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Lynne Johnson

Position: Assistant Program Director
School: McKinley Middle School
School District: Boston Public Schools
City, State: Boston, MA

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Lynne Johnson was nominated by her colleague, Elizabeth Malkin.

At McKinley Middle School, all students have an emotional impairment, and many students have additional learning, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. McKinley has several campuses, but Ms. Johnson has served the students at McKinley Middle as an assistant principal for many years. She has a unique ability to identify a child's academic, emotional, and behavioral needs and triggers. She recommends the best approaches to use with each and every student in the building, even those who aren't on the teams she's responsible for. Ms. Johnson is able to convey that information to those working with the students.  When a student is struggling, she is able to implement those approaches by determining the issue and how to handle the student or the situation.

Ms. Johnson is available to both staff in the building and throughout the district. She will always listen to what staff has to say, and she'll assist and defend them in any way possible. In her role as an administrator, she is not only able to listen, but she is able to make the best decisions for the students or school. She works tirelessly for all students and staff, often behind the scenes when people are not even aware.  

Ms. Johnson makes sure that every student gets the best education possible, no matter their needs. At times, this could include finding outside supports, working with parents/guardians, asking those above her for more, and working with departments in and out of the district.  She has high expectations for both students and staff, and she has created a positive school atmosphere. In addition, Ms. Johnson holds herself the highest of standards.

Throughout her years at McKinley Middle, she has created schedules amd programs that have benefited the school, students and staff.  She is often the "go to" person when the district has questions or concerns about a student or a policy.

Comments (3)

Linda Wright Posted 7 months ago

Working five days a week with Ms. Johnson is a learning exerperice of excellence training of her working with students for over 30 plus years. She can do her job in her sleep, (you know that expression). She is confident as an Assitant Program Director for a behavioral school to always know what to do and say while leading the schbool. I am the Secretary of the school and I don't know what we are going to do if and when she retires. I see that there are over 800 people applying for this award. Wondering what can I say that will help Ms. Johnson to stand out and be recognized for an award. I would need a week to list all her talents, education, and leadership. She is also a mother, raising a son whom is in college and he is a basketball player. I would love for Ms. Johnson to be honored for the Life Changer of the Year because that is whom she is in our book here at the McKinley Middle school in Boston, MA.

VICTORIA DOWNES Posted 11 months ago

I have had the honor of working with Ms. Johnson for several years now. I can truly state that her persistence and determination to make her students' lives better is unyielding. She works tirelessly - with no signs of slowing down. Her acumen for students' academic and social emotional health is unmatched. She invests in not only the students, but her staff. She encourages them to continue their education, and she supports them through hard times (in and out of school). Ms. Johnson strives to be the best and give her students access to all the resources they need. I am proud to work with her and whole heartedly support her nomination for Life Changer of the Year.

Debra Gately Posted 12 months ago

As a district administrator who has assisted the oversight of student needs at McKinley Middle School, it is with great pleasure that I offer my endorsement and support to Ms. Lynne Johnson for this recognition. Ms. Johnson is an insightful, proactive and practical educator who always holds student achievement, social emotional needs of children and care of students and families at the center of all she does. As I am often called to assist with student cases, Ms. Johnson is always an effective thought partner and collaborative leader because she knows the students with whom she works and presents comprehensive information and possible solutions to meet student need in an efficient and effective manner. Ms. Johnson loves what she does and it is clearly evident on a daily basis.