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Daniel Arnett

Position: Engineering and Architect Design Teacher
School: Hampton High School
School District: Carter County Schools
City, State: Hampton, TN

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Daniel Arnett was nominated by a student who wished to remain anonymous

"Mr. Arnett is a wonderful teacher and mentor. He has not only prepared me for college, but a career," said his nominator. "He has taken my classmates and I to compete in SkillsUSA and TSA regional, state, and national competitions. I have been to states I would have never had the opportunity to see if it had not been for him. Also, he has given us the opportunity to go sightseeing and do extra activities. Mr. Arnett has encouraged, supported and taught me to become a better student and person."

Comments (73)

Abigail Bennett Posted 4 days ago

I was a student who took Mr. Arnett's classes all 4 years of high school. I learned many helpful skills from his classes such as how to apply for jobs, hand-drafting, and using AutoCAD and other computer drafting softwares. I even was able to compete in the TSA 2D Architecture competition at the state and then national level my senior year in 2014. This helped me choose what major I wanted to pursue in college and prepared me for my Interior Design degree program. I used many of the skills I had learned in high school to obtain my undergraduate degree, and I am grateful to have had such a wonderful teacher who was so invested in sharing his knowledge and guiding us. In the years since, Mr. Arnett has continued to mentor students and provide them opportunities to compete on a national level as well as providing opportunities for getting drafting certification and knowledge that will aid them in future endeavors. Not only were his classes useful but they were also very fun and a highlight of my high school experience. He truly cares about his students and and I think he is truly deserving of the award.

Bruce Wiltshire Posted 5 days ago

I've know Mr. Arnett for over10 years and it is amazing how he motivates students to do there best and to never be satisfied with second place, even after they graduate many students come back to visit to let him know what a positive force he has been in their life. Our education system needs more teachers, motivators and friends like Mr. Arnett.

john cole Posted 6 days ago

I have known Daniel Arnett for many years as my football coach and as my teacher. Throughout my time in high school he took me to compete in multiple state and 3 national competitions in drafting. He also pushed me to get my mechanical drafting license, which was the main factor in getting my first engineering internship in college. What makes Daniel Arnett stand out compared to some teachers is that he does not stop caring and supporting you once you graduate from high school. I am currently a senior in college and to this day he still calls me to see how I am doing and if I need anything from him. Daniel Arnett is not just a coach or a teacher he has been a great friend and has definitely changed mine and many others lives for the better.

Glenda Oliver Posted 11 days ago

I don't know Mr. Arnett personally but I know his family. You just have to read the comments to know what an exceptional teacher this man is. To be a "Life Changer" is a huge achievement and I think through the submitted comments he has certainly arrived at this goal. A teenager has so many changes, decisions, and pressures- just having someone take time ( which apparently Mr. Arnett does) and belief in them is so inspiring. I can see how he was nominated for this award. I hope the Selection committee can see and understand just what a "life changer" he is by his achievements, the sincere comments and heartfelt admiration shown on his behalf. Congratulations to Mr. Arnett, his family and to our community.

Michaela Posted 14 days ago

As many have said in other comments, there is not a better person who deserves this award. Mr. Arnett goes above and beyond for all of his students. I started taking his classes freshman year, having no idea what I was getting myself into with the drafting program. My major was in nursing, but changed soon after starting his class. Arnett is always encouraging students to strive and do there best with anything they set there mind to. Me and another former student was the first to compete under Arnett for the egg dropping contest with Skills USA. We came in 10th out of 100 other students and schools! We put in so much time coming up with so many ideas of how to make the egg not break with the least weight. He was there every step of the way pushing us to do better! Aside from the fun things we done for his class, he also pushed us to prepare for a career and the real world. He definitely deserves this award!

Angela Posted 14 days ago

Daniel Arnett truly cares about his students and the faculty at the school. This is a much deserved nomination! Thankyou for all you do!

Kane Phillips Posted 14 days ago

I did not go to Hampton High School as a regular student, but instead I regularly attended another county high school. My senior year though, I was offered the opportunity to ride a bus each morning to Hampton and attend some of the CAD classes taught by Mr. Arnett. This gave me the opportunity to take classes I was interested in, even though my high school did not offer them. The first time I stepped into Hampton, Mr. Arnett was standing there waiting to greet his newest student with a firm handshake and a welcoming smile. I walked into a completely new school and did not know a single soul, but within the first day or two, Mr. Arnett made me feel like a member of the CAD Department Family. Mr. Arnett isn’t like most teachers who just care about their test scores or what administrators think of them, but he genuinely cares about each of his students and wants the best for them and to see them succeed in life. For instance, he starts each semester teaching kids how to properly shake hands and the best way to fill out a job application. Our CAD department was one of the best in the state and we went on a dozen competitions at the regional, state, and national levels. Even though I was a student from another high school within the county, my hard work and determination showed Mr. Arnett that i was capable to compete for our team at those levels. Most notably, I competed in the Job Interview at SkillsUSA and won second place at the state level. That was no easy task, but Mr. Arnett was not about to let any of us go into a competition unprepared. He knew what each student was capable of, and he knew the best way to influence them to do their absolute best, not just for CAD competitions, but to always put their best foot forward in all aspects of life. By the end of my senior year, I went from that kid from a different high school, to the affectionately named “foreign exchange student” (county football rivalries run deep). I didn’t just get to experience a fantastic teacher, but I made lifelong connections and friendships, learned the finer points of putting my best foot forward, and finally Mr. Arnett was the one who introduced me to my now girlfriend in class years ago. He is a great instructor and I am honored to call him not only my mentor, but a great friend. I graduated about four years ago but I know that today, tomorrow, and even in ten years, could pick up the phone and get the best life advice from such an outstanding man. Thank you Mr. Arnett, I wouldn’t be nearly the man I am today without your influence.

