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Julie Williams

Position: Math Teacher
School: Lewisville High School
School District: Lewisville ISD
City, State: Lewisville, TX

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Julie Williams was nominated by her former student, Shelby Lobaugh.

"Mrs. Williams has been in my life since I was in 6th grade," said Lobaugh. "I was in her Pre-AP Math class, and she had so much faith in me.  When I decided to start hanging out with the wrong crowd, Mrs. Williams had a one-on-one meeting with me to discuss how my behavior affected her and the others around me in our class.  I was a rebel in middle school, to say the least."

"As my behavior proceeded to get worse, she had a conversation with my Mom, who was a single parent at the time, and they both cried together...never meeting each other before this," said Lobaugh. "That was the beginning of Mrs. Williams' career, and she has not only changed my life, but the lives of others as well."

Mrs. Williams has a passion for every student, whether they're demonstrating good or bad behavior. She expresses her love and devotion to her students in many ways, from taking the time to meet with students on a one-on-one basis, or reminding them of their worth and potential in this world. Her bright attitude and positivity is something that each school, classroom, and hallway should strive for.  She has held multiple leadership and teacher roles throughout the years. Mrs. Williams is also a cheer instructor and recently retired from bring the STUCO director for Lewisville HS. 

"Mrs. Williams needs to be recognized," said Lobaugh. "She has changed my life, as well as the lives of others, through her genuine kindness, love, and devotion to her students."

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Comments (32)

Dottie Husers Posted 2 days ago

It is not a surprise that you were nominated for this award. You are a good example for your children and students, a respected Christian that puts God first in your life and it shows in your sweet smile and in everything you do??

Pat Stone Posted 2 days ago

None of my children were in her classes but I have had contact with her students and it was a great experience to hear them tell how she had been a great gift to them not all teachers can influence them to live a clean life from and be a good example to all people she come in contact with both young and old . THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXAMPLE BEFORE ALL YOU MEET!!!!

Jamie Jones Posted 2 days ago

I’ve known Julie now for 13 years and I can honestly say that she influences people outside the classroom too. You feel special when she throws her high wattage smile your way. And she has an integrity that is so refreshing. Blessed to call her a friend and fellow math nerd.

Stephanie R. Posted 2 days ago

I met Mrs. Williams (Ms. Ryan at the time) at Durham Middle School. She was my 8th grade math teacher and cheerleading coach. She made learning fun and we always had a good time in her class. She's the best teacher I've ever had and one of the sweetest people too. Love you Ms. Ryan (Williams)!!!

Mark Buckup Posted 3 days ago

Pretty cool lady. Mrs. Williams has always been optimistic, supportive, and determined to improve the happiness and spirit in the student body. This award definitely reflects who she is and how committed she is to every student she meets. Go Mrs. Williams!

Ann Maxwell Devoll Posted 3 days ago

Julie Ryan Williams was a student in my music class at College Street Elementary school for many years! And she was a student I will always remember as being upbeat, positive and so much fun to teach! One of my memories of Julie is her beautiful smile and her ready and willing spirit in my classroom! She did bring sunshine to any classroom as she entered! She is kind and caring and I was thrilled when I learned that she had become a teacher! She definitely deserves this award and she is an wonderful asset to Lewisville ISD!! And I feel blessed to have been her teacher!

Marsha Thompson Posted 3 days ago

My son Trae always says you were the best teacher here every had! Still to this day you have messaged me about his well being! You my friend definitely deserve this award!

Jolymar Posted 3 days ago

She’s the best teacher and best person I could ever cross in my life she deserves it!!!

Lexie Higgins Posted 3 days ago

Julie is practically family! Julie and my sister Brandi were on the drill team at Lewisville High School. When my sister passed away I was 6 years old and she never hesitated to take me under her wing and love me unconditionally from that day on. Not only does she change lives in the classroom but she also changes lives in the outside world ??

Bonnie Alagood Posted 3 days ago

Julie Williams makes a difference at Lewisville High School! Keep up the awesome job!

Johnna Lunsford Posted 3 days ago

Julie you so deserve this award. Your an awesome friend and sister in Christ. Love you and hope you win.

Jamie Barrows Posted 3 days ago

Mrs.Williams is an awesome teacher. She helped my daughter from being a barely passing math student to a “A” math student. When my son didn’t get her for math in high school, I immediately requested a teacher change for him to have her as well. I’ll always appreciate her:)

Jonna Carter Posted 3 days ago

Love this lady right here! She was my math teacher for 6th and 9th grade and was the ONLY one that knew how to work a problem out how I could understand it. I basically have math dyslexia lol Her daughter and I also share a birthday ?? She always had an upbeat attitude even on days we knew we were trying her nerves. Always there to offer her support, advice or even just a shoulder to cry on. Close to 12 years after having her as my teacher and she still pops up in my life. Even my kids know who she is! Meeting her at school parades where she calls out and waves to her previous students. Every teacher makes a difference in their students but almost none can compare to the love and dedication Mrs.Williams shares for 'her kids'.

Valerie Cooper Posted 3 days ago

Julie Williams is an amazing person and exceptional teacher. She has made a tremendous impact on so many students and families! I have heard several stories from her students about how she helped them finally like math and make it exciting and how she makes them want to be better people. She is a life changer!

Cole Ellis Posted 4 days ago

She is an amazing person full of love! Her devotion to those around her is inspiring.

