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Ashley Nelson

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Ruth Hill Elementary School
School District: Coweta County Schools
City, State: Newnan, GA

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Ashley Nelson was nominated by her principal and colleague of five years, Joe Corley.

Ms. Nelson embodies all of the great things about her district. She embraces her district's mission of ensuring the success of each student. From the time she arrives early in the morning to greet kids with a smile in the hallway, to the time that she gives students high-fives as they leave to get on the bus, her positive energy, enthusiasm, and genuine care for the wellbeing of each child is inspiring.

Ms. Nelson leads her school’s PBIS team and School Building Leadership Team. She also leads a running club for young women, is part of her school’s House Committee, and is one of the first people to volunteer when there is a need. She is fully committed and invested in the growth and improvement of her school and is a vital part of her school’s success.  

Ms. Nelson does not make or tolerate excuses, but expresses her love and care through maintaining high expectations for herself and others. She never wavers from the goal of ensuring success for all students. She maintains and projects a positive and professional attitude and demeanor, even in the face of difficult or stressful circumstances. Ms. Nelson always makes time to help, encourage, and uplift a student or colleague in their time of need. Her tireless commitment to excellence and positivity has earned her the admiration and respect of her colleagues and all those who know her.

Ms. Nelson’s success lies in her understanding that relationships are at the core of all learning. She works intentionally to create a learning environment where students feel comfortable, learn from their mistakes, are held to high expectations, collaborate with one another, and know that they are cared for and loved. This is especially important in her school, where her class may be the only “safe haven” students have during the day. She knows that true love means expecting the best from each student at all times and showing them how to push through adversity and become overcomers, not victims, of their circumstances. By holding students to a high standard and treating them with the care, dignity and respect they deserve, she has created a learning environment in which students feel safe, can live up to their potential, and soar like eagles.

Ms. Nelson is not only there for her students, but all members of the Ruth Hill family. If you ever need a laugh or smile, a hug, or someone to just make a difficult day a little easier to bear, Ms. Nelson is the person you go to. She is always coming up with ways to bring the faculty closer together and make the school community stronger. She does this because she understands that if the adults in her building feel valued and important, then this feeling of belonging will trickle down to the way students feel in their classes.

"Ms. Nelson is a wonderful example of the unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment of Coweta's finest teachers. She has certainly been a LifeChanger for the students she has taught and those who have had the pleasure of knowing and working with her," said Corley.

Comments (48)

Audrey Posted 11 months ago

I cannot think of anyone more that deserves this honor. Ever since I've known Ashley, she has been steadfast and true. Caring so deeply for others. Every day she strives to be better and helps encourage those around her to do the same. Most of us struggle with what we were created to accomplish. There is no doubt in my mind Ashley has found her perfect purpose. This girl has the true character of a life changer. #LCTY

Frances Nelson Posted 12 months ago

Ashley Nelson is an amazing teacher. She gives 100%plus into all her students daily. She goes in early and stays late. She gives her off time, her money and her heart. Ashley deserves this honor if anyone does. #LCTY

Kathy Morroy Posted 12 months ago

Ashley has never backed down from a Challenge. If she thought she could make something better, she jumped in and indeed made it better. I admire and respect Ashley for her drive to continually make things better for everyone around her. She is one of the most driven and committed Ladies I’ve ever known.

Katie Posted 12 months ago

Ashely is dedicated. She goes above and beyond to make sure every child is taken care of. She also gives back to the community. #LCOY

Jemeka Posted 12 months ago

My daughter had Miss Nelson in 2nd grade and I never met a teacher go above and beyond for her kids. She is the type of teacher that text/call parents during the day just to give updates. My daughter had more confidence in reading after having miss Nelson. She is deserving of this nomination

Sara Marlowe Posted 12 months ago

One of the best teachers any of my kids have ever had. Being a mom of 5 we have had a lot! Always smiling and lifting everyone up. The confidence she gave my daughter is something that not just anyone could do! I am so thankful for you Ms. Nelson! #LCOY

Terry Posted 12 months ago

Ashley Nelson IS doing what she was born to do! To Teach, Change and Impact young lives. She is very passionate about her "gift" to help others. #LCOY

Rebekah Wright Posted 12 months ago

Ashley, I have continually seen all you do for your children. I am so thankful you are there for them. I’m proud of you. #LCOY

Brett Wilson Posted 12 months ago

Ashley and I were in elementary school together where I unknowingly met one of the rarest people on the planet. Her positivity permeates any room, any building, any community. While it’s disappointing she’s not teaching back in our hometown, I know her influence benefits Ruth Hill Elementary School and their surrounding community. As a teacher in our hometown, I do my best to teach with the Ashley Nelson approach, looking for and bringing out the best in my students daily, treating them with love and support, and letting them know they can be word changers too.

