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Robin Wood

Position: Choral Teacher
School: Liberty High School / Maywood Middle School
School District: Issaquah School District
City, State: Renton, WA

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Music that Describes Robin

Robin Wood was nominated by her colleague, Miryam Christensen.

When Ms. Wood moved from her elementary music teaching position to that of high school choral director, the program was hemorrhaging, with fewer than twenty students in only one choir. Ms. Wood's dedication to the arts, passion for teaching her students, and high expectations have revived the music program to astronomical heights. Soon, the high school choral program grew to three choirs, with well over 100 in the audition choir. Ms. Wood conducts one of these choirs before and after school twice a week. She was also hired to start up the discontinued middle school choir, which she has expanded to meet growing demands. The community and students are always eager to be involved with the choirs, as Ms. Wood brings out the best of every student through her solid, caring, and high standards for music instruction. She literally brings out the best in everyone and everything she is involved with.

Ms. Wood is a leader and model for excellence in her school and district responsibilities. She was recently on the board for the design and construction of the high school's new performing arts center, and she spear-heads multiple annual choral fundraisers with unfailing enthusiasm. Ms. Wood is also the director of a yearly music festival, where choirs from six district schools (550+ performers) have a workshop and mass-choir performance each spring (Music Alive!). This event has included coordinating with choirs, directors and support staff from each school, including the high school orchestra, jazz band; community dance studio, and countless student musicians.

In addition, Ms. Wood is the choral director for school musicals. She maintains a very positive public image for her choirs by arranging multiple performances in the school community, various public & private venues, choral festivals, and combining annually with a local symphony, throughout the year. Ms. Wood encourages and facilitates the process for students to prepare vocal recordings for local, state, and honors choirs, competitions, and scholarships. She has auditioned and was awarded the opportunity to take her high school choirs to perform in New York, Disneyland, as well as a private workshop with Cal State Long Beach's director of the World Choir.

Ms. Wood earned the esteemed invitation to take her high school choirs to perform in New York’s Carnegie Hall in April 2019, and she feverishly prepared her students for the trip’s events. This included eleven months of numerous fundraisers, coordinating schedules & accommodations, and rehearsals outside of school hours. One of her colleagues described her efforts below:

“The parents and community of LHS are forever grateful to Robin Wood and the LHS support staff who made the choir's trip to NYC's Carnegie Hall possible. Countless hours of collaboration and un-daunting energy were spent during this past year conducting the colossal task of synchronizing schedules, coordinating fundraisers, collecting and recording funds, procuring accommodations, chaperones and touring opportunities, and preparing the combined choirs for their hard-earned standing ovation performance in Carnegie Hall. Thank you for your dedication to the arts, believing in your students, and making the world a better place by putting your heart and soul into your daily work!"

Ms. Wood maintains the highest of ethics and expectations for herself and her students. She is a trusted adult and is a continuous, supportive advocate for students who would otherwise be misunderstood outliers in the school community. Her nurturing personality always brings the most positive results out of her students, for they know she believes in them and sincerely advocates for their success.

"Robin Wood is a teacher who projects enthusiasm and love for her craft as a teacher, advocate, advisor, confidant, and esteemed colleague," said Christensen. "She is the driving force for excellence in her department and makes copious sacrifices for the benefit of the music program and growth of each student. She is held in highest esteem with students, parents, colleagues, and the community. It is with honor and humility I nominate her as an educator with the highest of standards and expectations in every way possible."

Comments (116)

Chris wood Posted 7 months ago

Many adults I know can look back upon their years in school and point to a special teacher who influenced them in the most meaningful of ways. In some cases these adults will tell you their lives have been forever enriched by the skills, passion, direction, dedication and love shown by these teachers. For the students at Liberty High School, who have had the unique privilege of having Mrs. Robin Wood as their choral director, I am certain that as adults many will look back in later years and immediately point to her as perhaps the most influential teacher they ever had. Mrs. Wood is truly unique in her ability to inspire students and make them feel the same passion she has for music and the same commitment she has for hard work and excellence in musicianship. Every time I see Mrs. Wood in action with her students, I am simply amazed by her energy and the wonderful way in which her student respond with the same energy. It is a marvel to behold and month after month and year after year I continue to be so grateful that my daughter has been lucky enough to be a part of Mrs. Wood’s choral program. Because of Mrs. Wood, my daughter pursues music with unbridled passion and even entertains the idea of pursuing music as a career. This is wonderful as it has given her a dream and something that makes her feel special as she navigates all the challenges that go with adolescence and high school. Every student should have a teacher like Mrs. Wood — a teacher who they can point to in later years and say this person influenced me in the most meaningful of ways.

Shannon Leonard Posted 7 months ago

My son has had Mrs. Wood for the last four years. Throughout those years Robin has been my son's favorite teacher. She has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for all students in her music program (whether it is related to the program or life). Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and heart warming. She cares so much about the music program at Liberty and her love for the students shines through on a daily basis. She has not only been a teacher to my son but a mentor and a true friend. Her talent is outstanding and she constantly lifts the kids to higher levels and gently pushes the kids to achieve their very best. In a word, Robin is "Magic!" Our kids are lucky and blessed to have her as a teacher. Not a day goes by that Robin doesn't have a smile on her face. She truly is a deserving candidate for this award!

Lauri Mendoza Posted 7 months ago

I have had 3 daughters go through the choir programs my oldest had Mrs Wood through high school and the other 2 went from Middle school through high school with Mrs Wood. I remember when my older daughter was in middle school and Robin had just taken over the choir department in the high school. There were fewer than 20 member and we feared that the program would not be available when she reached high school. By the time my daughter entered high school Robin had grown the program to 2 choirs numbering well over 150. Her joy and passion for the choirs and the kids is amazing. I always say if only everyone could have that much enthusiasm in what they do! She is so much more than a teacher and director. She is a mentor, supporter and friend to these students. She is so interested in the other aspects of these kids lives. My other daughters who were also in the choir are very involved in soccer. Mrs Wood always wants to hear about and celebrate their experiences and successes!. She teaches these kids how to aspire to be great . My daughters learned alot of life lessons through auditions competitions and working as a group. That all came from the excellent standards set by Mrs Wood!

Audrey Hatton Posted 7 months ago

I've had Mrs. Wood as a teacher for six years and have learned so much from her, way beyond music. She always encourages students to step outside their comfort zone and supports them while they do it. She takes genuine pride in her students, even if all they made was an attempt. She does this not only for individuals, but for the choir as a whole. As performers and as people, she always pushes us to improve and try a little harder because she believes we can. Her patience is unreal and she always has a smile on her face. She is always giving to the choir and to us individually and putting in over 100% effort. She's always pushing to find us new opportunities and new ways to grow. She's too humble to admit it, but we owe all of our success to her.

Jackie Wood Posted 7 months ago

Seven years ago while volunteering in my daughter's 4th grade class, I was asked by one of the students about the concert I was organizing for the choirs. Confused, I looked at the flyer they were reading and said that this was being organized by another Mrs. Wood. I would never have imagined that this special woman, with whom I share a last name, would become such a major influence on my daughter's life. From the first time my daughter participated in the choir concert invitational that year (with kids ranging from 4th through 12th grade), she was drawn into the magic of Mrs. Wood's choir program. As a parent, I was blown away by what Mrs. Wood was able create with this diverse group of kids, especially the young ones who were at first intimidated by the mature seniors. By the end of the evening, they were comfortably mixed in with the high schoolers and sounded so beautiful. Volunteering for the choir program has given me a behind-the-scenes view of much of what Mrs. Wood does. Her choir room and adjoining office are a non-stop buzz of activity, whether she is conducting the kids, dashing out endless emails or working on the next fundraiser. Stacks of sheet music fill the counter tops, including those for current performances and others that Mrs. Wood is considering for the future. The kids float in and out, some spending their lunch times in the choir room during Mrs. Wood's work period. To me, watching the way Mrs. Wood is a second mom to so many of these kids has been inspirational. She never doubts that they can reach far beyond their initial high school level skills, guiding them through rehearsals that rival those of professional choirs. But she's also created an environment where the kids feel safe, respected and loved. Liberty High School has a diverse demographic, and the choir reflects this. From drama students to football players, STEM experts to fine artists, they are all a part of the choir and become a family. Watching them enthusiastically applaud their soloists during performances is a joy to watch. Mrs. Wood is beyond deserving of this award as she really is a life changer. The 12 a.m. emails, college recommendation letters, out-of-pocket expenses for supplies, and motherly hugs are all just a small part of her day. I sincerely hope that her efforts are acknowledged by this award. To better demonstrate her journey with the choirs, please enjoy the following video clips: 2010 - An Early Concert with the Liberty Singers: 2014 - A Thank You Video by the Liberty Singers: 2014 - Music Alive (a combined concert with 4 elementary schools, 2 Maywood Middle School choirs, and 2 Liberty High School choirs): 2019 - Music Alive - Starting at the 1:30 mark, you can see how large the choirs (and event) have grown - they can barely fit on the risers!: 2019 - Winter Concert - Just one of Mrs. Wood's 6 choirs!: 2019 - Two of the Liberty Choirs at Carnegie Hall combined with two smaller adult choirs:

Brady Wildermuth Posted 7 months ago

We feel blessed that both our kids were able to be taught by Robin. She's one of those very special teachers who make real connections with students and has built a community within her program that supports, challenges, and stretches her students. What she teaches and imparts on her students goes well beyond music education. I can only name a handful of my teachers from K-12. I'm confident she will be one of the few my kids will be able to name at their 20 year reunion.

