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Timothy Fauth

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Grafton Middle School
School District: Grafton Public Schools
City, State: Grafton, MA

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Timothy Fauth was nominated by his principal, Roseanne Kurposka.

Mr. Fauth dedicates the majority of his day to making connections with the students and families of his school. On a daily basis, he demonstrates the benefits of face to face contact with families in order to resolve academic and behavioral concerns. Mr. Fauth has deservedly earned a great deal of respect among the student population and with parents/guardians because of the respect he affords each and every one of them.

Mr. Fauth possesses a strong emotional quotient and models strong social-emotional skills daily. His visibility and approachability serve him well when resolving a conflict. He also jumps in to support the school community whenever possible. For example, when the school was unable to secure a Track & Field Coach this spring, Mr. Fauth jumped in and set up practices and one meet. Their goal this year was to pilot the program in order to request that it become an additional interscholastic sport next year.

Mr. Fauth thinks outside of the box when it comes to his students. In order to help a group of students get back on the right track, he created and designed a reward program that included a trip to a college to meet athletes and coaches. The program required frequent check-ins between the students and guidance, and eventually the students got back on the right track. 

The GMS Faculty and Staff possess a great deal of respect for Mr. Fauth. Whenever possible, he is in the cafeteria during lunches assisting the teachers with lunch duties and solidifying relationships with them and the students. He also spends part of every day roaming the classrooms.

"In collaboration with me, Mr. Fauth fully supported our staff during our MCAS administration. In fact, he set up a standing desk in either the 7th or 8th grade hallways, depending on which grade was testing. This way, he would be immediately accessible to any staff member or student in need of assistance. Staff are often seen in Tim’s office brainstorming a response to a parent or a strategy for motivating a student," said Ms. Kurposka.

Mr. Fauth’s ability to remain calm and positive regardless of the external circumstances is commendable. His role can be a challenging one, but each morning Mr. Fauth arrives to school with a positive attitude, and he is ready to brainstorm solutions or jump into an investigation. With a great and steady level of energy, he is ready to take a walk to the high school to either view a video or head over to Central Office to process some of the 504 Plans that he coordinates on behalf of his school. Mr. Fauth has accomplished many home visits and collaborates extremely well with other members of the Student Support Team, including the school psychologist, adjustment counselor, nurse, and special education team chairs.

Outside of school, Mr. Fauth is a family man. He understands the importance of family very well, and he supports staff in this area, as well. Outside of his school duties, Mr. Fauth has established a program called “Do Kind” that promotes kind acts within a school environment. He has successfully promoted the Do Kind Program in some local schools, and interest seems to be on the rise. 

Comments (40)

Jessica Guertin Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Fauth was my middle school vice principle and even now as a college sophomore, his impact is still salient. Mr. Fauth guided me throughout the process of representing Grafton at Project 351 knowing just how nervous I was to embark on such a journey. He taught me so many valuable skills when creating my first service project and was always there to help with any part needed, preparing me for ones to come. What he cares most about is helping the community and it truly shows. He has an influence on every student who comes his way and makes sure everyone is treated with respect and kindness. You can just tell how much Mr. Fauth loves his job and the passion he holds for it. He has made such an impact on my life and everyone around him and truly deserves the Lifechanger of the Year Award. Thank you for all your support, I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award than you!

Laura Deschenes Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Tim Fauth for four years. Tim is an amazing person who genuinely cares for all of the people he is in contact with everyday at school. Tim is always there for all parents, students and staff wether it is a parent or student who needs his guidance or any staff members in the school who may have a question, concern or issue. Tim is there for everyone with his kindness and compassion. Tim has had a visible influence in our school which is easily seen and felt as you walk into the school and experience the welcome atmosphere and the happiness of all. Tim truly has made a difference and deserves the lifechanger of the year award. Congratulations Tim on your nomination.

Martha Babb Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Tim! This nomination couldn’t go to a more deserving recipient. Tim’s commitment and dedication to the students, staff, and community is unparalleled. It shows in each interaction, conversation, or high five he shares with staff and students alike. I am so lucky to have worked with Tim since his beginning at GMS. I am proud to call him my boss and my friend. Thank you Tim for all your unwavering support!

Kelly Daoust Posted over a year ago

Tim is an outstanding person and administrator. We are very lucky to have him at Grafton Middle School. He is extremely supportive to both students and staff. He is a wonderful listener, problem-solver, leader, and colleague. Tim makes time for anyone who is in need, even if it is a simple question. He is understanding, kind, and genuinely cares about his students and staff. He is a great example of a teacher, administrator, and person. Kudos!!