Zachary Story Posted 17 days ago

I began taking Mr. Arnett's class my sophomore year, and it was one of the best I have ever taken. From day one in his class, he has always strove to make his students the best they could possibly be. Myself and many other students would come in on our days off of school to try and work on our competitions whether they were state, national, or even just local and Mr. Arnett would always be there willing to help. Mr. Arnett has helped many of his students find out what they want to do in life and most of them is some form of engineering and most do not regret it. While attending his class, he has had many guess speakers that were either former students of his, or his colleagues, and they had nothing but good things to say about him and that he changed their life, he also changed my life and some of my closest friends and none of us regret taking his class.

Anonymous Posted 19 days ago

Mr. Arnett never likes attention but as I have read the other comments, there are some awards I think everyone needs to know. In 2015 he was high school teacher of the year. May 2018 WHJL teacher of the week. In 2016 his SkillUSA was the most outstanding Chapter in the TN state competition. Also, several students have passed the American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) Certified Mechanical Draftsman test. Whom ever nominated Mr. Arnett was right in doing so! Thank you Mr. Arnett for setting the standards high in your class.

Troy Posted 19 days ago

Mr. Arnett started at Hampton my senior year in 2009 before that CAD was just a class we didn't do anything but draft on the computer all year. Daniel's first year he took us out of the class room and had us drafting the school and it's facilities. Now he has his classes designing things for local law enforcement, building solar powered go karts, and students competing and winning in national and state competitions and making a lasting impression on his students. Every time I see Daniel out he is always showing me what his kids are doing he is very proud of what his kids accomplish he has always put them first and has turned that program into something to mold young minds for the future and a course that Hampton should be proud of and grateful for. Thank you Mr. Arnett for everything you have done for your students.

Cody Posted 20 days ago

I have known Daniel Arnett for many years. He did coach me in football in middle school. As like then to now Daniel puts the students 1st. He will go above and beyond to help anyway possible. Daniel was a great choice for this because of his positive attitude and the potential he brings out in each of his students.

Madison Weir Posted 20 days ago

Mr. Arnett is such a great teacher and person! He totally deserves this award!

KA Posted 20 days ago

This couldn't go to a more deserving person! Mr. Arnett truly cares about his students. He wants to see them succeed and pushes them to the best of their capabilities. One thing I remember is he always greeted you with a smile and a kind word. That can mean the world to some students.

Wayne Ellis Posted 20 days ago

I am a colleague of Mr. Arnett and I cannot imagine anyone else more deserving of the "Lifechanger of the Year Award". Hampton High School is a rural, low-socio economic school and according to, Carter County Schools had a 72% free and reduced lunch rate in 2018. I want to point out this statistic because most of our students do not come from privileged, well to do families. Some students only hot meal of the day will be at our school. When I think of the word "lifechanger", I think of someone helping students to move up in the socio-economic status. Mr. Arnett has influenced many of our students to continue their education not only in the CAD field but other fields as well. Mr. Arnett's dedication and encouragement has motivated many students to believe that they can attain their dream jobs. Sure, Mr. Arnett's students have won countless state awards and national awards, however, I believe it is Mr. Arnett's ability to motivate students to WANT to be their best and BELIEVE they can further their education that makes him most deserving of the Lifechanger of the Year Award.

John English Posted 20 days ago

As a School Superintendent in a neighboring school district I can speak to Mr. Arnett’s reputation as an excellent educator. He has enjoyed tremendous success in and outside of the classroom in various state and national competitions. He is a very caring teacher who motivates his students to excel in anything they do. Mr. Arnett is very deserving of this prestigious honor of Life Changer of the Year! I am very proud to know him. John English Director of Schools Unicoi County

Steve Walsh Posted 20 days ago

Anyone that knows Daniel can name many reasons for why he is deserving of this award. Many of his current and former students will give examples of his help, encouragement, dedication , and overall attitude towards his job. As maintenance supervisor for the school system he has helped our department several times doing drawings to be used in safety plans , measuring buildings for total square footage , drawings to be submitted to fire marshals office and many other items. In todays society good employees that go above and beyond what is in the job description are few and far between, and the vocational department and carter county schools are fortunate to have this nominee in their ranks as a teacher. Congratulations Daniel all the extra time , nights, weekends, extra hours after school have been noticed and appreciated even at times I'm sure you have felt unimportant and unappreciated, people actually noticed and felt you deserving of this accolade, and at the end of the day when you are helping kids excel and achieve as young adults, and students its a job well done !!!!

