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Jasmine Tang

Position: Parent Liaison
School: Klein Forest High School
School District: Klein ISD
City, State: Houston , TX

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Jasmine Tang was nominated by Huong Nguyen, the parent of a student.

"Ever since my son went to Klein Forest High School,  I could ask Jasmine anything that I'd like to know about his academics," said Nguyen. "She will help me get to the right place or person who can help. She advised me to join the school's Parents University Program, which helped me learn about what I should do to engage with school and my son. Jasmine is a very patient, knowledgeable, hardworking teacher!"

Comments (17)

Hien Nguyen Posted 17 days ago

What is the exact word that I can use to describe this person. She is and incredible lady who constantly putting her time not just into education but also helping others to change to be better persons. She helps so many parents realize that students can be more succeed and reach higher goals with parent involvement in their children education.My child was about to drop out high school and also attempted suicide; we had so many issues and we can't communicate with each other. Our relationship was damaged and I cried out for help. Ms. Tang worked with me closely and help both of us understand each other. Thanks to her that my child now in college and soon graduate as an engineer as he likes to be. She actually changed our lives.

Davin Tran Posted 23 days ago

Ms. Tang has been such a big help to me and my family. As a student in Klein Forest, I have witnessed Ms. Tang's incredible impact to the school's community. Coming from a Vietnamese immigrant household, it has always been difficult to explain to my parents about the school system and my academics. With Ms. Tang's help, she has made it easy for my parents to understand and help me in my academic endeavors. Ms. Tang has always been there for me whenever I needed help and could point me in the right direction if she couldn't directly help me. If I ever needed to talk to her about anything personal, she has always been willing to hear me out. Whenever I see her, she always has a smile and it really helps bring my mood up, especially if I had a long day or a difficult test. She has been the biggest positive influence and role model to me at Klein Forest and I'm happy to nominate her as life changer of the year.

Gina Oanh Dinh Posted 2 months ago

Where do I begin to write for such an awesome person! Ms. Thao Tang is a true servant leader with a huge heart! She is always willing to go above and beyond her duties to help, serve, and lead by example all while staying calm with a level headed attitude. I have never ever witness Ms. Thao losing her temper or going off on someone that mistreats her. She always respond with a smile and positive attitude. Nothing or no job is too hard, difficult or big task for Ms. Thao. She graciously accepts and takes on the duty. Ms. Thao is very deserving of this award and I cannot think or know of a better person than Ms. Thao. I unreservedly nominate Ms. Thao Tang for the Life Changer of the Year Award.

Carmen Posted 2 months ago

Ms. Tang is a very important staff member of our school. She is very friendly and willing to help anyone as much as she can. She creates a friendly environment for students, parents, and staff. Because of her, our English as Second Language students has a voice as well. She helps with interpretations. She tries to find programs that help our community as well. Of course, some of the success comes by being a good partner. The Parent Center is essential in our school.

Thao Pham Posted 2 months ago

Congratulations and thank you mrs. Tang for be a great teacher. Four years ago, with your helped register my friend’s kids to school, they are now able to read and write English. May God rewards your kindness.

Lety Evans Posted 2 months ago

Jasmine is an asset to Klein Forest High School and to our district. She is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter how busy she is. She is doing her part to fulfill our district's mission statement where every student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose. We are very fortunate to have her as a member of our Klein Family.

Daniel Tran Posted 2 months ago

She is an amazing aunt with a huge heart! She loves helping others and she is a role model to all, no matter what age! I definitely nominate her!

Jennifer Kim Huong Pham Posted 2 months ago

I have to admit she’s was so delicate to my lavang church , she like to help others , she have a good heart ?? And I really admire her .The teacher show/set/make a good example to all the students/ lavang church students . I definitely nominate her , she deserved it .

TRUONG BUI Posted 3 months ago

Jasmine is exceptional in her enthusiasm and zest for the youth. I've worked with her for numerous years at Our Lady of Lavang. She's always professional with a heart. Not everything has to go her way all the time, but being able to carry on the work with an open mind and the willingness accommodate changes helps her to keep her balance. That's a good thing about her. Wishing you the best Jasmine.

Tiffany Pineda Posted 3 months ago

Congratulations! You deserve it!!!

Vu Nguyen Posted 3 months ago

Jasmine always has a big heart for everything and even a small job to help students, church and school. She is definitely the best indeed volunteer for whom inneed. Congratulations and Best wishes!!! Vu Nguyen

VU NGUYEN Posted 3 months ago

Jasmine always have a big heart for even a small job to help students, church and their families. She definitely the best indeed volunteer for whom inneed.

Thien Nguyen Posted 3 months ago

Awesome, Congratulation ! I am very proud of the awesome women I married and what she have been doing is not just excellent for our children but also outstanding for her students at public high school & at church. More than anyone else, I know that she was a career-loving and dedicated person. Moreover, almost 30 years is not really a long but enough to know & recognize a person with a love and caring for the future of the younger generations including young Vietnamese students without beneficial title, especially as a long term volunteer at Vietnamese language program at Our Lady of LaVang Church.

Vy Luu Posted 3 months ago

She is a really awesome and wonderful supporter. Whenever you need help with anything, just come to the parent center, and she will always be there for you. She will help you with all she got. Also, she is really good at listening and giving advices. Thanks to her so that I could have an amazing school year. She is the best supporter ever.

Ana Alvarez Posted 3 months ago

Jasmine has been an excellent support when we have to interpreter for our Kaiser's families. She is always available and always has an excellent attitude when helping our Vietnamese families doing phone calls. Thank you Jasmine for your support!!!

Mai Hong Posted 3 months ago

We love to go to parent center to see her. She always willing to help parents and students beyond and above her position. She helps us to gain our knowledge not only for us as an active parent but also be able to help our kids with school works. She guilds us and provides courses/workshops for us to learn English, parenting skills and many more. She is very patient and always willing to listen when we need advice. We are so grateful to have her on campus to assist families and students.

Elizabeth Torres Posted 3 months ago

She’s doing an amazing job!