Sharon Ratley Posted 12 months ago

All students would be fortunate to have a teacher like Ashley. You can see her love for her students and for teaching in everything she does, #LCOY

Brittany Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Nelson is a wonderful teacher and makes huge impacts in each of her student’s lives.

Brandon Smith Posted 12 months ago

It’s hard to think of anyone more dedicated and committed to being her students. Ms. Nelson is the BEST, hands down. An inspiration to all her kids and colleagues. A true Life Changer! #LCOY

Elizabeth Rice Posted 12 months ago

No one deserves this award more than Ashley. As a dedicated educator, she passionately instructs her class meeting their educational, emotional and physical needs. She is a embodies the best qualities of an excellent teacher impacting her school and community with her talents! #LCOY

Connie Perkins Posted 12 months ago

This is definitely the title you deserve! So many lives are changed by you year after year! Ashley Nelson, God is ferociously loving your kids and the staff at Ruth Hill thru you as well. The school lights up when you are there and the kids flock to you. Your love and enthusiasm and selflessness have been spreading to each of us! I’m so excited about this opportunity and will pray God helps others to see that you are the one to choose! #LCOY

Chase Posted 12 months ago

Definitely LCOY!!! Changing lives of students for the better!

Anastasia Cooper Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is beyond an amazing teacher. As her friend I've been blessed to witness her time in the classroom with her babies. Her commitment to them goes beyond learning. She has a personal understanding and emotional bond with every child.

Kelly Posted 12 months ago

You are such a blessing and inspiration to your community of fellow teachers and to those amazing students!!!

Karen Walker Posted 12 months ago

Ashley Nelson is the perfect definition of what a teacher should be. Her passion and love for her children radiate from her. She truly loves what she does and it shows. I don’t know that I’ve met a more genuine individual. She is as sweet and kind in her personal life as well as her professional one. This world needs more Miss Nelson’s to help educate our future!

Frances Posted 12 months ago

Me. Nelson is every parents dream teacher. She treats each student with love and respect. #LCOY

Sarabeth Peavey Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is ?? percent genuine and she really does love both her co-workers and certainly her students. We get to see where she pours into others all the time. Please choose her as your #LCOY!

Philip McLeroy Posted 12 months ago

Ashley loves and teachers her students as if they were her own children. She works as hard to help her students get ready to move on up to further their education as any one I know.

John McLeroy Posted 12 months ago

Ashley has been a light in many lifes since her birth. But no other better example of being a life changer than coordinating a special birthday for her adult special needs cousin, and got her a birthday ride in a police car. Not only did Amiene have a birthday to always remember, but the police officer was recognized for his professionalism and gentleness in serving his community. The video was seen on Facebook by over 200,000 people, touching there lives and hearts throughout the country to this very day. She is a true blessing to all the lives she touches.

Joy Posthauer Posted 12 months ago

‘Ashley is certainly a life changer! Her dedication to her students and to her family is phenomenal. I’ve never seen anyone give so much of themselves to others without expecting anything in return. Ashley’s enthusiasm for helping her students achieve their very best potential is amazing. Most of us can barely motivate to get out of the bed in the morning but Ashley is excited to see her students every day! Ashley not only gives of her time but of her personal finances to improve the lives of her students at Ruth Hill. Any parent would be thrilled to have her as a teacher for their second grade! #LCOY

Racheal Nelson Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is a life changer! She daily is a light in the eyes of these course and she pours her heart into making a difference for the kids each and every day! She is a wonderful teacher full of energy, encouragement and a passion for guiding these kids daily through this stage of life!