Jim Cates Posted 21 days ago

Daniel Arnett, What can I say about this Life Changer Nominee that, One has not been said before me in the Previous comments, or Two that can accurately describe what he has, can, and will do for any student that is willing to put forth an effort. With my time I have spent over the years getting to know Daniel, I have found out that he is many things, including but not limited to a leader, teacher, motivator, idealist, counselor, life coach, and all around genuinely good role model to look up to. Daniel truly shines when it comes to competitions, whether it is Skills USA, TSA or any other Event, he makes it a amazing experience. I mentioned above Daniel is a Leader, and many people can be a leader, but Daniel leads from behind. To be able to lead from behind the curtain takes a special type of person. Anyone can bark commands to meet a goal but only a select few can guide you with your own ideas and abilities, to get you to your goals. In competitions it is not about the quickest way to a medal for Daniel. It is letting the competitor learn and make choices to better their own understanding, molding the student into a more desirable adversary for the next step in life. Many times i have watch / experience Daniel go far out of his way / duty for a student, for just the satisfaction of the student's accomplishment no matter the size. HHS was never truly known for its technical achievements in the past, being part of upper east TN in a rural county. It is Hard to believe that since Daniel's arrival at HHS, that HHS can not only compete on but win at State and National levels in a technical field. Where the students can then turn those skills into higher education/employment opportunities furthering their lives and overall well being..

Bill Anderson Posted 21 days ago

I have known Daniel Arnett for over twenty years. He is a former student of mine and colleague. As a student, he was always prepared and demonstrated mastery of the subject. As colleague, he continued his education by acquiring two advanced degrees. Mr. Arnett is recognized by students and his peers as a role model. He motivates his student to be the best they can be. Many of his students have entered and were successful in local, state, and national competitions. Because of Mr. Daniel Arnett's influence, several students including my son, have chosen to further their education. In my life Daniel Arnett has been a student, fellow teacher, and a friend, who has made a difference. These are reasons Mr. Daniel Arnett should be the life changer of the year.

Cody Vines Posted 22 days ago

Taking Mr. Arnett’s classes was where I found my passion for engineering and what helped me to decide that it was what I wanted to do. The many competitions and events that he brought my classes on helped to give all of his students invaluable experience and knowledge. Every student who passes through his classroom, regardless of if they choose to follow engineering or not, leaves with a better work ethic and are more prepared for facing the road ahead, be it college or some other path. He pushes all of his students to be successful and has helped them to win countless state and national championships. He changes the lives of all of his students for the better, and I could not think of anyone more deserving of this award than him.

Emily Harrison Posted 22 days ago

Mr. Daniel Arnett is one of those people who truly makes a difference, not only in his community, but in the lives of the individuals whom are fortunate enough to cross paths with him. I am a former student of his and still keep in touch to this day. Mr. Arnett without a doubt gives his all to his students and it is evident how passionate he is about others just by talking to him. I was fortunate to be mentored by him throughout all four years of high school, and credit him with many of the life skills I walked away with. His devotion to helping others be their best self is unparalleled and to say he is a Life Changer suits quite well. Keep up the hard work Mr. Arnett, I think I speak for most when I say that we are so thankful for you!

Paige Posted 22 days ago

Mr. Arnett is a wonderful teacher and has a real skill for teaching.

Emily Holtsclaw Posted 23 days ago

I took Mr. Arnett’s classes because I was considered “artistic” according to some standardized test that placed us in high school classes, so computer aided drafting was determined to be a good fit for me. That being said, computerized test are not always the best way to determine your career focus, and the class itself was hard for me. I realized early on it wasn’t the right fit. However, even though I did not excel in his classes, Mr. Arnett always took time to encouraged me and help me, he made me feel like I had skills to succeed, and pushed me to go to college and find a career. I have a bachelors and masters degree now, and I think he was a big part of getting me started in thinking about my future. He always pushes me to realized that my education was very important and that there was more to life than living in the small town of Hampton. Even after I switched out of his classes he still would let me stop in and chat with him. A teacher that cares for his students beyond their academic performance is a special king of teacher and investing in students like that is what makes the difference in a good teacher and a great one. He is a great role model to his students and has helped make the small rural school of Hampton a place we’re students can excel and gain confidence for college as well as take pride in the program he has built up over the years.

Madilyn Whitley Posted 23 days ago

When Mr. Arnett was my teacher, we were just starting to get into Skills USA. Every day, every period, every trip, Arnett put in 110%. He didn’t know how to do things halfway. If you were his student, he personally made sure that you not only performed to the best of your ability, but that you were okay and happy doing it. You walked into his room and felt like family. When I remember high school, I remember Arnett. I remember the books he’d read or get for me. I remember him working harder to help me learn more when I was moving faster than the class. To this day, after four years of college, he is the best teacher and mentor I’ve ever had. Teachers like Arnett don’t only change lives; they change the world around them.

