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John Weatherspoon

Position: High School Choir Teacher
School: Lake Worth Community High School
School District: Palm Beach County Schools
City, State: Lake Worth, FL

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John Weatherspoon was nominated by his colleague, Katie Kovalsky.

"John Weatherspoon is the epitome of a LifeChanger in everything that he does and with everyone whom he works," said Kovalsky. "I interact with and observe John in several capacities, so I have had the chance to witness just how much he changes the lives of people around him. As a fellow music teacher in our school district, I have observed him teaching classes and participating in district choral events. I also have the privilege of being under his direction as a member of Espressivo, the semi-professional choir he directs. Additionally, I go to church with John and consider him a close friend. In every place and situation I’ve interacted with John, he consistently and passionately encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves they can be."

Mr. Weatherspoon uses music as a way to strengthen the individual through building a loving and nurturing community where people feel like they truly matter. To see the evidence of how Mr. Weatherspoon changes so many lives, all you have to do is go anywhere with him and you will inevitably run into a friend of his, or any number of past or present colleagues or students. You can't go anywhere with him without running into someone he knows.

As if that weren’t enough, every single person speaks to how much Mr. Weatherspoon means to them and how much they carry lessons he taught with them everywhere they go. Mr. Weatherspoon has sown numerous seeds of love, passion, and care in the lives of countless people, and they have gone into the world and poured those seeds into other people, making Mr. Weatherspoon's societal impact impossible to accurately quantify.

"For me personally, John has poured into me as a new teacher and vocalist, and he has helped me in more ways than I can describe," said Kovalsky. "Without hesitation, John took on the role of mentor to me. I turned to John numerous times for help and was always met with the same care as if I were the only person asking anything of him at the time, which I know wasn’t the case. LifeChanger is the perfect way to describe someone who so freely gives of himself without expecting anything in return."

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Chuck Lewis Posted 8 months ago

John has invested his life in serving his students, his church, and his Lord. He leads with excellence and inspires with joy and kindness. My life and countless others have been forever changed because of his presence and investment in us!

Ben Skinner Posted over a year ago

I have known John for many years, as a colleague and friend. I have played many concerts as a professional trumpet player and observe John as a performer, always prepared and polished, no matter how busy he was nor how he may have felt. A consummate professional. For several years, I thought Band????????I have played many concerts as a professional trumpet player and observe John as a performer, always prepared and polished, no matter how busy he was nor how he may have felt. A consummate professional. For several years, I thought Band alongside Johm who was the choral director at lake worth high school. John was a lifeline when I began teaching at the school and remains a lifeline to all of his colleagues many years later. John has had several opportunities to except positions in more prestigious schools, but insists that he has a calling to the students of lake worth high school, which says so much about the caliber of this man. I have watch John conduct large choirs at the performing arts centers and he is masterful. John is a creator and creates amazing young leaders and young choirs every year. If I characterize John in one word I would have to say that word is “passionate“. He is passionate about music, teaching and singing. He is passionate about a commitment to changing lives. He is passionate about his family. He is passionate about his church and his devotion to his creator. He is passionate about his country. John is very willing to be outspoken about all of these areas of his life without making apologies and without condemning others who may feel differently. It has been many years since I have taught beside John, but our friendship remains deep because he is a steadfast friend and a man of integrity.

Alyssa Estornell Posted over a year ago

I met John over 15 years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of both singing along side him and being under his direction as a conductor. Besides being a gifted musician, he is committed to serving others and leading students both in the classroom as well as in the community. He has a knack of making both young and old feel special and is an exemplary father, teacher and friend.

George Estornell Posted over a year ago

I’ve known John for 16 years and I’m grateful for him and his life. He is most importantly a great man of faith who loves his family and serves them well. Along with being a great husband and father his gift of teaching and investing in students is praiseworthy. Thankful for men like him who invest in others.

Catie Phillips Posted over a year ago

I met John in 1992 when I walked into the choir room at LWHS. I was the new kid on the block. I was out of place in a new school, and a magnet school at that, so no friends or acquaintances to lean on. He welcomed me into the choir, the group, welcomed me in for lunch with friendly faces, and gave me my reason for wanting to go to school. Later on after graduation, he appeared again across the street from me, in the same neighborhood. Once again, he and his wonderful family lit up my life, and my families life as well. John is an inspiration to many, and brings joy to everyone’s life he touches. I am pleased to say we still keep in touch - and my heart is Warner always when he says “Thank you madam President”. Thank you, John, for all you have done for me, and for all you have done for many others like me, for over 3 decades.

Danielle Parks Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is by far one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever experienced. He has heart. His knowledge for music and pedagogy helped mold me into a strong musician. His energy and passion is unmatched in the classroom. He is always willing to help a colleague in need. As a future music educator, he has been a great help to me in my journey. He has positively affected my life and the life of many other students who weren’t even his own. He most certainly deserves this award.

Yani Peña Posted over a year ago

I was a student of Mr. Weatherspoon from 2004 to 2008 and I have to say that my high school experience, and my life, would not have been the same without him in it ! I know many may think that chorus is simply a ‘music classic and music is just notes on a paper but they simply are not ! Mr. Weatherspoon taught me to deeply love music and appreciate it in a way that I wouldn’t otherwise. From making jokes, reminding us to “keep an open space when singing” to telling us how the music could relate in our present day life to SIMPLY SMILING, there is no way that this man won’t impact or touch your life. I have also had the joy to know him personally and see him as a father figure, which is so important to me given that I lost my father about a year ago. I firmly believe God strategically places people in our lives for a reason and I am so thankful that he placed Mr. John Weatherspoon and his beautiful, wonderful family in mine ! It goes without saying that there is no other person more deserving of The Lifechanger of the Year Award than John Weatherspoon because he has already changed my life and the lives of those that know and love him.

Angela MD Posted over a year ago

There I was, college undergrad, sitting in a room full of upperclassmen, alumni and professionals about to rehearse for Messiah. I was a nervous wreck. Then I saw friendly face. A kind man with a smile and wonderful sense of humor calmed my nerves. He gave me confidence and assured me that I was talented enough to be where I was. I have now watched Mr. Weatherspoon for many years knowing that he is not only a wonderful musician, but also a wonderful motivator! ...and he does everything in a fun way! :)

Kaleb Coicou Posted over a year ago

I have known John for several months now through joining his choral group Espressivo. In this short time I've known him, he has had a great influence on me. Just watching him enjoy what he loves with such joy and pristine grace, makes me want to be a better musician, and a better human being. As a new chorus teacher I definitely look to him as a role model and guide. He has such a presence that evokes vibrancy, comfort, and friendship. I pray that God will continue bringing him blessings upon blessings!

James McInnis Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing John Weatherspoon for 7. I met him in the church choir and soon after I came to know him I joined his adult choral group Espressivo. I’m one of the few individuals in the group who doesn’t come from a musical background other than a passion for singing and I think that gives me a unique perspective for what a truly wonderful and patient teacher John is. I’ve never seen or heard anything but good about John from so many people for whom I have a great deal of admiration and respect and that is entirely the way I’ve come to feel about John myself. John is passionate about his life and his work. He has a wonderful wife and great children and I’ve come to feel that I’m a part of his family too! I can’t say enough good things about John; he’s extremely talented and passionate about his work and his students. You won’t find a more qualified individual for Life Changer of the Year, I know he’s had a huge positive impact on my own!!

