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Anjali Nanda

Position: Computer Science Instructor
School: Harmony School of Innovation-Katy
School District: Harmony Public Schools
City, State: Katy, TX

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Anjali Nanda was nominated by her colleague, Shugufa Fatih.

Ms. Nanda has a record of excellent performance, and she is a master PLTW teacher. She adheres to high moral and ethical standards. She is known for her effective classroom management, positive relationships with other adults, and ability to develop relationships with her students. Ms. Nanda is highly dedicated and has a patient, caring, and kind personality.

Comments (53)

Gnanapoompavai Shanmugam Posted 4 months ago

Wow ??. Great to hear about your nomination. Your deserved this and more. You are a loving, patient, kind, totally involved teacher who knows to bring out the best in their students. You have been a great co worker who stood by example for hard work and dedication. Harmony and your students are lucky to have you. You sure are already a great success. !!!

Gnanapoompavai Shanmugam Posted 4 months ago

Wow, what can I say about this wonderful person? Words don’t do justice to describe the person she is. We feel blessed to have known her and worked with her. My child had the opportunity to be her student and experience her greatness. He passion was shown in the way she took interest in my child and identifying her ability was willing to give time out of her schedule shows her generosity and interest in the student. Not just initiating but follow through throughout the year and brought out the best in my child. What a commitment!! Fantastic teacher and indeed we are proud of her being nominated and sure she deserves the life changer of the year. Prayers and wishes for you and your family. Every student you had is blessed to have you as their teacher.

Isobel Bodefeld Posted 4 months ago

I first began taking classes with Ms Nanda in eighth grade. Since then, I've taken two classes: PLTW Computer Science Essentials and AP Computer Science Principles. I appreciate Ms Nanda's teaching style in the way that everything was interactive and never boring. Her classes also allowed me to gain a lot of interest in a field I had never before considered. Now, she is my mentor for CyberPatriot where she puts in a lot of her time to ensure we can do as good as possible, and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

Sarah Panjwani Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Nanda has been an amazing support to me. Last year was my first year teaching. It was really difficult for me to find the best way to reach my students and it was a struggle to find the correct curriculum that fit my students needs. With Mrs. Nanda's guidance and innovation I'm now able to provide my students best the best curriculum that matches there achievement levels. Now I'am a 2nd year teacher and thanks to Mrs. Nanda's support I'm able to excel. You Rock!

Paola Gallegos Posted 4 months ago

I have had the wonderful pleasure to have Mrs.Nanda as my teacher for the past 6 years of my life. Upon entering her classroom for the first time in 7th grade, I was completely oblivious to the world of Computer Science. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my future and no clue what Computer Science was even about. However, at that moment I had not realized it but my world was about to be changed forever. She began introducing herself and talking about pursuing a career in Computer Science, discussing her struggles and how she overcame them. From that moment on, I was eager to learn what Computer Science was about as I saw how passionate she was about this subject. She began teaching us the basics of coding through HTML. I found myself really liking what we were doing in class, so I would go and ask her questions about how to do certain things and how to make my code better. Without hesitation, she would help me every single time. From then on, I have had the pleasure to have her every single year. During my freshman year, I took PLTW Computer Science Principles, where we learned about Python and used Scratch to code a game. In my sophomore year, I took AP Computer Science A and throughout the whole year Mrs. Nanda would always ensure that we were understanding the material. In every single course that I have taken with her, she never hesitates to help a student. She makes sure that everyone understands the topic before moving on to the next one. She puts her best efforts into all her classes, offering us all the available resources that she can to make sure we succeed. Since beginning high school, Ms.Nanda always encouraged me to put myself out there and do more things related to the field of Computer Science. Ms.Nanda inspired me to join robotics in my freshman year, and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Nothing can compare to the amount of inspiration, passion, time and dedication that she has offered my peers and me for the past couple of years of my life. She has always been a reliable teacher in which I know I can come to if I ever need help, she has always been there for me and for that I am thankful.

Oviya Shanmugam Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Nanda is an outstanding teacher! As a student who was planning to go into biomedical science, I wasn't that interested in computer science. In fact, I thought that it would never be a class I took. Last year, I wanted to take AP Computer Science Principles, just to experience it, but the class did not fit in my schedule. Ms. Nanda went out of her way to offer to teach me the curriculum a few days each week after school! I agreed thankfully. This dedication meant a lot to me because she was willing to spend her afternoons teaching one student without receiving anything back; this was true generosity. I loved the way Ms. Nanda taught; she would go over topics and explain with examples and practice problems until I understood. I was scared that I wouldn't do as well as the rest of my classmates (who were learning with each other during an actual class time), but I learned more than I ever thought I would in that class, and surprisingly, really enjoyed it! In the end, I actually ended up loving the principles of computer science and did wonderfully on my AP exam. Ms. Nanda was able to get someone who wasn't initially into coding, enthusiastic about their work! I may not seek a career in this path, but she has given me knowledge for me to want to discover more. Ms. Nanda ignited a spark in me I thought would never be lit. I'm very grateful that she did. I think this shows the work of a really extraordinary teacher who is willing to go above and beyond for her students, colleagues, and school.

