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Kaeli Jantz

Position: ELL Math Teacher
School: Longfellow Middle School
School District: Enid Public Schools
City, State: Enid, OK

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Kaeli Jantz was nominated by her principal, Jonathan Mitchell.

On a daily basis, Mrs. Jantz makes a beneficial difference in the lives of students at Longfellow Middle School. She serves as an ELL teacher and student monitor as she preps for math lessons each day. Mrs. Jantz possesses a unique ability to reach students whose native languages are Spanish and Marshallese. Many of these students do not speak English at all, but Mrs. Jantz' dedication to the profession, mixed with her students' determination, makes it work each day.

Mrs. Jantz has a contagious, positive outlook on life, and that shines through her building and promotes an atmosphere of success and a belief of a brighter tomorrow. She is a leader in her school's Math PLC meetings, and she also serves as lead teacher in the ELL PLC. Her students' state test scores continue to shine, showing growth each year. That record of excellence in growing students is even easier to see when you walk into her classroom throughout the year. Mrs. Jantz has given up her personal time for years working with students after school hours tutoring them in math and other subjects. She pulls the best out of her English language learners, allowing them to grow and feel confident with mathematics and the English language.

"Kaeli's positive attitude, commitment to her students and the profession, and high moral and ethical values make her a LifeChanger in our community," said Mitchell.

Comments (8)

Zach Posted over a year ago

I have genuinely never met another teacher as passionate and excited about teaching as Kaeli. She excels for her kids and can never be found without a smile on her face. We need more teachers like her in every school.

Kristian Posted over a year ago

Kaeli is truly an amazing friend and an even more amazing teacher. She treats her kids as more than just students, she treats them like people. She listens to them, she makes her classroom a fun and safe place for them, and she respects them. Kaeli is one of those rare teachers that treats her kids as equals. Those teachers are the teachers that change lives.

Renae Posted over a year ago

Kaeli is one of those people you can’t help but adore and admire. She is extremely kind to her students, supportive of her fellow staff members, and a true friend to everyone in the the school. But most of all, she is a safe spot for all of her students who are new to this country, new to this language, & often struggling with their own issues at home. Kaeli offers them love, kindness, & a steady shoulder to lean on in more ways than one. She is a true asset & inspiration!

Heather Posted over a year ago

I am honored to know you and watch the joy you have for teaching and for your students shine through in all that you do. Thank you for making a difference, even on the hard days.

Kelcie Hainley Posted over a year ago

Kaeli, you are and amazing educator, mentor, and friend for everyone who walks through your classroom door. You teach students that they can achieve great things. I truly believe that many student show up to school because you are there to support and believe in them. Not only do you inspire your students, you also inspired me to strive to be like you when I become a teacher.

Noval Cox Posted over a year ago

Kaeli Jantz is the most caring and dedicated teacher. She gives her all to her students!

TinaLunday Posted over a year ago

Kaeli is definitely one of the best in the field of teaching. She connects with all students in her building and is always willing to help out her colleagues. She has made a difference in the lives of many students from a "hard" school. She excels in her field and always goes above and beyond. Life would be boring without her.

Theri Ray Posted over a year ago

Kaeli, you are truly an inspiration. Your patience and dedication is amazing. Not only do you change the lives of your students you affect other teachers in amazing ways. You make our school a better place.