Kristina Hall-Michel Posted over a year ago

I am not sure even where to begin, because Mr. Weatherspoon has been such a positive influence in my life and his impact has ripple beyond my adolescent years. I met John in an all women chorus by first year of high school and can still recall remember his stern speech about the high expectations he had for the members of his choir. At the beginning, I was a little intimidated (after all he is a Marine) but it quickly faded as I got to know Mr. Weatherspoon better. He could state stern expectations and be someone who equally enjoyed jokes and living life to the fullest. John always challenged myself and my peers to think critically and to help ourselves. These were skills I did not appreciate fully into my later adult years when you realize how much you have to advocate for yourself in life. John is the epitome of a life changer that has dedicated his life to serving the Lake Worth community that is often overlooked and underserved. He pours his love and attention to the young men and women who come from predominantly lower income and minority majority background. As a professional or color, John further serves as an important role model to all of his students, but especially to his students of color, and shows what can happen when you apply yourself and pursue your dreams. The Lake Worth community has a lot of students whose family have recently transitioned to America or have to deal with life’s realities early on. However, this showcases the importance of John in these student lives. He encourages his students to be leaders in the world and gives them an actual stage to launch their hopes and dreams. John’s passion for music is contagious, he is able to teach valuable life lessons in the movements of the music. The students in his 25+ years teaching career have been enriched with his presence. Now into my adult years and beyond my high school years, I look to John as a mentor and a friend who still is a source of wisdom and encouragement. You have to look no further to John W. Weatherspoon to find the life changer of year and if you overlook him for this award you will be sorely remiss.

Ms. Petit-Bien Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Mr. Weatherspoon for a majority of my life through my sister, as a student and now as a current colleague at LWCHS. He has always been so passionate about what he does and it shows. He is very deserving of this award and I am super proud of his accomplishments being at LWCHS. I’ve never taken a chorus class in my entire life, but if I had I would have hoped for it to be his class. This is someone that goes above and beyond for our students and our school and I am super proud to call him a colleague. Thank you for all you do for our students and continue to do what makes you happy. God bless.

Brian Crouch Posted over a year ago

John is an incredible teacher and person. His degree of passion and care for his students is unmatched and Lake Worth is better because of his presence. As a newer teacher, I look to John as an example of the type of teacher I aspire to be.

Patti Woodall Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is a dedicated Christian, family man, and teacher. He truly cares for his students and desires to help them become all that they can be. He strives for excellence in all areas of his life. He is a skilled conductor as seen with his school chorus and his Espressivo chorale. His sense of humor is broad and warm. He is without doubt a person who can change lives.

Althea Weatherspoon Posted over a year ago

I am Blessed and Highly favored to be your wife for 31 years. You have been a life changer to me for many years. I have watched you poor your heart in our life, our children’s lives, family life and for your students. It really is an honor to stand by your side and watch students come and go through your classes over the years. I truly enjoy hearing the sweet and kind words by many of them. You have and will continue to be role model in the lives of many. Your colleagues look up to you for guidance and support which you give willingly. I look forward to watching you grow as a leader to all who has the privilege to come in contact with you. It a privilege and an honor to call you my husband, friend and father to our 4 wonderful accomplished grown adult children. I Love You for who you are and the Godly man you continue to be for our family! You are forever My Lifechanger!!!! ??

Anna Preston Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mr Weatherspoon for several years on a large Christmas production. My position was choreographer. John was adept at movement but I was brought in to challenge and push the participants. He immediately stood out as a leader in that he worked hard to perform the choreography but also was the person to encourage and help those that were struggling. As I got to know him it became apparent he was the calm person that led by not only example, but with an open inquisitive and loving heart. He is an active participant in learning and pushes others to reach their fullest potential. He is able to do this by genuinely caring about people and their interests and goals.

Dawn Hutchins Posted over a year ago

John is the embodiment of a life changer! He takes the time needed to make sure everyone around him feels valued. I have known him for over 25 years and there hasn’t been a time where i wasn’t greeted with a sweet smile, a quick hug, and a “how are you doing!” I know John through the music program at church, as a camp leader to church students, as my director in the semi professional choir, Espressivo, and as my daughter’s chorus teacher. I don’t know how he has the time and energy to do all he does; and, he does it all with a smile! He has helped me regain singing breath control after a medical issue. And he won’t give up on anyone or anything. I am so honored to have him in my life and I know he is definitely a life changer!

Monet S Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon has always been very kind, caring and at the same time disciplined and a true leader. His students reflect these qualities in him. I didn’t spend much time as his student but am so grateful I had the honor of being in his class. He shapes impressionable students into responsible adults that shine ! He runs a wonderful program and continues to help improve LWH. He creates opportunities for students that they otherwise may not ever get to experience. I will never forget standing on stage at Candlelight with Whoopi Goldberg. A true once in a lifetime opportunity!! Thank you Mr. Weatherspoon for all you do and continue to do for your students. You are a wonderful and gracious soul. God Bless you !!

Brian Crouch Posted over a year ago

John is one of the most remarkable teachers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He encompasses what it means to be a professional musician as well as an amazing instructor. As a young educator I admire him and look to him in order to become a better instructor. John cares about his students and his craft in a way that makes our school a better place.

Chloe Skinner Posted over a year ago

I was one of Mr. Weatherspoon’s students for 4 years, and being in his chorus was the greatest high school experience I had. Mr. Weatherspoon taught me to be a better singer, but more importantly, he taught me responsibility, leadership, and teamwork skills that I can carry with me wherever I go in life, music-related or not. One thing that I admire the most about Mr. Weatherspoon is that he sees the potential in all of his students. When others had low expectations of us, he believed in our abilities and helped us achieve things that many of us didn’t initially think to be possible. He helps his students see their value and worth in the school and community, and helps them rise to become better musicians and people. It’s very clear every day how much Mr. Weatherspoon cares for pouring into his students’ lives and education everyday. I can’t think of anyone who is more deserving for this award!

Bethany Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of knowing John Weatherspoon for quite some time now. We met at FAU and have been colleagues for many years now. John is a fantastic music educator who always gives 110% and is dedicated to providing superior education for his students. I know he has also been a positive role model for many students throughout the years and will be for years to come.

Jordan C Sutton Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon was my choir teacher in high school and I'm proud to call him my friend today. It's been 18 years since I graduated and the things I learned from him still impact me to this day. I'm not just talking about music theory, although I still use that, but about compassion, respect for self and others, and commitment. I truly believe that no one deserves this recognition more than him. John Weatherspoon is truly an amazing educator and I urge you strongly consider him for this honor.

Jordan C Sutton Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon was my choir teacher in high school and I'm proud to call him my friend today. It's been 18 years since I graduated and the things I learned from him still impact me to this day. I'm not just talking about music theory, although I still use that, but about compassion, respect for self and others, and commitment. I truly believe that no one deserves this recognition more than him. John Weatherspoon is truly an amazing educator and I urge you strongly consider him for this honor.

Dawn Hutchins Posted over a year ago

John has the unique ability to be a friend to all and a mentor to so many! I have known John for around 25 years now and his passion for God, family, students, and people is contagious. John is creating a long trail of people who’ve been taught to respect music of all genres, the story behind the music piece, and always with a pursuit of excellence. He has helped me to regain confidence after medical issues caused me to have issues with breath control. He’s taught me how to work around those long measures! He also is now teaching and mentoring my daughter in his Lake Worth Advanced Chorus class. I am honored to call John my Espressivo director, my daughter’s teacher, and most of all, my friend. Even though he’s a friend to many. John takes the time for whatever a person needs. I honestly can say that there aren’t many John Weatherspoon’s in the world. I hope that many of his students truly blossom under his tutelage and grow to be productive members of society; always remembering, in music theory, to live not die! We love you, John. You truly are a life changer.