Phoebe Taylor Posted 4 months ago

I've had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Nanda for 2 years now. During our Professional Development days, she graciously led a few training sessions on PLTW Micro:bits (various levels) for our G/T Coordinators & Teachers. She is always willing to share her knowledge and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with others. Her sessions were well prepared and organized. It is exciting to see how Mrs. Nanda's training sessions have impacted the success of Micro:bits being taught in various G/T classrooms. In addition, I have seen PLTW projects during Expo night at the school. The skills the students acquire is amazing. I'm extremely grateful for the valuable contributions that Mrs. Nanda has brought to both the students and staff at Harmony Public Schools.

Caleb Lochner Posted 4 months ago

She was one my most influential teachers, she inspired me to continue my path towards computer science and cybersecurity. Ms.Nanda helped to coach my team and lead up to platinum teir in the US Cyber patriot challenge

David Edem Posted 4 months ago

I known miss Nanda for awhile now and let me tell you something she's a pretty cool teacher. When it comes to teaching she's top class

Maddox Arosemena Posted 4 months ago

In 5th grade is when we met, it was the first class I had with her and she showed me a lot in the short time we had together that class, the moment I left her class I wanted to go back because of how much fun i was having! Now i'm in 10th grade I've learned so much from her in the 5 years we had together and I've always loved her class. She always had patience with me and i have to thank her for that because i know i was a handful. - Sincerely yours truly Maddox A.

ahmed almasi Posted 4 months ago

I have known Ms. Nanda ever since seventh grade middle school, and since I am in 11th grade now that makes 4 years of knowing this amazing teacher, coach, mentor, and friend. I owe it to Ms. Nanda for exposing me to the world of computers, engineering, and programming and allowing me to build my skills by challenging me both in class and out of class. My first encounter with Ms. Nanda was when I was offered to start a FLL robotics team with her, and it also so happened to be my first taste of computers and robots. Before I met her, I knew close to nothing about "computer stuff", and little did I know then that little offer turned into a life passion of mine as I went on to compete in robotics on a world level. However, it didn't stop there. Because of my newly found interest in programming and robotics, I started taking a multitude of programming classes taught by her including PLTW Computer Science Essentials, Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science Principles, and now currently AP Computer Science A. I believe I have taken a whole 180 turn from a mediocre medical orientated student to one that is extremely passionate in the computer sciences. FURTHER MORE, Ms. Nanda has encouraged me to take my interests in programming and building into my own hands. During the recent summer of 2019 she offered me to take home a Raspberry Pi to experiment with. I ended up building some stuff including an LED box and motorized spoon (basic, but I'm starting out!). Because of this exposure, I went ahead and bought myself my own Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno and nano, and am currently working making an RBG LED lit monitor powered by an arduino to make my PC look pretty. I am also currently working on an AI Arduino powered mini robot cat called Nybble that Ms. Nanda also encouraged me to do which is proving to be one of my hardest projects yet. Back in 7th grade, I would have NEVER imagined working with AI, better yet being a student who enjoys programming and building as much as I do right now. I definitely would have never taken interest in STEM if it weren't for Ms. Nanda, so I owe it a lot to her. She really did change my life for the better.

zak hamad Posted 4 months ago

She is the best teacher I ever had. I only had her for 1 year, but she was better then all of the other teacher i ever had. she help me learn programming without me getting confused every two seconds.

Moneer Shoukri Posted 4 months ago

I've known Ms. Nanda for 4 years now and have had her for several classes including AP Computer Science A and PLTW Cybersecurity. She is also my mentor in the Air force Associations CyberPatriot which is an extracurricular in which we apply principles of incident response to fix vulnerabilities in a Virtual Machine. She walked us through the very complicated process of understanding how it works and the way we should process those large amounts of information. Due to her devotion and spending countless hours every week helping us we placed in the top 15%. Not only does she help us pursue activities based off of our career interests but she finds resources that allow to have an edge over other students such as certifications and competitions. She is a very kind, caring, intelligent teacher and is more than worthy of this life changer of the year award.

