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D.J. Riggs

Position: Guidance Counselor and Physical Education Teacher
School: Ben Johnson Elementary School
School District: Breckinridge County Schools
City, State: McDaniels, KY

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D.J. Riggs was nominated by his principal, Michael Broadbent.

Mr. Riggs changes lives on a daily basis. He changes lives for the better, whether he is counseling a student in need of a kind voice, or promoting healthy eating and physical exercise in his class.

Mr. Riggs has overcome tremendous personal adversity over the course of his life, from a horrible motorcycle accident, to the loss of close family members at a young age. He can relate to the challenges his students face and instills perseverance in them.

Mr. Riggs has taken a leadership role in working with schools and the district administration to promote the Fuel Up to Play 60 program in his school and district. His school has had three state ambassadors represent the state of Kentucky at the National Ambassador Summit in two years. His school has also been recognized as a Touchdown School over the past four years.

Mr. Riggs continues to help his school and district stay at the forefront in the promotion of the healthy child from a social-emotional perspective and from a physically healthy perspective. Mr. Riggs believes in educating the "whole child" and working with every child to help them to achieve their individual best.

"I am honored to recommend Mr. D.J. Riggs as a LifeChanger of the Year award candidate," said Broadbent.