Koleen Posted 7 months ago

She is positive, upbeat and wants to share her love of music with her students. She always has a smile on her face!

Adam Stern Posted 7 months ago

To put it mildly: Robin is a dynamo. I've worked with many high school music instructors during my career, and I've never known one with the zeal and passion that Robin brings to her work. Her fervor is fueled as much by the music itself as it is by her love for her students and her desire to give them the richest musical experience she can. And it's reciprocated — the love and respect her students feel for her is palpable. The Lifechanger Award could not be placed in more deserving hands. Most sincerely, Adam Stern • Music Director and Conductor, Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra • Music Director and Conductor, Sammamish Symphony Orchestra

Ed and Allison Flash Posted 7 months ago

Robin has been a great asset to our Issaquah School District community over the years. We have known her for nearly 15 years. She taught each of our three kids in elementary school and helped foster each of their love for music. This continued all the way into high school where each of our kids has performed as part of the high school choir program with one of our kids continuing to perform in college as part of a school choir. Robin is enthusiastic about music but more importantly she is really enthusiastic by touching the lives of each person she encounters. It is incredible to watch her interact with her students as she is always sincere about making sure each of them succeeds in their own individual way. She is great about creating an environment where everyone can succeed and everyone has opportunities to showcase their individual talents and has experiences not afforded everyone in high school. This includes going to festivals and performing outside of the school sponsored activities in a very special and successful way. Again she is truly an asset to our community and is admired by all those who have known her. We wish we had the energy that she does. We are grateful that she has been a part of the lives of our family members and our community.

Eleonor Schneider Posted 7 months ago

I cannot think of a better-named award for Robin to receive; she has truly impacted and changed so many lives! As a colleague, I have watched her help students from all sorts of life situations find their voices - both literally and figuratively. She provides a welcoming, accepting, empowering environment for students to be themselves, and to really figure out who they are and what they want to become. By educating them about music and helping them train their voices, Robin helps them gain confidence in themselves and in their abilities. And this confidence - along with her support and understanding - helps them to find success in many different aspects of their lives! Whenever I watch the choirs perform under Robin's tutelage, I marvel at how beautifully these students from so many diverse areas work so well together. Students that are quiet and those that are boisterous; students that struggle with academics and those that flourish; students that have a stable home life and those that are sleeping on a friend's couch; students that have piercings and tattoos and purple hair and those that dress conservatively; students that are artistic and those that excel at technology... everyone has a safe space in Robin's world! Robin has also impacted my life tremendously. I first met her as the parent of an elementary choir student at Newcastle. I was in the process of changing careers as was interested in becoming a teacher. She encouraged me to pursue my studies, served as a cheer leader when I was discouraged and feeling like I would NEVER figure all this out - and as a valued mentor throughout my eight years as a science teacher at Liberty. She has helped me to focus on what is really important in teaching, both through invaluable discussions, and by leading through her example. Robin is the epitome of what it means to be an educator - and I am very lucky to have her in my life!

Jordan Hemmen Posted 7 months ago

Such a great teacher, an inspiring role model for students!

Garrett Abel Posted 7 months ago

Robin Wood has been all three of our children's choir director - some going back to elementary school. She is so inspirational, and energetic - how can you now love her? Perhaps the best testimony for what an impact she has had on the Issaquah music scene is that at every event we go to (and there are a LOT!) I hear a parent BEG her - "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE teach choir for just 1 (or 2,3,4,5) more years, so that my (son/daughter) can have your through their senior year..." She is an inspiration not just to the kids but to the parents and other teachers as well. Her amazing energy encourages everyone to reach higher, and give more, and do more. Truly one of the biggest inspirations for our kids in their entire lives, (and we were mainly a sports family!). Now our middle daughter is in Choir at Gonzaga thanks to her enthusiastic encouragement all these years! We LOVE you Mrs. Wood! Garrett

Emma Decasa Posted 7 months ago

Choir has always been a safe space for me. Yet, it never hit me just how much I saw it as my second home until I had Mrs. Wood as my choir director. She's been my mentor and someone I've looked up to for the past four years and I couldn't ask for a better influence than her. Not only is she an amazing artist and incredibly charismatic and kind, but she is smart and wise in ways that I could only dream of being. Being around her makes you feel like you matter, like you have a place where you can belong, even in a space of seventy other kids whom you've never met. She chooses to use music as her own form of healing and helping the world, and on behalf of my family and everyone whose lives she has touched, we thank her for all she does to inspire us and motivate us. Her dedication to each and every one of us is truly heartwarming and her sheer talent alone is outstanding. I can't wait to continue learning from her and her experiences. So, to Mrs. Wood, I personally thank you for teaching me to be the best version of myself and truly changing my life.

Jenna Arnaiz Posted 7 months ago

Robin Wood is truly an inspiring woman. She directs and teaches the choir programs at my daughter’s middle school and high school. We’ve been lucky enough to have her in our lives for 6+ years now. In addition to choir instructor, My daughter calls her ‘my school mom’. I’m so happy she has a mentor and positive influencer in the school environment. People like Robin change lives and keep kids on the ‘strait and narrow’ path. She models hard work, a positive attitude, strict attention to rules and details and fairness. I cannot do this woman justice the words. My son, who is in the 5th grade, looks forward to being in her middle school choir simply based on our family’s gushing admiration and his short experiences working with her when she brings the choirs from all the local elementary schools, middle and high schools together annually. I can think of no one more deserving than Robin Wood!

Monica Abel Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Wood has been a wonderful influence in my son's life. It is one of his most favorite classes to go to each day at school and comes home excited telling us about what song he's learning in choir. Every time we've attended any of the Maywood or Liberty concerts anyone can see the passion and excitement of music and the love of kids come from Mrs. Wood. She is a teacher who goes above and beyond what is asked of her and is an inspiration to many. We love you Mrs. Wood!

Heather Thibeau Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Wood brings so much talent, love and vibrancy to the Liberty & Maywood communities. What a true gem this woman is!

Jeanette and Bob Ragsdale Posted 7 months ago

We support Robin Wood, the choir director of Liberty High School and Maywood Middle School, for the "Life Changer of the year" award. We understand that she has changed the lives of many students for the better, and the choir that she directs has grown from just a handful to many students. She certainly deserves this award. Jeanette and Bob Ragsdale

Lisa Hyde Posted 7 months ago

I am so grateful for Mrs. Wood. My daughter has dyslexia and struggles academically. Choir has been such an important part of her education. It has given her confidence and a strong support group . Mrs. Wood is so supportive of her and has taught her so many life skills that will hopefully help her be successful in life. Mrs. Wood is such an inspiration to her kids and it really shows in every performance. I can't think of anyone more deserving of an award than Mrs. Wood.

Melissa Tremel Posted 7 months ago

Ms Wood is a wonderful teacher!

Jenny Martin Posted 7 months ago

Robin Wood is my hero and absolutely the kind of Music Teacher/Choir Director I aspire to be. I teach in her old classroom and hope that just a bit of her magic was left behind and rubs off on me! I even have her poster on my wall, and at times think, "What would Robin do?" It was literally a Bucket List/dream-come-true moment getting to share the stage with her at Music Alive last Spring. She continues to inspire us all!

Stefanie Williamson Posted 7 months ago

It's so hard to put into words what Mrs. Wood means to my two daughters and what a positive impact she has made on both of them. Robin Wood has been an inspiration, role model and mentor for our girls since they started elementary school. She has instilled, not only a love and appreciation for music, but also the values of hard work, focus and teamwork. Her enthusiasm and passion is endless, and her love of her job and students shines through with everything that she does. Mrs. Wood encourages confidence, commitment, and kindness and leads by example. It is such a joy to see Mrs. Wood's students excelling and enjoying their time in class and at performances. We cannot thank her enough for all she does for her students and our community!

Andrew Chappelle Posted 7 months ago

Mrs.Wood has been my music teacher for 11 years and has changed my life through the teaching of compassion, patience, and the importance of family. Mrs.Wood was always there for me as another mom and would make sure I was doing okay day to day.

Claire Giulini Posted 7 months ago

I have been in choir with Mrs. Wood since 6th grade and it has always been a positive experience for me. She is a fantastic teacher and starts every day off with a smile and lots of positivity. I look forward to showing up to her class every single class. She has taught me everything that I know about music. I'm so grateful for her presence in my life. She is like my second mom. Even when I'm disruptive she knows how to get me back in line and encourage me to better myself. I love her and everything she does for me and the other team members/choir family.

