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Megan McElroy

Position: Music Teacher
School: Soquel Elementary School
School District: Soquel Elementary School District
City, State: Soquel, CA

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Music that Describes Megan

Megan McElroy was nominated by Cypress Appley, a family member.

Ms. McElroy began her career as an educator teaching special education at age 18, and she currently works as a music teacher. She teaches seven music classes per day for four days a week, and she also gives private lessons to seven grades through Main Street Elementary School. This year alone, she is teaching 20 different songs to be performed at concerts for the school and families. Her fifth grade class learned the 2 bar blues and wrote their own original songs to perform. Ms. McElroy also works at Bonny Doon Elementary School for one day a week, and her sixth grade class wrote their own concert piece that they will be performing as a band at the end of the school year. 

Ms. McElroy has put countless hours into lesson planning in order to create a fun atmosphere where students are excited and engaged. She provides an inclusive and nurturing environment to all her students and provides one on one attention to students who are having a difficult time in a traditional school atmosphere. 

"Megan is my mother, and I am shocked when we walk around the county where Megan teaches music," said Appley. "Almost every time we walk in a public place, she is greeted by excited students who rush to say, 'Hi Miss Megan!' It feels like I'm walking around town with a celebrity. Even outside of the classroom, she always treats her students with kindness and respect. I have seen the positive differences she has made as an educator and hope that I have more teachers in my life like Megan McElroy."

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Bebo Posted 5 months ago

It's late and I'm tired but need to tell you that I read Mr. Appley's article and I beamed with pride. You're the bomb Megan Lynn.