Mir Alikhan Posted 4 months ago

Although I had only known Mrs. Nanda for 2 years, I have had an amazing time completing projects for her. Despite the fact that her projects were always hard to complete, they always kept our class entertained. I still remember the face one of my classmates had made, back in 7th grade, when he had first found out that there was actual coding behind any game. She taught us that even for a simple game such as "Flappy Bird", a lot of line of code would need to be written. I can still remember back in 7th grade when she had asked us all why we had wanted to be in this class. Even though a lot of people joined the class because they thought they were allowed to play games, at the end of the year many students had changed their motivations for joining the class. Mrs. Nanda has changed the way I had looked at many aspects of computer science, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Clara Flores Posted 4 months ago

Hello, gladly I would like to share the experience I have had working with Mrs. Nanda. Mrs. Nanda has always demonstrated leadership and good character. As a teacher, she ensures the best quality instructions for her students and the connection she has with them is incredible. Not only for our current students but our school alumni share their great experience having Mrs. Nanda teach them. She is an asset (I dare to say) to HSI-Katy and brings the connections and success to our students, parents, and school. Thank you, Mrs. Nanda, for being so awesome and dedicated.

Syeda Gazala Posted 4 months ago

Anjali is a role model she is a great personality. I know Anjali for 3 years we are colleagues She is always excited about learning and sharing her experience with new teachers.

Sanika Mhatre Posted 4 months ago

I had Ms. Nanda as my AP Computer Science Principles teacher last year. I had pushed myself to take the class as I wanted to explore past my long-standing interest in medicine. I remember on the first day of class, Ms. Nanda mentioned while she was in school, she grew the most fond of the computer science pathway over the other subjects she had. She simply loved it. Those who have met her can see how true that is. Last year, that passion of hers in computer science was always evident in her classroom. For example, she explained conceptually difficult topics thoroughly, drawing diagrams on the white board and repeating question types over and over again for our mastery. Additionally, she would go around student to student asking each one if they needed any assistance. Closer to the end of the year, she spent countless hours after school prepping us for the AP exam. She definitely did not need to invest that extra time on us, but once again, she cared about our learning and put in the extra effort to share her passion with us. Through her endeavors, many of us completed our AP exam successfully but more importantly, we have grown to be passionate about the computer science pathway as well. Although I unfortunately was not able to have Ms. Nanda as my teacher this year, I am looking forward to being her student again next year. She has the ability to spark a drive in her students that very few other teachers possess, and I am grateful to have experienced that firsthand.

Sahaj Peters Posted 4 months ago

I have known Ms.Nanda for around 5 years now, ever since the seventh grade when she taught me how to type. When I heard that Ms.Nanda was teaching the computer science classes at my high school, I was immediately interested in taking the classes, even though I was considering going into the biomedical pathway. After taking Ms. Nanda's AP Computer Science Principles course, I found a deep love for coding and I now want to pursue a career in Game Design. Ms. Nanda also has all the qualities of a great teacher. Firstly, she is extremely passionate about her students and about her field of computer science, In all her classes, she consistently goes to the extra mile to make sure that they understand the content. She has a deep knowledge of computer science, and her passion has inspired her students, such as myself, to enter the computer science pathway. She very clearly loves computer science, and she has successfully passed that on to her students. Secondly, she is a great communicator. Her lessons are easy to understand, and she is clear on what she wants and when she wants it. She also keeps a great relationship with parents, and my parents will gladly invite her over any day. She is super friendly and always approachable, and responds within 24 hours to all questions asked outside of class. She also notes when a few of us may not fully understand the topic, and when she sends everybody off to their classwork, she takes time with those students to ensure that they stay with the class and are up to standard on all topics. Finally, Ms. Nanda brings out the best in her students. She holds us all to a high standard of work, and if one or two of us can't meet those expectations she works diligently with those students to bring them up to that standard. She has an amazing work ethic, and has taught many of her students how to have that same skill of being hard workers. I am a junior now, taking her AP Computer Science A course, and in the AP Computer Science Principles class we had last year, the majority of her students got 4's or 5's on the AP Exam, even though we all had to take a harder version of the test as we missed the first day due to inclement weather. All of the students in our AP CSA class now want to go into some Computer Science related field, and Ms. Nanda has even pushed for our school to get us industry certifications in Computer Science, which we will be testing for at the end of the school year, and she is taking it upon herself to make sure that we all pass the AP Exam and get certification in computer science so that we can have a strong background before we go into college and eventually the real workplace. Ms. Nanda is the perfect candidate for the Life Changer of the Year award. Not only is she a great teacher, but also a good person, who is kind and honest. She also actually helped to change lives, helping me and many others to build a passion and an interest for the computer science field. She is an inspiration to all her students, and really deserves this award.

