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John Weatherspoon

Position: High School Choir Teacher
School: Lake Worth Community High School
School District: Palm Beach County Schools
City, State: Lake Worth, FL

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Music that Describes John

John Weatherspoon was nominated by his colleague, Katie Kovalsky.

"John Weatherspoon is the epitome of a LifeChanger in everything that he does and with everyone whom he works," said Kovalsky. "I interact with and observe John in several capacities, so I have had the chance to witness just how much he changes the lives of people around him. As a fellow music teacher in our school district, I have observed him teaching classes and participating in district choral events. I also have the privilege of being under his direction as a member of Espressivo, the semi-professional choir he directs. Additionally, I go to church with John and consider him a close friend. In every place and situation I’ve interacted with John, he consistently and passionately encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves they can be."

Mr. Weatherspoon uses music as a way to strengthen the individual through building a loving and nurturing community where people feel like they truly matter. To see the evidence of how Mr. Weatherspoon changes so many lives, all you have to do is go anywhere with him and you will inevitably run into a friend of his, or any number of past or present colleagues or students. You can't go anywhere with him without running into someone he knows.

As if that weren’t enough, every single person speaks to how much Mr. Weatherspoon means to them and how much they carry lessons he taught with them everywhere they go. Mr. Weatherspoon has sown numerous seeds of love, passion, and care in the lives of countless people, and they have gone into the world and poured those seeds into other people, making Mr. Weatherspoon's societal impact impossible to accurately quantify.

"For me personally, John has poured into me as a new teacher and vocalist, and he has helped me in more ways than I can describe," said Kovalsky. "Without hesitation, John took on the role of mentor to me. I turned to John numerous times for help and was always met with the same care as if I were the only person asking anything of him at the time, which I know wasn’t the case. LifeChanger is the perfect way to describe someone who so freely gives of himself without expecting anything in return."

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