Barbara Pierre Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon cares about every aspect of his student's lives. He carries them in his heart well past them being his student and is willing to remain connected even into college age and adulthood. He encourages his students to continue learning, rise above any struggle or obstacle and not to allow anyone or any voice to stand in their way or to keep them from maximizing their potential. He has done the same in my life and I was never a student of his. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him when I was a high school student. I met John when I was 30. But meeting him has been one of the best blessings of my life. He has encouraged me to not allow the destructive and evil things that people have done and said to me to keep me from my chasing after my dreams. He saw the pain and the potential and invested in me. He has encouraged me and provided me an avenue to continue making music and has helped to rebuild my confidence. I now carry John Weatherspoon in my heart and my life has been changed forever for having met him. He is kind. Honest, sincere, and compassionate. More teachers, correction, more people should aspire to be like him. Our world would be better off if so.

Allen Lamp Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is An awesome music educator. We taught together for 2 years. Kids love him! He is a wealth of knowledge. More Importantly, he is also a family man and friend! John will go out of his way to help. I strongly recommend John Weatherspoon for life changer of the year award.

Margaret Schuettler Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to have met Mr. Weatherspoon my freshman year of high school back in 2011. He is so much more then just a teacher, to me and everyone else he’s touched he’s like a father figure, an amazing role model and a great person in general! He cares about and loves his students and anyone would be lucky to learn from him. When life at home was hard for me, I was able to go to him and he was my shoulder to cry on and my rock at times. I love him and feel so blessed to know him. I know even to this day if I needed him, he’d be there. He’s amazing all around and has forever changed my life through music! Love you Weatherspoon!

Luther Estyl Posted over a year ago

Had the privilege of being in Mr. Weatherspoon music class for two years at LWHS. He’s very passionate and dedicated to teach his students not only about music but life in general. It’s always deeper than music in his class. Thank you for what you do Mr. Weatherspoon, you definitely had a long lasting impact on my life.

Danielle Keller Carter Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon was my favorite teacher in high school. He was not just a choir teacher that taught me to sing for 4 years. He taught life, he taught integrity, and he taught us like we were family. Many a choir trips to Tennessee, Disney, and daily classes gave our class the opportunity to learn that Mr. Weatherspoon actually and truly cared for his students. I have been out of high school for more than 10 years but still keep in touch with Mr. Weatherspoon and count myself blessed to have been a student of his at Lake Worth High School. He truly deserves this wonderful recognition.

Starla Kennelly Posted over a year ago

When I think of my high school years, John Weatherspoon immediately comes to mind. My 4 years in his choir helped to shape my high school experience, and my future. His lessons of dedication, perseverance, and compassion are treasures to me. In his chorus class is where I met the man that I’ve been married to for 19 years. Mr. Weatherspoon’s name and lessons that he taught us come up often when we talk to our own children. We are forever grateful. There isn’t a more perfect nominee for a Lifechanger award than John Weatherspoon.

Agnes Austin-Guyer Posted over a year ago

As a former colleague of John’s, I can say that he has inspired countless students in his choral program. He is a hard worker, but never forgets to include the joy of learning and making music together. He is a role model to teens in a world that is confusing and challenging for all of us. He is a beacon of joy, knowledge, respect, and professionalism in the industry. I respect him greatly.

Krystal Christopher Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon was my chorus director all through high school and 11 years later I carry his lessons of preparation, discipline, and the love of music with me! Mr. Weatherspoon has a passion and drive for music that is unparalleled. Sharing this passion and dedication has been his life's work and with that he has touched and changed the lives of many restless teenagers who entered his choir room at Lake Worth Community High School (myself included). High School walls are filled with self-discovery, misdirection, hopes for the future, and at times knee-buckling uncertainty. However, Mr. Weatherspoon's choir room was this constant fixture of laughter (not withstanding moments of discipline of course. Lol), music, and support. As the years have passed and I look back on my high school experiences, being taught by Mr. Weatherspoon has stood firm as one of the most impactful experience of my life. He epitomizes what a life changer IS and SHOULD be. I have no doubts that Mr. Weatherspoon will comtinue to touch and change the lives of all who he he did for me.

Mary Anne Reilly Posted over a year ago

John is a gifted musician and a loving teacher. He is generous with his talent and sacrifices the ability to be financially successful by his charitable work. John is kind hearted and a joy to be with. I am glad to have him in my universe! Thank you John!

Joezer Posted over a year ago

Whether it be dedicating time to students or dedicating time to fellow choir directors, Mr. Weatherspoon provides tremendous support while also pushing for one to be at one's best. Inside the classroom, Mr. Weatherspoon expects one to be focused on the material, but ultimately, the classroom serves as a medium for Mr. Weatherspoon to utilize his experience & advice to prepare one for life outside of the classroom. When I was one of his first-year students, Mr. Weatherspoon expressed interest in having me return to his class the following year as part of his advanced chorus. Despite the following year's responsibilities of academics, athletics, miscellaneous extracurricular activities, and the college admissions process, I auditioned for Mr. Weatherspoon's advanced chorus. I was blessed to have passed the audition, because during my time on advanced chorus, I was forced to manage my time better in order to successfully handle my various duties. Furthermore, continued interaction with Mr. Weatherspoon provided an opportunity to grow as a person due to the nature of many of our discussions. Therefore, Mr. Weatherspoon doesn't deserve to be considered LifeChanger of the Year for simply "exemplifying excellence, positive influence and leadership"; John Weatherspoon deserves to be acknowledged as LifeChanger of the Year for his commitment to ascertaining that future generations of students grow into exceptional adults, develop into upstanding members of society, and blossom into refined, respectful, renowned leaders.

Frankie Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is a very inspirational person. One who can give advice, and provide help. He is probably the most passionate music teacher i've meet. He makes sure we can perform with confidence by giving us chances to make us better at singing. He moves along with us to make sure we know where we are, and how to sing the part. I love his class, and all the people in it. He's turned all of us into better people, showing us how the world works. If I could say anything to him right now, I'd say thank you.

Jason Rivera Posted over a year ago

Ever since I joined his class, Mr. Weatherspoon has taught me so much that nobody ever has. He does everything with vehemence and is an extremely persistent person, he will not rest until he gets what he wants and inspires me to do the same. He’s not just an outstanding teacher, but also an amazing person in general and I am very lucky to have him as a teacher because he is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. He is inspiring, passionate, and assiduous. He is one of, if not, the best person I have ever met and I am so grateful to have him in my life because he really has changed my life and made me a better person.

Clara Hodges Posted over a year ago

Even just hearing the name John Weatherspoon brings a smile to the face of the listener. John is a fantastic musician, dedicated teacher, and incredible human being. His love, passion, and joy is so evident in his work and on his face. I cannot say enough about this man! He radiates love and kindness, and those that know him, know how fortunate they are to have him in their life. He is already a life changer - this award would simply have it in writing.

Christina Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is dedicated and talented. He challenges his students to learn beyond the lyrics and expose them to culture through music.

Jimmy Fogleman Posted over a year ago

I have known John for years now and every time I see him he lifts my spirits and is a huge encouragement to me. John’s love and care for people is evident not just in his actions but also in the way he carries himself. He doesn’t know a stranger and will do anything he can to help others. His life is one that exudes servanthood and will go the extra mile. If anyone deserves this award he does. This award would not prove he is a life changer but simply affirm what everyone who knows John has already experienced!

ashly quintero Posted over a year ago

There are no words that can describe what a great teacher Mr. Weatherspoon is. He is not only a great teacher, but a great person overall. He takes passion in everything he does regardless of what it is. Mr. Weatherspoon has taught me more life lessons than anyone else has taught me even though i’ve only known him for a short time. He makes everyone feel wanted and accepted no matter what situation they’re in and i appreciate him for that. Thank you Mr. Weatherspoon.

