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Arianna Vazquez-Hernandez

Position: Communications Director
School: Pharr-San Juan-Alamo I.S.D
School District: Pharr-San Juan-Alamo I.S.D.
City, State: San Juan, TX

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Arianna Vazquez-Hernandez was nominated by her co-worker, Norma Garza

Under Ms. Hernandez's leadership as the Communications Director, this district has transformed into one of the best school districts in the state of Texas within the last 10 years. The lives of staff, parents and students have changed.

First, Ms. Hernandez has worked with the Holdsworth Center HEB, where she is a key leader in terms of transformational change.  She has been able to showcase several student and staff acknowledgements through media. On a daily basis, students are featured in news stories. Some of them are graduating with top scholarships, some are taking part in creative projects, and others have graduated from PSJA ISD and have just finished their university degrees.

Ms. Hernandez works with a staff of about 10 people who cover all media projects in the school district. She leads the district with cover stories, and she impacts the lives of many students.

"Her journalism ability is one of the best I've ever seen," said Ms. Garza.

In addition, Ms. Hernandez has played a vital role in making sure staff members are recognized.  She and her colleagues created the Spirit of PSJA Award, which is given to employees in her school district. This award is based on the motto and logo, which focuses on the guiding principles of this district.  Key leaders, along with her, developed a guide of principles to follow. Some examples are to lead this district with high ethical standards, with goals and action plans, and implementation for change if needed. These guiding principles are used to evaluate employees by focusing on strengths and weaknesses. It's a reflective evaluation tool that has helped leaders in evaluating employees and has helped "Build Capacity" by working as a team.

Ms. Hernandez has been one of the most instrumental employee in creating this team atmosphere.  She brings her charisma and her communications expertise to the table, making employees more willing to change and to produce positive results. 

Parents are very happy because she is working side by side with the district's parental department.  She has helped structure the program and has allowed parents to register online for more than 100 free parent courses.  Her excellent performance has truly made an impact on parents. She is 100% committed.  Periodically, she will ask for employee input through the web by asking "what are your thoughts," including everyone in the plan. Each of the district's 8,000 employees have benefited through her programs. 

Ms. Hernandez is also part of the "Community Challenge" fitness program in her school district. This year, they won first place in the region for having students, parents and staff participate in fitness programs.

"I feel that it is because of her leadership with her staff that our school district is in the forefront of education in the entire state of Texas," said Ms. Garza. "Arianna is a leader, and we are very proud to work for her. She is humble, charming, honest, and still expects the best from all of us.  Her winning attitude is instilled in the entire district due to her outstanding abilities!"

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Rubinia Cavazos-Leal Posted 2 days ago

Arianna is an excellent and very innovative person who has come to transform the PSJA Communication Department as well as the Parent Program. Congratulations Arianna and also to your great team.