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Jeannie Ramsey

Position: First/Second Grade Teacher
School: Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy
School District: Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy
City, State: Lynchburg, VA

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Jeannie Ramsey was nominated by her colleague, Nicole Toledo.

Ms. Ramsey has been at Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy since 2001. She first came to the school for a 9-week period and has stayed ever since. Ms. Ramsey is loving, yet firm when needed. She inspires her students to be leaders by first being servants to their peers. Because of her expertise in Special Education, she is the resource teacher for cases that require further insight. She is always willing to help the principal with any home communication that is needed. In preparation for the Social Studies Fair, she makes special “passports” for all students.

Ms. Ramsey also directs the tutoring program for struggling students. Students from Liberty University are contacted to volunteer at her school, and about 20 Doss Christian Academy students are offered this free tutoring each year. Ms. Ramsey takes the time to train the college students and coordinate all the tutoring material. She also works with Liberty University and allows their college students to do their student-teaching in her classroom. These tasks aren't a part of her job description, yet she takes them on without further compensation or expectation. Also, because this is a small school, she has no planning periods or lunch break throughout the school day, but this does not discourage her.

"I had the privilege of working alongside Jeannie last school year (2017-2018), and her encouragement and experience were invaluable to me. Anytime I had a doubt, she had the information and help I needed. Most of all, she was always uplifting and encouraging. In times of difficulty and discouragement, she knew just what to say to help me get through." says Ms. Toledo.

Ms. Ramsey is usually the first person at school in the morning and one of the last people to leave in the evening. If the bathrooms need cleaning or refreshing throughout the day, she takes care of it. Older students who were once in her class still come to greet her in the morning before going to their class. They even offer to help her, and many times, they take care of her trash or vacuum her classroom. This shows the impact she has had on them over the years. Her commitment and love are to be admired.

During these years, Ms. Ramsey has tirelessly served her students and the school. The students whom she first taught at Desmond T. Doss Christian Academy are now bringing their children to be her students.

Comments (10)

Michaelle Ayers Posted over a year ago

Mikey was doing ok but having trouble with reading. With Mrs. Jeannie, he finally got the help he needed so desperately. She fought for him as much as I did and it really helped. My child realized that Mrs. Jeannie was helping and he absolutely loves her. Even years after he left her class, he still went up to her every morning to hug her.

Britt Hewitt Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jeannie instilled a love of reading into my daughter. Thanks to you she has continued to be a strong reader. Also all the memory verses you did with them, she is still doing them now, she knows so many verses that she can recite right off the top of her head. You have a love for your students like no other! You have a passion to help each one reach their goals. Thank you so much for all you do for all the kids. God bless you! Miss you!

Steve Doss Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jeannie has been a wonderful teacher/role model at our school. As Principal, Jeannie has made my job easier by always going above and beyond with her students. As a parent of two who have gone through her room, I couldn't be more pleased with the attention and support she gave. Mrs. Jeannie is a TRUE Life Changer.

Michele Blair Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jeannie was my daughter's very first teacher when we relocated here to the Lynchburg area. Having her for a teacher was definitely God's way of empowering my daughter to feel comfortable and fit right in to her new surroundings. I can not thank her enough with words, but her and her family will always be part of my heart! We love you, Ms. Jeannie!! Thank you for being you! God is awesome!

Wanda Posted over a year ago

She is the best love mrs Jennie and she lives the children

Pam Oswald Posted over a year ago

Jeannie, Without you I don't want to imagine what would have happened to Zack. He loves you to this day. You let him know he could do anything if he put his mind to it. You made sure he caught up from a bad start. You stayed positive and helpful and helped me work with him to reach his full potential. I can't thank you enough and cherish you and everything you do for every child.

Cleo shirkey Posted over a year ago

Mrs Jeanie is one of the loveliest people I have ever had the blessing to to get to know. She helped mold my son (Jay Sines) into the young man he is today. I could always feel the Lord shining through her. I love you mrs Jeanie and am so thankful that you touched our life.

Kim McGuire Posted over a year ago

My daughter was in kindergarten when Mrs Jeannie came to sub for her class. We immediately fell in love with her. Her compassion for teaching and her students is overwhelming evident. I had the honor of being her teacher aide. She encouraged me to go back to school and get my teaching degree. She will never know exactly how many lives she has impacted!!

Ian Thomas Posted over a year ago

Literally No better explanation of the Love and Joy Mrs. Jeannie has shown to all the peers in and outside of her class at this wonderfully blessed school. Congratulations Mrs. Jeannie!! -Ian Thomas

Spenser Posted over a year ago

Thanks mom! Love you!