Deborah Morelock Posted 23 days ago

I have been an educator for 43 years. During that time I have come in contact with hundreds of great teachers, but one stands out among them all and that teacher is Daniel Arnett. He strives for excellence and always puts his students first. He molds them into better people. Daniel is the kind of man mothers want their daughters to marry.

Stacy Tipton Posted 23 days ago

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel as a fellow advisor for TSA. Although we work for different school systems he as always treated my students as if they were his own and has always been a help and encouragement to them. I have always admired him for his dedication and commitment to his students and his desire for them to succeed. The respect his students give him is a testament to his career as well as their many accomplishments in competition and in their everyday lives. His dedication to his students goes far beyond the classroom as many of them remain in contact with him during their college careers and continue to rely on him for encouragement and advice. To his students, he is not just some teacher they had in High School but he is a friend for life.

David Stout Posted 24 days ago

Daniel Arnett is the most caring and generous person you will ever know. Mr. Arnett takes pride in everything he does and this shows through all the accomplishments that his students achieve year after year. Daniel spends countless hours challenging and inspiring his students to become all they can be. Mr. Arnett gives his students opportunities through school competions that they may never get to ever experience in life. Daniel is hard working, dedicated, and courageous ; just like he teaches his students to be. Mr. Arnett deserves to be Life Changer of the Year because no one has as much pride in their community, school or students as he does.

Adam Ingram Posted 24 days ago

Out of everybody I have met, Mr. Arnett has easily made the biggest impact on my life today. Being a student in his class was not always easy. As a matter of fact it was almost never easy but it was always very rewarding. I'd come in Monday morning and he'd give out 3 or 4 drawings that you'd have till to finish so there was always plenty to do in there. It definitely got overwhelming for me but when we'd get on that bus bound for the Skills USA competitions in Chattanooga, it was all worth it then even if I was never a state champ. In Arnett's class we work hard but we always had a great time. If you had a problem with a drawing, he'd tell you to go back and see if you could figure it out and by the end of the class period if you didn't figure it out, he'd show you everything you needed, but ONLY if you were to the point of having smoke coming from your ears. This honestly made me mad on a few occasions, but because he didn't outright do the work for me, I feel like he made me stronger as a person and made me realize that I really can solve just about anything that gets put in front of me with enough time and that anything worth having is gonna be earned with a lot of work, sweat and even tears. I couldn't imagine how I would have turned out without being in his classes. It has been a tremendous honor to have had a teacher who is so passionate about his work and if I could go back to freshman year, I'd be his student all over again. Thank you for everything you do for all of us.

A. Humphrey Posted 24 days ago

Daniel is well deserving of this nomination. He wants nothing more than to see his students succeed.

Amanda Humphrey Posted 24 days ago

Daniel works hard and does all he can to assure the success of his students.

Benny LYONS Posted 24 days ago

As the solid waste director for carter county I can say mr Arnett and his class was a big part of helping to get a grant from the state of Tn for the sum of 94,000.00 dollars to remodel our roan mountain convenience and recycling center Than you again sir

Carol McClain Posted 24 days ago

I have know Daniel all his life....he is an exceptional teacher & mentor. He is definitely an asset to Hampton High School and this community. In this small rural community it’s awesome to see folks receiving recognition they deserve. Well done Daniel.....our H-Town folks are super proud of you.Keep up the hard work.??????????

Dr. Amy Bennett Banner Posted 24 days ago

This could not go to a more deserving person. Daniel is such a great teacher. I have worked with him for many years. I saw how much the kids learned and grew in his class and I asked him if I could take the class during my planning time. He graciously allowed me to do so and I was able to experience his teaching first-hand. He doesn't just teach...he pushes students to THINK! He pushes them to LEARN! He pushes them to BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES AND WHAT THEY CAN ACHIEVE. To back that up, in the last three years he has over 40 state titles, and two national 2nd place finishes from his students. I have personally seen so many students grow into leaders in Mr Arnett's programs, along with the students in all the vocational programs in our school. I cannot say enough good things about him and he truly deserves this award.

Jenny Weir Posted 24 days ago

Mr Arnett is Definitely a Life Changer, he gives so much of his time to help his students achieve their goals.

Tanya & Kevin Young Posted 24 days ago

So happy to hear about the nomination! Mr Arnett is so supportive of his students. We need more teachers like him!

sylvia foster Posted 24 days ago

Great job Daniel!!!

Brandon Young Posted 24 days ago

Daniel is a wonderful educator that cares deeply about every student. He wants to see students succeed and become an active contributor to society. He goes above and beyond!

Kaleb Miller Posted 24 days ago

As a student at Hampton High, I’ve seen what his program will accomplish for many students. My close friend is extremely involved in his class and I hear nothing but incredible things. Even though I am not enrolled in his class, he’s very kind to me. He welcomes me into his classroom and has conversations with me just like he does his students. He’s an incredible teacher and a very nice person.

Mickey Taylor Posted 24 days ago

I have observed Mr. Arnett over my ten years as CTE Director and during that time I have witnessed the impact that he has had on both students and teachers alike. His enthusiasm for teaching and has been a light for so many as he continues to inspire others while giving so much of himself. Mr. Arnett's dedication has made those around him better and is truly deserving of this nomination!.