Amy Shorter Posted 12 months ago

Ashley Nelson is a life changer to everyone she meets. Her zeal for life and infectious energy lights up any room she walks into. Ashley is a natural teacher. She is patient and kind and absolutely convinces all students that they are smarter than the next while building a sense of belonging and family. #LCOY

Vanessa Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Nelson is an amazing asset to our community! We are blessed to have her!

Mary Parker Posted 12 months ago

Ashley was entering the education field as I was exiting it. I was able to observe her teaching methods and interaction with the students for a couple of years before I retired. From the beginning her talent and devotion to her students was obvious. I am so proud of Ashley and happy to see her receive the recognition she so deserves.

Amy Jaynes Posted 12 months ago

It is wonderful to see Ashely receive the recognition she deserves. I’ve had the honor and gift of knowing Ashley since she began her teaching career, and I am continually impressed by her dedication, enthusiasm, and love she gives to her students. I’ve witnessed Ashley seek resources for her students and their families via social media, fundraising, and sheer will. I’ve seen her research and push herself to raise the bar in her classroom. I’ve watched her transform the pain of her grief into love and connection in her classroom. Most importantly, I’ve felt her heart grow, as she takes in each child, sees them for their own unique gifts, and fosters a sense of personal and educational identity. She is a gift in the classroom and to us all.

Evelyn Shaw Corley Posted 12 months ago

I accepted a long term sub position at Ashley Nelson’s school, and she was my top support on a daily basis! She went above and beyond to support both our children and me. Her compassion and love for everyone shines through her gracious spirit. Sending lots of love to Ms. Nelson! Thank you for being you!!!

Ashley Sweatland Posted 12 months ago

I had the pleasure of seeing Ashley improve, motivate, and change the lives of some very special children. Her positivity and love encourage so many to be their best! Way to go Ms. Nelson!

Mindy sorrells Posted 12 months ago

Ashley, you have the biggest heart and have found your calling in life working with these babies and helping mold their heart and minds. I am so happy for you and I know your parents are proud. I hope you win this because you deserve it!!!

Jasmin Coates Posted 12 months ago

I went to college with Ashley. I am beyond impressed and motivated by her. While we don't speak much, I follow her teaching journey on Facebook. She inspires me to try new things as a teacher myself. She has been a great resource for PBIS projects I have embarked on at my school. The children of Newnan are beyond blessed to have her there guiding them. I hope she continues to bless others and that those blessings come back 3 fold to her.

Christie Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Nelaon is an amazing person through and through! I was so blessed to have worked with her. Our RHES kiddos are very fortunate to have her in their lives!

Joy Posted 12 months ago

If ever a teacher has made a difference in a child’s life, Ashley has! She spends countless hours pouring love, hope, structure and encouragement into ever student that crosses her path. Where most of us can barely drag ourselves out of the bed every day, Ashley is excited for her day with the kids to start! I honestly believe there is nothing Ashley wouldn’t do to help anyone in need! #LCOY

Robert Nelson Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is my niece. She has always been a pleasant person with her smiles and her dedication to family, friends and especially her students. She’s a winner!

Lindsay Henkel Posted 12 months ago

Although I don’t know Ms. Nelson in the academic setting, I have known her almost my entire life. As I read the description of her above, it brought tears to my eyes because the words could not be more accurate. She is the embodiment of a caring, outgoing, and nurturing person that you would hope be your child's teacher. I now have young twins of my own, and I would kill to have Ms. Nelson guide and mold my children.

Debbie Nelson Posted 12 months ago

Ashley has for years embraced her life’s calling as a teacher. She is dedicated and always engaging social media to ask for ideas and suggestions on improving her teaching abilities. Most recent she ask “does anyone have a favorite teacher and what made them special?” He ability to engage the world to find ways to engage he students is amazing. You will find no other candidate more worthy of your award.

