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Amanda Punchard

Position: Pre-K Teacher
School: Winnsboro Elementary School
School District: Franklin Parish School Board
City, State: Winnsboro, LA

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Amanda Punchard was nominated anonymously.  

Ms. Punchard is a Pre-K teacher who thinks about the students first.  She has been teaching for eight years. Ms. Punchard has received a rating of excellent or highly qualified each year. She has taken the time to treat each of her students as her own children. 

Comments (19)

Sherry Wall Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. P is very dedicated to teaching the young minds that enter her class

Tabatha Posted 9 months ago

So excited and proud for you!!!

Leodis Norman Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchard is very dedicated to her call of duty as a Teacher and she loves her students.

Beverly Parker Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchcard is a very dedicated teacher. She goes above and beyond to prepare her students for the future and to celebrate their successes. One way she celebrates their success is by decorating and hosting a graduation ceremony for our Pre-K students every year. We are thankful to have her on our staff.

Mary franklin Posted 9 months ago

So proud of Mrs Punchard her students mean the world to her.

Anita Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchcard is an awesome teacher. She share great ideas and positive encouragement to her fellow co-workers. It is a joy to work with Mrs. Punchcard.

Lisa Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchard is a dedicated teacher who goes far and beyound the call of duty for her students. Mrs. Punchard is known for arriving to school before her assigned time to assist in any way she can. Mrs. Punchard loves her students and it shows in her daily dedication. Mrs. punchard adores her students and work hard to help them to get ready for the next level of school.

Donnie Holomon Posted 9 months ago

Not only a great teacher of young minds but a great person in her own right as well must be the one you are looking for

Elizabeth Punchard Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchard is a great teacher and strives to make sure her students have everything they need to learn and get ready for Kindergarten.

Amanda Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchard goes above and beyond for her students every day. She is always there with a smile on willing to go the extra mile for her kids. Not only is she a highly effective teacher, she is a positive contributor to her school community. She is always willing to lend a hand or offer advice to those who need it. Kids need more role models in their life like Mrs. Punchard.

Catherine Holomon Posted 9 months ago

Best teacher ever. She is amazing and fun to be around. Her School kids are Blessed to have her as there Teacher. Go Amanda

Roger Punchard Posted 9 months ago

Mrs Punchard is my wife she is a great teacher. She likes to spend my money on school projects.

Martika Cheffin Posted 9 months ago

I absolutely LOVE working along side such an amazing woman! She truly loves the children that she teaches. She is a blessing to them just as they are to her.

Deborah Jackson Posted 9 months ago

Amanda Punchard is also helpful to her fellow grade-level teachers. She is always ready to share plans, ideas and thoughtful encouragement.

Aleshia Posted 9 months ago

I have worked with Mrs. Punchard for almost 5 years and It has been an honor. She enjoys inspiring children and teaches them that they can do anything they put their mind to. She is a great educator in our school and is a positive influence to our youth.

Staci Cupp Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchard is an exceptional teacher. She is always looking for ways to better her classroom, her students and herself. You can tell teaching comes from her heart.

Christi Johnson Posted 9 months ago

Teachers who care, listen and love their students and their job change lives moment by moment, day by day. Mrs. Punchard does this day by day snd the results will pay dividends for years to come! Thank you caring and giving each day!

Linda Neely Posted 9 months ago

Amanda (Missy) goes above and beyond for her young students, such as is shown in her decorating and preparing her classroom.

Krista Donald Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Punchard goes above and beyond helping her students and all children she come in contact with. She devotes countless hours helping the school have a bright and positive atmosphere.