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Kewanda August

Position: Principal
School: Wesley Ray Elementary School
School District: Washington Parish School Board
City, State: Angie, LA

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Kewanda August was nominated by her friend, Franklin Crosby.

Ms. August is a graduate of Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. She has radically transformed her school, community, and entire staff. She has instilled a "never die attitude," that is contagious among staff and students. Her staff and students genuinely love and respect her. She brings cutting-edge technology and techniques to her team of professionals. For example, students have their "own" fresh garden, where they plant and grow different vegetables.

"I can honestly say, without a doubt, that everyone in her school loves Kewanda. She not only encourages students in the classroom, but she encourages them to grow spiritually," said Crosby. "She's teaching students the value of getting an education. I can't think of a more qualified person to receive this award."

Comments (30)

Angela Kennedy Posted 10 months ago

Thank you for all you do for Wesley Ray Elementary as well as the community!! The students look forward to hearing your daily announcement ending: "If no one tells you that they love you today, remember that Ms. Kewanda loves you very much. There is no doubt that Wesley Ray Elementary faculty, staff, and students love their principal!!!!

Debra Ramsey Posted over a year ago

Kewanda is a go getter. She has such a great personality and the thing that she does with her staff and the children it’s amazing. She deserve this honor. Since she been at Wesley Ray it has been life changer well deserve.

Amanda Dillon Posted over a year ago

There are people who bring meaning to our lives, who happen to inspire, who are pillars of hope and sacrifice. Kewanda August is this person! There are people that say and believe, but Kewanda say and do. She is so deserving of this great award!

Hannah Hall Jones Posted over a year ago

This is my first year as a speech therapist in the school system, but I have already noticed Ms. Kewanda's dedication to her school, staff, and students. I have witnessed her going above and beyond for her staff, student/parent events, and she works hard to make sure everything runs smoothly to meet everyone's needs. She is a warm and welcoming person, a great leader, but also presents herself as a friend to anyone. In my short time at Wesley Ray, she has made me feel at home at "the nest" and I am proud to be a Wesley Ray Eagle!

Vikki Burns Posted over a year ago

Ms. August has changed my life by encouraging me not to give up on those days that seem really tough. I am truly thankful for the positive vibes that surrounds her everyday.. Thank you Ms August for who you are.

Jenny McKenzie Posted over a year ago

My son had the pleasure of having Ms. Kewanda as his first grade teacher. He is now a junior in high school, and wherever he sees her, he makes a point to give her a hug. She always calls him her “forever first grader” and asks about his life. I keep up with Kewanda through Facebook, and I can tell that she is doing amazing things at Wesley Ray. She brings joy to her school by bringing in new ideas to keep her students excited about learning. The teachers also seem to be motivated about her plans at Wesley Ray. She is not only involved in education but gives her time to make her community a better place to live. Kewanda would be an excellent choice for this award.

Elecia Crain Posted over a year ago

Kewanda has shown on many occasions the love she has for her students and their families. My inspiration to become an educator came from Ms. Kewanda. Her desire, energy, and enthusiasm helped me to understand the true meaning of changing children’s lives and doing so one life at a time. However. Kewanda has been able to change 25 or more at a time. She’s an exemplar of a life changer.

Tracy Tate Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! She is definitely a life changer. I have witness the love she gives not only to her students, but to everyone. A couple of days ago my son said, “Ms. Kewanda is the ideal woman”. Kewanda plays a part in many lives and she’s loved by so many. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone that she comes in contact with is happy and we love her for that.

Samaria W Posted over a year ago

Ms.Kewanda August brings a positive bright light to whatever room she steps in. The pride, love, dedication that she has for Wesley Ray shines bright through her students and staff. The work that she puts in her communities and I say communities because she supports all communities where ever she is needed from Angie, Varnado, Bogalusa to Franklinton she is there always with an amazing smile and energy. Ms. Kewanda is definitely deserving of this award.

Fred Posted over a year ago


Sherry Burton Posted over a year ago

Any encounter with Kewanda will leave you in a better mood. She has a way of turning everything into something positive. She is always ready to help complete any task. She sees no difference in anyone. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. Her school and community are a family and they stick together through it all. I love her positivity! She has definitely been an important person in my life and I am forever grateful for our relationship.

Tekie Thomas Posted over a year ago

Kewanda August is the most involved principal with the students that I have ever since I have been working in the school system for 18years. She goes above and beyond what principals are required to do. She has numerous activities for the students and her students and employees love her unconditionalally. I would rank her in my top 3 favorite principals ever. She is totally awesome.

