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Laura Lacher

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Hebron High School
School District: MSD of Boone Township
City, State: Hebron, IN

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Laura Lacher was nominated by Christina Singel, the parent of a student.

Mrs. Lacher leads a team of teachers in the special education department and is also the coach for the dance team.

"I first met Mrs. Lacher five years ago, when she began helping my oldest son during his senior year," said Singel. "During the last semester of his senior year, he was told he wouldn't have enough credits to graduate. In order to receive his credits, he had to take credit recovery in addition to going to school every day. In the last hours of school, Mrs. Lacher invited him into her classroom and assisted him with his online courses while the other seniors enjoyed their activities."

He wasn't even her student, but she and the other teachers in her department were determined to see him graduate. She stayed after school with him during that last week of school, and during the two days after the school year ended to see him through. He wasn't able to walk through commencement, but the next morning, they finished the classes together, and she was there for the presentation of his diploma. 

Another student that Mrs. Lacher has helped tremendously is a special education student who spent a lot of time in Mrs. Lacher's room during the school day. When they first met, she allowed him to adjust and get to know her, while she did her best to try and build a relationship with him. He is not an easy person to get to know, and academics are very frustrating for him. His coping mechanism for this was to shut down or to act out. Mrs. Lacher gave him better outlets, guarded him, and stood by his side, while respecting his personality and abilities. She knew he knew the material, knew he was smart and understood his learning disability. Through her determination and absolute refusal to allow him to fail, they built an unbreakable bond. She tapped into his talents, focused on his strengths, and adjusted his curriculum in a way that not only made him understand, but helped other teachers understand him.

It's impossible to imagine the hours she has spent in the last four years on him alone, and she has an entire classroom of students with whom she has done the same for. She taps into what they're interested in and adjusts the curriculum into a language they understand. She recognizes their strengths and triggers and runs with it. Mrs. Lacher cares about each student and their individual needs and builds a rapport with them that cannot be matched. She loves them with all her heart, is tough when they need to get focused, and praises them for their hard work. Even when it's challenging, she shows up every day ready to start again and will not quit.

"Without her, I don't know that my son would not have given up, and now he is graduating. She is now helping my daughter, who also isnt' her student" said Singel. "I simply don't know what I'd do without her, and I know the kids feel the same." 

Mrs. Lacher is truly a gift her school has to give. She is someone who will make a lasting impression on any student that meets her. She is always coming up with creative ways to teach her students what they need to learn and staying on top of the ever-changing requirements they need to meet. Just when you think she can't possibly sleep, you realize she has been a student during all of this as well, achieving her Master's Degree. She coaches the dance team at her school, and as she does in the classroom, she gives them the much-needed individual attention they need to succeed. She is full of laughter, affection, sarcasm and support. Mrs. Lacher is a great communicator and keeps parents involved. Everyone appreciates her as a professional, a teacher, a support, an example and as a friend. She renews faith and provides an individualized education experience for all students. 

Comments (12)

Curt Kennelly Posted 3 months ago

Laura is someone that have known sense she was a little girl. None of the comments I have read about Laura surprise me as she always carried a smile and a positive attitude. The 4 H activities tunes her natural abilities as a leader.

Fellow Colleague Posted 9 months ago

I work at MSD of Boone Township Schools with Laura Lacher. I am not in her department but I do not have to, to be to tell you that from the moment that I met her and saw her interact with not only students but colleagues, she has a passion for helping people succeed. She is dedicated to ANY student that comes her way and is definitely one of the many unsung heroes in the school. She would ABSOLUTELY fit the criteria for the Life Changer of the Year Award.

Mary Steffan Posted 11 months ago

Laura Lacher taught my son Larry throughout his entire High School career, and didn’t stop at just teaching him the “core 40”; she taught him life lessons and skills he will take with him and use his whole life. She spent countless hours with him after and before school making sure he was ready for any test, homework, or project he had. We are so thankful Larry has her in his life. She honestly is a huge blessing! Laura is a great mentor and leader for all students and she is the perfect recipient for this award! Thank you Laura for all you have done and continue to do for HHS!

