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Antwan Reeves

Position: Principal (4th-6th Grade)
School: Arthur W. Watson Elementary School
School District: Claiborne County School District
City, State: Port Gibson, MS

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Antwan Reeves was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

As the oldest son of Mr. Donald Reeves and Mrs. Shirley Reeves, both of whom were educators themselves, you could say that Antwan was destined to be a phenomenal educational leader. He has worked very hard to earn the respect and love of all those who not only work under him, but those whose children he has taught. Mr. Reeves has dedicated himself to being prepared for whatever is thrown at him. He did not let coming from a school district with limited resources stop him from reaching for the stars! In fact, he is so dedicated that he is now working for the same school district that gave him his education when he was a child.

Over his many years as an educator, Mr. Reeves has dedicated himself to making sure his students are prepared for college. He has experience working in a predominately African American school district with limited resources and a low economic status, yet he doesn't allow his students or staff to use that as an excuse. He pushes all who come into contact with him to strive for greatness. Mr. Reeves reminds his community that failure is not an option!

Mr. Reevs is married with four children, and his wife, Taniesha, is also an educator. He works long hours and even stays at his desk until late in the evenings looking at data and thinking of ways to ensure his students are getting high quality education from his district. He even reached out to the local university to ask some of his former students to come to the school and volunteer to help those under them to succeed. As a result, his students can't help but succeed in all that they do. 

"Because of his compassion, patience, and love, Mr. Reeves has aided many students, including my children, to have the courage and faith to believe they can achieve whatever they put their minds to," said his nominator. "He even shows his faith in his students by giving incentives paid for out of his own pocket to students that score well on the state tests. The confidence he shows transfers to students on test day. He makes sure the students are first priority, both during and after school. He not only leads all of us, but encourages us to be our best selves.

"As you can see, Antwan embodies everything a LifeChanger of the Year represents," said his nominator. "He is dedicated, loving, patient, and an all around great leader. He helps his students and teachers realize there's greatness in all of us."