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Kari Adams

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Blattman Elementary School
School District: Northside ISD
City, State: San Antonio, TX

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Kari Adams was nominated by her spouse, David Adams.

Mrs. Adams is an exemplary teacher! She was named Educator of the Year for her campus in 2014. She has been teaching since 2005. In her teaching career, she has accepted and loved each of her students who have walked through her classroom door. She is the collaborative teacher, which means she teaches both general and special education students. When they leave, they have a sense of the world which is full of color and stay together. They come back every year and never forget their first teacher who made them fall in love with school. 

Comments (5)

Kim Gonzales Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Adams, you have an immense amount of compassion and patience. You exude love, positivity, and confidence. Your energy and dedication endure. You deserve this award, as you have been a truly influential and important part of so many lives you’ve touched.??

Judi Tometich Posted 5 months ago

You are so deserving having given yourself completely to each of your students as if they were the only one and left an everlasting impression on their lives! You are so worthy of the recognition you deserve!

Anne Adams Posted 5 months ago

Kari is a highly intelligent, assertive, compassionate person and has a lasting impact on everyone she encounters. Her career in education has thrived for many years as a stretch result of her natural ability to lead, grow, and challenge children of all ages. I’m lucky to be her sister in law!!

Jamie Posted 5 months ago

Kari you are a hero to so many! Mostly to your children. Being a Mom if special needs kiddos yourself you truly understand what it is like for parents and that shows in your classroom! I am so proud of you and are blessed to call you family! Love you! You deserve this and so much more.

Gregory Brown Posted 5 months ago

Kari Is awesome.