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Vanessa Ford-Majdoub

Position: Curriculum Support Teacher
School: College Park Elementary School
School District: Fulton County Schools
City, State: College Park , GA

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Vanessa Ford-Majdoub was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Ford-Majdoub is admired by the staff and students. She goes above the call of duty on a daily basis. She makes a huge difference in the lives of children by ensuring their teachers are supported with everything they need. Ms. Ford-Majdoub is the “go to” person for most of the important tasks needing completion related to recognizing teachers. This positively adds to her school’s atmosphere.

She just ended her third year as the Curriculum Support Teacher. Although it was challenging, she always performed at her personal best. She never gave up and was the epitome of professionalism. She is relied upon to handle most parent concerns.

Comments (30)

Jason Johnson Posted 8 months ago

Your YEARS of dedicated commitment shows that you are so deserving of this honor of being recognized as a Life Changer! Congratulations!!

Leroy Majdoub Posted 8 months ago

Very committed to her work and very responsible

Renee Cook-King Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Vanessa, Congratulations on your nomination! You are so deserving. I appreciate all of your support. C-K

Natasha Greer Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa Majdoub is a phenomenal educator who has an innate ability to bring out the best in her students.

Jessica McCollum Posted 8 months ago

You deserve this!

Annemarie Reinecke Posted 8 months ago

I’ve had the opportunity to personally work with, and get to know Vanessa and I am in awe of her passion, persistence and knowledge that she brings to our school, teachers and students. She is constantly on a quest for continued improvement so that her teacher's can be their best selves not only for them but for the students they teach each and every day. Vanessa has changed my life both professionally and personally--she is a true exemplar of a life changer..

Katherine Ford Posted 8 months ago

I am proud of you.

LaTasha Demps Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa is an extraordinary person. She was kind and supportive all the years I worked With her. Her smile is as warm and inviting as her friendship.

Nora Opoku-Diawuo Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa Ford-Majdoub is such a beautiful person inside and out . She is dedicated to her family and her profession and always goes the extra mile with all that she does. One of the many things I love about Ms. Ford-Majdoub is, she is always willing to grow no matter what. She listens, analyzes, and puts forth 100% effort with any task. She is an example of a true leader and Life Changer!

Marsha Sutton Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa Ford-Majdoub is dedicated to every task she embarks upon. She is a professional who loves her job and her school family. Her passion for what she does is evidenced by her continued support above and beyond her position for co-workers and students daily. She is truly a Life Changer in every sense of the word.

Chelseia Sims Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa’s compassion and positive attitude certainly deserves a nomination. The dedication to those around her and the willingness to go above and beyond!

Genice Mahand Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Ford-Majdoub is respected by her peers as well as students. She has excellent preparation and organizational skills, strong work ethic as well as friendliness and approachability. Most important she has excellent listening skills. Congratulations

Jason Johnson Posted 8 months ago

I have known and seen Vanessa grow and expand in her territory to love and serve our youth and our community. Vanessa loves to be of help to all that she meets. She believes that our youth of today can learn and achieve to become greater men and women, better than any other generation before them. She works tirelessly to help our children become the best them they can be. She truly deserves to be nominated for this prestigious award and definitely deserves to win!!

James little Posted 8 months ago


Wynell Gilbert Posted 8 months ago

Well deserving Wyndy

Candiss Johnson Posted 8 months ago

Ms.Ford-Majdoub has all the qualities to be the recipient of such and prestigious award. She is a dedicated hard worker and leader not just in her career but to her community and family as well. She will go the extra mile to make sure the job gets done. She is open to help any and everyone and most importantly she loves working in Education. I am so proud of you and keep up the good work!

Savonnya Brooks Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations to one of the most Beautiful, Talented, Amazing People I know! Vanessa is a very pleasant And Kind Soul. She has always been very loyal and loving and I know her students and staff knows that she come everyday knowing that she wants to make a difference and touch many lives. I can't imagine anyone better to receive this award. Congratulations!! Again and Love ya

Shana Artis Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations, you deserve this prestigious award. Good luck and keep up the hard work.

Avis Johnson Posted 8 months ago

Voting for the best candidate - my cousin!

Vanessa Posted 8 months ago

It is truly an honor to be nominated amongst my peers of this award. Everyone is truly deserving because we want the best for our future leaders. If you feel I’m deserving vote with me for the Life Changer of the Year award.

April A Potter Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa Ford-Majdoub is one of the most outgoing educators I know. I have watched her work tirelessly to ensure that the education of those entrusted to her is the best that it can be. Her compassion and drive have proven her to be worthy of this nomination. I am reassured in knowing that she is looking over our next generation. I am honored to call her sister. Congratulations!

Adriane Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa is an awesome educator who is definitely a life changer and pushes students to learn.

Quincy Puryear Posted 8 months ago


Kai Grayson Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa is definitely deserving of this nomination! After watching her grow in the field of education for over 15 years, she is truly dedicated to her coworkers... but most importantly the students. She is passionate and has worn many "hats" to make sure the teachers are supported, and the children have what they need to be successful. Congratulations!

Rod Posted 8 months ago


Franai Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa I am so proud of you! Everyday you are committed to excellence in educational development and curriculum. You deserve this honor!

Kim Cephus Posted 8 months ago

Vanessa Ford-Majdoub is deserving of the award because she has dedicated her career to shaping our future generations, who will one day run the world. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does!!!!

Kimberly Price Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations Vanessa on your nomination! No one is more deserving than you for this honor and recognition. You work tirelessly daily and often work excessive hours to ensure your assignments are complete. You’re past due for recognition for all you do to support the staff at CPES. Win or Lose, it’s an honor to be shown appreciation. Best Wishes for the win!

Jessica Bush Posted 8 months ago

I worked with Vanessa for many years and she is an excellent teacher! Not only does she work hard to inspire and educate children, she was always helpful to her colleagues, as well! Congratulations on this well deserved nomination!

Bonnie Bear Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations on this well deserved nomination! You certainly are our 'go to' person but more importantly is the mannerism and attitude with which you carry out the demands placed on you. You present with calm and grace - a great example for teachers and students alike! Good Luck!