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Priscilla Portillo

Position: Math Teacher
School: Edinburg High School
School District: Edinburg ECISD
City, State: Edinburg, TX

Priscilla Portillo was nominated by a parent, Lorena Lopez.

Ms. Portillo wasn't only nominated for helping Ms. Lopez's son advance in calculus - she was also nominated for inspiring countless students throughout her years at Edinburg High School.

"As I heard students speak of her, I was astounded! As the valedictorian spoke in her commencement speech, I was shocked to hear just how much Ms. Portillo had influenced even her." Lopez said. "She helped my son and many other students advance to the top of their math class. In my opinion, she has proven her ability to make a profound difference in the lives of students. Her positive attitude has created an exciting environment that has helped with the overall development of the school's atmosphere. She has an excellent reputation with staff and students that is friendly, yet professional." 

Ms. Portillo has made her students feel and believe that they can face any academic challenge. She is committed to helping her students achieve their highest goals. She empowers and loves each one of her student, encouraging them to never give up on their potential.

"I truly believe she will continue to touch the lives of students and help inspire them to make their greatest dreams come true," Lopez said.