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Clarice Crawford

Position: Fourth + Fifth Grade ELA Teacher
School: Malcolm X Elementary School
School District: District of Columbia Public Schools
City, State: Washington , DC

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Clarice Crawford was nominated by a colleague, Stephanie Fletcher.

Ms. Crawford is one of the many outstanding teachers at Malcolm X Elementary School. She is currently a 4th/5th grade ELA Teacher. Ms. Fletcher hasn't known her for very long, as this is Ms. Fletcher's first year at Malcolm X, but what she quickly recognized was that Ms. Crawford truly takes the time to get to know and care for each one of her students. She spends countless hours after school working with students, trains her colleagues on the ASPEN system for grades, and seeks multiple opportunities for her students to prepare them for middle school.  

Ms. Crawford constantly shows that she cares for her students by using her lunch and planning periods on many occasions to help students with science projects, extra reading support, and homework help. In preparing students for the ANET and PARCC assessments, she took the time to prepare practice assessments and reviewed student responses to ensure success on the actual assessments.

Ms. Crawford spends countless hours at school. She arrives almost an hour early for work each day and stays after school to work with female students on "pom poms" to ensure that the girls are ready to compete against other schools. 

She volunteered to train other teachers in the ASPEN data system to submit their grades throughout the school year. Ms. Crawford even followed up with the teachers to ensure proper submission of the grades, and made herself available for any questions teachers may have had.

Lastly, Ms. Crawford was instrumental in soliciting multiple opportunities to expose her students culturally and instructionally this school year. She spearheaded opportunities for students to participate in, including a "pizza and poetry" event that included the student and their parents, an overnight camping trip, and a field trip to their middle school for the following year. These are just a few opportunities Ms. Crawford was instrumental in obtaining for her students. For all of these reasons, Ms. Crawford is a LifeChanger in her community.

"Thank you Ms. Crawford for all you do for the staff, parents, and students here at Malcolm X Elementary School," Ms. Fletcher said.

Comments (7)

LaDesha Morton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Crawford Is an Exceptional Teacher! She goes above and beyond for her Students to make sure they are on a learning level they need to be. I am proud to have her as my daughter teacher and we need more like her. We appreciate you and all you do!

William Taylor Posted over a year ago

Ms.Crawford is an exceptional teacher. Throughout her service she has dedicated tired nights and effortless lessons to the youth of DC Public schools. I have had the pleasure of learning from her and taking some her expertise into my very own classroom. The level of rigor you employ to your students Ms. Crawford is beyond reproach. Keep up the good fight for our students and continue to grow personally and professionally. You deserve it!

Tameisha Crawford Posted over a year ago

Clarice's will to make a difference has always inspired me. Her connection with her students and parents go beyond the classroom and I think Ms. Crawford wouldn't have it any other way. From a young age Ms. Crawford has always been a person who gives not expecting anything in return, her efforts should not go unnoticed , she deserves this award. Even in a life changing event that occurred last year with Ms. Crawford's family she has been able to stay grounded and put her students first, that speaks wonders. "Lifechanger" is what Ms. Crawford is and will continue to be.

Stanley Lawrence Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Clarice

Maenylie Reed Posted over a year ago

Clarice is a positive force in and out of the classroom. Her drive to reach and be a changing force in her community is nothing short of a saving grace. She creates different learning techniques to reach each learning style, while keeping our youth engaged. Clarice is amazing!!!!

Troy Wray Posted over a year ago

I always knew you would persude all of your dreams. You are making a difference Smiles I get to witness it. Always your loving aunt.

Brian K. Doyle Posted over a year ago

Ms. Crawford is an exceptional teacher, friend, mentor and leader. She displays the utmost dignity, loyalty and respect for herself and others, in and outside of work. One of our upsoken leaders in our community.