Allie Arrington Posted 26 days ago

I can honestly say that without Daniel Arnett I would not be where I am today. I took his class on a whim during my sophomore year, and I am continually grateful for that decision. Before I took his class, I was planning to study mathematics in college. After taking his class and competing with him, I decided to change my planned area of study to Engineering. Currently I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering major at a school 12 hours away from home. He taught me so much that I didn't fully realise until I reached college. By going with Arnett to Regional, State, and National competitions in both TSA and SkillsUSA, he taught me how to present myself in a professional manner, and how to come out of my shell in a situation where I feel "alone". He helped build my confidence, and I left high school knowing that I had a mentor who would continue to support me in all my endeavours. I know that now, 3 years after graduation, that I could call on him and he would try his hardest to help me in any way that he possibly can. These things made the my choice of attending my current college very easy, and I would not have had these experiences and opportunities if it were not for Daniel Arnett.

Philip Arrington Posted 26 days ago

When I think of people who have altered my path in life, Daniel Arnett is at the top of the list. While I was in middle school, he was our middle school football coach, and he taught everyone on the team how to be very respectful, and how hard work will pay off in the field. Once I was in high school, I had the opportunity to join his Engineering and Architecture design class, and on the first day we came in and he sat us down and said guys if you all are willing to put in the work you can leave this room a champion and be prepared for college. All around his room he has newspaper clippings, from articles wrote about students he's had in class. You can look at any image in his room, and he can tell you the time and place of what was going on, as well as what that student is up to now. I know people who have went into his room with no aspirations for college leave and attend a four-year university. While I was in his class, he talked me into attempting some competitions. There would be days he would stay until midnight or later working with the students to get them ready for competitions. He would fight for us no matter what it meant. I know right now if I was to call him up and ask for the t-shirt on his back, he would give it to me. He has instilled in me and every other student, person, or coworker, a great work ethic and the realization that they can accomplish whatever they desire to do. I never thought I could be a 7-time state champion, but even in the beginning before I won anything, he had belief in me and pushed me and helped me achieve them. He still regularly checks in on his previous students and sees how they are doing in college and in life. He was a crucial part in me obtaining a summer engineering internship this past summer. I know MR. Arnett is not only the best teacher I've ever had and the most memorable, I am also glad to say he's a great friend for life. I know I can go and ask him any question and if he can he will help me. Knowing every time, I talk to him he asks me when he can get an invitation to my College graduation, is pretty amazing because I know he will be there, and he will be just as proud as my parents. He takes every student under his wing and treats them as if they are his child and will be there for them for the rest of their lives, as a friend, teacher, and advisor. I can truly say he completely changed my life, and in a small community as ours, I can look around and see the effects of his teachings across the whole community.

Nick Swiney Posted 27 days ago

Mr. Arnett is an inspiring man, who has a real gift for teaching.

N/A Posted 27 days ago

First hand I have seen the blood sweat and tears through fundraising, prepping for and attending conferences, after hours, weekends, and summer vacation time Mr.Arnett selflessly and enthusiastically invests for the betterment of the student. He beams with pride as he tells complete strangers of his students' achievements. He has accomplished so much but would rather all the attention be deflected to his students. When he went to HHS, there were no CAD/TSA/Skills programs. Now these are programs that have achieved National recognition on multiple occasions and have put Tennessee and HHS on the map, showcasing student academics/awards/honors. He has excelled in all he has attempted in life- first as an engineer, manager and coach but teaching was his main goal early in life. He ensures all the students are recognized by local papers, even TV stations. He counsels them regarding college, taking them on tours, giving them insight that otherwise would not have occurred. He has given countless references that assisted students into college. He has been the former teacher of graduates from MTSU, UT School of Engineering, etc. He has secured jobs for graduates at places like TVA, helping them have their best shot at life. Mr. Arnett is the true epitome of higher education and truly a genuine, pure person. His students contact him for help even while at the college, or post graduate levels, maintaining contact with him and thanking him for how he has shaped their futures and lives. The permanent impact left is how you measure success as a teacher. Mr.Arnett is following his true calling. He was born to teach, born to lead- a natural born life changer.

Austin Boling Posted 27 days ago

Mr. Daniel Arnett is a very great guy and is the true definition of this award. With this being said, I have witnessed very many milestones surpassed from students in his classroom. I took his Engineering and Architect Design classes all throughout high school. He made sure that I was doing the very best job I could, not only in his class but at life in general. He took his classes on multiple college campus tours and student leadership events. He also pushed us to compete in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math related competitions which were held at local, state, and national levels. At those competitions, his students were up against numerous different schools with as many students up to 4x our school’s population. And Mr. Arnett was able to prepare, study, enforce, and motivate us to where we could be champions at those competitions. Mr. Arnett wants his students to be very successful in the classroom and at what ever they may do after high school. He wants his students to be sure that they have the mindset to be the very best at whatever they do. He believes in doing something with all you’ve got. Never to be lazy or a slacker. Along with being an excellent teacher, he also wants to have a close relationship with all of his students. He has the love for coaching, teaching, mentoring, counseling his students. I am very glad I was able to have him as a teacher and a coach. But as the years move forward, I am also very glad to have him as a friend. We still call each other and remind each other of fun times had on trips to competitions and college campus tours. A life changer like Mr. Arnett made me enjoy my high school years more than some students would. I am very blessed that I was able to learn not only studies, but life long lessons as well.