Tisha Giulini Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Wood has taught my daughter choir 5 years and she is an amazing educator. She really has an impact on her students' lives, helping them grow and mature into wonderful performers while encouraging them to leave the world a better place than they found it. She challenges them and encourages them to go outside of their comfort zone to achieve greater things than they thought possible. I never thought I'd get to see my daughter sing at Carnegie Hall, it was a high point of my life and all because Mrs. Wood is so dedicated and well connected! She works so hard and never gives up on people, it's amazing to see the skill development in the students through the years. When I think of Mrs. Wood I wish they'd make a movie based on her life like Mr. Holland's Opus, only better! The world would be a better place if every student had a teacher as influential and insightful as Mrs. Wood!

Madeline Wood (Not Related) Posted 7 months ago

When I first came into Mrs. Wood's choir program I had a vague understanding of what reading music was, and was terrified to sing a single note in front of anyone. Throughout my five years of working with this incredible woman I have gained not only a knowledge in music, but also a confidence I otherwise would not have been able to find. She has helped me become a better singer, but more importantly a better person. A lot of kids refer to her classroom as a safe haven or a second home and I completely agree. No matter what is going on with school or at home, I know that I can just come to Mrs. Wood to talk about anything. Conversing with her is like you're the only two people in the world, and she'll be one hundred percent focused on whatever you have to say because she truly cares. Her charismatic connection with music has brought a brilliant light into the lives and family's lives of hundreds of children. She has shared a piece of her heart in the most beautiful way possible - giving the gift of music and love. The amount of time she spends giving her life towards creating incredible experiences for her students is unbelievable, and I know that I, along with all of her other students, are forever grateful for this. Mrs. Wood is a mentor, a teacher, a second mom, a person full of wisdom, guidance, humor, and love. Thank you for forever changing and shaping the lives of your students in such a remarkable way!

Sue Hartford Posted 7 months ago

Inspiring. If you need one word to describe Robin, that is definitely the one. She gives her students confidence and the courage to take risks, in the classroom and on the stage. She sets high standards to learn music theory. She welcomes every student to the team, and together they create magical performances -- inspiring great personal pride in each and every one of them. She inspires the teachers and staff around her with her passion and positivity. She inspires the parents and community with her incredible leadership. And finally, she has inspired all three of my children through her work as a choral director in our schools. Thanks to her, they have all learned a deeper love and appreciation for music. They have learned to work hard as part of a team, and how to appreciate the family they earned in that process. And they have found the courage to step on stage and take big risks -- a lesson that will serve them well in any walk of life.

Lili Galluzzo Posted 7 months ago

I have know Mrs.Wood since I was 3 years old and she is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. When I was bullied throughout my childhood she was my haven and the person who told me to be strong. Choir became my safe place and my favorite time of day. She has encouraged me, supported me and is one of the main reasons I am studying Musical Theatre at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. I don’t know what I would have done without her. If anyone deserves this, she does ten times over. -Lili Galluzzo

Teagan Brownlee Posted 7 months ago

When i first moved here from out of state, i attended liberty and joined choir. not that i wanted to, but because i had to. i was scared to join because i didn’t think i’d like the program or anything. but when i met Mrs. Wood my first day of choir, she was the most nicest person and so full of life. She made sure i had people to talk to and she always made sure i was adjusting to the new school. Mrs. Wood is the best person to ever talk to about anything and she will understand. She looks out for us and our safety more than she looks out for herself. She always puts us first. Mrs. Wood really is a life changer. And she’s the best teacher i have ever had

mckaye Posted 7 months ago

she inspired me to not chew gum and sing

Vanessa Wong Posted 7 months ago

Ever since I was in kindergarten, I have always loved having Mrs. Wood as a teacher. She is someone you can feel personable to and is someone you can rely on. Mrs. Wood’s amazing energy and enthusiasm is why I have been taking choir for years and love singing with everyone! I feel so excited and proud of her for being nominated because she truly, truly deserves the best! ?

Lisa Brooks Posted 7 months ago

When my daughter was entering 6th grade I encouraged her to take choir because of her love of singing. I had no idea at that time that my daughter would be entering into a music family and community. Mrs. Wood has created a choir family that begins in 6th grade all the way through 12th. She has taught my daughter and now my son how to read music and how to sing. She's created a loving, encouraging and safe environment for them and taught them how to respect those around them. I have had many opportunities to chaperone both the middle school and the high school choirs and I have always been amazed at how the kids treat those around them. It is always with respect, caring and support. They have always been mindful of the fact that they are representing their school, their city and above all their teacher. This is because they know that Mrs. Wood cares about them and is passionate about music. The amount of extra time she puts into teaching and working with these kids is incredible. She is such an amazing teacher and person and I couldn't ask for a better role model for my kids.

Lucinda Wood {no relation} Posted 7 months ago

Honestly, is is difficult to know where to begin to describe all the reasons and ways that Mrs. Wood is so deserving of this award. She has the innate ability to bring out the best in all of her students. The knowledge she has imparted to her students goes beyond the notes, bars, and theory that she has taught them so well. Mrs. Wood has opened a whole world of music from around the globe, exposing her students to different cultures, composers, and music venues from popular, to classics, to jazz, to contemporary and beyond. Her dedication to her craft and her students is all encompassing, and they return the same love, dedication and respect to her. She has the energy of hundreds of lightning bolts; fundraisers, competitions, engagements, on and on. Her smile, hugs and enthusiasm are never ending and are always there for everyone. She is the best, bar none!

George Abel Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Woods is one of the greatest examples of inspiration and excellence in public service I have ever seen. Five of our grandchildren have been in music programs either directly taught or inspired by Robin Woods from elementary school through high school. We have been to most of the concerts held by choirs in these programs. It is clear that students love this woman for her unique ability to teach advanced aspects of music, and for her ability to inspire them to accomplish more in music as well as life goals. The smiles and enthusiasm on the faces of the choir members in concerts is ample evidence of how Mrs Woods has given hundreds of students a sense of accomplishment and belonging in an era when so many other negative influences can lead them into harmful life patterns. I believe a life will always be better with music in it, and Mrs Woods is a major factor ensuring that students see music as an important and worthwhile part of their life experience. Mrs Woods brings heart and love to her mission of using music to help students have a positive sense of accomplishment and self worth in themselves. In concerts, audiences often give standing ovations after some numbers, not only for the quality of the music presentation, but also for all that Mrs Woods selflessly brings to our students and the community. She is truly a gem for our society.

Madeline Wood (Not Related) Posted 8 months ago

When I first came into Mrs. Wood's choir program I had a vague understanding of what reading music was, and was terrified to sing a single note in front of anyone. Throughout my five years of working with this incredible woman I have gained not only a knowledge in music, but also a confidence I otherwise would not have been able to find. She has helped me become a better singer, but more importantly a better person. A lot of kids refer to her classroom as a safe haven or a second home and I completely agree. No matter what is going on with school or at home, I know that I can just come to Mrs. Wood to talk about anything. Conversing with her is like you're the only two people in the world, and she'll be one hundred percent focused on whatever you have to say because she truly cares. Her charismatic connection with music has brought a brilliant light into the lives and family's lives of hundreds of children. She has shared a piece of her heart in the most beautiful way possible - giving the gift of music and love. The amount of time she spends giving her life towards creating incredible experiences for her students is unbelievable, and I know that I, along with all of her other students, are forever grateful for this. Mrs. Wood is a mentor, a teacher, a second mom, a person full of wisdom, guidance, humor, and love. Thank you for forever changing and shaping the lives of your students in such a remarkable way!

Nori Posted 8 months ago

Robin has been the most supportive teacher to my daughter who is a sophomore at Liberty High School. Robin is the the type of teacher that every child should have and every teacher should to be. We have had the privilege to witness the impact she not only has on our daughter, but other students as well. She lights up the room with her beautiful smile and energy.

Madeline Wood (Not Related) Posted 8 months ago

When I first came into Mrs. Wood's choir program I had a vague understanding of what reading music was, and was terrified to sing a single note in front of anyone. Throughout my five years of working with this incredible woman I have gained not only a knowledge in music, but also a confidence I otherwise would not have been able to find. She has helped me become a better singer, but more importantly a better person. A lot of kids refer to her classroom as a safe haven or a second home and I completely agree. No matter what is going on with school or at home, I know that I can just come to Mrs. Wood to talk about anything. Conversing with her is like you're the only two people in the world, and she'll be one hundred percent focused on whatever you have to say because she truly cares. Her charismatic connection with music has brought a brilliant light into the lives and family's lives of hundreds of children. She has shared a piece of her heart in the most beautiful way possible - giving the gift of music and love. The amount of time she spends giving her life towards creating incredible experiences for her students is unbelievable, and I know that I, along with all of her other students, are forever grateful for this. Mrs. Wood is a mentor, a teacher, a second mom, a person full of wisdom, guidance, humor, and love. Thank you for forever changing and shaping the lives of your students in such a remarkable way!

Lisa Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Wood is one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve seen! Her passion and commitment to the Maywood and Liberty choir is incomparable!

