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Curtis Jenkins

Position: Bus Driver
School: Lake Highlands Elementary School
School District: Richardson Independent School District
City, State: Dallas, TX

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Curtis Jenkins was nominated anonymously.

It is sometimes hard to love your job as a bus driver; driving for countless hours through all types of weather with loud children in the back. That is why Curtis Jenkins stands out from all the rest. He is not only a bus driver to the children, but a part of their family. 

Instead of treating his bus route like merely a bus route, he creates a little community. He gives all of his students a responsibility and job to do for the short times they are on the bus. He establishes police officers, presidents, administrative assistants, and countless other positions so everyone is included and feels important. 

Mr. Jenkins takes the time to get to know each and every one of his students. He remembers what they are passionate about and helps keep them passionate about it. In one instance, he created a t-shirt with a picture of a book one of his students had created on it, hoping that she will look at it and be inspired to write more books. Throughout his years as a bus driver, Mr. Jenkins has given out all sorts of gifts to his students; bikes, backpacks, books, cards, food, anything to see them happy and excited. 

Mr. Jenkins' title may only be bus driver, but his job is making his children smile daily, and that is why he is a LifeChanger.

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Nicolas Williams Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Jenkins, thank you for your great servant leadership. Your giving back to the community is outstanding!