Erica Glass Posted 28 days ago

Daniel is a outstanding person and goes above and beyond for his students and school

Alex Marlow Posted 30 days ago

It's hard to summarize just how above and beyond Mr. Arnett goes to ensure that every kid he encounters meets their full potential. From travelling to state and national competitions to touring college campuses the opportunities he has put in his kids life, including my own, is impossible to count. I began taking his drafting classes sophomore year and continued through senior year and I can honestly say the influence and friendship he offered had a part in making me who I am today. I can't think of a teacher who is more deserving to be called a life changer.

Kevin Kiser Posted 30 days ago

I met Daniel Arnett about twenty years ago when we were colleagues working at a local Electronics Manufacturing Center. During that time, I learned that Daniel is a person that strives for perfection. He is incapable of half-doing any task. Daniel is an "all in" kind of guy. We became good friends over the 6 to 7 years we worked together. Professionally, we went our separate ways when the company chose to shutdown the local operation. However, we stayed in touch and are still great friends today. Daniel chose to pursue a new career in education as he had a desire to coach, teach and mentor local youth. During his career in education, I have watched Daniel excel as an educator, an encourager, a motivator, a mentor and a real life changer. While serving periodically as an Industry Technical Advisor for him and his classes, I have witnessed the admiration students have for Daniel. Without acknowledgement or taking any credit for personal success, he has become a benchmark for how CTE professionals within the local school system and surrounding systems are measured. His students have demonstrated exceptional achievement as evidenced by the numerous regional, state and national awards. This distinguished legacy continues to inspire his colleagues and students. More importantly than all the educational accolades that folks can shower on Daniel, the fact that he is just simply a good man is probably the most significant. Evidence of this can be seen in the respect and affection his former and current students have for him. This admiration is a result of Daniel's constant investment in his students and explains why his former students continue to seek counsel with him long after leaving his classroom. While I'm sure there are many deserving candidates for this aware, I am absolutely certain there is no one more deserving of the Life Changer of the Year title!

Brody Deloach Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Arnett has been an amazing influence on my life in just the short amount of time that I have known him. I took his entry level Architecture and Design class my final semester of high school and learned many things both within the class as well as how to present myself as an adult. With Mr. Arnett's help, I was able to become State Runner-Up in a SkillsUSA competition. I also became more involved in extra curricular activities that have led me to persue a career in the engineering field. I owe everything to Mr. Arnett

David Fletcher Posted 1 months ago

Daniel has given his students the opportunity to succeed in the real world for many years now. He has proven to be an example for all educators to follow in the task of preparing the next generation to lead our country to meet the challenges that lie ahead. He definitely qualifies for life changer of the year.

Devin Riddle Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Arnett is a great teacher, and a even better person. I had him my Senior year in highschool, and wish I got in his class sooner. I enjoyed the way he tought and how he works with each student. He taught me more in a single semester than I would've been able to learn in a year with another teacher. His teaching ways are fantastic and has encouraged and changed more students than any other teacher i know.

Zack Oliver Posted 1 months ago

Arnett has changed my life in a huge way. He has pushed me as much as he could and isnt finished yet. Thanks to him i have won 6 state champion ships and recieved a national runner up. I can't believe how much Arnett has changed me in a possitive way and how much he has motivated me to be my best. I cant wait to see the other students he will change and the other great accomplishments he will achieve.

Lillian Street Posted 1 months ago

I am a recently graduated student of Mr. Arnett. From the first day I took his engineering and architecture design class, my sophomore year of high school, he ask me where I wanted to be after high school, after college and I told him I want to be an engineer. Since that day it has been one of his many goals to get me there, whether that be working late after school to win state championships or improving my people skills that would get me the scholarships and make the connections that put me where I am today. I’m currently preparing to go into my first year at Tennessee Technology University majoring in mechanical engineering and I credit where I am and who I am today to Mr. Arnett. He’s not just a great teacher, he’s a role model and mentor to every student that walks through the door of his classroom.

Jenna Mckinney Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Arnett has help me a lot. When I didn't understand something he would go over it with me until I understood. He's honestly an amazing teacher and person. Mr. Arnett always has some cool story to tell and usually has a life lesson in it.

Katrina Hyder Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Arnett is a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher. He assists every student step by step until they are finished. He teaches students proper business etiquette and social skills. He pushes students to do their very best. Keep up the good work!