Krista Villalobos Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is very passionate about music and he is a very kind person. He’s like a father to all of us and wants us to go through challenges because he believes that we will get through it and he makes us a more stronger and independent person. Chorus is like a family and it keeps growing and growing positively and it’s all thanks to Mr. Weatherspoon he deserves this award.

Glenn Stubbs Posted over a year ago

John Witherspoon has been working at our school for quite a long time. His commitment and dedication to our kids have made a difference in their lives. He’s a great friend a great teacher and a great man. Our school would suffer a huge loss if he leaves. There is no one I think is more deserving of this award than John Weatherspoon. I fully support him in all his endeavors.

Suncharone Jolteus Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon Is one of the best teacher that I know he’s always trying to do more than the best he can do. He cares a lot about his students he’s like a father for us. The first time I walk in to he’s classroom he say something that caught my eyes “the undertaking of a new action brings new strength and he said only you can change your life no one will do it for you. I love music he make me happy to see someone caring about music like this. I wish you all the best Mr. Weatherspoon you deserve it.

Christina Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is dedicated and talented. He challenges his students to learn beyond the lyrics and expose them to culture through music.

Dorha Posted over a year ago

For me mr Weatherspoon is a good teacher ????? he like when we sing with our mouths open and he like when we sing with passion by the way I’m his student .

Brent Bludworth Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure to work side by side with John Weatherspoon at Lake Worth High for 16+ years, as acting department chair for the Fine and Performing Arts. He is a passionate teacher who loves this school and its students. I know first hand the sacrifices he makes to ensure his students are afforded opportunities more affluent schools often take for granted. Professionally he conducts, sings and directs within the musical community. As a human being you, couldn’t ask for a better friend. John is thoughtful, truthful and fun loving. Finally, on top of all his accolades like being nominated for a grammy ( in the final 5), John is a humble, father and family man. I undoubtedly believe John Weatherspoon is the best candidate for the Life changer of the year award! You won’t be disappointed!!

Terence X. Hart Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is an exceptional Chorus Teacher. His passionate about music and how it impact our youth. He is well deserving of this award. Thanks

Love Charles Posted over a year ago

Mr weatherspoon is a man so passionate of music that he always give the best of himself to help others especially his students he have been like a father for us always want us to challenge ourselves to leave our fear and always tell that we can do it and even do more than what we imagine in chorus it's feel like family and of course because we are a family I really appreciate his efforts and the opportunity to be part of that family ??

Isabel Hutchins Posted over a year ago

Mr. John Weatherspoon is one of the funniest and caring person that I know. He is one of the reasons I joined chorus. My mom and dad are musicions and I've always loved to sing, but I don't think I would have joined chorus if it weren't for him. He really cares about his students and pushes us to be the best we can and teaches us so much more than the music. He always tells us how the descions and friends we make and have now will affect our future (and let's not forget the P.E, science, english, and foreign languages). I am so grateful that I've got to know him for as long as I have, because he is such a great friend and mentor to me.

Leilani Perkins Posted over a year ago

Great music director makes great Choir

Mona Francois Posted over a year ago

I consider Mr.Weatherspoon to be a warm and passionate person. He cares a lot about his students, he always tries to find ways to help them be their bestselves. More than anything else, he is a man of God.

Kari MacRostie Posted over a year ago

It’s crazy to watch the connection that he has with his school kids! He is Just an absolute pleasure to be around.

Elizabeth Fabian Posted over a year ago

I know John Weatherspoon for more than 20 years from Lake Worth High. I never met a more dedicated professional musician ever sence. He preformed miracles in a school where music is not mandatory with kids who might would end up on the streets . His love of music and kids shows true every performance. I'm very honored to know him and his hard work for so many years should be recognized with this award.

Alex Drucker Posted over a year ago

John gives people of all ages the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The students that come through his music program at school have no idea how fortunate they are. John cares for all of his students as if they are his own kids, and he would do/does anything he can to see all of them succeed. He is the exact same with his friends and colleagues. Anyone he comes in contact with, whether they realize it yet it or not, have benefited by his positive attitude, passion, and love for music and being the best possible person. I have no doubt that had I not spent years knowing and making music with John, I would not be where I am today, also sharing my love of music with young people. He made sure I never gave up on my search for my dream job. He makes the most out of everything and the best out of everyone. Genuinely the best person I have ever met. We all love you more than you’ll ever know, John!

DaLaine Chapman Posted over a year ago

As long as I’ve know John he has been not only student centered, but people centered as well. He provides a space for his students to feel like they belong, not just “fit in”, but actually belong to something that is much larger than they each are individually. That sense of belonging to something larger than ones self is vital to society in general, and John plays a large role in making sure each student feels his love through each students’ own importance. Bravo, John.

Rana Agaoglu Posted over a year ago

This kind, passionate, talented man has been a true light on the path that I’ve chosen to master. He has not only taught and exemplified what kind of a teacher, director, friend I should be, but has always been the biggest inspiration in my life, and still continues to be every single day. I feel truly blessed to have John Weatherspoon in my life.

Morgan Burburan Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is a passionate, brilliant, energetic, and talented conductor and educator! He brings the best out of his students!

Jeff Chafin Posted over a year ago

As the former owner of Chafinmusic in lake worth fl. We worked closely with John for years . He encourages his students to be their best. He puts in countless hours after school . He has hosted many county wide Musical events . His dedication is evident in the respect his students give him. He has worked diligently to put his choral program on the map. John is always there as a mentor.

Rachel Begleiter Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon gives so much of himself to his work, his students, his colleagues, and his community. He is encouraging, determined, and loving. He is truly a life changer!

Meredith Abrams Posted over a year ago

John is the gold standard, in music and secondary education. And besides his passion for his craft, he is kind and loving, to all, beyond words! I’m proud to say I knew him when I was a student and now am fortunate to have him as a colleague, friend, and fellow philanthropist.

Daniel Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to work beside John for 3 years and it was some of the most fulfilling, joyful and blessed of my career. In 15 yrs of being a public educator, I can say with honesty that I have met few people with a heart and passion for music education like John. He works tirelessly to use music as the tool by which he teaches his students to be life long lovers of music, and how to become great contributing members of society. His desire is to help his students learn invaluable life skills that will help them to be successful in any path they choose. John’s passion for music and life exudes in every aspect of who he is. He gives of himself freely to any who would interact with him.

Ruth Collier Posted over a year ago

John gives of himself freely to help his high school students! He encourages, pushes, insists on their best & expects their best. He is a life changer!

Dr. Nicholaus Cummins Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is a genuine and loving man to his family, friends, and students. He works very hard to bring music into the lives of all those in his sphere...and he has impacted and changed the lives of all those around him. I’ve seen him work and spoken to his choirs and it’s nothing but love and respect. How many of us can say we touched another person And impact of them for the better? John is a truly remarkable teacher and friend!

