love my brother.

chad dorsenvil Posted over a year ago

officer tome is one of the nicest human beings you could possibly ever meet. Hes always there for you when you need him. For example if you are hurting and need to talk about somthing or just let your feelings oit you can talk to or about them to officer tome beacause he is there for you to talk about whatever you need to ! he might not even know you that well but he will still listen and i am honestly very happy that i have had the opportunity to have officer tomes influence in my life while and now that he works at my school

Savanah Anguiano Posted over a year ago

Officer tome, at the moment officer tome works at the school i go to which is caver middle in delray beach florida. officer tome has helped me through so much this school year including controlling my anger issues, dealing with personal problems, and he has honestly changed my perspective on police officers at the begging i did not feel comfortable with police officials and did not feel comfortable talking to them about personal problems to them.However officer tome has completely changed my view on how i can view people nowadays all i can say is that officer tome has helped me with so many situations and has helped me through situations that i couldn’t get through by myself. However now that i have met someone like officer tome i feel that i am in a safe environment and i know officer tome will me by my side when i need his help. ~ savanah

Jordan Becker Posted over a year ago

I met Bill just over a year ago and I am still very much in awe of his commitment and dedication to his mission. He gave me an opportunity to coach in his basketball leagues to which I am very grateful. I can't imagine a better use of my time than volunteering with Bill's foundation and basketball leagues. What he has done for those kids and young men is nothing short of extraordinary. I plan on coaching every year with Bill and following his lead to leave an impact on the lives on young people in the city in which I live. I would like to end with a quote by Albert Pike, "What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." The world would be a much better place with more people like Bill in it.

Bobette McCurdy Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of meeting and working with Officer Tome this year at Carver Middle School. Officer Tome goes out of his way not only to help our students at Carver Middle, but help out the communities they live in as well. Wither it is Delray Beach or Boynton Beach his organization is out their helping children where ever they can. You can tell after talking with Officer Tome that he is helping children because he has the biggest heart and really wants to be there for them. I can tell you any time a student wants to talk to him, even if he is talking to an adult, he will make time to talk and help that student out right away. You can see that his first priority is children. I feel that if we had more officers like Officer Tome in our schools and on our streets our students would be in a better place.

Tanya Hixson Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome, is an amazing man. He has not only assisted with keeping the Carver campus safe, but he has built great rapports with the Carver students ans staff. Tome has gone over and beyond to support our boys basketball team with uniforms and other needed items. Not only does he support the students at Carver Middle but he provides services for youth throughout the Delray and Boynton communities. Tome is an all around humble, caring, and great man.

David Furtado Posted over a year ago

I have, been fortunate enough to work with Bill, and have had a front row seat to the way he helps and impacts the lives of others. He is a selfless man who is always looking out for others. His selfless actions and amazing heart are shared by his amazing wife Linda. Together they have impacted families in the area for over 30 years. Bill is a tremendous man and I am grateful that I know him and am honored to call him a friend. He not only impacts the students, but his selfless ways have impacted me and made me want to be like Bill in many ways. Thank you Bill for who you are and what you have done for so many. You are the best, Billy Boy!!!!!

Stephanie Slater Posted over a year ago

I've had the honor of working on projects with Bill Tome for the past 12 years, and there is no one who cares more for the youth of the Boynton Beach community than this hero. Officer Tome has given his blood, sweat and tears, his heart and soul to keeping kids off the streets and safe by providing them opportunities to be involved in athletics. This is a man who will literally give you the shirt off his back and then buy you three more. His passion for community is unparalleled. He has changed countless lives during his 20-plus years as a Boynton Beach Police Officer and now as an officer with the Palm Beach County School Police. It is truly an honor to know him, work with him and call him a friend. He is more than deserving of this prestigious award!!!