Mayank Harjani Posted 4 months ago

A little brother always looks upon his elder sister for inspiration and help. Anjali Nanda is a role model to me. She is great not only acedemically but also socially. She is a guide to me whenever I need help and is a goto person for me when I want to share my thoughts and feelings which I may not be able to share to anyone else. She has always been an artist. From painting to cooking she has always been creative. She is always bringing new ideas to engage her students as a teacher. She is a perfect parent who maintains work life balance to give time to her daughter. She is truely a life changer for me and to many others in our family!

Ankit Bhatla Posted 4 months ago

I have had the privilege of knowing Ms. Anjali Nanda for about a year now. She is a parent and a co-volunteer of mine at DAV Sanskriti school at Arya Samaj of Greater Houston. Ms. Nanda has brought in a breath of fresh air to the school with her enthusiasm and new ideas. She is part of the school classroom support team where she is helping other teachers make use of new technology in the classroom to make learning more interactive and enjoyable. Ms. Nanda is also helping in continuous improvement activities in the school where she is working with other school teams to identify areas which can be further improved upon. She is a role model for other parents and volunteers who look up to her and her work ethics. She has cultivated excellent relationship with everyone in the school and is extremely well respected. I feel honored to work alongside Ms. Nanda and wish her all the best.

Claudette Vanravenstein Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Nanda definitely deserves the honor of being a lifechanger nominee. In her relative short teaching career she has demonstrated what it means to be a great teacher who can impact, engage and encourage her students to learn and push themselves to higher levels of achievement. She creates great relationships with her students and co-workers and is always smiling and willing to help. She really encompasses all the qualities of what a great teacher should be.

Jeremy Lochner Posted 4 months ago

I have only heard wonderful things about Ms. Nanda. She was always willing and available to answer any of my son's questions about Computers. She encouraged him to get certified in several computer programs over the summer when he was in the 10th grade. These certifications allowed him to be an intern and then have summer jobs for his 11th and 12th grade school years. She is a life changer and deserves to win this award.

Vaishali Leggett Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Nanda is an amazing teacher. I get so much positive feedback from my son who is in her 8th grade PLTW class. She seems to have a great relationship with students and keeps them motivated. Kudos for this nomination. Best of luck!

T'wala Lochner Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Nanda is a phenomenal teacher!!! Her love for Computer Science is contagious and inspiring. Ms. Nanda encourages students to be lifelong learners. Ms. Nanda taught my son for three years in various computer classes and he participated in several Cybersecurity competitions including the US Cyberpatriot Challenge. Due to her influence, he currently attends Houston Baptist University on a full Academic Scholarship for Cyber Engineering! Ms. Nanda is the epitome of a teacher who is a life changer! Without any reservations I can truly say that she is the perfect fit for this award! She works with all students in various grade levels and is able to reach each student where they are and encourage success!!! As a parent, I truly appreciate all of her efforts, time and dedication to students!!!

Firas Elkaissi Posted 4 months ago

I am truly fortunate to have had Ms. Nanda for the past 5 years. When I first had Ms. Nanda as my computer science teacher in 7th grade I was a bit tentative about the course and treated it as just another class that was put on my schedule. Furthermore I was intimidated by concepts being thrown at me, but as time went on Ms. Nanda kept working diligently to ensure that I understood everything in the class. Little did I realize that her persistence would help my find a deep passion for computer science, programming, and the stem field, and spark my interests for years to come. Fast forward to the present and I am participating in AP Computer Science Principles, PBL, and Cyber-patriot, with Ms. nanda were she continues to push me to continue learning, innovating, and leading. Ever since Ms. Nanda has introduced me to the computer science world and stem field, I have embarked on countless projects which have allowed me to express my creative nature and fuel my passion.

