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Kimberly Tuttle

Position: 11th Grade English Teacher
School: Levine Middle College High School
School District: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
City, State: Matthews, NC

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Kim Tuttle was nominated by her principal, Joseph Burch.

Ms. Tuttle began her teaching career 20 years ago.  At the end of her first year, she was named New Teacher of the Year for Charlotte-Mecklenburg. This year she was selected as the CMS Southeast Learning Community Teacher of the Year and was selected as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Teacher of the Year. 

Every day is a good day in Ms. Tuttle's classroom. She is always prepared each day, not only with a quality lesson plan, but with a welcoming smile and a nurturing learning environment.  Ms. Tuttle does not just teach English.  She teaches children.  She makes learning exciting and relevant.  Ms. Tuttle believes that before she can reach her kids' heads, she must reach their heart.  At the end of each class, Ms. Tuttle shares this message to all of her students: "Be blessed, be safe, be wise, make good decisions.  I will see you tomorrow."  

Comments (8)

Brianne Van Lauwe Posted 11 months ago

I am the school counselor at the school where Ms. Tuttle works. She is an incredible teacher and our students love her! I hear so many positive comments about her from our students and parents and have been able to see the difference she makes in our students' lives. Her teaching has gotten students who never liked or felt they were strong at English to enjoy it and develop crucial skills in writing and reading. Her classes are not easy but students will do the work without complaining because they want to make her proud. She truly cares about students and loves teaching. She's also an inspiring person to work with.

vernetta Foxx Posted 11 months ago

Proud of you. Hope you make it to the next level!

Angela S.Young Posted 11 months ago

Wow!! where should I begin, so much to say. HOWEVER, I'm going to sum it up in 2 words. AWESOMELY, AMAZING!! ENOUGH SAID!!

Tracey Babb Posted 11 months ago

My daughter is about to start school at Levine Middle College HS. She has already reached for support and mentoring during her time off in the summer. She provided strategies for success and wants students to be ready for day 1. I am excited for my daughter to attend this school because she will be around passionate teachers like Ms. Tuttle. She seems to go the extra mile for all students.

Shelly Lemos Posted 11 months ago

She is a wonderful teacher and great peer to work with. She is always willing to share ideas and brings out the best in r trip r she teaches with.

Dr. Joyce King Posted 11 months ago

I admire Kim's ability to work professionally and collabortively with her collagues and the enire learning community. Kim has a genunine love for students and actively engages them in the learniing process.

Eboné Lockett Posted 11 months ago

Very deserving!

Randi Davis Posted 11 months ago

Kimberly Tuttle is the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Teacher of the Year and she is outstanding.