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Stephanie McArthur

Position: Band Teacher
School: Singing River Academy
School District: Pascagoula-Gautier School District
City, State: Gautier, MS

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Stephanie McArthur was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. McArthur is a true champion for children. She has made it her mission to change the lives of students in her community. She works in a lower-income community, where students often do not have opportunities that wealthier communities might enjoy.  Many of her students could never afford to go to college. Ms. McArthur is committed to giving these students opportunities through involvement in band.  She teaches beginning band to 6th graders.  Her mantra is, "If you stick with band, you can go to community college for free."

In addition, Ms. McArthur teaches her students to love music, to have discipline, and to become better humans.  Music on its own is a powerful tool.  When you combine music with teaching students to work together to have a finished product for which they can be proud, along with learning the discipline of practicing each night, you have an unbeatable combination.

Ms. McArthur not only teaches beginning band students, but she also travels to the middle and high school in the community to further assist the band directors at those schools. That way, the connections she builds with her beginning students remain strong through graduation.  Ms. McArthur's commitment to the betterment of students is relentless.

Further, Ms. McArthur is involved in area band organizations and has served in numerous capacities leading as a clinician, involving students in band clinics, and serving as a conductor.  Her leadership in these areas has directly impacted her students, as she involves them in quality experiences that will help them grow as young musicians.

"I am extremely thankful that we have music educators like Ms. McArthur who truly change the lives of our children.  Our future is brighter because of her love and commitment to her students," said her nominator.

Comments (6)

Laura Hubbard Posted 6 months ago

Congrats on being such a hero for children!!!!

Alta Posted 8 months ago

Congratulations my dear, talented, awesome friend!!! I know firsthand how devoted she is to her students. This is a well-deserved honor!!

Etheria Wheat Posted 8 months ago

Thank you!! Congratulations! You taught Iyanna, she’s still enjoying band!!

Diane Chaney Posted 9 months ago

She gives the gift of music to her students. Her students love to go to class and take great pride ôn their ability, through her encouragement, to make beautiful music.

Laura Hubbard Posted 9 months ago

Ms. McArthur taught both of my boys beginning band. Band is changing their lives and giving them multiple opportunities and I am so grateful! Thanks Mrs. Mac!!!!

Christen goff Posted 9 months ago

Congrats Mrs Mac!! This is so deserved!! I an So thankful that Ally had you to start her in band and I cannot wait for my boys to do the same!!