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Carlos Beato

Position: Founding Principal
School: International High School Langley Park
School District: Prince George's County Public Schools
City, State: Upper Marlboro, MD

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Carlos Beato was nominated by his colleague and last year's LifeChanger of the Year Grand Prize Winner, Keishia Thorpe.

Mr. Beato was born in a small, poor town in the Dominican Republic. His mother instilled in him core beliefs about the value of hard work and education at an early age. His mother moved with him to New York City at the age of five and has been very influential in his life, along with his teachers and Posse mentor at Middlebury College.

School posed many obstacles for Mr. Beato, and his educational experience in the United States was met with many challenges because he was a second language learner. This caused him to miss out on many opportunities that were available for other students because of his classification as an English Language Learner (ELL) and his undocumented status. However, this did not deter him from pursuing his education and becoming salutatorian in both his middle and high school graduation. As a first-generation student, he wanted to carry out the dream of his mother. This led him to earning a Posse scholarship, and he attended Middlebury College.

His struggles became pronounced when he was in high school and tried to apply for scholarships for which he knew he met all the requirements and was clearly eligible for, but for which his undocumented status posed a barrier to access. Mr. Beato was motivated more than ever to further his education in college, but would still experience barriers which made him unable to participate in study and travel abroad programs at first. He never gave up hope, and one day, his life drastically changed while at Middlebury College. He was able to get connected with the right people, who helped him to get an adjusted legal status in a short time, something his family tried to get for him for over 10 years.

Mr. Beato's main goal to study abroad was to learn more about the different school systems. He knew he wanted to go into the teaching profession after all the years he witnessed and observed many indifferences and inequalities and lack of opportunities for students like himself. He wanted to make a change the for generations behind him, so he became a New York Teaching Fellow. Shortly afterwards, he became a founding teacher at a new school close to the neighborhood in which he grew up in the Bronx. The school consisted of all immigrant students. He wanted to help them transition successfully through high school and into college, so he worked very hard to help every student in his school's first graduating class transition successfully into college. He was instrumental in giving students who experienced barriers to education, just like he did, a fair chance to be successful.

Early in his career, Mr. Beato had an impact on the lives of his students through his teaching. Later, he became an administrator, because he wanted to be able to advocate more for students and provide the necessary resources they need to succeed in their lives. Ultimately, Mr. Beato decided to start a school because of his passion for the kind of education ELLs receive.

When he got the opportunity to open a school mainly geared to serving English Language Learners, he jumped on it. He became the Founding Principal for International High School Langley Park.  This, too, was another hurdle for him. Mr. Beato moved from New York to start his school because it was in a community of people that needed this opportunity for their children. It was very much a community of people he could identify with - mostly Hispanic. The DC area has had a large influx of immigrants from Central America, so he saw a need where he could not only help students, but also help the communities and families there to grow. He took on the challenge of working with the community, which has been very disadvantaged in so many ways and for such a long time. He brought his experience and skill set to the county and operated under the core belief that “every student is able to learn, no matter what. As long as you provide the appropriate support and present opportunities where kids had not had them before, kids rise to the occasion and shine and meet and surpass people's expectations.”

Mr. Beato wanted to change the rhetoric around how people view English-Language Learners, which is from a deficit perspective. He lives by Nelson Mandela's philosophy that, “education is the most powerful thing that can change the world." His students view him as very compassionate, empathetic, and a good listener. Most of the students in his school have gone through trauma, PTSD, and reunification, so having those qualities associated with him is admirable. Every day, he teaches students to not take things for granted and the value of the education they are receiving.

