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Heather Hughes

Position: Seventh Grade Reading Teacher
School: Lone Oak Middle School
School District: Lone Oak ISD
City, State: Lone Oak, TX

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Heather Hughes was nominated by her colleague, Sherla Ashby.

"Mrs. Hughes is a LifeChanger because she's a creative teacher. She was highly successful (by STAAR scores) last year, and this summer, she committed to being even better," said Ashby "She worked tirelessly throughout the summer to be prepared. Mrs. Hughes has made costumes, made her bookshelves come alive, and prepared how to teach standards. She inspires others to be better teachers by thinking outside the box and being different to engage students. I think she deserves recognition!"

Comments (4)

Sherla Posted 26 days ago

Ms. Hughes, you continue to inspire me! I love how you can transform your room and make the learning come to life for the students! I love how you are willing to give other teachers ideas and that you are willing to listen to other teachers. Sometimes a validation goes a long way in helping a struggling teacher. I know you are an inspiration to many of your fellow teachers! Thanks!

Stacy Diamond Posted 3 months ago

When my daughter speaks of Ms. Hughes, it is nothing but praise. She absolutely adores her as a teacher and a person. My daughter loves to read and thinks it's amazing that her teacher has read all the books her students are reading, making her relevant to these kids. The thought that Ms. Hughes would listen to one of their recommendations and read a book they enjoyed is touching. Ms. Hughes shares her personal life experiences with her students to help them relate to her and learn valuable lessons. Oh, and through all of this, she also teaches! Our kids learn and grows their beautiful minds in new and exciting ways in Ms. Hughes' class. My daughter said, "Mom, a lot of our teachers care about us, but you can tell she LOVES us. She asks questions about how we are doing and wants to hear the answer. She tutors kids before and after school...but not just her students. Mom, she'll tutor 6th or 8th graders too. You can just tell she truly loves us." As a fellow educator and a mom, there can be no higher praise. In a world with instant negative feedback, especially for our teachers, I want to say thanks. Thank you for loving them. All of them. Thank you for being what all educators should strive to be each day: relevant, relatable, open, honest, and loving teachers.

Billie Pruett Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Hughes is superbly creative, and her passion for teaching reading to middle schoolers is tremendous. Her lessons made me want to attend her classes myself! Not only is she a great teacher, but also a fabulous and supportive colleague and friend.

Lisa Martin Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Hughes is such a joy to be around. She is always happy, and her sweet spirit brightens every room she enters. This year, she has stepped out of her comfort zone with room transformations, and her kids are so blessed to experience her creativity and fearlessness as she brings various literary characters to life!! Great work!!