Dr. Lois Smith Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon has a humble spirit about him that puts him in a category all by himself, and being a life changer by example. He pleasantly encouraged our Lake Worth Alumni Association and myself recently when he organized a group of his Choral Students to sing some of their favorite song performances to an awe struck audience, displaying how talented all of his students have become under John's leadership and direction. It was a sight to see and hear. The melodious voices on that day was just one of John's Chorus performances I have been privileged to hear and witness how he gives back to our School's Students as they travel around the World to perform as Champions of the Music Genre`. He further demonstrated his concern for the character development of his choral group of students in how he informed the audience that he strives to teach all students how to receive scholarly recognition, and yet, for his students to keep in mind that it is so that they can give back in the future to those who are needing a responsible hand up; not merely a hand out. He assured us that he teaches all students in his care to be generous when seeking to help others in their sphere of influence. John, I can't say more than that he is a life changer, by example. Dr. Lois Smith

Brenda M. Weatherspoon-Popularas Posted over a year ago

What can I say about John Wayne Weatherspoon my little brother, he’s the six of seven children. For those who may not know our parents name him after the legendary actor “John Wayne the Duke” our father loved western movies especially everyone that John Wayne played in. Why do I feel that my little brother should win the “Life Changer of the Year” award. I will do my best to speak about my little brother that will move upon hearts of the judges to feel the same about him as we do “awesome”. Being the oldest of the sibling watching your love one’s grow up you always notice the character of your siblings because each one uniquely has a quality which will measure against the degree of excellence in life to uplift their future. Even if you do not see them every day you will always know who they are - out of your sight - but not out of your mind. John has always been the one to put his mind to something he knew would be a challenge; he will conquer it until the bitter end It does not matter if it take a while or even years, he will study it, he will deeply analyzed it and he will transition it - until it’s over. John has never been afraid to go out on a limb to see new things in life. I could remember when he was younger he wanted to be in the school play, he audition, gotten the part and totally wowed the audience, that his teachers and classmates are still to this day a part of his life. John is a very humble but very funny little brother; he would always speak what was on his mind with the greatest of respect to you when it came to the truth without backing down, you would sometime find yourself just saying “Ok Wayne” because he was right. I could remember his favorite movies to watch with his sisters and brothers would be vampire movies we all would have so much fun together watching them but every one of us knew John reaction to watching them, at bedtime he would be so deep under the covers no one could find him but the first to rise in the morning that would be totally hilarious. When our baby brother join the Marines, we all cried so much because our circle was momentarily detached we knew where he was, we just felt that absent in the home - he was the first of us to join the military to serve and protect our country. I could remember when he first wrote us to tell us about his life of turning into a Marine officer what a joy it was for our mother to read to us. We all were too excited to write back to him - letting him know we missed him, what vampire movie we watch together and we would end our letter to him with our nick names “BO, Ba-Faye, Jabbo, Dog, Cat and Monkey-bug” little did we know he would be called into office and question about our nick names, it was very scary because we thought we had gotten our little brother in trouble based on his phone call to our mother. In our minds we did not know what to do then later it became funny and we would end our letters with our real names Brenda, Barbara, Fate, Londia, Joyce and Tawanda totally a lesson learn. When John started college wow his graduation day from Southeastern Louisiana University College we were all so proud of him, we knew music would be his focus in life, there he meet the love of his life our beautiful to be sister-n-law now of over 30 years and with that union they started a new life in West Palm Beach, Florida. John started a teaching job at Lake Worth Community High School, they started a family brought forth four beautiful children into the world to mimic them with the leadership of Jesus our Lord, four little John Wayne a total western life it is. What can say about my little brother John Wayne Weatherspoon I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to allow John to become the man of God that he is - before his beautiful wife, his beautiful children, his mother, his father (deceased), his sisters, his brothers, his families, his friends and most of all his students whose lives were changed because John their teacher, their mentor cared enough to help make a change for their future thru the love of music. LIFE CHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD Goes to “Mr. John Wayne Weatherspoon” The teacher who changed the lives of many of his students thru the love of music. Thank you, Brenda M. Weatherspoon-Popularas

Suzanne Berry Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is an amazing educator. He is passionate about his role in educating students through music and beyond. Not only has he played a major role in the music department at his high school, he is also very vocal in advocating for students’ rights and their right to having the best education. Mr. Weatherspoon also reaches out to his local elementary school and volunteers whenever asked. Mr. Weatherspoon is definitely a life changer in our community and beyond.

Max Marius Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon gives students experiences that's life changing . Thank you for the lessons you have taught me sir.

Brittany Bridgers Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is truly an incredible person. He strives for excellence in everything he puts his hands to. His choir is always a joy to watch. I am always inspired after leaving every performance. The impact that John Weatherspoon has made on these students and many others will last a lifetime. I am deeply moved by the kindness and love that John and his family show everytime I encounter them. He is absolutely a life changer.

Mandy Horton Posted over a year ago

John has been an educator for many years and he continues to inspire his current students and students of the past. He strives for excellence in all he does. I wish him all the best! Go get them John!

Janet Moran Posted over a year ago

I’ve known John since we were students together in the College of Music and Dramatic Arts at Southeastern Louisiana University. John was the type of person you just knew was going to go far in his career because of his work ethic, his attention to detail and the pure joy of sharing his gift with others. He is an excellent teacher, friend and performer. I can think of no better person to be honored with this award. He gives so much of himself to his students everyday. He doesn’t “turnoff “ at 3:00. He is there for each and every student at all times and I don’t think he knows the meaning of mediocrity. John is one of the hardest working people I know.

Tawanda Weatherspoon Posted over a year ago

I've had the privilege of knowing this man for 50 years now. I have watched as he has stayed the course, fought the fight, prayed the prayer, sung the song, clapped and praised the performances of others, led his family, loved his wife, reared his children, assisted in the dreams of others, sacrificed his time, woke up early, stayed up late, driven for miles, flown all over the USA, served his country, taught and be taught, give sacrficially, served his neighbor, pour into others without complaining, with great passion serve his students and without fail never let them quit. He does all this because someone did it for him. He purposed in his heart to give above and beyond what was given to him. The same love, passion, grace, mercy, kindness, gentleness, meekness and yes even discipline that was given to John, he now gives in return without hesitation to his family and the students he serve. The passion with which he speaks and teach is shown in every student he touches and in every performance they give. John, thank you for never giving up on your dream to see others succeed. One student at a time, that's all it takes, you've proven that for over 30 years now. You are a "Life-Changer in so many ways.

Victoria Collins Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon Sr. is not only a phenomenal choral conductor, educator, and motivator, but a true innovator! His meticulous work and dedication to Lake Worth Community HS will attest to that fact! He is committed to bettering the LWCHS community through integrity, dignity, and compassion. He carefully uses the arts to guide students into understanding the importance of finding a foundation, and learning to build on that foundation to establish a culture that proves that the light of unity outshines the darkness of negative stereotypes amid diversity everytime. John is an advocate of “rising above,” and a pioneer whose impact is timeless. I am thankful he exists and is changing lives in such a time as this! He deserves this honor!

Rose Olivier Posted over a year ago

I am 35 years old and Mr. Weatherspoon is still one of the handful of people I consider to have played a pivotal role in my life. Teachers are so important. Has he just done his job and done it well he would deserve a reward but Mr. Weatherspoon was so much more than my chorus teacher. He loved (and I’m sure still loves) each one of his chorus students. He reached out to us. He knew what was going on in our lives and wasn’t afraid to give us guidance. He saw our potential. I was very quiet and insecure but somehow he saw in me potential for leadership. He built us up and encouraged our growth. When a group of the boys in our chorus started an singing group, he let them practice in the chorus room and coached them. He gave them opportunities to perform at our events and for our choir. He made our chorus class a fun place to be. My husband’s sole reason for keeping his grades up and coming to school was so he could be involved in chorus. He says he wouldn’t have graduated if it weren’t for Mr. Weatherspoon. He fostered an atmosphere of community and family. We knew his family. His wife knew our names and loved participated in making us feel loved and accepted. He planned activities for the purpose of team building. He stays in touch with alumni. He created a Facebook group for us and keeps us up to date with what’s going on in chorus. He invites us to the concerts and sometimes there are opportunities to participate. I love in VA so I haven’t been able to go but it means a lot to me that I’m able to stay connected. I LOVED being a part of Mr. Weatherspoon’s chorus class. It changed my life. Through the course of four years I developed confidence, learned to lead and had some of the best experiences I have ever had. I am so grateful that Mr. Weatherspoon was willing to invest in me and my classmates. I will be forever grateful. Rose Olivier

Marcy Fine Posted over a year ago

I met John when he began teaching at LWCHS in Lake Worth, FL. He was the most enthusiastic caring person I had ever met. His students thrived under his direction and the chorus went from jut okay to amazing. He has continued to encourage and mentor his students and is an outstanding person as well.