Laura Norris Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Daniel Arnett has steadily transformed the educational culture of Hampton High School through his dedication, enthusiasm, and superior work ethic. Year after year, he has taken students from our rural, low socio-economic environment and helped them to realize that they can compete with the best of the best in our local area, in our region, in our state, and in our nation. He has helped students to believe that, not only can they compete, they can win! While in the past students from our school have often received recognition athletically, there has been a longtime, underlying cultural belief in our community that our students could not compete academically with most other schools. Daniel Arnett has certainly disproven that! The success rate achieved by his students is absolutely phenomenal. The list of awards his students have earned is ever-growing and far too lengthy to mention. However, Mr. Arnett's motive for having students compete is not about collecting the wins; it is about producing students who will be successful, confident, productive members of our society. He has achieved that goal over and over again with increasing success. What a lifelong gift these students have received as a result of the travel, competition experience, personal growth, and team building opportunities they have shared together! It is both an honor and a pleasure to provide support for my friend and former student and co-worker, Daniel Arnett. I could not be more proud of the person he was in my class and the person he is today. HHS is unbelievably fortunate to retain a teacher with Daniel's ability to interact with students at such an extraordinary level. He is a mentor, encourager, fundraiser, goal setter, community leader, and role model. Daniel not only has a vision of betterment for his students, but also for himself. He has continued his own education and strives each year to improve upon the performance of the previous year. He inspires students and faculty members alike by accepting new projects and establishing more challenging goals. Each academic year Daniel seems to produce gains which many would deem impossible. If any teacher on the planet deserves to be named, "Life Changer of the Year," it is Mr. Daniel Arnett of Hampton High School. He changes lives every single year! Laura Norris, Retired Educator, HHS

Jada Grindstaff Posted 1 months ago

I had Mr. Arnett when I was in high school, and he definitely made a huge impact on my life. He would not let me give up, especially when I really felt like I needed to. He pushed me to be the best that I could possibly be.

Ellie Campbell Posted 1 months ago

Where do you even begin with Mr. Arnett. As a teacher, he takes his job to the next level. I decided to take his CAD classes my senior year, and my only regret is that I wish I taken then sooner. Beyond being a teacher, Mr. Arnett has become a mentor, part-time counselor, and a good friend to me. Out of all the courses I took at Hampton High School, his prepared me the most for my secondary education. He pushes students until they accomplish things they never dreamed possible. With Mr. Arnett, I competed in Skills USA CPR/First Aid at the regional, state, and national levels. The amount of laughs, jokes, and fun times we all had is nothing compared to the lifelong lessons we all learned in that small class room. Being a fourth year student at the University of Tennessee, I may not know how to draw a blue print anymore, but I know how to look someone in the eye with confidence, how to properly shake hands, and how to push myself to the limit to reach my goals. I can say with confidence that Mr. Arnett's lessons go far beyond the computer.

Everette Lydick Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Arnett has provided many great resume building experiences for me and every student in the class. He has taken us to many college campuses on tour getting information about their cte and engineering courses. As well as he had taken us to places like American water heater where got a tour of the facility and how they design their parts and what the parts do. There are countless other great opportunities we have been on due to mr. arnett caring for each of his students and wanting to see each and everyone of us go above and beyond in the world and succeed

Scotty Johnson Posted 1 months ago

I am a good friend with Mr. Daniel Arnett, I Could spend three days writing this comment over the competitions through skills USA and Tsa his students have won. I became a teacher 3 years ago and I was inspired and still striving to be a successful teacher as Mr. Arnett has been. He spends countless hours after school working with students to see them accomplish their goals in the classroom and in their careers. Daniel Arnett is one these people that intrigues happiness ,responsibility and goal achieving activities when you around him. He as also been a great teaching mentor to me as a entry level teacher. So many students and teacher staff owe him for changing their life's to reach their full potential. I am honored to call him a friend and very excited to see him receive the lifechanger of the year award!

N/A Posted 1 months ago

Arnett has taught me so many things, like how to work well with a big group of people, hard work, dedication to what I do, how to go through a job interview and almost guarantee getting the job you applied for, and He’s taught me patience. He is an amazing teacher and an all around wonderful person.

Jonah Rhinehart Posted 1 months ago

I am a student of Mr.Arnett and he is an amazing teacher and really works with his students. He try’s his very best to get students where they want to be in the future and I’ve seen him guide them to they’re career. He’s changing future of students lives getting them a good job and leading them through school.

Kole Fisk Posted 1 months ago

I am a previous student of Daniel Arnett. Before attending his class, I had no goals or aspirations to attend college, however after attending his class, I found out I have a passion for engineering and drafting. I will be graduating in the spring of 2020, with an associates in Industrial Engineering Design. Thanks to his hard work and dedication to me and his other students, not only has he taught me the importance of making sure your work is done right, and that hard work always pays off. He has also inspired me to attend college.

Letha Stricklin Posted 1 months ago

Daniel is a great guy and very deserving of this award.

Emily Phillips Posted 1 months ago

I have two siblings who know Mr. Arnett well. My oldest brother finished his program. My slightly older sister is currently in his classes and doing very well. He challenges her academically, which doesn’t happen often. Through his program she’s hoping to be prepared to compete in different public speaking competitions. Through my two siblings and knowing him as a close family friend, I’ve seen first hand that he prepares his students for life beyond high school.