Thomas Wallace Posted over a year ago

Billy and I first met when we both worked for the Boynton Beach Police Department. We did all the typical cop things together. We worked the streets in uniform, narcotics and then I watched in amazement as Bill Tome transformed, not only his career, but his life's mission. Bill realized how good his own kids had it and was upset how the kids that lived where we worked had little to nothing and no hope for the future. The difference between Bill Tome and everyone else is he decided to change their lives. Not just one life, but as many as humanly possible and he never stopped. The more kids he could help, the better. I will try to give you first hand insight to the people he helped and the paths their lives took. I don't know all, but I know enough that Bill Tome is in a class by himself. The most notable names that crossed paths with Bill are Mike Rumph NFL, Sabby Piscitelli NFL, Vince Wilfork NFL. Wilfork was too big to play football for the Bulldogs. At 10 y.o. he was already 200 lbs. So Bill recruited him to play forward for his PAL basketball team. Kory Banks was probably the one young man bill saved more than the others. Banks was playing Division 1 college football. He was home on break when he had a run in with the Police. Bill stepped up and was able to mitigate Banks circumstances between the Police and the State Attorneys Office. This allowed Banks to be placed on probation and have it transferred to the state where he had been playing football. Banks went on to graduate college and get drafted in the NFL. He went on to have a career with the Canadian Football league. He also mentored a young man named David Noel who went on to play in the NBA. There are many other young men that have gone through Bill's PAL program that went on to College, the NFL, NBA, Armed Forces and become Police Officers. When Bill was working for the Boynton Beach PD running the PAL program, he purchased and old station wagon. He used this to pick kids up for practice and drive them home. If they didn't show up for practice, he would go to their house and bang on the door until they answered. More times than not, they ended up at practice. If they had nothing to eat, he would drive through a fast food establishment and buy them happy meals with his own money. Who does that!!?? Bill Tome! So Bill Retires from the Boynton Beach PD and goes to work for the Palm Beach County School Police. He never missed a beat. He continued on with his generosity, raising money for his non-profit. Making sure kids had equipment and uniforms that they would not be able to afford. He sponsored trips out of state for basketball tournaments. Most of those kids had never been out of South Florida. What Bill has shown people all these years is it's okay to help your fellow man and just maybe they will help someone too. That is what is missing in this world. People caring about other people and doing something about it.

PEBBLES MATEO Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is truly an amazing human being with a big heart! It has been a pleasure working with someone that is always willing to help out anyone he crosses. Congrats Officer Tome!

Iraida Loehrig Posted over a year ago

Bill, you are so loved!!!!!!!!!! That's what has nominated you as a Life Changer. The love you have shared with these students across the Palm Beach School District goes beyond the call of duty. What an absolute honor it is to be alongside you and to have seen the fruit of what you have sown into these lives. It is with such joy in my heart that I can write this about you. Keep loving and sharing the truths of life to these students and they will rise to levels of excellence that they were called. Thank you again for your service and your mentoring. It has and will continue to bless them in years to come. This award is deserving by far!!!!!!

David Furtado Posted over a year ago

I have, been fortunate enough to work with Bill, and have had a front row seat to the way he helps and impacts the lives of others. He is a selfless man who is always looking out for others. His selfless actions and amazing heart are shared by his amazing wife Linda. Together they have impacted families in the area for over 30 years. Bill is a tremendous man and I am grateful that I know him and am honored to call him a friend. He not only impacts the students, but his selfless ways have impacted me and made me want to be like Bill in many ways. Thank you Bill for who you are and what you have done for so many. You are the best, Billy Boy!!!!!

PORTIA DENIECE NEWTON Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome you have been a true asset to the Boynton Beach community. You are so deserving of this award and I am grateful to have worked with you.

Ryan Lewis Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome is an integral asset to Carver Middle School. He is always willing to help the students and staff. When a teacher's car battery died, he quickly jumped into action with his personal jumper cables even letting her borrow them in case she needed them after the initial jump. When the basketball coaches needed extra funds for the students, he contributed without hesitation. Officer Tome is truly passionate about the students. With his help, the teams were able to purchase new basketball uniforms. I enjoy working with Officer Tome!

Ted Williams Jr. Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Officer Bill Tomé, for 28 years. At the age of 5 I joined the Boynton Beach P.A.L organization first starting of playing football, and eventually joined basketball. I am currently 33 years old, and 5 year police Officer all because of Bill Tomé. Officer Bill has made a major impact in the Boynton Beach community simply by serving. Office Bill has bought more than 100 bicycles, expanding his services for more than 3 decades in the city of Boynton. Bill Tomé is a man of integrity, honesty, and selflessness, and I couldn’t think of any person in the world more deserving of this award than Officer Bill Tomé. O

Chris Yannuzzi Posted over a year ago

Wow, so deserving! I had the pleasure of working with Bill from the time he began his career with the Boynton Beach Police Dept. until my retirement in 2005. Luckily, our paths have crossed many times since, and I could not be more excited about his nomination for this honor. Rarely is someone able to take a community policing assignment to the level that Bill has. Previous recognitions certainly show that but, after all, it is the intrinsic value of his body of work that counts - the accomplishments of the youth he has touched and the ripple effect of his efforts. The majority of his work has been in "bad" neighborhoods involving youth exposed to drugs and violence, dealing with single-parenthood. He provided an alternative via various sports. To say that he has truly saved lives would be an understatement. I am so proud of him, humbled to be in his company, and honored to call him friend.

