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Ramazan Ozdemir

Position: High School Physics Teacher and Robotics Coach
School: Harmony School of Innovation - Katy
School District: Harmony Public Schools
City, State: Katy, TX

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Ramazan Ozdemir was nominated by his colleague, Shugufa Fatih.

Mr. Ozdemir is known to have a great rapport with students. He has served as an excellent Robotics coach for many years, and his teams competed at the World Championship. He has a proven ability to make a difference in the lives of the students. Mr. Ozdemir is highly committed and works late hours to ensure students' success during Robotics competition seasons. 


Comments (3)

Anamika Kale Posted 3 months ago

Mr. Oz is awesome! A man of few words :). Always there for his students regardless of time or day. One of most dedicated teacher I know. He guides students without overpowering and nurtures their own thinking and creativity. He is definitely a lifechanger for my son!

Olutobi Sanyaolu Posted 3 months ago

Mr Ozdemir has always been like a second father to me. His presence and influence allowed me to open up and enjoy robotics for more reasons than you'd enjoy an afterschool club that required skills in computer science and engineering. Even in his AP Physics class that I struggled to complete, he was always able to allow us to enjoy it at the end. He truly cares for his students as he would his own family. I remember holding a surprise baby shower for him and his wife in return for the years of kindness they've shown us throughout the year. There's never a dull moment around him and I know for a fact that I won't be the only one missing him when I graduate.

Jessika Quijada Posted 3 months ago

Mr. Oz has always been an amazing teacher and mentor. In my high school years, the experiences and skills I gained from being in robotics under his guidance has been a huge contribution to my success in college. Even now, in my second year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I keep in contact with Mr. Oz and enjoy visiting and hearing about things from home. I’m glad he is being recognized for his work.