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Jason Knies

Position: School Resource Officer / D.A.R.E. Instructor
School: Jasper High School
School District: Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools
City, State: Jasper, IN

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Jason Knies was nominated by his colleague, Glenn Buechlein.

"It is with the utmost respect that I nominate SRO Jason Knies for the LifeChanger of the Year Award , especially in the realm of school safety and student wellness. I have had the privilege of working side by side with Officer Knies for the past 5 years while serving as assistant principal at Jasper High School," said Buechlein. "Jason impressed me from the first time I met him. He is the consummate professional in all regards. He excels in his role primarily because of his unique ability to effectively communicate with all stakeholders. As we know, all behavior is communication, and he utilizes his skill set to avert or de-escalate countless situations. His proactive mindset and approach are directly linked to his calm demeanor and strong reputation for treating individuals in a fair and consistent manner."

Officer Knies wears many hats in his role as a school resource officer. He has served as a corporation leader in transportation, and it is not uncommon for him to drive routes, extra-curricular and field trips. In this capacity, he uses the opportunity to build relationships with students of all ages. He instructs D.A.R.E. classes and is involved in the HOSA program, serving as a mentor to students interested in pursuing certain fields of study such as forensics. He takes time out of his busy schedule to introduce students to various facets of law enforcement. The students essentially shadow him as he fulfills his daily duties.  Additionally, Officer Knies has taken the lead in creating an archery club for students that has grown in popularity. He also offers self-defense classes for school staff and students. There are simply too many things to list, but the point is that he is heavily involved and goes above the call of duty in school related activities.  

Officer Knies helped spearhead a program at Jasper High School called, "Law and Let's Order." Students are nominated by classroom instructors or other staff for doing positive things. The nominated students are called to the office and awarded with Above and Beyond T-shirts. Then, the students are asked to write their name on a ticket that is placed in a container. On a monthly basis, a few students are drawn from the container, and they win the opportunity to eat lunch with SRO Knies. This program has proven to be quite popular, and it serves several purposes. The primary goal is to allow students to see and experience SRO Knies in a different light. He wants students to feel comfortable approaching him so that potential dangerous situations can be avoided. He instructs all students to, "See or hear something, say something."

"He is a true family man and is greatly invested in community and civic activities that serve and inspire our youngsters. I honestly do not believe that another individual could possibly do all that he does in a better or more productive manner. He prides himself on his work ethic, integrity and discipline, and these core values are consistently evident by all stakeholders who interact with him on a daily basis," said Buechlein. "His actions truly speak louder than words."

Comments (17)

shelley weinzapfel Posted 4 days ago

Congratulations on this award! We appreciate all you do for the students and staff! We are blessed to have you keeping everyone informed and safe! Hope you have a great school year!

Cheryl Burke Posted 1 months ago

Jason Congratulations on the well deserved award! You were not only a friend to my son Kale but a mentor as well. He talked non stop about you since the day he went to lunch with you. You will always be forever in our hearts for all you have done for him. Thanks for being a role model, mentor and mostly a friend to all the kids. GJHS is so fortunate to have you at their school. We greatly appreciate everything you have done for the kids.

Lisa Flamion Posted 1 months ago

As a school social worker, I've worked with Jason on several difficult situations. He is always respectful and helpful. He's always willing to answer questions or assist in whatever arises. He has a team player attitude where no job is below him. He is truly an asset to our school corporation. As a parent, it is awesome to have my kids come home and talk about Officer Knies and his interaction with the students. He is truly making a difference in kids lives. While the need for resource officers in schools came from something tragic, their impact on youth is great! Jason is a great mentor and role model. I'm glad that we have Officer Knies to show our students a positive example of law enforcement. Congratulations Jason on your nomination! MUCH DESERVED!!! Thank you for your service!

Jessica preston jp mom Posted 1 months ago

Way to go Jason thank you for keeping jp straight and narrow last year in school and hope you don't have to do it again this coming year ..

Keith Bartley Posted 1 months ago

We are so fortunate to have Jason in our schools with all the distractions that can cause kids to go down the wrong road. Congrats to him on a well deserved award!!

April Hopf Posted 2 months ago

I have the privilege of working with Officer Knies at GJCS. He goes above and beyond for all the students and staff at Greater Jasper Schools. Jason always has a smile on his face and a kind word to say, he is a wonderful role model for our youth. I can't think of anyone more deserving. Keep up the good work!

Philip beck Posted 2 months ago

Your a great man and a family guy. I amean glad to know him as a person. Keep up the great work jason

Patti wigand Posted 2 months ago

The Best of The Best.

Joe Shelton Posted 2 months ago

Jason is an outstanding person who goes above and beyond for the students of GJCS and staff. Jason’s compassion for students is unwavered. Jason is deserving of any and all recognition that he is awarded. Great job Jason and keep up the great work for Greater Jasper Schools.

Jayme Skillman Posted 2 months ago

I am so incredibly proud of Jason and his love for what he does. He doesn't see it as a job, he sees it as a privilege and opportunity to support and be a role model for young individuals. He goes above and beyond and wants students live their best life in a safe and fun environment. He is dedicated, always encouraging, and supportive of everyone he encounters to help them in a time of need and/or to reach their highest potential. Congratulations, Jason! There's no one more deserving of this award.

Lynne Bohnert Posted 2 months ago

Thank you, Jason, for all you do! The students love having you in the building and spending time with them at lunch, recess or wherever. You are a wonderful role model for them!

Patti Wigand Posted 2 months ago


Shannon Bauer Posted 2 months ago

Officer Knies is a true asset to our school system and community. We are very honored that he is making a difference with our students. He always has the best for students in mind, and for that, we are so thankful!

Mary Leah Siegel Posted 2 months ago

So deserving! He is an awesome SRO, friend, mentor and all-around wonderful role model for our high school kids! Always goes above and beyond and so kind!

Kim Aull Posted 2 months ago

Well deserved nomination!

Jill Wigand Posted 2 months ago

Jason has done speaking engagements and presentations in my classroom, and with the programs that I have, for several years. He is always willing to help educate our youth on the importance of safety, staying away from substance abuse, and being responsible for oneself. He is an excellent role model and motivator. Jason has an wonderful relationship with our students; he makes them feel important, cared for, and safe. He is very deserving of this award!

Brian Wilson Posted 2 months ago

It has been wonderful getting to know Jason as a friend and colleague. He treats students and staff with respect and possesses a wealth of knowledge. Given that we now have a designated Transportation director for the district, we are excited about the possibility of Jason spending even more time at JHS!