Manaf Asif Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Nanda has been my teacher since 6th grade, and I am now a high school junior. In 7th grade, Ms. Nanda started a middle school robotics team, and I joined, curious about the new club. Long story short, I was introduced to engineering, programming, and problem-solving and it transformed my life. I had some experience with programming, but robotics encouraged me to pursue it further. I began working with raspberry pi, Arduino, circuits, and computer-aided design. Furthermore, I was introduced to sensors, which allowed for intelligent autonomous programs that could adapt to changing conditions, rather than following a set route every time. With Ms. Nanda's help, we won 1st place overall in FLL in both the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons. Inspired by my success in First Lego League, I joined First Tech Challenge, where I needed to start programming in Java. While I was new to the language, Ms. Nanda was there to help, and I rose to the rank of head programmer in 2017, and have maintained that position since. However, her influence is not just limited to robotics. At the beginning of high school, she encouraged me to work with her on PBL projects, which are essentially science fair projects. The first year, she introduced me to underwater robotics, which was an interesting challenge. After I had managed to create a working robot, she helped facilitate further innovation and helped me get gold in a statewide science fair. The next year, she led our team to another gold in the same fair. This year, she has encouraged us to pursue more challenging and rewarding goals, such as developing an autonomous drone to display at various science fairs across the country. Ms. Nanda has also helped me achieve success in many of my courses, including AP Computer Science Principles, where her excellent hands-on teaching methods helped me, along with many of my peers, get a 5 on the AP Exam. This year, I am taking AP CSA, as well as getting multiple Java industry certifications. Ms. Nanda pushed for us to receive industry certifications to ensure that we meet the requirements of major technology companies such as Oracle and Java. Overall, Ms. Nanda fostered my passion for technology and provided a knowledge base so that I could pursue my passion. Furthermore, she effectively coached and lead my teams throughout the years, allowing us to achieve success.

Maya Nayar Posted 4 months ago

I have had the privilege of having Ms. Nanda as my teacher since 10th grade. I had never taken a Computer Science class before so I was fairly nervous about jumping into AP Computer Science. However, after talking to Ms. Nanda, I was assured that she would do everything she could to help me. This allowed to me to learn more about computer science and expanded my interests past medicine. She taught me the fundamentals of Comp Sci with interactive activities to ensure I fully understood each topic. With her guidance, I am open to future work in Computer Science and look forward to learning more about the subject.

Aakanksha Arora Posted 4 months ago

I cannot think of a better person than Anjali to be nominated for this award. Anjali li is a dear friend and a very active member of our community. And over the past few years I have seen her passion for education grow admirably. She has invested tremendous time and effort to not only challenge herself in new areas of technology but also in developing creative ways of imparting learning. Anjali’s commitment to education travels beyond the boundaries of her school, she was the first person in our group to start a community-based robotics education program for Elementary level students. Anjali provided a fun environment to nurture the children’s curiosity and engage them in stem concepts that are building blocks for robotics and coding. Even if kids in a community have access to non-traditional curriculum, it does not result in anything until they have a teacher that works diligently to infuse interest and develop foundational skills. Anjali is that mentor. Anjali is not afraid to take on bigger goals and in doing so she has pulled many students (and adults) out of their comfort zone to think bigger and create a lasting collective impact.

sabina gandhi Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Nanda has been nothing but generous and helpful throughout the school year, both this year and last. She has a wonderful relationship with her students, their parents and peers. Being able to form a connection with each and every individual is truly a great quality.

Samuel Caridad Posted 4 months ago

I've known Mrs. Nanda ever since 6th grade went I first had her for "hour of code." Ever since then, I've taken every class with her and she has continued to fuel my interest for PLTW Computer Science. Mrs. Nanda is a great teacher as she can be strict and disciplined but, is really nice when you are on task and do what you are supposed to do. You can clearly see her passion in her work as she teaches us about Computer Science. It's wonderful seeing a teacher love her job as much as she does and she is one of my favorite teachers.

devina jagassar Posted 4 months ago

I've known Ms. Nanda since 7th grade, when I had her first computer science class. Ms. Nanda is a very hardworking and dedicated teacher who is so passionate about her work. I am honored to be taking her class, and I'm learning so much about coding and how to think outside the box. Ms. Nanda has helped me throughout her AP Computer Science Principles class. and she still is! She has really made a huge impact on both my school life and personal life with her teaching, and for that, I am thankful.

Micheal Alfaro Posted 4 months ago

I have had the privileged to be taught by Mrs. Nanda for 3 years now. In each class I have had with her, It is always more innovative and I always end up learning new ideas. My knowledge in computer, programming, coding, and building, has grown in such a big matter. Mrs. Nanda always wants the best for her students and she is always ready to help without any doubt. She explains all of her topics thoroughly, and also makes learning fun. This amazing teacher, enjoys her job and is passionate about teaching. The topics I have learned in her classes have prepared for my future, and also it makes my every day life easier.

Yusuf Shaik Posted 4 months ago

I have had Mrs. Nanda for three years now. Every year her class just gets better and better. She is always able to keep the students engaged in the subject and she makes the topic fun. This allowed for me and my peers to learn Computer Science and engineering. She is a teacher who cares for her students and she is always willing to talk with us because she has built an important bond with students and other teachers. I have continued to take her classes because her methods are effective and i actually learn how to code from her. I have learned to look at computer science different and from a boring class she has changed it to an interesting and fun class. The skills i have learned from her have helped me develop throughout my school life. She has taught me about conditionals and even when it got to the point of where i was very lost Mrs. Nanda was easily able to help me get back on course. She has helped me develop new friends and relationships with my peers whether it be in GT or computer science she has always taught everyone and helped us learn how to work indvidually and how to work together. She especially makes it her goal to ensure that everyone in the class is able to remember and obtain the topic of what she taught.

