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Robert Moore

Position: U.S. History Teacher
School: Amanda Elzy High School
School District: Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District
City, State: Greenwood, MS

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Robert Moore was nominated by his family member, Lula Moore.

"I chose Robert Andre Moore, 38 years old, as a LifeChanger because during his eight years of teaching, he has demonstrated his ability to make an essential, positive difference in the lives of his students and their parents," said Lula. "He adds to the development of a positive school atmosphere.  He is recognized as a professional leader with a record of excellent performance  within his school and district. Robert admonishes to creating and maintaining a nurturing environment and adheres to high moral and ethical standards."

Mr. Moore teaches history to eleventh grade students at Amanda Elzy High School, where he shows passion, not only for the art and skill of teaching, but for his students. His personal saying is, "I do not teach because it is a job, I teach because it is a calling." He makes it a priority to get to know his students and figure out the best way to teach them to ensure they succeed.

Mr. Moore utilizes differentiated instruction and individualized instruction where needed, as well as technology and incentives. He makes history come alive! After introducing a lesson and engaging the students, he monitors and assists his students as they engage in class activities, both group and individual. He never sits during class time, and he is always focused on the needs of his students. Mr. Moore goes to his students' homes when they are absent from class/school. He develops a strong bond with their parents, who are regularly amazed by his commitment to their children.

Mr. Moore is not only committed to his students in his classroom - he monitors students as they change classes, eat in the cafeteria, and get on the buses. He attends all school activities where students are participating, both locally and out of town. Mr. Moore promotes a positive, safe school atmosphere throughout the entire campus. He utilizes his own money to provide materials and supplies needed for his students, and he asks for nothing in return.  He holds to high morals and ethical standards, which he conveys to his students, colleagues, administrators, school staff and community. His co-workers and administrators  speak very highly about him regarding his work ethics, working with others, and commitment to his students.

His leadership and performance on a professional level has been recognized by his school and district. During the 2017-2018 School Year, Mr. Moore was chosen as "Teacher of the Year" for his school.  He was chosen as "Star Teacher" by the "Star Student" at his school and district during the 2018-2019 School Year.  Also, he was recognized by his school and district for his students' State History Test Results, with 90% of students passing. His students have recognized him with an honor program and plaque to show their love and appreciation for a teacher, whom they say is, "Real and Truly Cares For All Students". 

"In conclusion, Mr. Robert Andre Moore is one of the 10 percent out of 100 percent of teachers, who has and continues to make a positive, beneficial difference in the lives of students, parents and teachers, contributes to the development of a positive school atmosphere, and is recognized for leadership, high moral standards, and a record of excellent performance at the professional level," said Lula. "These are a few reasons why Mr. Moore was my choice to recognize as a LifeChanger."

Comments (4)

Kalanya Moore Posted 9 months ago

I am honored to present comments of support to a young educator that I have deemed a "21st Century Change Agent" in the field of education. As a member of the higher education community, I have witnessed first-hand in regard to the "Excellence in Teaching" that has been displayed by Mr. Robert A. Moore since his tenure began as educator and Master Teacher. Mr. Robert Moore displays a solid foundation of content including themes, conceptual structures, and core organizing strategies that undergird the teaching of history, economics, geography, and civics and government—both as discrete content areas and in an interdisciplinary fashion. He also has a solid foundation in disciplinary ways of thinking, including the application of quantitative and qualitative analysis of a variety of forms of data and evidence. During his lessons, there was careful balance between the extensive focus on content material and the need to provide students with opportunities to navigate, organize, and analyze content material in a structured, integrated, and meaningful manner. Mr. Moore is aware of the breadth and depth of material within the different content areas that compose social studies–history and adjusted all content focus and level of detail for students at the secondary levels. Mr. Moore has participated in shaping policies at the district and the state level, that influenced his work with adolescents and young adults by understanding how state and district mandates impact his work and the students he has taught. Some factors included curriculum, testing, grouping, and promotion standards and the way teacher evaluations are conducted and utilized. He continues to seek an active role in and contributes productively to minor formulations and change of such mandates. Lastly, Mr. Moore represents industry in his field. He is bright and industrious and will always be successful in whatever he chooses to pursue. Central to his responsibility as a professional, Mr. Moore works to extend his knowledge base all while continuing to shape his ever-evolving philosophy of education. It is without reservation and with immense pleasure that I provide written support for my family in the field, and my colleague, Mr. Robert A. Moore.

Reginald Moore Posted 9 months ago

This man is a game changer!!!! I have witnessed his dedication to his students and to his craft of teaching and educating our young minds. Robert Moore's history test scores were the highest in the entire school district. He encourages his students, he motivates his students to achieve goals they never imagined attainable. As a teaching professional, Mr. Moore is not afraid to go "outside of the box" or do away with "the box" completely in order to reach his students. Innovative, creative, passionate, those are the words that I would use to describe Robert and those are the words that I would use to describe the "Life Changer" of the year. He truly cares about his student's education, social skill set, and quality of life. Look no further, this man is the real deal!!!!!!

Lataunya Wallace Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Moore is my brother, and I love him, dearly. He is a loving and supportive brother. But that is not why he deserves this award. Mr. Moore is a phenomenal teacher and community leader. He is passionate about his students having a positive academic experience and about parental involvement to help students reach their highest potential. He has been named Teacher of the Year and STAR Teacher for his dedication to his students and their success. He doesn’t just sit behind a desk and talk ‘at’ his students. He is constantly on the move in the classroom, making sure all students are engaged and learning. If students don’t show up for school, Mr. Moore will show up at the home to find out what’s going on and to offer any possible assistance. He’s that kind of teacher! And that’s why he deserves this honor.

Emily O'Bryant Posted 9 months ago

Great History Teacher!!! May you reach the heights of success, and may your work be loved by everyone, in your School. Congratulations on your job well done. Well done Mr. Robert Moore!