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Brenda Messina

Position: Tenth Grade English Language Arts Teacher
School: Pontiac High School
School District: Pontiac School District
City, State: Pontiac , MI

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Brenda Messina was nominated by her colleague, Barbara Builta.

Ms. Messina always shows the following during her work day:

  • She has proven the ability to make a difference in the lives of her students.
  • During her several classroom changes, she was always concerned as to how her students would be affected by the move.  She also applied for funds to help her students by feeding them everyday when they were hungry with healthy snacks.
  • Ms. Messina always greets her students as they enter her room.  She always seems to know which ones need a hug along with their greeting.
  • She volunteers to work on several committees in her school.
  • Finally, her students also know they can tell her anything and she will help them as much as possible.

"As I see Brenda work each day, she expects her students to go beyond of what they think they are capable of, and they do.  She is a positive influence in all of her students' lives," said Builta.

Comments (6)

Melanie Ward Posted 8 months ago

Brenda always has a positive attitude and goes above and beyond for her students. She has fought for years for new textbooks and improved curriculum that will meet the needs of all learners in our very diverse student population and has attended special training to improve her instruction when working with English Language Learners. This year, she is serving as sophomore class advisor and donating her time and money to help with Homecoming activities. She is a role model and mentor to both students and teachers.

Sonia Nieske Posted 9 months ago

Brenda is a very enthusiastic teacher. She cares about each of her students, and they are very lucky to have her.

Shelley Bryant Posted 9 months ago

Brenda every single day I hear people say that social media is used for bad BUT YOU MAKE MY DAY BRIGHTER AND BETTER EVERY DAY by your inspiring words and posts!!! You get me off my butt most days and move!!! Why because my beautiful friend says if she can do it I should and can too!!! With your help I have gotten healthier and lost 17 lbs!!! You make each of your friends feel happier just by showing every side of you wether your dresses to the nines or in your workout ?????? clothes with messy beautiful hair!!! Thank you for being real!!!

Sarah Maas Posted over a year ago

Brenda is a wonderful mentor, friend and colleague to our staff. More importantly, she is a loving and caring teacher whose daily positivity is contagious. She takes care of every student as a whole by addressing their personal needs as well as academic needs. Her students adore her and seek out her motherly advice and support. She truly has been a life changer for our students.

David Posted over a year ago

Brenda is an incredible instructor. She is always friendly and loving to both colleagues and students. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with her each day. Her internal motivation is an inspiration for me and provides me with energy. Brenda is awesome.

Cindy Robinson Posted over a year ago

Brenda's energy and positive attitude is endless! She consistently has all the characteristics of an outstanding teacher worthy of any award...cooperation, compassion, patience, high expectations (of herself and students) and creativity.