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Kelly O'connor

Position: Twelth Grade English Teacher
School: North Stafford High School
School District: Stafford County Public Schools
City, State: Stafford, VA

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Kelly O'Connor was nominated by one of her students, Jeffrey Truong.

"Ms. O'Connor has been a tremendous mentor to me throughout the college application process," said Truong.  "She reviewed my essays and wrote recommendations for my scholarship applications. She sacrificed her time to help me get past my emotional distress, and she is always there for me as a caregiver. Thanks to her tireless help, I have been accepted to many prestigious out-of-state schools. At first, I unrealistically planned to go to colleges on the West Coast.  However, Ms. O’Connor has helped me be more realistic and spoke to me as a parent.  After having after-school meetings and consultancy with her, I started to make sense of the real world when connecting the financial responsibilities of my family and my education. I landed at an in-state university, where I can achieve higher education and a good degree with a reasonable cost."

Comments (16)

Brenna Resto Posted over a year ago

Not only is Mrs. O'Connor a fantastic English teacher and mentor, but she also makes sure to go beyond her necessary responsibilities. She has put forth tremendous support for all of her students in as many ways she can possible. Personally, at the beginning of my senior year, she was aware of my fears and confusions about my plan after high school. I worried that I would not be able to find a career interest or passion, or a college to attend. Mrs. O'Connor gave me an opportunity no other person has ever given me by listening and advising me. She made me realize I can discover more about my passion for animals by getting hands-on experience at a veterinary hospital. She revealed a path previously hidden from me and gave me support throughout my journey. I am now going to Virginia Tech for a degree in animal and poultry sciences. I could not have seen this occurring without her giving me that first push.

John A. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. O'Connor has the most useful class in the entire school. Besides learning the standard English curriculum, the holistic scale on which she teaches fully represents the world we live in today and better prepares us for the world ahead.

Annabelle Perkins Posted over a year ago

Mrs. O'Connor is an amazing teacher because it's obvious that she cares about her job and her students on a personal level. She's always available to help her students.

Japhet Umba Posted over a year ago

Learning from Mrs. O'Connor this school year has been an incredible experience. She goes above and beyond for her students, it is very remarkable. Thank you, Mrs. O'Connor.

Kendall Carrington Posted over a year ago

Mrs. O’connor is one of the most hard working and dedicated teacher i’ve had. She is a great teacher and clearly loves teaching. She has set everyone up for success but also puts it on us as well.

Chuong Dai Nguyen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. O'Connor has gone far beyond her teaching role, not to mention she has juggled two high schools. I feel so lucky to have her as my son's teacher, especially in his senior year. We can't thank her enough for her understanding and on-going support, not only in her classroom but for our kid's future. She taught our kids valuable lessons of life, mentally preparing them for the long journey after high school. Not only is she an excellent teacher, she is also considered a mentor who has made a big impact on my son's big decision on his college choice, giving him the inspiration and passion for what he wants to pursue in his higher education.

Jeffrey T. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. O’Connor has done more than just be a “teacher.” She has been a mentor, a friend, and ally. Always offering words of wisdom and kind tips, I have learn to grow and appreciate coming to Mrs. O’Connor’s class everyday. Providing me more than just an education, Mrs. O’Connor has grounded me in times of need and been there for me when I’ve needed it most, and for that I am forever thankful. Embodying what it means to be a teacher to the fullest, Mrs. O’Connor teaches us to be better people. Eternally grateful, Jeffrey

Azhanae Mercer Posted over a year ago

Mrs O’Connor has been an amazing teacher this whole school year. It is very obvious that she cares about her students and their grades. she is also very understanding and supportive of us as well. she always greets us in the morning with a welcoming smile and a handshake and I’ve never had a teacher do that before. She is everything you would want in a teacher. She is caring, supportive and an all around great person.

Kellen Egan Posted over a year ago

Mrs. O’Connor is an amazing teacher that always focuses on the students first. Every class she always starts by shaking every students hands and welcoming them. We then follow to go over good things that have occurred in everyone’s life recently to start class off. This creates a very welcoming and positive classroom environment and allows for very effective teaching afterwards I believe.

Johnathan Meisner Posted over a year ago

As a student in Mrs. O'Connor's Duel Enrollment English Coarse, I can say that she as done an astonishing job at bridging two classes from different high schools to one, unified learning environment. Mrs. O'Connor's outgoing nature gives each student from both high schools the ability to fully connect with what is occurring in class. During class, she makes sure every student understands what is going on in class, and is happy to answer any questions. Mrs. O'Connor also does a phenomenal job of treating everyone equally and being respectful to all students. Every morning, she shakes every student's hand. Although it is just a short second of greeting, it starts off a mutual respect for the students and the teacher for the rest of class. I'm very grateful to say that I have had the privilege of having Mrs. O'Connor as a person of influence in my life, and she has done a fantastic job of growing all of us as individuals.

mariam farzayee Posted over a year ago

Mrs O'Connor is the best English teacher I've ever had.

Luiz Posted over a year ago

Ms. O'Connor is an experienced teacher at North Stafford High School and she was tasked to do a new form of teaching. Mr. O'Connor was assigned to handle the Dual Enrollment English class, that hosts Colonial Forge and North Stafford. Teaching through a screen is difficult and all the students need help and attention. She handled it wonderfully. Sometimes at the beginning of the year, she was a little lost but as the year went on, she and her students learned. She focuses on inspiring her students and her work ethic. She has done amazing work this year,even with all the changes and is ready to teach the college course with a new set of students next year.

Cam Quinn Posted over a year ago

Ms. O'connor has taught me more than any other English teacher and really cares about her students. I have never met a teacher who is so passionate about making her students successful.

Alexis Scott Posted over a year ago

Mrs. O’Connor has been my teacher since the beginning of this year (my senior year). I went into this year thinking that I would have a bad English teacher; I have had bad luck when it comes to them. I was afraid coming into senior year because it was very overwhelming. Going into her class on the first few days of the year, I could see how much she really cares about her job. It was very rare when she would not be happy or smiling at us, welcoming everyone into the new year. She easily shows passion in her job and her students. She treats us like her own children, sometimes she needed to act like a mom for us when it comes to looking at our future. I could not ask for a better teacher then her. She has taught me more in the past year, then everything that I have learned in my entire high school career. I love how she uses several different teaching styles whether it’s on technology, by paper, or even seminars. She has dealt with a difficult task this year of not only teaching DE English, but also broadcasting the class to another school. It was very difficult to communicate to not only our class, but also the other class at the other campus. I am very grateful to have her as my teacher. Thank you for everything Mrs. O’Connor for helping me with everything that I needed.

Kara Posted over a year ago

Ms. O'Connor has an amazing connection with her students, and she always puts them first with a smile . She often goes the extra mile for them spending additional hours helping them to become the best versions of themselves. Always positive, Kelly O'Connor see the best in people. She inspires her students and pushes them to see their full potential. Her commitment to supporting learning is evident in her ability to connect with students on a daily basis and make a positive impact on them way beyond the English classroom.

Chrissy Lukacs Posted over a year ago

As Mrs. O'Connor's colleague and parent of another of her students, she has made Dual Enrollment English a great experience for our son! He was able to keep up due to her incredible online classroom presence while sick. She took on a difficult job working between two high schools and has created a fantastic class! So grateful for her being our son's teacher.