Susan Robichaud Posted over a year ago

Tim has been a crucial part of my growth as not only an educator but a parent. He is always available for any type of advice. Tim is incredible at pushing you to be better while at the same time feeling supported and comfortable to take risks. He deserves this completely!

Mark Alves Posted over a year ago

Having worked with Tim for the past two years I can say that Grafton is lucky to have him as an Assistant Principal. He has an incredible ability to connect with each student and handles every situation with the utmost care. Tim makes the students well-being the top priority in every situation. A well deserved nomination.

Barbara Tyldesley Posted over a year ago

Tim Fauth is hands down the best administrator I have ever experienced. As a mother of 4 children and a teacher, I appreciate his skill from every angle. He has the ability to lead, set firm, clear expectations and boundaries that everyone understands, as well as reach all children from all walks of life - meaning, he sees each student as an individual, not a number or a category. Mr. Fauth takes the time to motivate all students and makes them feel like they matter. He backs up his social/emotional lessons with actions, not just words. This recognition is well deserved!

Margaret Terrill Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Tim for several years! His dedication to the well being of students and staff is outstanding! He establishes a a personal connection with students and staff, often noticing and commenting on your contributions. He is always there to discuss any issue that arises. He treats all with warm respect and humor. This is so well deserved! Tim, thank you for all you continue to do.

Jodie Rapping Posted over a year ago

Well deserved! I worked closely with Tim for two years and his devotion to students and staff was always evident.

Julie Flynn Posted over a year ago

Tim is an entirely positive educator here in Grafton and it is clear from so many that he values the connections he makes daily with students and staff. Good luck Tim!

Noel Fillers Posted over a year ago

Tim Fauth listens to what you have to say which makes him easy to talk to, which is important in an administrator. He has an abundant amount of patience with the students and goes out of his way to make the students feel important. Tim goes out of his way to leave little "notes" when he notices something that you have done. Our school is all the better for having Tim work with us.

Marissa Jeffers Posted over a year ago

This nomination could not go to a more worthy human! Tim is a genuine, hard working, kind, and funny person! He is approachable and you just want to be friends with him the instant you meet him. He truly cares for every other human, especially children! Congratulations Tim! So proud to know you!!!

Marie Caldaro Posted over a year ago

As Tim's former teacher and colleague, I can attest to his continuing growth as teacher and administrator. All challenges are met by Tim with positivity and honesty. His priority is the welfare and well-being of the children and his staff. He is well deserving of all accolades.

Ed Nyland Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t have said it better than my wife Jill!! At the wedding reception when Carly and Tim were married, I “adopted” him as another son. And I feel even more strongly about that after seeing the way he lives his life. He is stern but loving and kind in every way!! Tim definitely is, and always will be, a Life Changer to anyone who has the privilege of knowing him.

Gina Dalan Posted over a year ago

The transition to middle school can be challenging, but Mr. Fauth makes it easier for all students by having such a positive presence with in the school! He is a life changer to all the students!

Robin Bergen Posted over a year ago

I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award than Tim. I have worked with Tim for years and he has been a wonderful Vice Principal! He is patient, caring, and inspiring. He brings out the best in all of the students and staff. His door is always open to help solve problems or just to shoot the breeze. I recently learned that Tim founded a non profit organization called Do Kind. You can tell from the name what it is about. I was not at all surprised that Tim did this. This is the kind of man he is. Does Tim change lives? Absolutely! He changes lives by being a daily reminder and role model for being the best people we can be.

Robin Bergen Posted over a year ago

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Tim for many years. As a Vice Principal he is patient, caring, and inspiring. He always develops a wonderful rapport with the students and staff in our building. His door is always open to address problems or to shoot the breeze. Recently I learned that Tim had founded a non profit organization called, Do Kind. It’s a wonderful organization as you can tell from the name. When I found out I wasn’t surprised at all because that is the very essence of Tim. Does he change lives? Absolutely! Because when you are around him you will become a richer person for the experience. Thanks Tim.

Carissa Falzarano Posted over a year ago

There is truly no one I can think of who is more deserving of this nomination. Tim has been a friend for many years and has always impressed me with his heart, kindness and compassion. His support for every lucky child who has the opportunity to know him is unwavering and inspirational. He is without a doubt someone to be recognized.

