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Ashely Nelson

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Ruth Hill Elementary School
School District: Coweta County Schools
City, State: Newnan, GA

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Ashley Nelson was nominated by her principal and colleague of five years, Joe Corley.

Ms. Nelson embodies all of the great things about her district. She embraces her district's mission of ensuring the success of each student. From the time she arrives early in the morning to greet kids with a smile in the hallway, to the time that she gives students high-fives as they leave to get on the bus, her positive energy, enthusiasm, and genuine care for the wellbeing of each child is inspiring.

Ms. Nelson leads her school’s PBIS team and School Building Leadership Team. She also leads a running club for young women, is part of her school’s House Committee, and is one of the first people to volunteer when there is a need. She is fully committed and invested in the growth and improvement of her school and is a vital part of her school’s success.  

Ms. Nelson does not make or tolerate excuses, but expresses her love and care through maintaining high expectations for herself and others. She never wavers from the goal of ensuring success for all students. She maintains and projects a positive and professional attitude and demeanor, even in the face of difficult or stressful circumstances. Ms. Nelson always makes time to help, encourage, and uplift a student or colleague in their time of need. Her tireless commitment to excellence and positivity has earned her the admiration and respect of her colleagues and all those who know her.

Ms. Nelson’s success lies in her understanding that relationships are at the core of all learning. She works intentionally to create a learning environment where students feel comfortable, learn from their mistakes, are held to high expectations, collaborate with one another, and know that they are cared for and loved. This is especially important in her school, where her class may be the only “safe haven” students have during the day. She knows that true love means expecting the best from each student at all times and showing them how to push through adversity and become overcomers, not victims, of their circumstances. By holding students to a high standard and treating them with the care, dignity and respect they deserve, she has created a learning environment in which students feel safe, can live up to their potential, and soar like eagles.

Ms. Nelson is not only there for her students, but all members of the Ruth Hill family. If you ever need a laugh or smile, a hug, or someone to just make a difficult day a little easier to bear, Ms. Nelson is the person you go to. She is always coming up with ways to bring the faculty closer together and make the school community stronger. She does this because she understands that if the adults in her building feel valued and important, then this feeling of belonging will trickle down to the way students feel in their classes.

"Ms. Nelson is a wonderful example of the unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment of Coweta's finest teachers. She has certainly been a LifeChanger for the students she has taught and those who have had the pleasure of knowing and working with her," said Corley.

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