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Melissa Artz

Position: EIP Science and math 7th grade
School: Thomas County Middle School
School District: Thomas County Schools
City, State: Thomasville , GA

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Melissa Artz was nominated by a family member, Julie Warr.

Mrs. Artz has shown strong efforts in her community, school environment, and professional development. Mrs. Artz strives to excel in any activity that is given to her, whether it's providing students with a place to have that is safe and caring, or giving them a challenge and pushing them to become the best individuals in their communities. 

Mrs. Artz looks for ways to motivate students and make learning fun, applicable, and meaningful. Many of her students come from homes that do not give much support or have the ability to provide for their children. Having an enriching classroom experience at school, especially in the middle school setting, will often determine if students will have positive attitudes towards later learning experiences. Mrs. Artz provides these positive settings to raise her students' self-esteem, which is so important at this time of their development. 

Mrs. Artz has also participated in many clubs and organizations in her educational growth. She built a recycling program at her high school, participated in a teaching sorority in college, and served as a member of Professional Association of Georgia Educators, Georgia Association of Educators, and Council for Exceptional Children. She also sponsored the ASL club, student council, and after-school Bee Smart tutoring. Additionally, she volunteers with many community activities that keep her busy with her family, as well as many of her students. 

Many times, you can see Mrs. Artz and her own children in her classroom well after hours getting ready for tomorrow’s lessons. She brings in guest speakers to do hands-on activities with the students, such as dissecting “pigs hearts” to demonstrate the functioning of how hearts works. She gives students activities that will help them understand and remember the concepts taught. Mrs. Artz looks outside the box to provide well-thought out activities for her students. This year, she is providing alternative seating in her classroom to provide opportunities for students to learn in different environments to the best of their abilities. 

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