Megan Emanuelson Posted over a year ago

Tim Fauth is an amazing administrator and human being. All three of my children have been through GMS and without question he is each of their (and my) favorite staff member! This is because he is genuinely kind and is concerned about both the academic and emotional well-being of his students. He cares and it shows in his interactions with students, parents, and staff. Mr. Fauth always goes the extra mile and I am so grateful for the support he has provided to my family over the years. I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of recognition.

Chris Nyland Posted over a year ago

I am lucky to call Tim my brother in law. I can tell he's great at his job by the way I see him treat those around him. He's loyal, caring, fun, no-nonsense, and passionate with anything he does. He's an amazing dad and husband. He NEVER talks about himself. He goes about his business with his head down and never wants the spotlight on him. Bottom line, Tim is the man! Congrats on this honor! C

Erin Hernandez Posted over a year ago

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tim Fauth! I first got to know Tim when my daughter had him as her assistant principal in middle school. Tim helped support and encourage her academically, and he always made her feel like a special part of the school community. This past year, I was lucky enough to have Tim as my own administrator! As a first year teacher in a new school, Tim made me feel welcome from the very first day. He constantly walks around, positively engages with students and staff, and visits classrooms to see what fun and exciting things are going on. I love when Tim sends me a quick text to tell me that he enjoyed a lesson or activity he witnessed in my classroom - he truly makes me proud to come to work each day!

Carolyn Ann Wynn Posted over a year ago

It is hard to put into writing how utterly AMAZING Tim Fauth is. He is literally one of my favorite people on the planet! When you are talking to Tim, his attention is 100% focused on what you are saying because he genuinely cares about you. In his presence, you feel important. If you are feeling sad, he will make you laugh. If you need support or just a big hug, he's your go-to guy. LOVE him because he shows them that he loves them right back. Tim opens his heart fully to each and everyone he meets, child or adult. He is full of enthusiasm and positive energy that resonates all around him. If you are lucky enough to have Tim in your life, you are one lucky person!! He is simply the BEST. As far as life changer, I cannot even imagine how many people's lives he's changed for the better. You can't not BE BETTER when you're around Tim Fauth.

Mary Kate Pezzillo Posted over a year ago

Tim Fauth is fantastic! It is abundantly clear how much he cares about the students and staff of Grafton Middle School. He consistently goes above and beyond for the students, and creates a positive environment for learning and growth. GMS is the place I began my teaching career, and I am incredibly appreciative of his support and kindness both during and after my time at GMS. Thank you Tim for all you do!

Deborah Fiore Posted over a year ago

I wholeheartedly give my support to Mr. Fauth as Lifechanger of the Year!! Where do I begin? Mr. Fauth has supported all three of my children as they waded through the difficult middle school years. Mr. Fauth goes the extra mile to call, email or set up a meeting to discuss issues or even share a quick story of kindess and success he noticed. The kids know they have a figure of authority who is safe, eager to listen, and kind. Mr. Fauth goes that extra mile every single chance he gets. What administrator would dress up in a Mickey Mouse costume and arrive at school at 4:00 a.m. just to send off the middle school jazz band and chorus students leaving to perform at Disney World? Yes, that would be Mr. Fauth! There are countless other examples of his professionalism and dedication to our middle school. Congratulations to Mr. Fauth on his well deserved nomination.

Maggie warfield Posted over a year ago

I have had two children graduate from GMS in the past 4 years and our last will be starting in the fall. Our daughter had some serious issues in middle school but by the end of the 2 years she was ready for whatever came her way. Mr Fauth gave her the confidence to be herself, he encourages kindness in all students and my daughter LOVED that about him. There is no one more kind than Mr. Fauth. I can’t tell you the numerous calls that he has taken from this frantic parent. The most striking call was from Mr Fauth when our daughter was in the 7th grade and have a major anxiety attack about homework it was 10pm at night I emailed him and he in turn called our home and told Rosie to stop doing homework. What administrator does that?? Tim Fauth does!!! Mr Fauth helped prepare and give our son Henry the confidence to interview for his dream high school and get in! He also offered Henry to work with the special needs kids to play games which we thought was amazing. During our daughters 8th grade year and my sons 7th grade year GMS lost their beloved school counselor Mrs Julie Flynn. She was my Best childhood friend since 4th grade. This death impacted GMS the faculty and staff and kids tremendously. As a family we lost a “aunt” and my best friend. We as a family will never forget Mr Fauth’s kindness and care during that difficult time. He is literally one of the pest human beings that my kids have the privilege to have been lead by. In addition, we are HUGE supporters of Tim’s non profit Do Kind. Thank you Mrs Kurposka for nominating Mr Fauth your a fabulous team.

