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Jennifer Polner

Position: CTE/Family and Consumer Science Teacher
School: Speight Middle School
School District: Wilson County Schools
City, State: Stantonsburg, NC

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Jennifer Polner was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Mrs. Polner taught Parenting and Early Childhood Education classes at the high school level for 12 years at Beddingfield High School. This school year, she was moved to a local middle school by the administration.  She has been a dear friend, mentor, and colleague.  She comes to school with a smile on her face, ready to inspire students and staff on a daily basis.  Her students love to learn from her, and those who have graduated have been praised with the knowledge they have gained from her classes. 

Mrs. Polner has several students who currently work at the daycare facility her child goes to.  She not only taught the students, but served as their cheerleader and shoulder to cry on when needed. This care and compassion was also shown to her colleagues.  She spearheaded many different committees throughout the year to secure donations from the community to reward students with good grades and behavior. She also helped coordinate teacher appreciation week and team building activities for the staff. Mrs. Polner works tirelessly to create a family-like environment for everyone involved in the school. 

"Last night, the school district had open house. Throughout the halls, the students were asking where Mrs. Polner was, as another teacher was in her classroom and parenting was no longer on their schedule. Many students who never even had her for class were also asking about her," said the nominator. "There were even students who went to her new school and asked her why she left, as they were looking forward to her class this school year, only to discover it was no longer going to be offered."

"She graciously told the students she was moved to Speight to inspire younger students to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education and how to care for young children. There have been many tears shed over this move, and many people looking forward to working with such a great person," said her nominator. "When speaking with staff members from her new school and around the school district, they all talk about what a great person she is. She has a pure heart and is a great educator, not only for students, but for colleagues."

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Anna Edwards Posted 10 months ago

You have always been a life changer for me since the day you were born. I am blessed, thankful, and very proud to be your mom. You are a strong woman. You have a heart of gold. You always want to please everyone else. You are outgoing and generous. You are always looking for ways to mentor your students. You put your heart and your soul into your job. You are an encourager. And you are a great mother to your daughter, my precious little granddaughter. You are an inspiration to me; and I am your biggest fan. Best wishes in this nomination.