Tami Fosmark Posted 8 months ago

I talked my daughter into taking choir when she started at Maywood Middle School--she's always loved music but wasn't sure a large choir would be a good fit for her. Five and a half years later, she consistently lists choir as her favorite class and Mrs. Wood as her favorite teacher EVER. She's had opportunities never dreamed of and is proud to call herself a Choir Kid. I look forward to every performance and being blown away by how amazing her choir sounds. I'm continually impressed by how Robin is able to maintain high standards while making the learning environment fun. The students have an incredible affection for Robin, which is possible because of the respect and consideration she shows each kid. The energy Robin brings to her work, in the classroom and out, is incredible and inspiring, and unlike I've ever seen before. Robin is a *tireless* educator, an exemplary leader, and one of the warmest, most generous humans on the planet.

Stacy Tribble Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Wood has had a massive impact on our family! Both of my kids started with her in Kindergarten. My son, who is a math and science kid, stayed in choir through high school purely because of Mrs. Wood. He is a senior now. She has given him so much confidence over the years and has helped him as a person when he has struggled. She truly cares about every one of her students as musicians but more importantly as people. Our daughter is now a sophomore and has been in choir throughout school. She has always wanted to be a performer, but when she was little, she had bad stage fright. Mrs. Wood talked to her privately before a show when she was probably 5 or 6 years old about getting over stage fright. We don't know exactly what she said but our daughter has been a performer ever since and happily sings, dances, and acts in front of any size audience confidently. She wants to continue in college and beyond. Mrs. Wood has very high expectations for her students and they work very hard to meet them because they love and respect her so much. She also spends countless unpaid hours working with the kids fundraising, competitions, travel, and their individual endeavors. Her impact on our schools and the students is immeasurable. We can never thank her enough!

Elizabeth Rollison Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Wood is nothing short of a miracle. She treats every single person who encounters her--whether or not they're her student, or even a student--with dignity, respect, and care. She wants to make sure that everyone around her is treated with love, and I have never met anyone so dedicated to their goal. Mrs. Wood has extremely high expectations for her choirs, but they are not unrealistic expectations. As she always says, she pushes us so hard because she knows that we can do better. Though she is a phenomenal musician, she also pushes us to have better behavior, and to always be polite, empathetic, and understanding. Consciously or not, she has made every student who interacts with her a better person, and she has made our school a better place. She truly an angel, and I couldn't think of a brighter soul to receive this award.

Joan Abel Posted 8 months ago

We have watched Robin Wood over the past 8 or so years give her all to the students at Liberty High School and Maywood Middle School. She has literally transformed the music program at both schools. We have attended several plays that she has helped produced and they are top notch! I talked with one young student, whom I had never met, who played the role of Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof" and asked how long he had been singing and if he had had private voice lessons. His response, "Ms. Woods taught me everything and we started 6 weeks ago." His Dad stood beside him with a big smile and said "I didn't know he could sing!" He was a shy young man but Ms. Woods had brought ought his best! He was unbelievable! We attend nearly every concert that Liberty has because they are so good. You can feel the love these students have for her and they try their hardest to meet her expectations; the bar is set pretty high. If I could pick a song that best describes Ms. Wood, it would be "I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing In Perfect Harmony". The message of that song for our world is Robin Wood's goal. I have never in my lifetime seen a teacher so dedicated to so many!

Lynne Rasmussen Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Wood is an exceptional choir director! My grandson, Landon, has always loved music; but she truly fuels that love of music in her students! Such an amazing experience for him to sing at Carnegie Hall with his choir; and for this grandma to be able to attend with my daughter/his mom! Thank you, Mrs. Wood, for all you do!

Jeanette Werre Posted 8 months ago

As a fellow staff member and parent of Liberty High School grads I can't say enough about the impact Robin Wood has had on the music program at our school. When I was in high school I had a phenomenal choir instructor. I dreamed of the day when my own children would sing in choir. Unfortunately, the choir program at the time only consisted of a handful of students and wasn't a program students wanted to be a part of. When Robin came on board she brought a passion for music and the energy needed to turn the program around. The work she has put into building the program has been far reaching into the entire community. She is an exemplary leader, musician, and role model to her students. Many have gone on to pursue careers in the music industry or theater. The excellence of the program was showcased last year when the Liberty High School Choir got to perform at the famed Carnegie Hall! Not many musicians can say they've performed at Carnegie Hall, but we have high school students who can say they have! What an honor and a privilege! I am convinced that it would not have been possible without the leadership of Robin Wood. In addition to all of her musical abilities, Robin is also a caring colleague and compassionate "mom" to her students. She definitely has the gift of encouragement, believing in a student's ability to dream big and do what they themselves don't think they can; she listens to them and guides them. When she's concerned about a student she follows up with the student's counselor to make sure they are getting the extra support that's needed. I am fortunate enough to call her co-worker and friend. She is most deserving of the Life Changer of the Year Award!

Nicholas Vanni Posted 8 months ago

I've never had Mrs. Wood as a teacher, but her presence and amazingly positive attitude has influenced me in great ways - and I know the same is true for many others at the school, whether they had Choir or not. I worked with her in my sophomore year (I'm now a senior) as the sound technician for our school's theatre department, coordinating the microphones and sounds with the performers' songs, and she was absolutely amazing to work with to do this. Her positive attitude inspired me to keep pursuing theatre tech, and her gift of a music store gift card showed me that she really does care about everyone she works with. At each show, she puts in the effort to create small gifts for each actor and tech crew member, and her positive attitude has inspired us to go to the next level and keep pushing for more. I've heard stories of her life - she has an amazing resume - and she still keeps an amazing positive attitude, influencing out school in many ways, to this day. I really believe that Mrs. Wood deserves the Life Changer of the Year Award, as she is such an amazing influence on our community.

Carter Cole Posted 8 months ago

Hello, I have never had you as a teacher but one of my best friends (Aiden Tryon) has been greatly inspired and looks up to you so much. I don't think he would be in the place where he is without you or your choir programs. Thank you for making my friend so inspired to be who he is. I always hear good things about you from him!

Maddie Browne Posted 8 months ago

I've never had Mrs Wood as a teacher, but she's nevertheless been an incredible influence in not only my life, but my brother's as well. Every day at school she opens her classroom to students for lunch, giving a respite from the noise and chaos of the cafeteria. One of these lunches, my friends and i were messing around - my friend played music and I danced around, mostly joking - but Mrs Wood saw me and asked me to dance with choir in their December performance. It was a moment of both surprise and pride for me: Mrs Wood gave me confidence and courage, and provided an opportunity to experiment with something new. Additionally, my brother, and eighth grader at the middle school in our area, is actually in choir. Last year was his very first year of not only choir, but also public school. For him, choir was a way to meet people, but I've seen that Mrs Wood changed him. He gained confidence and skill in choir and in social situations - she enabled my brother to lead the tenor section at a first year, building his confidence and his self-worth. It was a change I am indescribably glad to have witnessed, and both my brother and I have gained confidence from, and significant respect for, Mrs Robin Wood.

Jonny Nhim Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Wood was my elementary school music teacher. Although our last interactions were many years ago, I still remember to this day, the classes that I spent with her. She gave me the confidence to express my voice, and although I still suck at singing, I enjoy every time I can “bohp” to tunes with friends fear-free - thanks to those elementary school classes

Gary Tribble Posted 8 months ago

Robin Wood has provided an excellent musical education,from in-depth academic understanding to rewarding performance experiences, with high levels of personal support to both of my grand children from early elementary school through high school — education and experience they take out into the world from public community event performances to various community theater performances. Her strict professionalism, deep musicality, and warm personal support have provided music as a key element in her students’ total cultural education, and personal success as a formative experience of individual success.

Patricia Galipeau Posted 8 months ago

Robin Wood has been a mentor, cheerleader, inspiration, and motivator for our community as a whole, but especially for the children, teens, and young adults that have benefited from her energy, talent, and charisma. Personally, Robin has been so influential in both my children’s lives, well beyond the chorus program. Robin opened up opportunities for my son, who is a percussionist. Robin recognized his talent and provided multiple opportunities for him to accompany various choirs and many different event venues. She always recognized his contributions in various ways, building up his esteem always honoring his value. My son’s experience as a musician was tremendously enhanced by Robin’s encouragement and confidence she placed in my son. Robin has also been an inspiration for my daughter, who loves signing. Robin lives two important truths- one is instilling a value in bettering your talent through practice, and the other is bettering yourself through singing! Robin Wood deserves the highest level of recognition, award, and respect!

Kathy Keegan Posted 8 months ago

Robin Wood has brought music to our schools. Through her inclusive work, she has allowed so many students to shine in a safe and positive environment. She brings our community together through the arts. I am forever grateful for the inspiration she has given my girls. Robin changes the lives of the students she teaches, the student body at Liberty and Maywood, their families, and thousands of others through the gift of music!

Joshua Kutzke Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Wood is someone that I consider a mentor. A hardworking, charismatic, and caring person, who is a prime example of what happens when you really work hard at what you're passionate about while the end result is the result you exactly wanted. As someone who was heavily involved in both jazz and regular choir as well as all of the musicals, there is no one else that can do as great of a job as Mrs. Wood. Whenever I don't feel motivated enough to do something, I would think about what Mrs. Wood would do, and I would immediately find the answer. God bless you, Mrs. Wood!