Rosa Gomez Posted over a year ago

Officer Bill Tome, a hard worker , never stop, amazing! with a big heart . Congratulations !!

Jaunice Brown Posted over a year ago

You are truly appreciated in all that you do for others. Your generosity is rewarded all year round. As I reflect on all that you have done for others, I can say that the world is a better place because of you and all that you do. You're The Best!!!!!

Billy Tomé Posted over a year ago

My Father, Bill Tomé is the definition of a life changer. Bill does anything he can to help anyone. His dedication to the community is an inspiration to myself along with our family and an entire community. Let’s go DAD!!

Sandra S Posted over a year ago

Such a wonderful human being. Kind, humble and always willing to help, He brightens our mornings with a big smile. He truly deserves to be awarded as a Life Changer of the year for all you do not only at Carver but for the community !!!

Iola Rita Simmons Posted over a year ago

The world shine a little brighter with men like Bill Tome, who is Palm Beach County “Super Man”. He opened many doors for the youth that did not have the power to open the walk way of opportunity for themselves. Working alongside him for many years with PAL (Police Athletic League) in Boynton Beach, he made a great difference in the community. He will forever be remembered by the families that he touch with love everlasting, caring unconditionally and endless support.

Amanda Scott Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Officer Tome! Well deserved, you are awesome!

Maria Frazier Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome is an amazing person. Bill has so much love to give. His generosity, professionalism and kindness never go unnoticed. Congratulations Bill you are a true hero to these kids and parents & parents too! thank you

Ricky Petty Posted over a year ago

Mr. Bill Tome is very deserving for this award. He had a big impact on my life as well as many youth in our communities and he continues to have the same impact on many other youth. Mr. Tome exposed us to many adventure. He introduced the game of golf and bowling to me and my friends. He took time to listen, talk and joke with us. He was no ordinary police officer for Boynton Beach PD, he was the kind of officer we trusted. He was approachable, understanding, caring and consistent, which is a big difference from many in his position. He remains the same Bill Tome he was 27 years ago when we first met!! I strongly support this nomination for this deserving young man!!

Maria Frazier Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Bill.. you are such an amazing kind person! Knowing you for many years and watching you help kids has always been Blessing!! You rock my friend

Greta Britt Posted over a year ago

Awesome! Congratulations!!! You are a kind-hearted person who is always looking for a way to serve. Your presence here at Carver is appreciated!

Edward Harris II Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome, is a hard worker and he has a big heart. I have seen Bill jump-in many of occasions and help out kids, teachers, local sports teams and parents. Bill continues to leave a legacy year in and year out of thousands of athletes, educators, and community leaders in Boynton Beach & Delray Beach Florida. I am so thankful for the privilege of knowing and working alongside such an historic figure as (Bill) William Tome-Life Changer.

Tom Ledbetter Posted over a year ago

Office Tome has just been selected to receive a Distinguished Service Award for Community Service from the Palm Beach County Traffic Safety Committee. His Community Service is hard not to recognize!!!

Lakin Goldwire Posted over a year ago

Officer Tome has always been a life changer! Prior to me personally working with Officer Tome, he was an amazing mentor to my husband during his High School Basketball Season! That's over 2 decades of making a difference! Keep up all of the phenomenal work that you do. So proud that it is not going unnoticed.

Cameron Simmons Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome is an amazing person and a hero that has impacted my life tremendously. I have known Bill Tome for 24 years and through the years he has always been the same. Growing up in a single parent home Bill assisted me with becoming a part of his P.A.L program as a Boynton Beach Bulldog. Ezell Hester became our home away from home during football season. Bill ensured that all players had their needed equipment and that each team had what they needed in order to be successful on the playing field against teams that had been around for decades. Bill always ensured that each teach had quality coaches that cared about each player as if he were their own son. Bill always ensured that we had rides to practice and home from practice. I can still remember riding the P.A.L van home from practice during the nights my mom was working late. Bill Tome has always gone above and beyond for everyone he has come into contact with. That complex that we once knew as the Ezell Hester Sports complex later was renamed to the Bill Tome Athletic Facility. He has touched many lives by just being a genuine police officer that cares about the youth. I later went off to college but after I graduated I made sure I came back and helped Bill out at the Bulldogs organization by running the concession stand for 2 consecutive years. In life you grow to learn that it’s the small things that matter the most. The Boynton Beach Bulldog program was Bill's baby and he was involved in this program until he officially retired from the city of Boynton Beach Police Department. Bill retired but his work wasn’t done as of yet he went back to work doing what he loved to do. Bill’s next assignment was a Police officer for the Palm Beach County School Board and low and behold they placed Bill Tome at Boynton Beach High School where he had the opportunity to work with the same students, and parents that he had worked with for so many years. Bill was reassigned from Boynton High to Carver Middle School in August of 2018. Since Bill has been at Carver he has sponsored the boys, and girls basketball teams with new uniforms and the needed items in order to be successful. Bill Tome is one of my hero’s if it wasn’t for him and the Bill Tome Foundation there is no telling where I would be today.

