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Samantha Tres

Position: Freshman Biology and Biomed PLTW teacher
School: Hobart High School
School District: School City of Hobart
City, State: Hobart, IN

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Samantha Tres was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Ms. Tres is truly an educator who has inspired me every day throughout high school and has been the most influential person in my life," said the student. "Her way of teaching is what made me fall in love with Biology and helped me determine my future career path. She brings life to what she is teaching, and you can tell she whole-heartedly enjoys what she does. She doesn't just read from a textbook speaking like a robot, but does hands-on activities and interacts with each and every student, whether it be through eye contact or calling on them. Ms. Tres really teaches and makes sure it sticks with every student."

"Furthermore, she is the most passionate teacher I have ever met. She stays after school with students for however long is needed to help them further understand a certain topic in her class," said the student. "She is always at the school, whether she's planning lessons, grading papers, or just talking to students and fellow staff members. Ms. Tres is so dedicated, and on top of all of this, she cares for her students tremendously."

"In my education, I have never met a more empathetic, compassionate teacher. No matter who the person may be, Ms.Tres will do whatever she can to be there for them, and they do not have to be her student for her to care for them," said the student. "She is the most trusted staff member to the students, and she takes a lot of them under her wing. That's very important to us, to have someone to talk to who we can trust. Without Ms. Tres and her wisdom and nurturing advice, I would not be where I am today. She has guided me through my high school education and has helped me even when I haven't been taking any of her courses. She will stay after school with me when I don't understand some of my higher science classes, and she'll do whatever it takes to help me understand and pass a class that isn't even hers."

Ms. Tres goes above and beyond to not only help students, but to give them a safe environment to learn and let off steam. She is funny in a way that engages students. She's appropriate, but brings enough comedic relief to her class to make students want to actually learn. It's something that's difficult to do, but she does an excellent job at keeping students on their toes and wanting to learn. She is also an active community member for the students, showing them tons of support at multiple extracurricular activities.

"Personally, she has come to every event I have told her about or invited her to, from soccer games to theatre performances to long choir concerts," said the student. "No matter what, she will do whatever it takes to be there to support her students. She has gone to football games, and every extracurricular activity under the sun at our school, and she always does it with a smile and words of encouragement. She is someone who is always there when nobody else is. Not to mention, she's always positive, no matter the circumstances. She makes her students feel at home and safe in their learning environment."

"Ms. Tres has only been teaching for four years, but she has already made a big impact," said the student. "She was made to be a LifeChanger through teaching; she has a heart of gold, and it really shows. She is a natural helper and an amazing person inside and out who goes above and beyond each day to better her students. Ms. Tres is, hands down, my favorite teacher and LifeChanger!"

Comments (14)

Dulce Rabadan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tres is our school mom, counselor, and teacher. She has done so many things to help everyone who has crossed her path, no matter if they're a student or teacher. I always go to her if I have personal questions on life or concerns that she could help me with; shes very determined to help too. Her personality is one of the best characteristics about her! She's hilarious in appropriate time, she's outgoing in class, and her little "mom" jokes are amazing. At first, I didn't talk much, but she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and at home - it got to the point where I got to call her "Mama Tres". Ms. Tres will always be my school mom, and she's the one teacher I believe deserves this.

Logan Reid Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tres is an amazing teacher! She helps me more in writing papers more than my actual English teacher. She shows a ton of empathy to all her students. She is willing to help all students no matter who they are. Ms. tres is my favorite teacher and she deserves this award more than anyone!

Kira Arredondo Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tres is one of the most genuine teachers out there. While making sure the topics are engaging and interesting she also cares about her students. She is always there for her students whenever we need her, she listens to us and tries to help us in any way possible.

Cade Mangel Posted over a year ago

Miss.Tres is a wonderful,caring, and thoughtful teacher I know. She does her very best to make her students succeed and thrive in school, she is also like a personal journal, I could tell her everything and she’s there for me or anyone else

Givi Cardona Posted over a year ago

Every day in class, Ms Tres cheers me up and gets me ready for the day. Without her, I wouldn't enjoy school!

Landen Curiel Posted over a year ago

I love Ms.Tres both as a student and as a friend to me, I want to come in every day to talk to her and have her class, and the days that I don't have her it isn't as fun.

Ivan Balboa Posted over a year ago

She loves all of her students with a passion, takes the time to get to know both how they work, and their personalities. She has helped me and others with struggles in school, and out of school. If she wasn't at this high school I wouldn't want to go here, she brightens the mood in any environment she goes into. I think Ms.Tres deserves this award she always works hard to complete any task at hand and I think this is another task that she can complete.

kiersten Posted over a year ago

i love miss.tres she’s always there for me when i need her :)

Sue Smurdon Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of working with Samantha Tres for the last four years- what a blast it has been! I can’t say enough about how great it has been- she is always helpful and kind. I am so thankful to have her

Madeline Bartsch Posted over a year ago

I have known Miss Tres since we were 18, in college for education. We student taught together and now teach together at Hobart High School. We share students and talk often about kids who need extra support. Our students are her world, and her fiercest passion. She will do anything to be there for our kids. Truly, it’s a privilege to work with her and to know her. No one deserves this more.

Katie Willenbrink Posted over a year ago

As a first year teacher, I was often looking for ideas for how I should approach teaching science at Hobart. Ms. Tres was always a person I could go to for advice and guidance. She offers so much wisdom even in just her 3 years of teaching. I have never found someone who is so kind and willing to help anyone who asks. I often pass her room after school and she is still there with students; helping with homework, planning, grading, or just being an ear for any student who one. She is a role model for myself and all students here. I aspire to become a teacher like her daily. Her passion radiates from her and you can sense it every time you are around her. I cannot say enough great things about her and she deserves all the recognition given to her.

Brandy Howland Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tres is an excellent educator and a wonderful person. She is constantly working with her students to enrich their lives by helping them with their work, supporting them in their extracurricular activities, and listening to them. When she attends extracurricular activities, she even goes so far as to stick around afterwards to give her students and their parents encouraging words of support. This means a lot to us. Ms. Tres has been a great role model to my daughter and influenced her in the most positive ways possible. She is an exemplary example of what every student needs in an educator, and I wish there were more like her. She is truly devoted to her students.

Emma Posted over a year ago

Ms. Tres has truly been a great teacher and I am really glad I get to start my day off in her 1st hour class everyday. Her smile is contagious and she truly deserves the world!

Theresa Dietrich Posted over a year ago

I work alongside Sam Tres at HHS, and the student's comments listed above are absolutely correct. Ms. Tres is known by all students and staff as a devoted teacher, positive role-model, and supportive adult: one who demonstrates dependability, kindness, tireless work, and boundless creativity. I sincerely hope Sam gets recognition for all she does at this school to inspire her students -- and of course, the other teachers as well!