Ahmed Pathan Posted 4 months ago

I think Ms. Nanda is a pretty great teacher, and over the years she has helped me learn a lot about computer science and programming. Her class is a little struggle at times, but when ever we are stuck, she always finds a way to help us out. She is always attentitve to our needs and supports us with resources and involves everyone in the classroom.

Mridul Kalita Posted 4 months ago

I was introduced to Ms. Nanda through a voluntary organization for kids development and I can say with utmost certainty that over the past one year, I have found Anjali as one of the most dedicated, intellectual, hard-working, future-oriented humble person. She has an immense positive outlook with great listening skill to always provide and actually execute solutions to the challenges at any level. She is detail-oriented yet allows other team members to participate and achieve a goal. As a team, we truly feel Anjali as a passionate teacher, highly adaptable and empowering about kid's future. She will always influence all students, kids and everyone around with her positivity, encouragement and right principles of life. Keep excelling Anjali.

Lies Wouters Posted 4 months ago

Anjali and me worked together at the Canadian International School in India. Anjali was a lovely colleague to have. She has a positive outlook. She was keen to learn from her colleagues. I learned a lot from her in terms of classroom management. Even now, she is helpful as a colleague even though we work in different countries. Her input on resources helped me out a great deal this year with a new course I am teaching.

Burak Yilmaz Posted 4 months ago

Anjali is an amazing teacher who is truly passionate about bringing the best learning experiences to her students in her engineering classes. She is always excited about learning and sharing her experience with others to impact more lives. Her classes are genuinely project based and students are always excited and engaged about the projects they do. Anjali brings her students to our statewide science fair competition each year and it's fun seeing innovative projects designed by her students.

Alejandro Laverde Posted 4 months ago

She was an amazing leader in 6th grade robotics for the whole team, always watching over and giving us some advice. Very nice energy to have around, honestly. In 7th and 8th grade, and now this grade, she is very supportive in my creativity and skill in the PBL club she hosts for us.

Ali Siddiqui Posted 4 months ago

I have been a part of Ms. Nanda's class since seventh grade and ever since she she has made an impact on what career I want to pursue and the skills I have in computer science. When I was in seventh grade (2014-2015), we were learning basic typing and computer skills. During that time our class had another computer science teacher, who had left midway through the year, and he was using a website, that had assignments and lessons, to teach us. He would just assign the assignments and tell the class to complete them by a due date, and he would just be walking around the class to see if everyone was completing the assignments. Ms.Nanda came in to the school during the middle of the year, and she was very different (in a good way) than our previous teacher. She would first give a detailed walk through on how to complete each task/ assignment, and then told us to work on the assignment. For example, the class was learning about proper etiquette of typing, Ms. Nanda, first, made the class pay attention to her, making sure that each student was paying attention, then she would demonstrate that when typing you need to sit up straight, have your pointer fingers on the "f" and "j", middle finger on "k" and "d" etc. and she made us adjusted to looking at the screen while typing. Although at the time it seemed very boring, very repetitive and very useless; those skills I learned have helped me, and many other students, for many years. The next year, which was my eighth grade year, we had to learn programming, and I can't stress enough that teaching how to code is a very difficult task. Ms. Nanda was able to teach the class different aspects of coding, such as: conditionals, databases, lists, variables etc. Additionally she made sure that the class was able to understand each aspect, all within one semester of a work. Additionally, she went above and beyond than what she was meant to teach. I have a friend who also took the same computer science class at his school, however, whenever he would see what I had learn that year, he was impressed and puzzled at the same time, because he had not learn those things from his teacher.The next year that I had Ms. Nanda was in 10th grade, and that was AP CSP, and that was Ms. Nanda's first year teaching that course, she taught AP CSA before, but AP CSP is a different curriculum. Ms. Nanda did a very good job to ensure that each and every student was prepared for the AP exam, and understood the concepts of computer science. She taught the class everything about computer science, which included the internet, bits and bytes, programming, data, and many more, and because of her, the majority of the students in that class was able to receive a 4 or a 5 on the exam. Adding on, before even taking AP CSP, I wanted to be an engineer, however, after discovering how interesting the world of computer science can be (thanks to Ms. Nanda and her understanding of the field), I then decided that I want to pursue a career in computer science. Finally, Ms. Nanda went beyond her job to provide students with the opportunity to have a certificate in a field of computer science. Overall Ms. Nanda is a teacher that has made a positive impact on the lives of many students, she is very dedicated to her job making sure that every student is able to master every computer science concept, and is very knowledgeable in about computer science.