Sandra Edwards Posted over a year ago

Officer Bill Tome is a spectacular Police Officer. He not only protects but he also serves. Officer Tome works closely with the administrative team at Carver Middle to problem solve issues that may arise. He is truly dedicated to his profession. It makes a huge difference on school campus when the officer is seen by all as someone that will help and assist when needed. In addition, Officer Tome foundation afforded my students to have new uniforms this school year. I have the perfect quote for Officer Tome: "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Laura Fine Posted over a year ago

Bill Tome is an amazing person with a heart of gold. I worked with him for 7 years at Boynton Beach HS. I can not say enough about Bill's impact on our community and its young people. He deserves this award!!!

Vanessa Subtul Posted over a year ago

I’ve first met Bill Tome when he was the director of the PAL program at Ezell Hester. I cheered for the Boynton Bulldogs and my two brothers played football. Bill has been far most one of the most amazing men that entered my life. His PAL program saved both myself, my brothers and many other Kid’s lives. Bill’s foundation continues to live on. Bill is an amazing guy and anyone who knows him or ever even ran into him can vouch. Bill keep up the good work and keep the movement Alive. Bill, I know your family is proud to have such a blessed man that cares so much about the kids in the community. God has amazing things in store for you Bill. #BillTomeFoundation #LifeChanger #IWitnessedFirstHand #KeepTheMovementAlive

Tara Travieso Posted over a year ago

My father has spent his adult life improving the lives of hundreds of kids besides my brother and me. He makes me so incredibly proud. Dad has a profound impact on the lives of kids that need a positive role model. He shows them that police officers are kind, generous, and selfless. He has literally transformed young children in challenged neighborhoods to professional athletes through athletic programs and mentorship. We need more Bill Tomes in this world!

Lemarr Bonner Posted over a year ago

I met bill not to long after Ezell Hester was finished.For a lot of us that was our safe haven after school. We would be there everyday until they kicked us out . Until one bill came through my neighborhood and asked if I was interested in playing basketball at the center I never really done anything close to that so of course I was on board from the start. From that day forward bill or either officer Kent would come pick us up for practice and take us home and just to make sure I had a way if they couldn’t get us he would give me a bike from the lost and found at the police station that meant a lot to me because up until the time those two guys came around I did not view police officers as good people it didn’t matter if they were black or white I had some very bad experiences with them so I really had no reason to trust them but bill and Kent took there time out to take us to every game and show our community love and that spoke volumes for me and a lot of my peers no I didn’t keep me all the way on the right side of the law but it did teach that all police officers weren’t bad . If it wasn’t for them and those games and those talks i don’t know what I’d be doing but I do know they both had a positive affect on me . If it’s anyone deserving of this award it’s this guy because they both could’ve came to work collected there pay checks and not give a care in the world about what happened to us . They sacrificed family time with there own kids just to try and save us and that’s what I call a hero ..

Chris Malave Posted over a year ago

I met Bill Tome in the early 90's, and it changed my life forever. When Bill knocked on my door on 9th street 2 block from cherry hill one of the worst drug area in town asking if I wanted to play basketball, first cops don't knock on door asking play basketball my parents thought I was in trouble but let me tell you that was the great thing that could ever have happen. He gave me a outlet. And to this day he has been a mentor/father figure in my. I've said this before Bill Tome was Heavenly Sent. I love this guy. #BillTomeFoundation #lifechanger #Iwitnessitfirsthand

Jeff Mastro Posted over a year ago

I’m proud to call this man my uncle. He’s been a pillar within the Delray community since before I can remember. As the director of PAL for Delray, he was always around members of the community with a friendly smile and a helping hand. Some of my favorite summer memories growing up was attending his football camp first as an intendee then a volunteer as I grew older. Even after retiring from PAL, he made an initiative to stay involved with the community. He started his foundation and then shortly after became a school resource officer. The cool thing about him being in a local middle school is that he mentored/has relationships with a lot of the parents of the kids currently attending. It’s a such an awesome dynamic, and he is clearly loved by the community he serves

Aiden Bush Posted over a year ago

Bill you are one of our true Heros!! I always say "You're Batman" So proud to call you Friend.