Ashley Bailey Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is such a wonderful coworker, teacher, friend, and so much more. She is so well deserving of this award. When I first started working at Ruth Hill, her room was one of the first ones I had the privilege of going to each day. I could not wait to go in and start working with her and her babies. She makes learning so much fun for them. Her students know that she loves them and will help them in any way possible. I love learning from her! She has an incredible amount of patience for her students. She has high expectations of them and holds them accountable. She makes every experience throughout the day a learning experience. Whether it be a life lesson or a school lesson, there is always learning and teaching going on. This award could not go to a more amazing teacher than Ms. Nelson! #LCOY

Alexandria Askew Posted 12 months ago

Ashley Nelson is not just a teacher to our kids but also a mentor, a friend, a provider, and a leader. Ashley taught one of my daughters in second grade and made her feel better than she have ever felt when doing her work. Not only do our kids belong to her when she has them but the love and support carries on as they proceed to different grades. She continues to check on their progress and even let us parents know what's going on. Ashley smile is noticed a mile a way when walking down the hall with opening arms for the biggest hug ever. If no one else deserves this Ashley Nelson does!

Traci Houze Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is a life changer especially in the lives of the children she loves. She’s always positive in any situation. Kind,patience and it shows in everything she does. She makes learning fun and the children love her.

Linda Barnhart Posted 12 months ago

Ashley Nelson is such a joy and inspiration to me every day with her unlimited energy and beautiful smiles. You can see every moment that she loves children and so wants to lead them in the right way to meet future goals toward a beautiful life. Just being near her makes me want to always smile and look for the good in life and reach for the stars in every thing I attempt to do. She is such an amazing and beautiful young lady and I'm sure there are many who want to be just like Ms. Ashley. She is a true leader, a perfect example of what a good person looks like and acts like in every step of her life. I wish there had been more teachers like her when my girls were in school. She makes every day classes look exciting and learning fun and future goals reachable with hard work and dedication. She is teaching children how to love, respect and be important to themselves and to others. She is an amazing individual and loved by so many. Her happiness and positive attitude is very contagious.

Maria martinez Posted 12 months ago

Ms.Nelson is a wonderful teacher,mentor,friend,and person all around she was my daughters 2nd grade teacher and has been her mentor for the last 4 years she has taught my daughter so much and helped her in So many ways. She is always willing to lend a hand or help in any way possible for all the kids im so bleesed to have her in my daughters life. We love you Ashley Nelson

Sarah McNallie Posted 12 months ago

So happy for you Ashely. You deserve this and so much more. Even as teammates in those early years you always encouraged us out on that field to do our best, try our hardest, and shake off the mistakes. Best of luck to you in your upcoming school year! #LCOY

Kioka Posted 12 months ago

A teacher that truly cares about the future of our children!! Selfless teaching. Thank you Ms. Nelson

Eileen Connors Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is such a beautiful person that goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of her family, friends, and children that she teaches. She's always striving to be better at everything she does, all while being one of the most humble people I've ever met. She's the type of teacher that you want your child to experience and emulate. #LCOY

Jaclyn Allison Posted 12 months ago

Woo hoo! So proud of you! Go Ashley!!! ??

Sherri Buell Posted 12 months ago

I have known Ms. Ashley Nelson for about 20 years. Even as a young adult, she has always been kind, considerate, helpful, and respectful. She was an amazingly well-rounded youth that went into every situation with a positive “team-player” attitude, and has always approached every opportunity with an “all-in” attitude. Ashley is a unique young lady that grew up in an area where some had more than others, yet she never saw any limitations. Growing up in a humble family with loving and caring parents that gave their four children every opportunity to succeed that they could give, which was more than those that showered their children in material items. Mostly they taught their children unconditional love, encouragement, a strong work ethic and how to have a deep passion for helping others. Ashley embraced those qualities. While she was an awesome youth, she became ten times greater when she became a teacher. Her passion for children doesn’t surprise anyone because Ashley has the biggest Servant’s Heart when it comes to her students. She gives completely and is unconditionally devoted to giving them every opportunity to succeed that she possibly can. Ashley has always exhibited leadership qualities at an early age and those skills surpass those of successful corporate and world leaders. It has been exciting to watch her grow in her career and see her teach her students how to set goals and exceed their own expectations. She does this by being a living example daily to her students that no one, and no situation, can stop you if you believe in yourself, work hard and serve others. I have worked in public schools for over 20 years, and I can tell you that teachers like Ashley Nelson are rare and just don’t come along everyday. Her heart is in the students that she encourages, motivates and inspires everyday. It shows in their faces that whatever is important to them, she makes important to her. Bottom line, Ms. Ashley Nelson is one of the greatest! She’s changing the world one student at a time!

Lucia Posted 12 months ago

Ashley is a superstar!!!