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Lisa Lee

Position: Principal
School: Orchard View Elementary School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Delray Beach, FL

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Lisa Lee was nominated by her colleague, Sarina Sigel. 

"I can't imagine having Lisa's job...I'm so grateful that she has it and that she does it with flair. I couldn't do my job well if I didn't think that there was strength behind me," says Ms. Sigel.

Ms. Lee has a smile, energy and a positive attitude every day.  It isn't easy to work at a Title I school. In Ms. Lee's case, she was given the daunting assignment of improving her school. Attitudes emanate from the top, and she's so busy that you need to know and feel that she is with you, even when she can't be. Teachers are often blown away by how smart and creative she is.  She can keep track of all the moving parts while still making everyone feel wanted, needed, appreciated, and supported. The teachers are grateful for her excellent leadership and atmosphere she promotes.  They feel nurtured and taken care of. Two of her best qualities are being a good listener and remembering the small things.