Alejandro Laverde Posted 4 months ago

I have known Mrs. Nanda since 6th grade when she was the robotics club coordinator. I'm in 9th grade now, and she hasn't failed in the slightest in treating me really kindly, and seeing what I'm capable of; she has supported my journey every step of the way to lead me to who I am now. She's been an inspiration to me for all these years, and it's very valuable to me to have someone who can understand and support my creativity and areas of skill.

Benjamin Nguyen Posted 4 months ago

I have had the privilege of having Ms. Nanda as my teacher for the past 5-6 years of my life as a student. When she was first introduced to me as a teacher, she opened up the world of STEM to me and my classmates. Not knowing what I would do as a career at the time, Ms. Nanda's teachings of Computer Science have made a concrete decision for a career path that I will be happy to pursue for the rest of my life. The impression that Ms. Nanda made on me is incredible. The amount of hard work and dedication that she puts into her students is not something to look past. I could count the number of days she has missed school teachings from the past 5-6 years on my fingers. It is extraordinary that she puts this much effort and time into students. From teaching me how to type on a keyboard and use basic programs in Microsoft Office to learning how to code intricate programs from nothing, Ms. Nanda has helped me learn all of the essential skills that I will need for my long life ahead of me. I genuinely hope she will continue to bring generations beyond myself into STEM education and I am extremely grateful to have her as my teacher.

Vanessa Le Posted 4 months ago

I've known Ms. Nanda since 8th grade, and she has gradually increased her impact on me since. What I consider her most important for is introducing me to the world of computer science and encouraging me to participate in this field. Though I do not fully intend to go into the engineering or computer science field, I do plan to keep my skills in computer science as a strong backup or even a second major. I credit Ms. Nanda for encouraging me to pursue something in the computer science field. Her will and determination in the class has made me realize that not only is computer science fun, it is very rewarding to do and it gives a challenge that is neither easy nor boring. She goes above and beyond in planning out her class activities and these minute efforts do not go unnoticed in class.

Anamika Kale Posted 4 months ago

One of the most patient teacher I know! She always have smile on her face and always been a positive influence on my son. She is great listener and very compassionate towards students. We are very fortunate to have you at our campus Ms Nanda!

Hannah Santina Posted 4 months ago

Since seventh grade, Ms. Nanda has had an impact on my life. Ms. Nanda is a dedicated and hardworking teacher who puts nothing above her students education. Ever since I began learning with Ms. Nanda she has challenged me to do more than the requirement, and to think outside the box. Now with Ms. Nanda"s help I have been able to learn coding that I will be able to use and advance on throughout my entire career. I am very thankful for Ms. Nanda and all of the opportunities that she has opened up for me.

Beena Suresh Chandran Posted 4 months ago

I have known Anjali for past 14 years and she is an actual life changer. She is a very dedicated and passionate teacher who connects with her students rapidly. She is an inspiration to many other educators.

Laura Posted 4 months ago

Having worked with Anjali for more than 5 years, I have to admit she is one of the most dedicated teachers that I have ever met. I remember one year she even was able to get me to spend the night at the school working on robotics projects with the kids. The students adore her and I know that I enjoy working where I do so much, because she is there to encourage us all.

Olutobi Sanyaolu Posted 4 months ago

I've known Ms. Nanda since my eight grade year. Since day one, Ms. Nanda has done her best to drive students to their limit and further, allowing them to reach and do things they never thought they could. Her class taught me the programming skills that I have and will use in the future. I've also learned more on editing software and skills. Without some of these things I've learned in her classes, I wouldn't have a platform to base my future off of. I am very thankful for being taught and mentored by Ms. Nanda.

Toba Sanyaolu Posted 4 months ago

I remember the first time I was ever in Ms. Nanda’s class. All the way back in the fifth grade , I had my first computer science experience in her class. She taught us many basic concepts such as keyboard skills, how to use Microsoft Word, and other computer related activities for beginners. From then on my passion for computers grew and soon enough I joined the FLL Robotics Team in middle school , thanks to encouragement from Ms. Nanda. I learned so much since then and I owe it all to Ms. Nanda. Whether it is programming, digital electronics, or even mechanical related tasks I can thank Ms. Nanda for inspiring me to do what I never thought I could. What I really thank Ms. Nanda for is opening my interest in film and digital media, something most people cannot relate her with. When she had our class create movies to submit to district competitions and use photo editing systems like GIMP to practice photo editing, an attraction to digital media stuck with me and it’s only grown more. I’ve made many videos/movies and edit photos on my free time. Without her, I’d probably be a very mediocre student with no passion for anything and I appreciate her so much for it , just like I’m sure everyone else does.