Kisha Dominique Posted over a year ago

Inspiring teacher, working hard to ensure the success of all his students!

Lou Bartolomeo Posted over a year ago

I’ve known John Witherspoon for over 12 years, and have always known him to be a dedicated kind hearted person and educator. John gives of his time unselfishly to teach his craft and love of music and singing, to the fortunate kids at Lake Worth High School. A few years ago, he worked tirelessly to bring his chorus to the forefront of the nation, when his group joined the legendary rock group Foreigner, to back them up on the hit I want to know what love is. An amazing accomplishment not only for the school, the district and county, but mainly for his kids. One last thing, to show you the type of man Spoon is, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and served his country with honor. So I gladly forward my utmost recommendation for the ever deserving and brother Marine, for the Life Changer Award, to my brother John Witherspoon

Patrick Logan Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon was a coworker and still a dear friend. There aren’t many like him left in the world of education. His passion for music has created a pathway to reach each and every one of his students. His dedication is contagious, not just to students but to other faculty members, as well. God bless you John, you deserve this and more!!!

Maria S. Posted over a year ago

As an educator John Weatherspoon has gone above and beyond to ensure the student body at Lake Worth High School receive a quality music education. Students from many walks of life, some without very much exposure to the arts, have been given the opportunity to thrive in his learning environment.

Jen Breitinger Posted over a year ago

The kind of teacher that I aspire to be.

Michelle Winkler Posted over a year ago

Music education is transformative and John consistently strives to reach as many students as he can. So many students from Title I schools lack experience and opportunity. Imagine how they feel performing in New York City and seeing a Broadway show... Well, John has made this happen! He is also one of the kindest colleagues I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and when my students finish their work, it’s his class they want to go to. His dedication is clearly life changing.

Jhann M. Posted over a year ago

Blessed by our friendship, which has spanned nearly 40 years, I whole-heartedly believe that John “Spoon” Weatherspoon IS indeed a “Life-Changer!” One thing I learned from John was circumstances did not define who you were meant to be. I grew up in a home full of money but without love within those 4 walls. John’s home was different- wealth may not have been there- but John’s mama made sure he always knew how loved he was and, I also believe he was taught to listen to his heart. I think the lessons he learned at home (as well as the fact, in my opinion, that he has always had a calling on his life) -made him that much more receptive to accepting the love and belief a teacher once poured into him....which in turn led him to not only believing in himself, but pouring his heart and soul into his friends, family, and eventually, his students. While I changed majors multiple times, I can honestly say that I can’t ever remembering John wavering from his passion for music or his desire to one day “pour” into his own students. A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a prior student of John’s. When I asked her what was it like to have had him as a teacher - she smiled and said it was “unforgettable - that he taught not only music, but life as well.” As long as I have known John, I have no doubt that his teachings on “life” included hard work, integrity, persistence, self-belief, following your heart, dreams, and passions, following the Golden Rule, and above all - loving and trusting our Father above with heart, soul, and mind. I know that John Weatherspoon helped change my life; he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I know and believe he has changed the lives of countless others. What else can I say other than John IS a “Life-Changer.”

Eric Keiper Posted over a year ago

John is an inspirational educator who uses his amazing talent to motivate his students through music to become better, more responsible and community-minded people. The diverse population at Lake Worth High School, whose population is mostly socioeconomically challenged, is often emotionally uplifted and thus, driven to make their own lives and the community around them closer, stronger, better. As an alum of LWHS and as a veteran music educator, I am extremely proud of the work John Weatherspoon is doing at my Alma Mater and in the community in which I grew up. He is an inspiration to all of us and his students, and the community, are blessed to have John as a leader.

Ada Henderson Posted over a year ago

John and his choir are always ready to preform. He works very hard with the students and it pays off. Good luck John in all you do.

Victor Fernandez Posted over a year ago

John is so highly deserving of this award. I have known John for a little over a year now. As soon as I first met him, it became clearly apparent to me that this man is a mover and a shaker, a force for social and human good, a man who lives through example and who is effecting positive change and transforming human lives across every sphere of his life, both personal and professional. It is an absolute honor to be able to call John a friend, and I so look forward to many years of his friendship. Given the profound effect he has had on the local community over the last few decades, I think John is without question the individual who most deserves this award.

John Posted over a year ago

Daily impact turns into years and then Decades. Not many can say that and John has done it...Changing one by one.

Bonny Shade Posted over a year ago

I am a confident, capable, and strong woman. But I wasn’t always this way. I was quiet, questioned my potential, didn’t understand leader ship, and wasn’t sure of what was next. Growth comes in many forms. My growth started when I walked into the chorus room at Lake Worth community high school. To Sam, chorus may just be something they’re involved in in high school. For me, it was the start of believing in myself because John Weatherspoon Believed in me. He challenged me to be better, pushed me to be a leader, asked me to be a role model, and showcase how all of those things made me a better person. I am who I am today because of his influence. He is a life changer. He has changed mine forever.

Deborah Zahner Posted over a year ago

Not only does John pour himself into his students in Lake Wales, offering them a wide variety of local performances, he also offers them statewide opportunities through the Florida Music Educators Association, Florida Vocal Association, and the Florida Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association. Mountain top experiences abound. He is also in great demand, as a guest conductor to come work his particular brand of magic with honor choirs throughout the state and beyond. I am proud to call him my friend and colleague and happy to cheer from afar.

Dale Rodberg Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon isn’t a “Life”changer, he is more than that....he is a “Lives” changer! Deserving of the title “Lifechanger” plus even more.....

Jennifer Love-Gironda Posted over a year ago

John has been my colleague for six years at LWHS. As a veteran teacher he has always been one of my 'go-to' sources, and as a fellow arts department member he is also helps motivate and support me. His work with the chorus is amazing, hence the numerous awards and recognition, that have only increased every year that I have known him. We are lucky to have such a committed educator passing on his knowledge and passion for music to the next generation.

Annette Johnson Posted over a year ago

What a fantastic music director Mr. Weatherspoon is! His professionalism is impeccable and his passion for teaching and for his students is undeniable! I am honored to call him a friend and colleague!

Lonney Moral Posted over a year ago

John is a Godly man and great teacher. John effects a lot of his students through music, which I believe has a huge impact upon their lives and future. He has my utmost respect as a man who has great values in his life, which reflect greatly upon himself and his family.

Elaine Haugan Posted over a year ago

John is truly one of the most talented people I know! He gives hours and hours of time to his music and teaching/leading others. He is a strong role model for today’s youth, with a beautiful family who also give back.

Chuck Lewis Posted over a year ago

John has invested his life in serving his students, his church, and his Lord. He leads with excellence and inspires with joy and kindness. My life and countless others have been forever changed because of his presence and investment in us!

Michael O'Connor Posted over a year ago

I believe wholeheartedly that John Weatherspoon is a life changer. His brings a love of his neighbor to everything he does and, combined with his immense musical ability, he makes everyone better for having been around him. I've been a member of his ensemble on occasion and had the opportunity to work with him on a large performance project. He is always 100% invested in the work, but more importantly in the people involved. I wish that every member of government could have been in his choir class.

Kelly Easterling Posted over a year ago

John is truly the most inspirational teacher and colleague. He motivates all music teachers to rise to his level. His dedication to his students far exceeds what is expected. I am honored to know him.