Ben Abel Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Wood is the best teacher I have and the best teacher I will have. She is very fun but still keeps us on task. We love to make jokes in class while were singing and sometimes we act a bit crazy. I don't know how she manages to handle two schools in one day and still have time to organize our concerts and plan our day. THANK YOU Mrs. Wood, YOU ARE THE BEST

Mara Page Posted 9 months ago

There is nothing I can say about Robin that hasn't been said better here already. She is a phenomenal teacher with unwavering passion for what she does. The love of singing I developed in her choirs has stuck with me through college, and I still hum some of the songs without even realizing it. The truly exceptional thing about Robin is her warmth, and ability to make those around her feel safe and cared for. It's incredible what she's able to give, and she absolutely deserves to be recognized for that.

Peyton Warner Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Wood is not only an amazing choir director, but an amazing person. She does so much for the community and always gives back. She deserves the world and more. She is kind and caring and has so much empathy for everyone. She can teach people music like no other person can. She always creates a safe and nourishing environment for all her students and goes above and beyond in her teaching. Thank you Mrs. Wood for everything you do. We love you!

Sandy Cobel Posted 9 months ago

Robin Wood is an extraordinary music teacher. She exudes passion and enthusiasm in everything that she does. Her "can do" positive attitude is absolutely infectious to her students. Both of my children were positively impacted by Robin Wood's exceptional teaching style and her commitment to excellence. Robin was their music teacher while they attended Newcastle Elementary School, and thanks to her passion for music, both of my children incorporated music into their lives. My children are adults now and have gone on to earn science degrees, but they have not forgotten their love of music which was, in part, instilled in them by Robin. As a parent, I am very appreciative of Robin and thank her for sharing the joy of music with my family.

Desi Arnaiz Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Wood has been the best choir director that I could ever ask for. She’s not just choir director she is also a great influence. She puts her whole self in to her choirs. She doesn’t just run the Liberty high school choirs but she also runs the Maywood middle school choirs. A long with that I know that she cares so much about us. She doesn’t just treat us as her students but as her children. She makes us know that we’re not just a choir but we’re a family. She also gives us so many opportunities to go and put our selves out there. I know that with out her I would not be the person or singer I am today. Because of her I have gotten in the Washington state choir 3 years in a row. I believe that she deserves this award 100%. I know that she is the life and soul of these choirs. And with out her we would not be who we are today. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Adriana serna Posted 9 months ago

Robin How exciting for you! I honestly can’t think of anyone more deserving than you. Your enthusiasm about music and the love you put into sharing this love and passion with each student that comes your way is remarkable. I remember the first time I saw you at Briarwood doing IMC with Beth I instantly knew you were amazing, you have this aura about you that makes people gravitate towards you and instantly feel your enthusiasm. Thank you for keeping the music alive and good luck, with or without this award know you are AWESOME!!!

Meilir Page Posted 9 months ago

Robin Wood is an amazing teacher, full of energy and enthusiasm. Our two kids sang in her choirs and performed in her musicals. She inspired them with a love of music that has lasted to this day. They're adults now, but they still sing and play instruments. Robin is an exceptional person, who truly cares about the kids she teaches. We all admire her spirit and talent. It's simply a privilege to know her!

Isabel Wiegering Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Wood is the best choir teacher i have ever had To me she is a supporter to all of us and treats every single one of us like family. and fro the day i meet Mrs. wood, till now she has changed my life for the better. Because of Mrs. Wood i am a much better person now than i ever was. And when any of us needed help she would always be there even if it wasn't choir related. And once you meet her, only if it is for a short time you would feel cared for even if she doesn't even know you. And if you meet her you would always remember her as a caring, and selfless person with a great attitude on life. I probably could have never gotten through my first year of middle school if it wasn't for her, she is so amazing in so many ways, i would never give up on Mrs. Wood, and she would never give up on us no matter what it is. We love you Mrs. Wood!

Valerie Adams Posted 9 months ago

Ever since I was in kindergarten, Mrs. Wood has been such a light in my life! In elementary school, we was my music teacher and was such an influence for my love for music. She made sure that her students had fun and learned how to read music, play instruments, and show their love for performance. Continuing into high school, she was my choir teacher for four years. This woman worked night and day for her students, ensuring that they were able to perform to the best of their abilities and give them amazing opportunities such as performing in New York and Disneyland. While juggling 5+ choirs plus being vocal director for the musicals, she still managed to show up every day with a bright smile on her face. Robin Wood instilled confidence in me as a performer and as a woman. Mrs. Wood is really a well-rounded human being that has absolutely changed my life, and thousands of others, for the better.

Debra Hawkins Posted 10 months ago

My daughter sang with Robin for years. What I experienced as a parent was the level of dedication to her singers and their performances. There were never any short cuts, she has always given everything she has. I don't know what my daughter would be like today if she didn't have Mrs. Wood in her corner. I'm so grateful for her cheery spirit and hard working example. I respect and admire this woman...just wish I could ship her to my daughter's college so she could teach there!!

Rowan Hauschildt Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Wood is the best choir teacher I have ever had! She gives us a safe envirment. We can cry when were upset and not fear of being made fun of, she will listen when we have something to say, and no matter how the day has gone or how annoying we can get she always hase a smile on her face and a persinality as bright as the sun. She is the happiest person I have ever met. She gives us hope and supports us. We all love Ms Wood! : )

Autumn Miller Posted 10 months ago

The first time I met Mrs. Wood was in a production of Wizard of Oz at Liberty while I was in fifth grade. I had been cast as a flying monkey and my hair was supposed to be up and out of my face, but I needed to be onstage very soon. Mrs. Wood rushed over and pulled my hair into a tight braid in what felt like two seconds. That’s just the first memory I have of how incredible Mrs. Wood really truly is. She’s so motherly, so caring, and so nurturing. Choir feels like a family thanks to her. She teaches us how to be compassionate and work hard, and expects us to teach this to others. Choir has impacted all of us, and so now we will use what Mrs. Wood has given us to impact others we meet in our daily lives. We love you so much, Mrs. Wood! <3

Naomi Wilding Posted 10 months ago

Mrs.Wood help me in 6th grade with understanding music because everything with music was new. But her smile was the most memorable thing about her, everybody knows Mrs.Wood for her smile and wonderful voice to sing from first soprano to bass is amazing. Everyone will love her the first moment you meet her.

Aaron Tryon Posted 10 months ago

I am one of the many people who have had their lives changed by the wonder that is Mrs. Wood. I joined her class at the start of 6th grade. Back then I was very unconfident and didn't sing out. But, Mrs. Wood has helped me break through my walls, and she helped me become the singer that I am today!

Madeline Splaver Posted 10 months ago

Music was always a huge part of my life. I remember in third grade I didn't want to join the school choir, in fact I only joined in fourth grade because my friends were there. Then came sixth grade and I joined choir again, not knowing what would happen. Once I stepped into the choir room, I swear my life seemed to get brighter. Mrs. Wood is so kind and amazing and she never fails to put a smile on my face. She seems to understand children better than any teacher I've ever had, but she also doesn't treat us like we can't do anything. Mrs. Wood believes in every one of her students and she works so hard for all of us. Mrs. Wood's enthusiasm allowed me to enjoy choir, and soon I started looking forwards to it. Not only that, but Mrs. Wood's smile is so contagious. Even when it seems there's nothing good in a situation, Mrs. Wood just makes it seem better. I couldn't have asked for a better choir director. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher, and I definitely could not have asked for a better friend.