Mr. Beato is constantly advocating for his students when it comes to trying to get a new building so they can access education the same way other students in his county do. Currently, his students and teachers don't have adequate resources. However, he has empowered his teachers, students, and parents to stand on the frontline of every Board of Education meeting, speaking out for social justice and the right to have a building that will better prepare the students for college and careers. Despite all of these struggles, Mr. Beato is very present, working with the school community and teachers inside the old buildings, which sometimes get very hot on hot days and colder on cold days. He looks at the bigger picture because his goal is to make sure all the English-Language Learners are able to be proficient speakers of English when they graduate. This year, Mr. Beato graduated the first group of seniors from his school.

While managing the daily operations of a new school and taking on its enormous challenges with a special population of students, Mr. Beato is at the end of his Doctoral studies. He is a doctoral student studying Cultural Responsive Practice in the Classroom, especially for Latino and Latina students, at the University of Maryland. In his school district, it is a huge undertaking, and his county also has a low percentage of English Language Learners graduating high school on time or at all. When Mr. Beato founded his school four years ago, only 46% of students in the county were graduating on time and within that, a small percentage of Latino students. He has been relentless in making sure students show up every day to a warm and welcoming environment, regardless of their struggles. As such, he has achieved over 93% attendance rate for all four years the school has been in operation. Out of the 71 senior students among the school's first class, 68 graduated. The other three students will be completing their credits over the summer with the hopes of graduating. Essentially, this would be the largest group of Latino, Latina, and Hispanic students that the county has graduated. The graduating class has also been offered over $6.7 million in merit awards to colleges and universities.

Some off Mr. Beato's big accomplishments are that he was a Pahara Next GEN Fellow, which is a program that selects education professionals who are innovating and working to close achievement gaps. Under his leadership, his small school’s soccer team has also surpassed expectations in the county for a new school competing with the best schools in the county. The team has been regional champions for two years in a row and has made it to the semi-final rounds. The track team has also been quite successful, making it to cross country and track and field state championships and being crowned regional champions as well. Under his leadership, Keishia Thorpe was named LifeChanger of the Year 2018-2019 Grand Prize Winner, and Christine Gilliard was a Teacher of the Year Finalist for the county. His students dominated the school county’s board awards for community service, come-back kid, artist student of the year, academic excellence, and leadership award. Even though he could not have done this by himself, he has hand-picked a team of teachers and staff whom he leads in such a way as to make sure all the students are successful.

Today, Mr. Beato is living his American dream. He wants to be the example he is trying to instill in his students. He says that living and breathing the American dream is the only way he can show them it is possible. This is exactly why Mr. Beato is a LifeChanger.

Comments (37)

Nancy Rosas Posted 5 months ago

I met Carlos almost 5 years ago when we embarked on a journey to open the International High School at Langley Park. From the moment I first met him it was clear that Carlos is an extraordinary person filled with purpose, passion and drive to create opportunity for English Language Learner (ELL) students. But his commitment doesn't stop there. Carlos is the type of leader that knows that in order to create a supportive and effective learning environment for students that both challenges them and leverages their strengths you must also do the same for the school staff that work with those students and he has designed his school accordingly. Moreover the opportunities his school provides are more than academic. At IHSLP the vast majority of his students are involved in enrichment activities including sports and clubs something which was exceeding rare for ELL students in the county before this school opened. He grants students, staff and partners alike opportunities to continue to shape this very special school community. One of my favorite examples of this is the student-led tutoring and mentoring program which was launched as the brainchild of Orlin, one of the founding students at his school. As the Regional Director for the Internationals Network in DC, I am proud of the work Dr. Beato and his staff do for students every day and I am grateful for his willingness to open his doors to other school partners so that they may learn from the great work happening at IHSLP.

lesma watkis Posted 5 months ago

Along life's journey, we meet many people, but few inspire us to dream and grow into becoming. Carlos, I am so proud of your accomplishments. Looking forward to the continuous contribution that you will make as an educator. You are changing lives! Lesma

Arnold Somera Posted 5 months ago

Mr. Beato and I worked together for 4 years now. We are both founding staff at the International HS @ Langley Park. I would say he is one of the most organized principal I have ever worked with. He knows how to run the school despite that he's a newbie to the principal position. In addition, Mr. Beato advocates for students' language development by teaching us how to incorporate literacy strategies like the anticipation guide, concept map, vocabulary development, and annotation. Moreover, he is a person who treats you as a family with a big heart. Mr Beato deserves to win because he is indeed a life changer for us, his staff and all students.