Phyllis Phillips Posted over a year ago

My family and I have known Mr. Witherspoon for over 20 years. He was instrumental in the musical development of my son preparing him for All-State sight-reading achievement awards. Mr. Witherspoon is much more than a music teacher. He is a teacher, mentor and life coach and his influence on the kids go far beyond the classroom. He is known throughout the state and by many diverse organizations for his contributions to music education.

John Weatherspoon II Posted over a year ago

My dad is one of the best men I know. When he was young, he knew what he wanted to be in life. A teacher had poured into him and made him realize his talent for music. She encouraged him to pursue it and told him that he has a future in music and a chance to be something great. In that moment, my dad knew that what he wanted to be in life was an encourager of those who do not believe in themselves. My dad grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in a 7 child household, with his mom being the constant parent in his life. They did not have wealth in money or materials; their wealth was in family and love. His teacher encouraged him with the belief that he isn’t bound to the fate of those that came before him. She helped him refine his craft. He would either take the bus or even walk to performances, contests, and tryouts in order to grow his talent. A little bit later in life, he decided to serve his country and become one of the few and the proud - a marine. This helped him to become a very disciplined man. He learned what it means to lead, to serve, to protect, and to defend those who cannot defend themselves. My dad is a man of faith. It has taught him how to live, how to love, how to react and behave, and how to care for others more than himself. All these things has made my dad the great man he is today. He has taught children of all ages, even those older than him, because even grown adults can be children sometimes. I remember being a child and meeting some of his students at their performances and to this very day a lot of those students still ask him for advice and stay connected. He has made an impact into the lives of many. He has passed on his knowledge of discipline, leadership, sacrifice, perseverance, and more to the students he taught - all four of his children included. As his kids, we were expected to do the same as every other student in his classroom. Behave, learn music, sight read, practice, show up, etcetera. We were not given an advantage, and there was no extra learning or schooling for us outside of the classroom. My dad was father at home and teacher at school. Sometimes he was father at school, and not just to us. A lot of his students did not have a father figure in their life, and they would come to my dad for advice or help. Our advantage as his children was that our dad, and mom, were at all of our events. Every performance, every sports game, every school activity, cheering us on and being there for us. They were never too busy and they sacrificed their time and their events for us. My dad has been what he has always wanted to be; the father that shows up and encourages. He did this for me, he does this for his students, and he does this for others. He has changed my life, the life of many of his students, and the lives of people connected to our family. He is a great man, a life changer, a server, a leader, a father, and an ambassador of Christ. He tells his students that they do not have to conform to what society says they are. They can make something of themselves, give back to society, get out of the rut, increase in character, better their financial situation, better their education, be great men and women who impact others, and be who they want to be in life. He teaches that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow, even more than he has. My dad is a life changer.

Christian Ramos Posted over a year ago

John Is without a doubt an incredibly passionate mentor and educator to so many young people. He not only wants them to learn but he wants them to succeed in life. He loves his students like his own children and has given most of his life up till now to see these young kids be fulfilled and make the right choices in their lives. He loves people well and is always seeking to be a blessing to others first. Few men are like him and our community is better because of his constant development of the next generation. I’m grateful to know him!

Matthew Workman Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon champions lifetime opportunities for his students. He is a special mentor in so many lives that continue into young adulthood.

Michele Rodberg Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is a man of integrity. He loves God, his family, his friends and desires to see his students become the best version of themselves. I cannot think of anyone more deserving than he.

Susan Dant Posted over a year ago

I met John when I was new to teaching. He was a supportive and encouraging colleague, teacher, mentor, and friend. His positive attitude, energy, and smile are contagious!

Donna Kennelly Posted over a year ago

John had all 3 of my children in his class. I found his dealing with children to be motivating, encouraging and for the good of his students. He has volunteered to sing at city patriotic events and provided a good role model for his students to grow in their civic duties. I have known John for over 20 years and would be proud to recommend him for any award.

J Mark Scott Posted over a year ago

I've known John for many years as a colleague and friend. He is indeed a "Life Changer". He has inspired hundreds of young lives with his music and outlook on life. People admire and respect him. I know I do.. His influence on the young people he teaches will last a lifetime. J Mark Scott

Sasha Sherman-Young Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon was one of the BEST teachers I have ever had! He encouraged me to take risks and believe in myself, and I am eternally grateful for the role he played in my life!

Kherrie Posted over a year ago

If my mother knows you I know you because the way she speaks of you makes me already know that you may be a good person!!

roxana guerra Posted over a year ago

John is a wonderful human who continues to spend his life leaving a positive impact on people all around! I have had the pleasure of working with him and he is deserving of the life changer award!

Jeanette Justo Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon taught my children many years ago and is still an influence in their lives today. They have stayed in touch with him and he is a positive role model. He truly is a wonderful teacher but also an amazing human being. One who cares for his kids, not just within the classroom. He wants the best for them in whatever they do.

Jennifer Greenberg Posted over a year ago

I graduated in 2007 and never forgot my experience in his class. My sincerest gratitude for his leadership and for believing in our talent. Thanks 'Spoon!

Laurie McDonald Posted over a year ago

John is a fun charismatic teacher, choir director, friend . I know the students he works with are influenced for good in his class. He always reaches out to those around him and makes them feel special. Good luck !

Sue Posted over a year ago

John is One of the finest Christian men that I know. He is a wonderful role model for young people and shares his talents unselfishly

Kristin Muse Posted over a year ago

John is an amazing artist, person and friend. His love for music and teaching goes beyond the norm. Many lives have been touched by his artistry and faith.

Becky Posted over a year ago

John is a ray of sunshine. When you spend any amount of time with him you walk away feeling fantastic. He genuinely cares and enjoys sharing his time, talents and faith with everyone he meets. John and his family are very special to me.

Julie Williams Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is a positive role model for the students he teaches! He impacts them in such a way that causes them to always want to do their best, not only in the area of music, but in all walks of life. His influence not only is reflected by his students, but by their families as well. His smile brightens any classroom...any school...any performance...and he is loved by all, as his students know the love and care he has for them. He encourages excellence and is highly respected by everyone. His life is a bright light to all!

Rhonda Arceneaux Posted over a year ago

John, you are a very talented and compassionate person. Your influence on these kids are more than just teaching. You have touched so many with your talent and knowledge of music. Keep it up brother. No good deed goes unnoticed. Keep on touching more lives. You’re a great mentor for our next generation.

Sarah Malone Posted over a year ago

I know John in many capacities: teacher, colleague, conductor, and most importantly, friend. I have seen the impact he has on his students. His words of wisdom and artistry stay with them well beyond the classroom and are lived our in their post high school lives. He continues to invest in and teach these students well past their time in his classroom. I first met John at a conference that helps develop choral conductors. We were fast friends and our shared passion for choral music solidified our friendship for life! I've had the opportunity to sing under John's conducting and the art he is able to create is astounding. The connection he is able to make with his singers makes us follow him wherever he leads and as a result makes such an incredible connection to the audience. His thoughtful and heartfelt choice of literature leaves lasting impressions on all who hear what he has created. You could not ask for a better friend than John. He's a friend for all season. His impact on me and my family is priceless. Whether you become a close friend to John, know him in a professional capacity, have sat in his classroom, or have seen him conduct - his love of and passion for the arts, talent, care for others, and personality leave you changed for the better.

Amanda Coates Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is a true reflection of artistry, talent and absolute loves music with every bone in his body. He is a leader and professional of music appreciation and its art. He was my choir director for 4 years. I graduated in 2003. He continues to inspire through music and life. He deserves to be recognized at its highest standard in his field. I believe in him and all he stands for! He is an icon through teaching, life, his family and music. I am so grateful to be apart of his choir and his continuing path of pursing music and inspiring the youth of our community. Thank you Mr. Weatherspoon! Truly! For all you have done and all the lives you have touched!