Sarah Christensen Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is the most deserving of this award. I had the opportunity to know her first as one of my mom's colleagues and second as a student. I performed at the very first "Music Alive!" celebration she hosted as a third-grader attending a different elementary school; I was astounded by the skill of her elementary after school choir and my first impression of her was nothing but amazing. The power I felt singing on risers in an elementary school gym/cafeteria with 4 other choirs made an impact so strong, I continued to participate in every single choir I possibly could and made the discovery that music is power. I chose to be in the school orchestra during middle school and didn't have the chance to be part of her small but mighty program there, but I was able to watch her work a miracle and in 3 years go from directing a group of 20 people to two groups with at least triple the number of members each. She was doing all of this at the middle school and simultaneously reviving a dead choral program at the high school. During my freshman year of high school, I joined her women's Concert Chorale group; the program at the high school had already expanded to require two classes, which consisted of one mixed audition choir and one open enrollment women's choir. I was shy, scared, and unsure of my abilities but excited nonetheless! In my first year in that choir, there were maybe 35 members in total. By the time I graduated 4 years later, that same Concert Chorale consisted of nearly 65 members and was expected to be even larger the next year. She literally breathed life back into a dying choral program at two schools where it was needed greatly. I can say with complete conviction Mrs. Wood changed my life in a way I didn't think was possible. I participated in her Concert Chorale for 4 fantastic years and had the privilege of being a part of the jazz choir my senior year. During that time, I learned more life lessons than I can count. I was chosen to be the Concert Chorale president during my last two years in her program and saw her put her entire heart and soul into each student that walked into her room, choir member or not. I saw her work tirelessly on fundraisers so we could have experiences of a lifetime. She sacrificed personal time and funds to pay for audition fees, music, and tour costs. She taught with enthusiasm, honesty, dedication, and love; she knew each of her students and provided countless hugs, cups of tea, and enough breezers to fill the earth 3 times over. Mrs. Wood taught me grit, determination, perseverance, the value of mistakes, self-worth, and true purpose (just to name a few things.) She entered every conversation, lesson, and mentorship with understanding, reason, honesty, love, and acceptance; her classroom was a safe haven for me when I felt unsafe at school or home, as it was and is for so many other students. When my life flipped upside down halfway through my senior year, she was supportive and understanding; she asked me how things were and if I was okay every class period. I always had complete confidence in her and that my information would be kept private. She supported the arts program as a whole and included instrumental groups in many concerts. She was always the first to fight for the arts and our funding, filling out grant applications, attending boosters meetings, and coordinating fundraisers several times a year. Robin Wood is more than a choir director and someone who waves their arms in front of a singing group. When everything else in my life was crumbling down around me and my self-esteem was lower than low, she was there to pick me up and keep me moving forward. I looked forward to 7th period every single day of my high school education because even though it was hard work and put me out of my comfort zone, I was safe there. I could learn without judgment or fear; I was always welcome and my concerns and input were always heard. Mrs. Wood's class was not just about proper technique or singing multi-part songs as a group; it was about finding soul, passion, and purpose. It was about movement, flexibility, and growth. Every single day we were reminded of our worth and our potential. Mrs. Wood's class was where music gave meaning, power, and light to your life. I can honestly say that if I hadn't joined choir as a shy, timid freshman, I wouldn't know half the things I do today. I would have been the one to sit back and be afraid to try. Robin Wood is a life changer with everything she does. She is a mother, teacher, musician, friend, mentor, advocate, confidant, believer, and miracle. Her influence extends far beyond the choir room of Liberty High School; you will find athletes, members of theatre, orchestra, or band, and students from every walk of life sitting in her classroom during lunch. It isn't a coincidence the entire school body quiets when she walks to her place underneath the basketball hoop to lead the choir in the national anthem at the start of an assembly. She has touched each life in one way or another, and that is something few can say about their jobs. There is no real way to describe the impact she has had on the entire community because she has been changing lives through her programs in the district from the time she began teaching in it.

Mika McCulloh Posted 10 months ago

Mrs.Wood is a number of different things, she s one of the sweetest most kind women I have ever known! I uave had the pleasure of being in her hour for 2 years now and she continues to amaze me. One of my favorite parts of the day is walking in to choir and seeing her so full of energy! She will literally be jumping off the walls with excitement. Mrs.Wood has changes my life for the better! She is someone I know I can go to to talk about school or personal things outside of school she is like a second mom to all of us! She truly is amazing!! My life would be totally different if she weren't in it! She is one of my favorite people in the world! She wou D be perfect for this! I love you so much Mrs.Wood!

Eowyn Ream Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is one of the best people I have ever met. She is kind, supportive, positive, and makes everybody’s day better the moment we walk into the room. She isn’t an average teacher. I’ve been in her choir for two years and every moment is interesting and fun. She pushes us to not only be better musicians, but also better people. She is by far the best choir teacher we have ever had or could ever hope for. She cares about each student individually, despite the insane amount of students in both high school and middle school. If anyone deserves this award, it’s Mrs. Wood.

Summer Lane Posted 10 months ago

I've only been Mrs.Wood's student for these first two months of the 2019 school year, but I've had the pleasure of helping set up concerts the past two years. In the short time I've know Mrs.Wood, I've learned that she is a kind and loving person, that never ceases to amaze me when it comes to going above and beyond for other people without expecting any reward. Mrs.Wood has helped me so much with understanding music in just the past two months, and helping her and friends of choir in previous years, made me want to join the Maywood Chargers' Choir Family. She is a hard working teacher, and makes every day brighter. Although she is hard working and pushes herself to help others and get things done, she is sweet and kind, and makes one class feel like a family. I've learned so much from her and because of her I look forward to coming to school. I enjoy her class greatly and I know everyone else does too. There aren't enough "thank you"s in the world for Mrs.Wood. Being her student, even for this short amount of time, she has shown me how much music means to her, and how it brings everyone together. Mrs.Wood has truly changed my life.

Jack Faris Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood has changed my life more than anyone i’ve ever met. The moment you meet her you feel as you’ve known her your whole life because she always has open arms and a smile right as you approach her. She has completely changed my life, because of her daily company i’ve become someone that i’ve always wanted to be. Working with her is the best experience any musician could ever ask for and I am forever grateful for the wonderful gifts she has given me.

Charlene Agbayekhai Posted 10 months ago

Mrs.Wood is one of a kind. She is one of the people that makes the earth a better place just being in it. I have had her in my life for over 5 years and I notice a change in my life and the lives of other around me. She manages to positively impact people that don't even have her as a teacher or know her. At this point in my life and to many other people she isn't really a teacher she is a second mom, major supporter, and superwoman who changes the atmosphere of the world around her. She manages to make a good turn into a better day and a bad day turn into a better day which so little people can do. Her love for people, compassion, trust, and support is contagious and makes everyone want to become a better person. Mrs. Wood manages to do all of this selflessly too which shows her pure true spirit. I honestly don't know what I would do without her in my life because we all need a person like her in our lives.

Sabrina Holmes Posted 10 months ago

Mrs.Wood is so many things, she is kind, caring, loving, intelligent and understanding. She treats every single person in her choirs like we are her own children, coming to choir everyday is my favorite thing because as soon as I walk in Mrs.Wood is there and smiling. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a music educator. She also pushes us to put our best foot forward and do kind things no matter what. Being in choir was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Alesia Bliznyuk Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood has been a life changer for me. Since I am a freshman with a Russian background Mrs. Wood taught me a lot not only how to sing in a good choir but also how to express your words and facial expressions in everyday life. She is the most wonderful teacher I ever had and will have and will always try to give her a hug every time I see her. Love you Mrs. Wood!! ??

Lili Galluzzo Posted 10 months ago

Growing up in all her music programs, I can say that Mrs. Wood is one of the most impactful people of my life. Whether it was letting me sort music during recess in elementary school, listening to crazy choral stories, or caring for her students like her own children Mrs. Wood has always been there for me. I went through a very rough patch throughout high school, mostly with bullying, and I can honestly say the main reason I didn’t switch schools was because of Mrs. Wood and her music program. She is one of my biggest inspirations as I pursue a career in performing arts in college and I hope to one day be as caring and amazing as she is. I have known her since I was three years old, and being 18 now I have truly grown up with her as a constant source of positivity. If there is anyone who deserves this award, it’s without a doubt Mrs. Wood!

Kendall Sullivan Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is not only an incredibly lively, and happy person, she is impeccably smart and is one of the most amazing teachers I could have ever asked for. When i joined the Maywood Choir in 6th grade two years ago, Mrs. Wood was definitely not what I was expecting. She was so fun to be around and I could practically feel the happiness radiating from her. Mrs. Wood has helped me so much through the two years I’ve been in the Maywood Choir. She’s always there for us, and has always treated the choirs with respect and understanding. Mrs. Wood is always pushing us to be our best, and I can happily say that this has been the source of many of the choir’s achievements. I don’t know how else to put this other than to say that Mrs. Wood is the most vibrant, compassionate and most amazing person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you Mrs. Wood!

Mia Williamson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood cannot be described in words. She is kindhearted, caring, intelligent, talented, and her work rate is off the charts. Mrs. Wood, in my opinion, has changed the lives of every single one of her students for the better. She sees the best in us and strives to bring it out. To me and to many of my classmates she’s more of a motherly figure than a teacher. I look forward to each class with her because the environment she creates is so welcoming and fun. It’s thanks to Mrs. Wood that all the choir kids are like family, for no other teacher could make 100 students bond in the way she does. Personally, Mrs. Wood has given me confidence in myself, and helped me grow as a person. She also has given the choir programs at Maywood Middle School and Liberty High School amazing opportunities, such as performing at Carnegie Hall in New York and performing at a Mariners baseball game, all thanks to her amazing work ethic. Mrs. Wood truly deserves to be recognized as the Life Changer of the Year.

Chiara Oukka Posted 10 months ago

I have known Ms.Wood for a relatively long time, and all i've ever experienced with her choir is happiness and fulfillment. I hope really happy that I got to have her as my teacher.She's always done everything to make her students feel like a family. She's always put so much effort into anything she does. Seeing that has set an example for me, and my fellow students. I really hope she wins this award, she really does deserve it.

Jensen Wolff Posted 10 months ago

I can honestly say that being in Mrs. Wood’s choir was the highlight of middle school for me. It was the only thing I had to look forward to, the only reason I even felt the need to get out of bed. When I left school in the middle of the year due to medical reasons, she and the choir that year still made sure I was doing ok. Even though she runs six choirs and helps hundreds of students, she is still able to make every single kid feel noticed and part of the group. And while being one of the kindest people ever, she’s also one hell of a choir director. It’s not until we go to festivals and contests that I can really realize how great our choir is because of her. I’m so glad I get to be a part of this choir and continue to be throughout high school. No one deserves this award more than her, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Joseph Cox Posted 10 months ago

Mrs Wood is one of the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’m currently in her middle school choir and definitely plan to move forward in the Liberty Choirs. She is an amazing teacher, and inspiring to us all, and one awesome person. I think she totally deserves this award by 1000%. Mrs Wood, you are amazing!

