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Dr. Pete Getz

Position: Principal
School: Academy of the Canyons
School District: William S Hart Union High School District
City, State: Santa Clarita, CA

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Dr. Pete Getz was nominated by a faculty member, Kane Crawford.

For anything to be truly effective and successful, there must be solid leadership.  It stands to reason, therefore, that for anything to be great, there must be great leadership. Dr. Getz is that kind of leader.

Dr. Getz has built a staff that is passionate about what they do and able to incorporate that passion into their teaching.  Passionate teachers result in a learning environment that encourages and creates incredible success.  

"During my four years at AOC, I have watched our senior classes increase the percentage that achieve at least an Associate's degree from the college where our campus is domiciled from a little over 60% to nearly 70%," said Crawford. "When you consider that students from AOC are by far the highest performing demographic on the College of the Canyons campus, you begin to see the success that his leadership helps build."

"I am not a young man, and I have worked for over 55 years in many capacities. I can honestly say that I have never experienced the fair minded and exemplary leadership exhibited by Dr Getz," said Crawford. "Dr. Getz shows leadership by his professionalism and approachability, and because of his humility, he receives the same in return from his teachers and staff.  Every one of my colleagues and virtually every student I have encountered in my four years here says the same thing.  We are all successful as a direct result of Dr Getz’ leadership."

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Paula Davidson Posted 4 months ago

No truer words. Thank you, Kane. Dr. Getz is an exemplary model of what's good in education.