Marilynn Sanyaolu Posted 4 months ago

Anjali Nanda is the epitome of humility, encouragement and genuine heart and passion for teaching and helping humanity. My three sons would not have had the opportunity to be in Robotics, STEMS and Engineering field if not for her encouragement and the Challenge she gave and continues to give them. She started with them from 2nd, 4th and 7th grades respectively. Now one is a senior, one is a Sophomore and the third one is in 7th grade. She goes to any length to explain and make sure that her students surmount their personal fear of Computer technology and programming. In addition, she goes above and beyond academic requirements to give personal training, even buying tools with her money to give to our kiddos to build robots and other projects, many of which has been exhibited in many STEMS fairs. She started teaching my youngest coding when he was in second grade, now in 7th grade, he programs for FLL robotics challenge for his team. Furthermore, Anjali is a reliable lady who cares so much about her students. She feeds them and take care of them as if they are her children. Last year when my youngest son was not decisive on what project to make for Stem Festival because the materials of the ones he had in mind were so expensive, Ms Nanda provided every material he needed to make the Little bit guitar. He was so excited to present it. She had always been challenging my two older boys who have both taken several of her computer and PLTW classes to challenge themselves in the projects they present rather than making easy ones. Their works have been exhibited in many of the. Stem festivals. There is no pretence with this lady, she's simply sincere and willing to go out of her way to be of help to anyone. HSI Katy is sure lucky to have Anjali as one of their teachers. She's so unassuming, shy but very friendly with anyone that has the fortune to know her. I can go on and on about my beautiful shy friend with her beautiful smile but time and space might not permit me. She deserves this award and more for all she's giving to her students and everyone around her. She has, and continues to change many lives through her hard work and dedication to educating the youth. Thank you Ms Nanda for giving so much and for changing many lives.

Ritika Chandna Posted 4 months ago

Anjali is a wonderful person and has all the qualities of a great teacher. Teachers are life changers as they are mentors and guiders of students . They need to be positive and show immense patience to assist the students. Anjali is technically very sound in her field and has right behaviour and attitude to guide children. She is loved by her class for her positive approach and for her teaching methods. She is intelligent and is able to drive solutions to any problems in a very creative manner. She is truly a life changer for many people.

Vivian Le Posted 5 months ago

I have known Ms. Nanda ever since seventh grade middle school, and since I am in 11th grade now that makes 4 years of knowing this amazing teacher, coach, mentor, and friend. I owe it to Ms. Nanda for exposing me to the world of computers, engineering, and programming and allowing me to build my skills by challenging me both in class and out of class. My first encounter with Ms. Nanda was when I was offered to start a FLL robotics team with her, and it also so happened to be my first taste of computers and robots. Before I met her, I knew close to nothing about "computer stuff", and little did I know then that little offer turned into a life passion of mine as I went on to compete in robotics on a world level. However, it didn't stop there. Because of my newly found interest in programming and robotics, I started taking a multitude of programming classes taught by her including PLTW Computer Science Essentials, Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science Principles, and now currently AP Computer Science A. I believe I have taken a whole 180 turn from a mediocre medical orientated student to one that is extremely passionate in the computer sciences. FURTHER MORE, Ms. Nanda has encouraged me to take my interests in programming and building into my own hands. During the recent summer of 2019 she offered me to take home a Raspberry Pi to experiment with. I ended up building some stuff including an LED box and motorized spoon (basic, but I'm starting out!). Because of this exposure, I went ahead and bought myself my own Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno and nano, and am currently working making an RBG LED lit monitor powered by an arduino to make my PC look pretty. I am also currently working on an AI Arduino powered mini robot cat called Nybble that Ms. Nanda also encouraged me to do which is proving to be one of my hardest projects yet. Back in 7th grade, I would have NEVER imagined working with AI, better yet being a student who enjoys programming and building as much as I do right now. I definitely would have never taken interest in STEM if it weren't for Ms. Nanda, so I owe it a lot to her. She really did change my life for the better.

Ingrid Baptiste Posted 5 months ago

Ms Nanda is genuinely interested in her students. She’s willing to challenge and direct their effort towards excellence. She’s always pleasant and easy to get along with. She’s a good role model.

Laura Schaffer Posted 5 months ago

You're amazing, I am so inspired by your programing projects. You always go above and beyond!