Phairon Vernon Posted over a year ago

Congratulations ???? you are more than a principal! You are a role model for all the young children at the school and within the community! You are full of creative and amazing ideas for learning! You are an amazing woman and we love you ! I’m so proud of you !!

Ros'Shonda Moses-Davis Posted over a year ago

You have already WON!?? #EAGLEparent #EagleStrong

Shirley Craft Posted over a year ago

Very well deserving person, loving, caring and kind. Congratulations!!!!

Dr Kendric Stewart Posted over a year ago

Kewanda has changed my life by showing so much love to children and the community. She displayed affection for those that where struggling and in need. Because of her big heart it motivated me to help and do more. The community is lucky to have Mrs August.

Jennifer Jackson Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kawanda fir many years. She has always encourage us to do our best, go the extra mile, put your all in everything you do. As I have grown I admire the changes she has made at the schools she has been a part of. Watching her still encouragese to just do more. She reminds us that our kids deserve all the resources they can get. She never gives up, and everything she does comes from her humble heart.

Daphne Laurant Posted over a year ago

It’s so much that I can say about Ms Kewanda August but I’m going to keep it simple. I had the opportunity to work with Kewanda while she was in the classroom. Kewanda was a great teacher that touched so many students lives. She went over and beyond when it came to learning in the classroom. She knew exactly what it took to keep her students safe and willing to learn. When Kewanda became a principal at WRES, I knew that that had chosen the best person for the job. She goes in and out the classroom checking on her students as well as her teachers. She gives rewards to students with great academic performances. She goes out in the community asking for support. WRES would not be the same without Ms Kewanda making her morning announcements telling the students that she loves them every day before the day starts.

Sherrita Robinson Posted over a year ago

Kewanda is more than a principal. She’s a friend, a counselor, an “auntie” to my boys. She pours her heart in everything she does. The school, the church, different organizations. I’m honored to know her. We are blessed that she’s touching lives in our community.

Deloris Walker Posted over a year ago

Most deserving person of this award

Michael Roseborough Posted over a year ago

As an undergraduate friend her passion for education hasn't changed. She enjoys what she does and it shows through every faucet of her career. We definitely need more educators like her!!!

Shirae Posted over a year ago

Beautiful and Kind Spirt inside and out!! Congratulations

Rachel Weary Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kewanda August is a true example of an outstanding leader who leads by example. Her observed interactions and encouragement to both students and staff are commendable. Her drive and inspiration can be seen even from a distance and she certainly deserves this prestigious nomination and award. Although, my Son does not attend her school, I often times use her school media postings to inspire him as a student, because she makes learning fun and shows support for all students. I truly loved the LEAP testing encouragement she provided for the students, I used it to encourage my son and it helped with his testing fears as well. Congratulations Ms. August.

Rev Anice N Moses Posted over a year ago

Kewanda exemplifies compassion for all people. She’s very creative, energetic, and trustworthy. Her love for people is contagious.

Christina Barber Posted over a year ago

You deserves this award and so much more...With everything going on these days it's scary sending ur kids to school But You make me feel confident sending my kids to WRES because of your enormous Heart, your intisnict to protect them like their your own, and your dedication to helping them soar..So Congratulations and Thank you for all you do!!!

Kashanie Posted over a year ago

This award will be very much awarded to a hard worker she is more than a principal I love watching how she do amazing things at school for her kids she not just talking what she will do she is showing all her great work??

Katasha August Posted over a year ago

Witnessing my sister live out her dreams as an administrator is so amazing! There’s not a day that goes by that she’s not strategizing, researching or preparing to make the school community of Wesley Ray greater. She encourages her staff and students alike to soar to higher heights in and out of the classroom. Because of the positive learning atmosphere she has helped to create, the community is on board with their academic program and the Wesley Ray Eagles are soaring with pride! I’m beyond proud of you, Kewanda Michelle! God has His Hands on you; so as He blesses you, continue to be a blessing.

Katilyn McNeese Posted over a year ago

I’m so blessed to not only call you my principal, but my friend! If only everyone could know you in person, oh how blessed they would be. Congratulations, nobody deserves it more than you! And no matter what, you mean the world to Wesley Ray!

Jenna Yarbrough Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Kewanda August is my children's principal ?? I could not ask for a better principal for them. When my kids are at school I know they are safe with her. Everyday she makes the morning announcement she tells them how much she loves each and everyone of them so much of nobody has told them. She is loved by teachers parents her community. She is amazing and puts her heart and soul into anything she does. She deserves this award if anyone does.

Cheri Thomas Posted over a year ago

Congratulations !!!