Alison Fullington Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is fabulous. She cares passionately, not only about music, but about her students- past and present. As an educator she inspires us to push past our limits in whatever we do. She is fully invested in all of us and all our activities. She is always understanding and encouraging. She is always excited to hear how and what we are doing outside of her class. From past members of the program, she is always excited to hear an update. Students who are not even in the program are always welcomed and treated as one of her students. I am a senior in the Liberty Singers, and every day I leave the class smiling. Once I graduate I will greatly miss Mrs. Wood and her wonderful program.

Taylee Klein Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is such a phenomenal teacher and human being! I have been in her choirs since sixth grade and have loved every minute of it. She helps us through the ups and downs of our music and teaches us great life lessons along the way. From motivating a girl who is sad to teaching us how to protect our voices when we’re sick, Mrs Wood has created memories and taught lessons that I will never forget.

Lexi Cormier Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is an amazing teacher and role model for all of her students. I am a choir member and have always admired her passion and love for music. I have spoken with many other students not in choir from Maywood Middle School and Liberty High School about Mrs. Wood. A common statement from these students was that they knew that they could go to Mrs. Wood with a problem because of her genuine dedication and interest in her students and her school. The positive impact that she has left on students is too much to explain in words. I just hope that we leave as much of an impact and support for her that she has for us over the years.

Emelia Hartford Posted 10 months ago

I walked into middle school, not knowing what I was going to get. Teachers up till that point were simply teachers. Mrs.Wood isn’t just a teacher. She is a role model and she changed my life. She created my passion for music and helped me cultivate it. But she didn’t only do this. No. She took a tiny choir and with hard work and determination she created a strong, huge, family-like community that was inspired to love, reach out and spread her passion on to a new generation. I’m going to be a music teacher just like her one day, and just like everyone she’s inspired, I’m going into life with an experience that will forever influence my decisions.

Nicole Treece Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood has changed the lives of all her students. Everyday she makes a conscious effort to ask us how we are doing. Everything about Mrs. Wood is genuine, especially how she cares for her students. I'm so grateful to have her as my choir teacher and nobody is more deserving than her. Mrs. Wood has sacrificed so much to spread hope and love through our school, but never lets it change how she teaches. I know everyone in her choir program supports her to become lifechanger of the year.

Rachel Hunter Posted 10 months ago

I known her mrs wood for many years, she has always helped me out when I needed it, even when I’m upset to. No matter what, even when she is upset she always there to help us when needed and cares for us always. I might not have bin easy for the past 3 years but I still love her no matter what because she changed me in a way that I’ll never forget

Jayla Le Posted 10 months ago

She's an amazing teacher she always wants the best for her students and goes out of her way to do the best things for us. She is truly a remarkable woman in that she could teach both middle school and high school choirs.

Kealy Coulon Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Robin Wood is a literal angel on earth. She has made me feel like I’m home whenever I’m in her classroom. She not only a wonderful teacher, she is a wonderful person. I’ve known her for about 10 years so I might be a little biased but Robin Wood is the best person in the world and the one I aspire to be when I grow up.

Amy Lee Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is most definitely deserving of this award. I have been in her program for 4 years and it has changed my life for the better. She has this unignorable aura that simply draws people in and she always brings out the best in all of us. Everyday you will see her zipping around helping others, making sure that everyone around her is absolutely secure before she even thinks of helping herself. She is the most selfless, caring, and passionate person I know and I can't wait to see what she accomplishes next.

Ella Williamson Posted 10 months ago

I’ve had Mrs. Wood for a teacher since I was in kindergarten, and I can say with absolute confidence that she is my favorite teacher of all time; she doesn’t even feel like a teacher as much as a family member at this point. She is one of the kindest, most passionate people I’ve ever met.

Josephine Posted 10 months ago

Mrs.wood is honesty one of my favorite people and I look forward to seeing her. When we first met she was the only one who remembered that I was coming and she was soooo nice. She taught me how to sing, I’m still learning but I have came so far since then. Mrs.wood is the best and she really deserves this, she’s the best person anyone could ask for. I love her so much and wish her the everything

Sophia Mostrom Posted 10 months ago

Mrs.Wood is such an amazing woman and she deserves this more than anyone I know. She always makes sure to make a point to get to know each and everyone of her students. She is amazing.

Joey Johnson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs wood is always been a blessing. She will walk up to the stage with a huge smile and start conducting us as if she was dancing. She is the strongest, bravest, and most joyful person I know. She’s has been my favorite teacher since Elementary (where I didn’t even have her). I would watch her conduct her choir and it made me so excited to join her and finally when I got up to middle school I was not disappointed. She is so nice but also keeps us on task and focused. She’s brilliant. We love you

Amira Turner Posted 10 months ago

I’ve been in Mrs. Woods choir program for 5 years and never once have I felt out of place. Mrs. Wood truly is a second mother to all of her students. Wether it’s extra food and tea in the choir room for kids who need it, or a shoulder to cry on when you don’t know where to go, Mrs. Wood is always there for everyone who needs her. She works incredibly hard to get us all the help we need, and often goes out of the way to do so. She has been known to come to school hours before anyone, and stay the schools hours after. Not only does she work to make us great musicians, but she works to make us great people. I often run into alumni who have been out of high school for years, and still feel the impact of all Mrs. Wood has taught them. Mrs. Wood is truly one of the kindest people I have ever met, and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Carson Wong Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is just an overall good and wholesome person. She is so talented at teaching music and teaching how to be a better person. She has such an impact on all of the students and parents she get to encounter. She is always there for me no matter what and I have no idea what I would do without her.

Allie Van Parys Posted 10 months ago

I’m new to choir at LHS this year and Ms. Wood is so kind and welcoming! Every class with her is so much fun and we never get bored with all the great music we do. From doing Christmas music in August at choir camp to learning how geese fly together as one, there is never a boring second! Choir is easily my favorite class this year at high school and Ms. Wood continues to help me feel like I belong and that every person in the choir matters.

Trevor Root Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood, Where do I begin. She is fantastic, Humorous, Caring, Supportive. She is one of the biggest reasons I joined the choir during the 2019-2020 school year and I can not thank her enough for her support and teachings. She's so inspirational and like a lot of the other comments here, she really brings out the best of all of her students. She is incredibly hard-working, Giving to the students what they need to be successful singers. She's been one of my inspirations to get into music myself. The whole choir cannot thank Robin Wood for everything that she has done or has yet to do as she's full of surprises. I personally cannot thank her enough for keeping the musical part of my life alive. Thank you. Trevor Root

Bailey Keegan Posted 10 months ago

I was a student of Robin Wood from the time I was 5 all the way up until I was 18 and I can say with my most absolute and upmost confidence that she is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had. As an educator, she goes above and beyond with every single thing she does. She taught her students in elementary school music classes basic music theory with an abundance of fun instruments and rhythm games. I remember one year for our grade-wide musical performance (she directed at least 6 of them per year!) we got to make our own instruments and play them. When I got to middle school she single-handedly created an entire choral department that only existed in the form of an after school club the year prior. In high school there was a vast array of students who all were at different skill levels but she still handled us all with ease and was able to teach us in a way that didn’t hinder the learning of students who knew advanced theory or the students who didn’t know theory at all. Everyone was always able to learn something from her every time she taught. Aside from being an educator, Robin is an outstanding person who always does everything in her power to reach out and connect with students both in her choir room and all over the school. Students who’ve never taken a music class before in their life would come up and have conversations with her in the hallways. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone around her is feeling their best and knows that they’re cared for. I struggled a lot during middle school and high school but Robin stuck by my side and was always one of my greatest supporters. I will always be so incredibly grateful and appreciative of that. There is no other educator who cares more about her work and students than Robin Wood and there is no one more deserving than her to be nominated for this award. Thank you Mrs. Wood for everything you do and continue to do!!!

Marissa Quintanilla Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood was my choir director all throughout high school, and I could not be more thankful for that. She is easily one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Her determination, compassion, and grit continue to inspire me today. She cares so much for her students, and works herself to the bone for them. She pours so much love into the world and for that she should be recognized. It is rare that so many students (especially in high school) truly love a teacher and their class, and I believe this is what makes Mrs. Wood special. She cares so much for her students happiness, success, and well being; and more than that she acts upon it. She has done some extraordinary things for us that we will be forever thankful for. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of an award like this than her.

Allison Costantini Posted 10 months ago

I’ve known Mrs. Wood since I was five, and she is one of the most positive influences I’ve ever had in my life. She’s always believed in me more than I believed in myself, and I can never thank her enough for that. There’s no other teacher who’s given me the support and encouragement she has and I’m truly blessed to have had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Robin Wood.