Bryan Devenney Posted over a year ago

Absolute Legend in all walks of life!

Andrea Fontana Posted over a year ago

Simply put, Tim is amazing. He has a way of making not only all the students feel important but the staff as well. He goes beyond the norm by really knowing the students and staff. I honestly could give so many examples but suffice it to say that he is one of my favorite people in the world. I went to school to be a teacher but shortly after graduation, got married, had children and stayed home for 15 years. When I decided to reenter the workforce I didn’t know what I wanted to do..but Tim made me feel welcome and has helped me to realize that The Sky is the limit. Being around Tim makes me and everyone else want to be better. His enthusiasm is infectious. He never asks for thanks but gosh he deserves this!!

Karla Koza Posted over a year ago

Day in and day out Tim Fauth exudes a positive attitude. He is passionate about what he does, tirelessly supports students, and is a go-to guy for faculty and staff. I couldn't do my job without him. Thanks for all you do, Tim!

Kate Joyce Posted over a year ago

I’m lucky enough to know Tim professionally and personally. He’s an amazing colleague and friend. He makes connections with students with ease and truly cares about other. His “Do Kind” campaign is inspiring. As a teacher and friend, he truly is a life changer. Go Tim, so proud of you!

Leslie Logan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fauth is simply The Best. As a parent of three children, two of whom have had Mr. Fauth as their middle school administrator, I can’t sing enough praise for him. He not only cares for his students during the school year, but he spends his own time to check up on them well after they have passed middle school age. Mr. Fauth is a phenomenal person, and he absolutely deserves this award.

Dyan Lally Posted over a year ago

As a teacher, I remember when Tim joined our middle school community in Framingham (many years ago!). I was always impressed by his calm, respectful, compassionate approach to our students. Most specifically, I remember him shaking hands and making eye contact with each 8th grade student before they entered his classroom on the first day of school - that always struck me as simple, while having huge impact on the kids! Tim continuing to thrive and have a positive impact on his community is of zero surprise to me - he exudes positivity and warmth. He is truly a gem of a human being and is enormously deserving of this recognition!!

Tasha Gamble Posted over a year ago

Tim, you deserve to be recognized for always going above and beyond in everything you do! Your students and staff are so lucky to have such a kind and encouraging leader. Keep making the world a better place!

Jill Posted over a year ago

So proud of our son in law, Tim, for receiving a nomination for this very special award. I have known Tim since he was in high school and also as a fellow teacher in Middletown, NJ. He amazes me in every way. He is a truly devoted husband to our daughter, Carly, and the most loving father and positive role model to our grandsons. As an educator, he has consistently grown and “sets the bar high” for himself and for the students in Grafton Middle School. He is so deserving of this honor. He is the epitome of a “LifeChanger of the Year”

Carly Fauth Posted over a year ago

Nobody deserves this more than Tim!!!

Paula Conlon Posted over a year ago

Tim Fauth. Thank you for all you do with patience and grace.

Katie Hanna Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fauth truly embodies the writeup and spirit if this award. He is active everywhere around the school, always trying to encourage students to do the right thing. Best wishes on winning this award!

Judith A. Gosselin Posted over a year ago

Mr. Fauth is an extraordinary administrator that I personally value in his role as assistant principal at Grafton Middle School. As a teacher with more than forty years experience teaching young adolescents it is rare to work for a supervisor who is always available as a mentor and willing to trouble shoot any problem that may arise. Whether it is a simple computer "glitch" that needs attention, facilitating a meeting with a parent who has concerns about their child, or being a "sounding board" for a concern about district policy Mr. Fauth is patient, a good listener, fair, and wise beyond his years. Mr. Fauth willingly goes "above and beyond" when it comes to supporting students, teachers, staff and parents. I value his qualities as a person as well as an educator. He is well deserving of any recognition you may consider for him.

Susan Tillotson Posted over a year ago

I have witnessed Mr. Fauth in action, doing many of the things mentioned in the letter above. Also, Mr. Fauth was a great resource, and source of support for me this past year, as I was new to the school. He knows all of the students, from what I can see, as he knew who I was asking a question about, every time. Always smiling and busy, and never turning anyone away, no matter how busy it got. I definitely agree with his nomination!

Toryn Bright Posted over a year ago

Go, Tim, go!! You deserve this recognition for your hard work! We appreciate you!

Roseanne Kurposka Posted over a year ago

You deserve recognition for all of the good that you do, Tim, both inside our Grafton Middle School community and outside in the greater community! Best of luck! Roseanne