Karen Laczkowski Posted 12 months ago

As a whole Hebron has the best teachers! Mrs Lacher is in a class of her own. I met her for the first time in October 2018, she took on the challenge as our Dance Team Coach, without her commitment, dance was scheduled to be canceled. Not only did she hold tryouts and put a team together 6 months late in the game, she took this inexperienced team all the way to win the PCC championship (the first win ever for Hebron in dance) Beyond this, I had noticed something significant. Each teen girl had a unique personality (this woman should be given a medal just for dealing with the personalities of teen girl dancers in this age bracket, I will say they can sometimes be challenging!) Mrs Lacher seemed to size up each individual personality and adjusted how she had interactions with each girl. She wasn’t just a coach, many teachable moments occurred during the season and they were addressed in a manner that made the girls understand and learn that with each action in life there is a reaction. She did not raise this team with the theory that “everyone gets a trophy or every thing ends in a tie!” Time was taken out of dance to learn how to cope with stresses in life. I watched the girls challenge this Coach to her very core, I watched her breathe and think and come back at each situation and make the girls think about consequences. I watched a Coach who was in pain with her own medical issues a team exhausted from a late start season and playing catch up, a coach fighting for gym time, and new uniforms. She made dance a priority in her extremely busy life. I noticed my daughter’s grades becoming a priority. This was different, she had some trauma in her life and school had stopped being a priority. This coach not only checked letter grades of her dancers she researched why. If she found missing assignments in her dancers classes they were in her room after hours catching up on homework, coming together as a groups studying for upcoming tests. I drove my daughter to school daily, and I would be told “ I’m staying after in Lacher’s room” I kept thinking “that’s odd, there’s no dance today “ No there wasn’t she was staying in that room until she was caught up, or understood the material she was having problems with. I had lost the daughter I knew in a family tragedy in 2014 that rocked us to our very core. Mrs Lacher in her loving, determined way found the child that I had lost. And there is absolutely no words that I can possibly express to thank her for this. We have all lived through every emotion this year, we have laughed, cried, lived through frustration and pain, it was Laura Lacher that saw us through all of it. I cannot possibly think of any teacher more deserving of an award like this! We love her with all of our hearts.

Cheryl Hoard Posted 12 months ago

It’s hard to write this through my tears . . . I am so touched by the wonderful comments and stories people have shared. Hebron High School and PCES are extraordinarily blessed to have such a giving and caring educator in their ranks. Thank you for all you do for every student everyday.

.. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lacher is one of my favorite people at Hebron! When ever I go into her class feeling down, I always end up leaving with a smile and a better attitude. She is an amazing person with a phenomenal personality and I couldn’t ask for anyone better!

Steph Mathews Posted over a year ago

Laura Lacher is an asset to education. She is wonderful. When my son had his school year turn upside down she was right there guiding us on what needed to be done so he can receive his credits. She was there to help him with any questions he had with his school work too. Any school that has Laura working in it is by far lucky. We sure will be missing her in the future. She has been wonderful making our son’s transfer go as smooth as possible. Thank you Laura for caring so much for your students and for the entire student body in the school.

Larry Sweney Posted over a year ago

Our Hannah had such a great experience at hebron school! Mrs lacher was a huge part of it, It has been 4 years since Hannah graduated and she still looks at Mrs Lacher’s picture every day,, we so appreciate all that she has done!!

Sarah Jenkins Posted over a year ago

Laura began working with my son when he was a freshman. She went out of her way to make sure he was comfortable. Above and beyond in a few circumstances that are personal for my child. I appreciate all she has done for him and continues to do. He just finished his sophomore year as his best yet! He has come out of his shell this year and I have her to thank!

Mmmmmmm Posted over a year ago

She also helped one of my family members congrats on the nomination

Amanda Glines Posted over a year ago

Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication and determination to make sure my son was successfully in high school. Without your presence I am certain that he would not have graduated. Congratulations on your well deserved nomination. ???

Dina Edge Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs. Lacher 3 years ago when I started working for the School. Watching her interact with regular students you could see the Love for teaching she had. Watching her with "her" students, you got to see the Passion she has for teaching! Helping before school, after school, and anytime in between. Helping her students with personal issues, school issues, whatever they needed. These qualities are just what anyone can see from observing from "outside" the classroom. As a parent with a child that has learning disabilities, knowing that my son will be in Mrs. Lacher's care this coming year as a Freshman, puts my heart and mind at ease. I know that with her help, my son has the same chance of graduating as Any other GenEd kid. Mrs. Lacher sees the shining star in All of her students...she helps them unlock it so the rest of the World can see it also.