Stephanie M. Posted over a year ago

Some of the greatest lessons in life I learn from Mr. Weatherspoon. He was not only my chorus instructor, he was a father figure. I truly do not believe that he actually knows the real impact he has made in our lives. 11 years later and I will never forget all that he has thought me.

Kristi Fish Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of meeting John Weatherspoon this past summer at one of our professional conferences. It was then that I could proudly call him a friend. His joyful spirit is so contagious! I believe he touches everyone he meets and leaves them more whole after just one conversation with him. When we talked, I felt as though he really cared and was truly listening. And that is hard to find nowadays in this technology driven world!

Mike Hyde Posted over a year ago

I have know John Weatherspoon for 30 years. We have been colleagues and friends the entire time. John to me was the a great colleague, a best friend and an amazing role model in all areas.

Kelsey Burke Posted over a year ago

John is selfless, kind, and encouraging. Always looking for ways to help others. Truly a blessing to many and I am grateful to call him a friend.

Erzulie Dorsan Posted over a year ago

John is an all around top notch friend, father, son, teacher, mentor, husband, colleague and God fearing man. This nomination is well deserved. We need more people like him in the community. Congratulations John on your accomplishments and endeavors.

Allison Posted over a year ago

Nominated two years in a row says something about you! You were an awesome music teacher in elementary school and piano teacher as well! Your commitment to your students over the years is one that only few could match. Your passion for music is undoubtedly one of the many things that makes you so great! You are also an amazing husband, father and friend!

Ruth Posted over a year ago

I'm so proud of you!

Emily Langerholc Posted over a year ago

John is a life-changer for his students, obviously, but his presence & support improves the entire community of music education around him. He is a tremendous musical example & a wonderful source of support for his colleagues. Palm Beach County is a better place because he teaches here.

Jessica Posted over a year ago

John is a truly rare individual. He cares for all his students, past and present with all of his heart. He remembers every student he has ever had and they all hold a special place in his heart. I am very grateful to have had him as a teacher and am even more grateful that we all keep in touch. His family welcomes all of us with open arms.

Kim Perkins Posted over a year ago

It has been nearly 3 long years since I've graduated from Lake Worth High and I still continue to see the long-lasting impact Mr Weatherspoon has had on my life, and I'm so proud to say he continues to do so for all his students, now including my younger brother! There is no one I know who is more deserving of this title as he continues to affect not only his students but everyone else who has the pleasure of meeting him. LWCHS is blessed to have an educator like him in their pocket as he encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves. Whether it be through music or a simple conversation with him, Mr Weatherspoon has left his footprint in many lives for 30 years and continuing - the only difference now is he may have a couple white hairs :)

Joyce Weatherspoon-Talbert Posted over a year ago

“Many are called but few are chosen” How beautiful it is to witness my adorable brother not only walking in his calling but his destiny... so proud of you John. You have already changed the legacy of your and our families.... ????

Debby Boutet Posted over a year ago

John is the best of the best! Everything he does is done with excellence. John teaches his students life lessons as well as music and they continue to keep him in their lives long after graduation. I am so proud to know John Weatherspoon and count it all joy to have him as a friend.

Teresa Wilhelm Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon truly is an artist! He cares about his students and wants each of them to succeed in their own way.

Ken Hawkins Posted over a year ago

John's legacy speaks for itself. Past students are always in touch with him because he changed their lives in some way. He's a great leader, a great teacher, a great person and a great friend.

Bonnie Scott Posted over a year ago

John is an earthly example of Christ. He is an inspiration to all who has the opportunity to be around.

Brooks Clarke Posted over a year ago

I met John last year and it feels like I have known him for years. Upon meeting him, he could have easily began listing his many accomplishments and giving advice to me as a young teacher, but instead, John asked about me, how I’m doing, and was completely humble in his interactions with me and all other teachers at the FMEA conference. John is the absolute life of a room, and you can see this watching the way he positively interacts with his colleagues, and the way he smiles when he discusses his students. John is the real deal as an educator and activist for his students and music education as a whole. This man changes lives through music, and is the absolute definition of a life changing person.

Tiffany Cox Posted over a year ago

I am fortunate to call John Weatherspoon my colleague and friend. I cannot say enough good things about John. He is dedicated and passionate and pours his heart and soul into his students and their program. He is an incredible life changer!

Roberta Rehner Posted over a year ago

Mr John Weatherspoon is a mentor and encourages his students and colleagues to be the best they can be. I met him by substituting for him. I have gotten to know him pretty well and he has supported me while I am obtaining my Masters in Music Education. I have seen his music Group perform and he encourages his fellow performers to do what they do best. He brings out everyone’s creativity.

Chris Ellison Posted over a year ago

Over past eighteen years I have observed John Weatherspoon provide leadership, deep and abiding knowledge and wisdom and advocacy for his many students, his profession and his colleagues. Music Education, Arts Advocacy and student musicians are stronger, and better human beings because of John’s love of people, the truth and all forms of musical expression.

Hermione Joseph Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is one of the most thoughtful, dedicated, and caring educators at LWCHS. He has been my teacher, mentor, and colleague. He has shown me how to remain a TROJAN in the midst of my struggles. He has shared his heart with me and proven to be a hero (28 years in education is not easy feat). He inspired me as a student to sing my first solo, "Hero" by Mariah Carey. He continues to inspire me as a teacher to teach with my heart and continue to have joy in the journey.

Barbara Warren Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon is an absolute, one-in-a- Million, type of guy!! He's an excellent teacher and great leader for his students, colleagues, friends, and family. He's also an exceptional role model for his students...he supports them daily by giving his time, energy, and attention to each student so they can be the best. John and I have mutual friends from other schools and communities. I realized that after he joined my Facebook family. He seems to know everyone, and appears to be loved by all!! He is constantly on the go supporting the ARTS and its participants all over...even saw him via my Facebook this past summer at a music seminar or convention on the coast of my home state, Mississippi....the man is NON-Stop and is EVERYWHERE doing GREAT THINGS....ALL THE TIME!! If you look under Mover & Shaker in the dictionary, you'll probably see Mr. Weatherspoon's picture ...that's exactly what he is...a positive selfless MOVER, SHAKER and LIFE CHANGER for SO many in SO many ways!! We are blessed to have him at our high school!!

Robert Mejeur Posted over a year ago

Thank you Mr.Weatherspoon for being an inspiration to us all. You have been an icon for the Trojan staff and a mentor to many. I know you don't just teach chorus, you teach about respect, accountability and character with such enthusiasm. It is evident to see these attributes live on through your students. You truly have a gift that can't be taught. Thank you again for all you do.

Abbe Gleicher Posted over a year ago

Mr. Weatherspoon is very passionate about teaching and taking the Lake Worth Community High School chorus students to the top! Over the many years of teaching, he has been nominated for or won many awards, including the Grammy's - Music Educator Award, Dwyer Award, and he received a guitar signed by a famous 80's rock band.... He also took his students to NYC to sing at Carnegie Hall..... leaving us all to finally realize the answer to the question: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?".... Apparently you have to be a LWCHS student in his amazing class to get there!

Adiane Leon Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon, Lake Worth Community HS has the privilege to have one of the best teachers in the State of Florida . You are a loyal , and dedicated teacher .As my friend and colleague for more than 15 years , I witnessed how you changed uncountable lives here at LWCHS. Thank you. It's a simple but meaningful phrase that people in this profession just don't hear often enough. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are a true TROJAN !!!

Rebecca Mitchell Posted over a year ago

John Weatherspoon has been our award winning choral director and teacher for 28 years. He has won countless awards, national championships and a Grammy award. He is an amazing teacher. Thousands of students have been life changed by his amazing teaching.