Carolyn Ferrari Posted 6 months ago

I met Mr Beato almost 3 years ago. The impact he has had on the lives of his students and staff is beyond compare. He is a compassionate, dedicated and impassioned leader. He has lead the International High School at Langley Park first graduating class to an unbelievable acceptance rate to college. His dedication to the students and staff goes beyond what you see in other leaders. He instill a “yes you can” attitude in all students and staff. This nomination is well deserved. Mr Beato is a life changer indeed.

Jose Posted 6 months ago

I hope you win Mr.Beato you are a awesome person and you are someone that had helped me a lot.

Alfa Aquino Posted 6 months ago

Carlos is one of the most influential educators I’ve ever met. His dedication towards the well-being of his students, his staff and school community is always priority. I met Carlos in his capacity of a teacher about eight years ago and since then, I’ve been able to witness his growth personally and professionally. It is without a doubt that Carlos Beato deserves this recognition for all the lives he has been able to impact in such a positive way. Carlos, your integrity, consistency and resilience have made you the person that you are today. I’m very proud of you!

Paula Amadeo Posted 6 months ago

Mr. Beato is a visionary leader who is changing the trajectory of students' lives. He is constantly looking for opportunities for students and staff to challenge themselves to grow. He is willing to try and to pilot new ideas. He looks for ways to work around obstacles for students so that they receive the quality education they deserve, no matter the circumstances. He has pushed me professionally to a level I never thought I would reach. We are so fortunate to have Mr. Beato as our school leader. He is truly a life changer to all!!!

Pierina De La Cruz Posted 6 months ago

Future Dr. Carlos Beato, couldn’t think of a better title than Life Changer Of The Year!! It’s so fitting, he is beyond smart, caring, dedicated, wise, patient, resourceful, and passionate not only about the field of education, but about everything that’s important to him. He has transformed the lives of everyone he has worked with including his students, colleagues, and friends. At the moment, he is the most DESERVING educator of this title that I can think of. Well done, Dr. Beato!! ??

Anita Walls Posted 6 months ago

Carlos, you are so deserving of this recognition! You live each day as the epitome of “Life Changer” for all of the students and staff you lead everyday! Your relentless focus on dismantling racism and ensuring every student has access to a high quality education is to be commended! I’m so proud of you and excited as you continue being a change agent for students!

LaTonya Williams Posted 6 months ago

Carlos congratulations on your nomination. Mr. Beato’s commitment to excellence and dedication to equity and equality makes him so deserving of this award. He continues to raise the bar through leadership, advocacy, and service that impacts the students, teachers, and the community he serves each year. Carlos is a LIFE CHANGER!

Lisa Marie Posted 6 months ago

Since the day I met Carlos Beato, I knew he was a force to reckon w/ because of how graciously he showed up every single day in service of his beliefs around how much his students can accomplish w/ the right resources and support. I then had the opportunity to work under his leadership & it was such a pivotal point in my career—to be seen, valued, & pushed professionally. I am grateful to have worked w/ such a caring, dedicated, passionate, & hard-working individual. This nomination is well-deserved. I look forward to continue hearing about all the lives he’s touched & changed.

Mr. Danhi Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Beato Is a dedicated and hard worker, who is always there for the students and staff. Despite his busy schedule, he always make time to listen. CONGRATULATION!

George Arnold Posted 6 months ago

Mr. Beato works tirelessly to contribute to changing the lives of everyone in his school's community. Mr. Beato truly deserves this award for the extent of the effort he puts towards education. The innovations that happen at this school, the way it is run, and his willingness to try anything he can to make positive change happen is the ideal representation of what it means to be a Lifechanger.