Neyland Sluder Posted 1 months ago

Going into his class I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I had been given a lot of suggestions but none that stuck out to me, then I started taking his classes and he took me to competitions and showed students around colleges and introduced us to professors and really helped me to get my mind where it needed to be about how important choosing a college is and helped me get to see so many and really see what each college had to offer, and just from being in his class he helped prepare me for college unlike I ever knew was possible and got me ready to be in a college class and helped me realize what was ahead of me. Then when I was having problems figuring out which programs of study to choose for what I wanted to continue doing after high school even though I had graduated he helped me learn about each program of study and helped me with setting up my plans to get through college. If not for him I may not have been put into the program to continue doing what I loved through high school or even know about the classes and I won’t ever be able to thank him enough for preparing me for the next part of my life and helping me get through high school ready for college.

Heather Grindstaff Posted 1 months ago

I am a current student of Mr. Arnett. If I had to describe him in one sentence, I would say he truly is a life changer. I love Hampton; however, we are part of a smaller community. Living in a smaller town can often limit the experiences you participate in during your highschool years. Mr. Arnett's program defies the small town stereotype in every way possible. Year after year his program is proof that where you come from is irrelevant to your future. Mr. Daniel Arnett goes above and beyond his job as a teacher. From buying lunch for students who cannot afford it to keeping up with them well into their careers, he is the teacher that I hope every highschool student has the joy of meeting. One step into his classroom is enough to show he has a strong passion for what he does. Throughout the years, his students have accumulated over 40 state championships and two national runner up awards, but he will not take credit for it. You will often hear him say, "The trophies aren't mine. You guys put in the work, not me. Thank you." He has given many students a future they didn't even know they were capable of having by being a selfless, resilient, and caring advisor.

Jamie Oliver Posted 1 months ago

My son is one of the many students in which Mr. Arnett has taught, over the past three years Zack has won 6 State Championships and 1 Second Place in TSA National Competition. I have had the pleasure to be a chaporne over the past three years to watch my son compete, while at the same time I became friends with Daniel. I have watched him encourage his students, give them consutrive criticism and hope. As I have learned through out these years Mr. .Arnett's students have won 44 State Championships and 2 National runner-ups. While some may think this is not a big accomplishment, but in our rural area where sports tend to get the recognition these titles are all academic. I wish Mr. Arnett the best and thank him for his comment to education.

Larry Nave Posted 1 months ago

Daniel Arnett was a student in my Agriculture Classes during the years of 1990-1994 . As a student, Daniel became interested in several curricular activities of FFA and 4-H. He became a team member of several competitions of which he excelled in. One such competition was Forestry. Here he and the team climbed the latter of winning and won State competitions and went to National competition and done well. He was also on the 4-H Forestry team that placed 1st in the nation. Everything that Daniel did in school was done with an eagerness to learn more and do very well. After high school, Daniel and I have remained good friends and have shone tremendous support of each other. Daniel keeps me informed of his and his student's accomplishments. I am very proud to have had Daniel as a student and, as life moves forward, as a friend. This nomination is well deserved of this young man. He takes pride in his students and his community.

Lee Cole Posted 1 months ago

I am a parent of two of his former students and I have watched him show encouragement and support for their success both in school and even after school in college and my oldest into the teaching profession. My youngest son thinks of him like another Dad. It is because of this man and another two gentlemen that got me interested in the field of being a CTE teacher ( Bruce Wiltshire and Patrick Kelly of Hampton high school ). I have known this man for 10 or 12 years and he is the perfect example of what a teacher should be. He is a perfect example of doing the right thing to help the students, my example of this is from the statewide skills competition this past year. I needed an extension cord for my students and did not have one. He helped me find one threw his co-worker, Mr. Kelly. You could not offer this to a more deserving teacher and I thank God everyday that my sons had him in thier educational career. Way to go Mr. Arnett may you be blessed as much as you have blessed others.

Kathy Boling Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Arnett is a great all around guy. Cares very much about all aspects of his students' lives. Prepares students for real life situations. Thankful he has been a part of my son's life during his school years and still is a good friend to him while he is at ETSU.

Jamie Oliver Posted 1 months ago

My son was one of Mr. Arnett's students and was blessed to have won 6 State Championships over three years; and last year Second Place in the Nation during TSA competition. Mr. Arnett is a Lifechanger in our community!

Ryan Kelly Posted 1 months ago

Mr. Arnett taught me many useful skills in his class that have been useful to me in college. He pushed me and the rest of his students to reach our full potential so we could compete in regional, state, and national competitions. Most importantly helped me and many of my friends to become better people.

Patrick Kelly Posted 1 months ago

I have two sons who have gone through Daniels program at Hampton High School. Both of them were extremely successful because of the time and dedication he gives to his students. Both achieved multiple regional and state championships. Both competed at the National level multiple years placing in the top 10. One as high as second. They are now pursuing college degrees using the skills learned in his program.

Macon Barden Posted 1 months ago

I am another one of the many students he has given the chance to see a lot of things that kids from Hampton usually wouldn’t be able to see. I’ve gotten to compete in all competitions such as regionals, state, and nationals for TSA and regionals and state for skills USA.