Kylee Cosand Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood has changed my life as a student and just as a person. She has helped me improve my music skills and has helped me find who i want to be!! Coming into choir and seeing her smiling face has been the highlight of the years that i have been with her and for more years to come. She takes time for all of her students and she is like a second mom to me. She is a remarkable director that you can laugh with and that helps you learn and be the best that you can be, she helps ever kid strive.

Zoë Carlson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is kind and patient but she sure will kick your butt when she needs to. She always makes sure her students are doing their best no matter what. I was a student of hers for three years and now the majority of my friends are still in her choirs. I also work with her during our musicals at Liberty and she is phenomenal. Watching her process and how she teaches is truly amazing. It’s hard to find someone who has many bad things to say about her. Mrs. Wood is truly a life changer.

Naira Jain Posted 10 months ago

I have known Mrs. Wood since I was in first grade. When she taught music classes at Newcastle Elementary, I had terrible stage fright and would often cry when I was asked to sing or demonstrate a part of the music -- and instead of reprimanding me, Mrs. Wood sat me on her lap, helped me learn the piece, and then let me help her teach it to the rest of the class. I was so young at the time, but it was still an absolutely life-changing event, and I am so glad that I rejoined choir in my freshman year of high school because her incredibly far-reaching, influential aura continues to shape me into the human being I am today. It constantly amazes me that Mrs. Wood runs six choirs across Maywood and Liberty, and manages to show up ready and raring to go each and every day and class period, no matter how exhausted she truly feels. She is always on her feet even when her students are exhausted, and is nothing but encouraging when people feel as though they are falling behind. She gives us a wonderful mix of understanding and tough love, pushing us when she knows she can be better but also giving us breaks and gentle coaxing when she knows we need it. She forms an amazing bond with each and every child in her choirs, helping them learn to work as a unit rather than a group of haphazardly assembled individuals, and has infected us all with a love for and devotion to the performing arts that I know will stay with all of us after graduation, no matter where our lives take us. Her passion built a choir program 150 students strong, when she started out with some 10 or 15 students in one choir when she came to work at Liberty. She continues to encourage her students to use that passion in everything they do, always putting in 200% effort and urging us to do the same. She has built not just a club or even a community, but a family, and warmly welcomes both newcomers and old friends. She makes us all not just into better singers, but into better people. She truly cares about her students and their well-being, keeping cup noodles and tea in her room for students who are sick or miss meals, and will always offer a long hug and a few words of sage advice when a student is in tears from something that has happened in their life. She is generous with her dispensing of wise words and honest feedback, because she doesn't just care if we pass her class, she truly wants to see us succeed and grow in every aspect possible. Rather than just teaching us how to sing and read notes, she teaches us the importance of hard work, perseverance, camraderie, honesty with ourselves and each other, and above all to love ourselves, each other, music, and the world. She truly has a gift, and I have been honored to receive a small part of it these past four years of high school. I am absolutely positive that long after I am a grown adult, I will remember her and all the things she's taught me and the impact she has had on who I am; she truly is a life-changer.

Eleanor Rowe Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood has been one of the best teachers ive ever had. I've known her since when she first started reaching at liberty and the things she has done for her students and the school itself are amazing. Honestly shes probably the best person to get this award.

Kaitlyn Vera Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is an amazing individual both inside and outside of the classroom, she’s incredibly inclusive, believes in equality, and wants the best for all of her students, no matter the cost or effort. Even being in her class for a short period of time has changed my life and experiences for the better, it was like being excepted into a giant family and is endlessly encouraging, especially with Mrs. Wood at the helm. My arrival into her class was not monumental or eye catching, but it did change my life. All of my choir career I was told I would never be a tenor because I was a female, I was not allowed to sing low and forced to do things that I was physically incapable of. When I joined Mrs. Wood’s class and mentioned my want and ability to sing Tenor, she was nothing but joyful and happy for my admission, which while just being her natural glowing acceptance and pride, meant more than the world to me as a person and a performer. Under Mrs.Wood’s tutelage I have flourished and enjoyed every minute of it, her energy, focus, and drive to see and help everyone succeed is contagious and you can’t help but be swept up by it. I’m lucky that Mrs. Wood was a part of my life and will continue to be, and I’m grateful for all the time I’ve had with her and learning under her.

Jeremy Nelson Posted 10 months ago

Ms. wood is a tremendous teacher, the best I’ve ever had. She incorporates excitement into our learning which makes us engaged, and she aims to grow our passion for music! I love her very much and her passion for what she does rubbed off on all of us, can’t say enough about how much she has changed our lives!!

Rose Maresh Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Wood is a remarkably inspirational teacher. I am in my 5th year in her choir program, and I have known her for more than a decade, and she has always treated me and my peers with compassion and respect. She always brings out the best in us by refusing to accept anything but our best. She has transformed Liberty’s choir program in her time here and never ceases to work towards its continued improvement. She also works tirelessly to make an impact on our community through our music. She is fiercely passionate about her work and music as a whole, and has spread awareness of the importance of the arts in education. She supports being a well-rounded individual, and gives 200% in everything she does. She is a fantastic musician, a role model, a friend, and an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Jessie Spradling Posted 10 months ago

Nothing in this world could ever convince me somebody deserves this award more than Robin Wood. She has put her own life on hold many times for the betterment of her programs and for the benefit of the students she teaches. She has changed countless, countless lives with her endless positivity, bright spirit, and warm heart. Mrs Wood gave me something to look forward to every time I stepped into the choir room from freshman year to senior year. It is truly what got me through some of the toughest patches in my life. High school is an incredibly dark time for so many students and I will never be able to express enough how lucky I feel to have had someone like Mrs Wood to guide me and my peers through it. I will be graduating college soon, and can confidently say she is absolutely unforgettable, and her passion for teaching is unrivaled. Everyone is a better person just for having known her, and there was not a single day that went by without me learning something really truly valuable from this incredible, incredible woman.

Bauer Hanson Posted 10 months ago

What an amazing person. I have had the chance to work with her for 5 years, and what an amazing experience it has been. She brought me into music and she has influenced the way I see the world. She has been one of the biggest influences on my life. She comes to school every day with compassion and joy and brings kids into music. She has an aura that attracts people who have no affiliation with music. She has had an amazing impact on me, and I hope she will continue to impact me.

Adrienne Posted 10 months ago

I worked with Robin when she taught music at the elementary level. She was amazing to watch then and I can only imagine her ability to lead and grow a love of music in high schoolers. Keep up the great work!

D Hay Posted 10 months ago

I am a retired High school counselor from Robin's high school. I also have conducted a community choir for 31 years. Even though I am in my 5th year of retirement, I love going in to volunteer for Robin so I can learn from her. She has a solid knowledge of choral technique and she loves using music to teach her students how to live their lives with compassion, truth and enthusiasm, something she does every day with unbounded energy and selflessness. She changes and saves lives every day through her expressions of caring. She is head and shoulders above any conductor that I have ever known, worthy of this award. I support Robin Wood's nomination for Life Changer of the Year.

Landon Evers Posted 10 months ago

She's my favorite teacher and i love her so much. She helps me with so much more than music, she helps me with life, and always helps me succeed and be happy. Such an amazing woman!

Beth Mohr Posted 10 months ago

As a fellow music educator I can say that Robin is one of three life-long mentors I have had in my education career. I don’t use the term mentor lightly- because to me, it means only someone whom I strive to be like in all areas of my profession, not just someone who inspires me in a few ways. Robin welcomed me warmly to the Issaquah School District from out of state, shared materials and knowledge with me in my early years, and helped to shape who I am today. Her teaching gifts impact all who are near her- and her passion and hard work are infectious! I am forever in debt to her for her kindness and good stewardship!

Emily Wong Posted 10 months ago

Robin is great. She is fantastic. She is full of life. She is love. She changes lives not just for her students. She changes families’ lives. Everyone who has been in her presence has probably smiled at the least and been inspired and had their life turn out better for the most. I have never had her as a teacher- my sister did and my mom is her colleague. I always wished I had her- my HS experience would have been very different. She is a spark of light and joy. I could think of no one more deserving of this than she is and I am a teacher myself. What a lovely lady.

Tareasha Salinas Posted 10 months ago

Robin Wood is an Amazing teacher, motivator, and mentor. I am blessed to not only have my oldest Alia Salinas enjoy her as a choir director, but also my youngest Aryanna Salinas. I had the privilege Alia's senior year to accompany Robin and her song birds to New York. It was a life changing trip I will never forget. I can think of no teacher who deserves this honor more.

Jackie Firth Posted 10 months ago

I cannot say enough good things about this magical woman. She has helped my son grow leaps and bounds in his musical knowledge. She embodies everything you want in an educator both gentle with her relationship with her students and firm in her expectation of excellence, hard work and resilience. My son, Landon refers to her as his fairy godmother when he talks about her at home. He is experiencing his 4th year as Ms. Wood's student, 2 years at Maywood and starting his 2nd at Liberty. The comfort of having an amazing teacher bridge the transition from Middle School to High School has been been a huge help to our family. Her joy and enthusiasm are infectious! We are so happy to be apart of the LHS Choir Family! All our love, The Firth-Evers Family