Nancy Canales Posted 6 months ago

Carlos Beato is an exceptional human being. He inspires all those around him and he understands that leadership is a skill that must constantly be developed. As he develops himself, he also pushes every student, teacher, and colleague to reach their full potential. Anyone who interacts with Mr. Beato is forever impacted by his energy and commitment. I am lucky to have met him and to continue to work in partnership with him in the IHSLP community.

Jeimy Amaya Posted 6 months ago

Mr. Beato truly changed my life when he hired me to work at IHSLP! The team he has created at this school is unrivaled. I have never worked at a place where everyone feels like family, and we truly look out for each other. This would not have been possible without Mr. Beato's knowledge, leadership, and example. If you ask any teacher who works under him, they will tell you that his commitment to change is what drives him everyday. He is always looking for ways to support our students and teachers. He makes sure to build relationships with each student and knows their needs. In my one year here, I have noticed his dedication to excellence and to changing the lives of our students. There is no one more deserving of this title than Mr. Beato!

Clara Allsup Posted 6 months ago

Mr. Beato is an inspirational leader for both staff and students in our school. He understands our population on the deepest level, and the passion he has for his work shines through every day. As a first year teacher, I felt fully supported and empowered being one of his staff members. He listens to us, believes in us, challenges us, and treats us like family. I cannot imagine working with any other principal, and he has certainly changed my own life. Thank you for everything, Mr. Beato!

Billy Shulman Posted 6 months ago

Carlos goes above and beyond to help not only his students but his staff. He pushes people out of their comfort zone and empowers them to make decisions. Carlos's drive and determination are contagious and motivate others, including me, to be better teachers and leaders. Carlos deserves to be recognized as a Life Changer.

Ms. Marilag Posted 6 months ago

Mr.Beato is a very humble principal and an extremely empathetic individual. He works exceptionally hard for the school, is well loved by the students and fully appreciated by his teachers and staff due to his profound dedication towards the profession. He is indeed a perfect example of a lifechanger.

JACOB SCOTT Posted 6 months ago

Mr. Beato, Congratulations on the well deserved nomination. You are a true life changer and it has been a pleasure being a part of the team being being built here at IHSLP.

Mary Grace Pagharion Posted 6 months ago

I am one of the people he affected with his great leadership qualities! He inspired me to be the Best that I can be! He is a leader who takes care of his charge. Go forth Mr. Beato! I for one is here to support you all the way!

Ian Smith-Overman Posted 6 months ago

I have worked as a teacher with Mr. Beato for the past two years at IHSLP and I witnessed first hand his commitment to the field of education and changing lives for immigrant students here in the state of Maryland. Through his continued studies Mr. Beato is constantly learning best practices and then working to implement them with his students and fellow educators at our school. Mr. Beato expects the best from his students, his staff and himself. As others have said, he works tirelessly on the behalf of a high need population whose challenges he knows first hand. The opportunities of education represent life changing potential and the work of Mr. Beato as well as his own story exemplify this reality.

Ed Posted 6 months ago

Carlos is a phenomenal leader who inspires greatness from his staff, students, and community. He works tirelessly to ensure his students have opportunities to be successful in school and post-secondary options. It is a pleasure to work with such a leader.

Springpoint Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Beato is an inspirational leader to those in our network, his own community, and well beyond. He has thoughtfully designed and implemented a new school model that specifically serves his unique set of students. He is certainly changing lives in his community and the insights and expertise that he shares with the wider education field will continue to change lives in countless ways. We are deeply grateful to work with Dr. Beato and his school!

Daniel Sass Posted 6 months ago

Carlos is an excellent educator and a great boss, but more importantly, he is a great person. I’m proud to call him a colleague and a friend, and I can think of no one more deserving of the title of “Lifechanger of the Year.”

