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Kimberly Gibala

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: International Technology Academy
School District: Pontiac School District
City, State: Pontiac, MI

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Ms. Gibala gives students hope.  Her influence truly changes lives, and her students never forget her and stay in touch.  She loves students and is dedicated to her core.

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Josy K Vega Posted 7 months ago

I am nominating Ms. Gibala she is an amazing woman and teacher she goes more than beyond for her students!!!! She was my son's Enrique's teacher at Owen Elementary School... She gives students hope and makes the student's feel loved!!! And with all that she has done for the students changed their lives... They love her so much that they will never forget her and stay in touch!!! We love you Ms. Gibala

Carlos ponce Posted 8 months ago

Best teacher ever!!!!!!

Victoria Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Gibala is an amazing teacher to her students. She gives her all day and night 365 days a year to her students.My daughter had her 2 years ago and we still remain in contact with her. Her impact on these children will last a lifetime. Ms. Gibala desrves to life changer of century. We love her and wish her nothing but the best.

Michele Kerr Posted 9 months ago

Kim’s dedication to her students goes above and beyond all expectations. Kim’s focus on the education of her students are her main commitment. She consistently strives to improve her ability to educate her students.

Allyson Wyckhuyse Posted 9 months ago

Congrats on the nomination Kim. No one is more deserving of this award than you. Everyone who knows you is aware of all the things you do that are way above what is required or expected. I love hearing your stories about your students achievements. You are always looking for new ways to insure your kids are challenged but not beyond their capabilities. Keep up the good work and know that I will be praying for you and your students as you start your new school year.

George Wyckhuyse Posted 9 months ago

I can’t think of a more deserving teacher for this honor. She is dedicated to her students and her profession.

Jacquelyn White Posted 9 months ago

Way to go Kim!!! You are an awesome teacher and niece. I love your dedicated spirit <3 Please know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Danielle Gibala Posted 9 months ago

Kim has been instrumental in my children's education. Each summer she reinforces math and reading so they won't "lose it". My daughter went to see her almost every night last for math tutoring. She is a big part of the reason both my kids have over a 4.0 each. Not only does she care for my children's education, she goes above and beyond for her students. I have never seen someone work as hard as she does. She is determined to get through to the children, and succeeds more often than not. She has lead many after school activities, on top of her daily duties. Kim has devoted her life to teaching. Her students continually come back to visit her after they have moved on. They love and respect her for the genuine interest in their growth and progress. She is amazing!