Louie Adams Posted 20 days ago

I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up with Julie from K-12 and living in the same small close knit neighborhood together. From an early age it was well known any room Julie entered immediately brightened with her big smile and personality. She’s always been such a sweet and passionate person so it isn’t a surprise to me at all that she has been nominated for this award! She would do anything for anybody. This won’t be the last life she changes no doubt. I’m blessed to call Julie my friend and the students she teaches every year are extremely lucky to have her! Way to go Julie!

Amber Monday Posted 21 days ago

I met this sweet lady my freshman year at Lewisville High School . We were instant friends and have remained close friends for over 20 years. It’s become a joke in our friend group that you can’t go anywhere with Julie without her running into someone she knows! Even when we are out of state! I think this speaks volumes to her personality and ability to connect with others. I don’t know anyone who has met Julie and not loved her. This goes especially for her students. When we are together and run into her students (past & present) they are always happy to see her and are at such ease with her. They are so eager to talk to her and tell her about whatever is going on in their life. They want her praise, because they know she will give it where it’s due. She also won’t hesitate to play “Momma” when it’s needed. These kids adore Mrs. Williams!! Julie radiates “Farmer Pride”! She IS Lewisville High School. She’s the teacher we all wished we had when we were in school! I strongly recommend you pick Julie for this honor

Tommi Goodman Posted 21 days ago

Mrs. Williams is one of those special gems you come across ever so often. I was not fortunate enough to have her as a teacher, but her door was always open if I had a question about math or life. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have had a person like Mrs. Williams in high school. She never failed to put a smile on my face whether it was from talking in her classroom at lunch or cheering loud in the stands at softball games. So thank you Mrs. Williams for being so reliable and unapologetically yourself. By doing so, you taught those looking up to you how to do the same.

Jennifer Yowell Posted 22 days ago

Love Julie and all she does for her kids. And that’s what they are- once they are on her roster they are her kids. True of working with her as well, once Julie is in your world, it’s for life, and you don’t want it any other way. ??

Ron Somers Posted 24 days ago

She truly is a life changer. She makes dark rooms brighter, She makes dull days happier, she makes me laugh.

Daja p Posted 25 days ago

The best math teacher there is!!!!!! We love you!

Lauren Pugh Posted 25 days ago

Mrs. Williams lights up the room wherever she is. She always puts a smile on everyone’s face, no matter what is going on. She has been the best teacher I’ve ever had! I am so happy I had her as a teacher.

Allison Stamey Posted 25 days ago

Julie Williams is much more than a teacher of curriculum. She pours her heart into her students and our school. She volunteers for almost all student activities and always checks in to see how she can help. Her current students and former students all know she genuinely cares for them inside and outside of the classroom. She attends their activities and cheers them on. She is a life changer for many of our students!

Emily H. Posted 25 days ago

Julie Williams has been my best friend for 35 years and she is pretty amazing. It is really something to watch someone living out (and LOVING) what they were truly called to do in this life, and with such love and compassion. She is a true blessing not only to every kiddo lucky enough to call her teacher, but also to everyone she meets.

Melissa Harris Posted 25 days ago

Julie, Thank you for taking care of our children and giving them direction. You Rock!

Sonja terrill Posted 25 days ago

Mrs Williams is one of the best teachers around! She is always thinking of how to reach her students and get them excited about math, and she does everything in her power to support them, in the class and outside of the class as well. All of her students love her and her class!

Lacey Holland Posted 25 days ago

Julie is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. She’s a loyal friend, encourager and has a great sense of humor. Not only does she try to always see the best in people, she will go out of her way to make sure that they see the same about themselves. She is a mentor, prayer partner and shines a bright light in this otherwise dark world. So thankful for the gift that Julie is in my life and I’m proud of the work that she’s done in her school and community, both professionally and personally.

Jennifer E. Posted 25 days ago

She is a bright light and her positive attitude is contagious!

Jody Roach Posted 25 days ago

If you notice the smile on Julie’s face in the picture, you’ll notice it’s effortless. That’s because I think it’s the only face Julie can make. Or at least the only one I’ve ever seen. She’s constantly smiling. That may seem trivial until you think about what she does for a living. She’s an educator. Which means she a subject matter expert, therapist, pseudo-mother, and friend to her students. Being greeted by that smile immediately lowers your guard. It helps the kids trust her. There may be educators that care as much as Julie, but I’d bet my house nobody cares more. Combine her ability to get kids to trust her with the amount she cares and she’s impactful beyond the classroom. She has her voice and her heart in these kids heads for life. And that’s a great thing. I’m proud she’s been nominated for this award, but ultimate not surprised.

Avery Bonner Posted 25 days ago

Mrs. Williams is a light around the Lewisville HS campus to not only the kids in her class, but also the random kids who pass her class daily. She makes best out of every situation given to her and puts a continual effort into every student she comes into contact with. Anyone who has Mrs. Williams as a teacher is a very lucky student.

Jay Teamer Posted 25 days ago

Mrs. Williams was one of my biggest supporters and I never even had her as my teacher. That should speak to her character as a teacher more than anything. She would see me in the hallways and I’d always stop to speak to her. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Hannah Durham Posted 25 days ago

Thank you for inspiring me as both a student and now as an educator! What a great example you are for your kids and fellow teachers. Thank you for all you do!!