AHB Posted 6 months ago

I’m so proud of you Carlos! Your dedication to the students you serve is simply undeniable. I know this is just the beginning of all you’ll do!

Amanda Posted 6 months ago

Dc. Beato definitely deserves this award and so much more. He is the definition of a life changer. Beato is so much more than a school principal, his more like a role model, someone to look up too. He has a relatable background and very similar to all of his students and with which I as one of his past students can identify with and just seeing who far he has gotten is very inspirational. He truly managed to run a school were every single student feels comfortable and safe ready to learn and makes then feel like they are part of a community/family that everyone can be a part of. For this and much more he deserves the Life Changer of the Year Award.

Maria Berroa Posted 6 months ago

Dr Beato, You deserve this award and much more, your constant work on helping the kids is amazing. He is an excellent teacher, person and friend. I'm proud of you!

Jonathan Tiongco Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Beato is an incredible leader, colleague, and human being! It’s an honor to work and collaborate with him. All the best!

Evelyn liriano Posted 6 months ago

Extremely proud of you. You continue to change the life of others to lead them to a better future! You are such a hard working and smart person! Continue to be the leader that you are today so that there are more leaders! You are making us proud!

Maria Burdiel Posted 6 months ago

This is a well deserved nomination. This is the price for all your hard work and being an inspiration in others people lives.

Arlene Peguero Posted 6 months ago

Carlos is truly deserving of this award. He is not only a role model for his students but also an inspiration to his peers to strive for more and achieve what may seem impossible.

Maria urena Posted 6 months ago

Carlos deserve to win that couse he is a very hard working ,extremely care about other people very educated profesional ,inspiring He fallow his dream same he was a kids and he went up by dedication efforts sacrifice and very hard work sorry about my inglish spelling very proud of him.

Elaine Angueira Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Beato can be best described as an inspirational leader. He has a unique way of motivating teachers and students alike to work hard, keep a positive focused attitude and socially responsible. Dr. Beato has earned this award because he had built a strong successful academic community within his school walls despite the odds that his students’ newcomer population are currently facing! Respectfully, Elaine Angueira Assistant Principal Bronx International High School

Nataly Posted 6 months ago

I have watched carlos work tirelessly his entire life to improve/change the lives of those around him. I can not think of a time where i was not inspired or moved by his actions, hard work and dedication. He is continuously working on growing himself and furthering his knowledge in order to better serve and empower those around him. He has a huge hear and truly genuinely is on a mission to impact the lives of these children and the community he serves. He has been in their shoes before and does not take their success lightly, he cares about their futures as if they were his kids and that is truly admirable. Everything he has done and is doing is admirable and inspirational. The world, our youth, the future, everyone need’s more people like carlos.

Raymond Ratti Posted 6 months ago

Dr Beato is such a role model and inspiration to many of us aspiring to reach our dreams. I wish that young and dynamic professionals such as Dr. Beato continue to reacieve support and opportunities to continue to expand their reach to those in need. He will be the ideal recipient for this award

Lesly Posted 6 months ago

Dr. Beato has been my fearless leader from the very first day we started summer planning in 2015 at IHSLP. He has led by example. He modeled what it looks like to pursue lifelong goals as he obtained his Doctorate from the University of Maryland, and he was open and honest with both students and faculty members as he shared his doctorate journey. He told us what it was like for him to go from the Dominican Republic to the Bronx to Middlebury College in Vermont to the New York City Department of Education to right here at IHSLP. And he never stopped inspiring us, all of us, even when we might have appeared too tired or too frustrated for inspiration. He is definitely a life changer.

Marilene Beato Posted 6 months ago

Carlos has always been passionate about assisting individuals with their education and helping the community to think beyond what’s normal for society . Carlos assisted my cousins and I achieve excellence in school all the time . Great to have a great leader in the community with his intelligence and ability to help everybody regardless of color , sex, gender .