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Areka Watkins

Position: English Teacher
School: Amanda Elzy High School
School District: Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District
City, State: Greenwood , MS

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Areka Watkins was nominated by a member of the community, Lulu Moore.

"Mrs. Watkins was my grandson's 10th grade English teacher," said Moore. "Her performance as a teacher was over and beyond the call of duty. She would hold after-school classes, even on weekends. Her love for the students expanded to those who dropped out by making sure they found work or enrolled in a GED program.

One special event she coordinates is Diamond in the Rough. This event is held to celebrate each student for their hard work during the school year. Mrs. Watkins states that every student deserves to be recognized. Every single student receives an award, and their faces are undeniably grateful.

Mrs. Watkins has been noted for her incline of student test scores. She contributes her work ethic and drive to her mother, who passed some three years ago. She motivates the students by sharing how her mom was a high school dropout who returned back to school and graduated college.

"Mrs. Watkins, although very energetic and always participating in several student activities, remains humble. For this, she is deserving of this award," said Moore.

Comments (26)

marianna weatherall Posted 4 months ago


Shawnda Austin Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Watkins is a very caring and hardworking teacher she makes sure that we have all the materials to pass a test. She push us to where we can be successful.

Quintarrius Ingram Posted 4 months ago

The things about Ms. Watkins is that she cares about all of her students and lets us know that failure isn't an option. She also shows us how to break down every question so we can know what to do on the test. I can remember the first time we took the benchmark test and majority of the class failed.The next day she had everybody read and write from then until we had the other test. Everyone was so worried about the test scores that everyone came to her class to ask for the scores.

Raekwon D. Jones Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Areka Thomas-Watkins has been an astonishing LifeChanger i've seen her persuade my fellow classmates to work hard and never be afraid to ask or answer any questions... I remember when i had surgery on my ACL at 5:35 in the morning I remember it like it was yesterday i texted in our class group-chat I told her "Mama if you call me before I have my surgery ima be mad" she talked me through all the thing they were going to do and as i hung the phone up after our after we prayed I went in the operation room feeling good about the situation Mrs. Thomas is really more than a teacher she's a mother figure.

keitriuna parker Posted 4 months ago

I really don't know what to say about this amazing women, but Areka has taught me a lot since the first day of school. she takes time out her day to make sure we straight. She's smart and kind to all her lovely students ! I remember when I got suspended and she called to make sure I was straight. I really love Areka !

lurondrell Posted 4 months ago

Mrs.Watkins changed life. She made sure that we would be successful in life ! She wants the best for her students. She loved us like no one other. Mrs.Watkins made us feel like we could accomplished anything . Which we could. She's like a second mother to us . Mrs.Watkins made sure we all was straight and doing well. She did so much for us . She improved our leaning strategies!

Candace Warner Posted 4 months ago

Mrs. Thomas-Watkins you are great teacher you break down part that we don't understand.You are amazing teacher and you make things fun. You help others people that what they don't have. You help us to understand the question what they asking. The first day in school I was shy and now I start to get out my shell.You are caring person see what wrong with us.

Dwayne Springs Posted 4 months ago

My mother has been a outgoing educator every since I can remember. When we were young she would help us with our homework and go to a local church after to teach praise dances to kids in the community. She has always taken a passion in providing kids with different experiences that they wouldn’t normally get at school. I’ve always felt that she has the determination and passion to eventually own here own school one day. Every student that she’s taught can go on and on about how much she cared about seeing them succeed.

amarian Posted 4 months ago

she is a good teacher she want to see us make it she nvere give up on us and she take the time out her day to make sure that we good and she is a relly good teacher

Jenicia SMith Posted 4 months ago

She's the best,Most caring, and Hardcore teacher ever. She don't give up on us, she pushes us to be the best for who we are. You all are making the right decision of picking her!!!!! SOMEBODY GOT TO BE GREAT WHY NOT HER!!!!!!!!

areka Posted 4 months ago

good techer

Bridgett Farmer Posted 8 months ago

Dr.Areka has proven to be more than your average educator. She takes time out her day to create various learning techniques to advance her students on a 360 degree approach in an effort to develop them into successful vessels for the future. A true community and educational advocate,this nomination is well deserved! Blessings Sister

FaTima Alexander Posted 8 months ago

One major thing I admire about Areka is here dedication to her students. Watching her from afar you can only be inspired to do more in your own life! She doesn't allow her students to accept mediocrity. She challenges them as well as show them that with a little work anything is possible. I've watched her students blossom from shy to speaking with confidence and pride. Areka is the personification of an educator and a life changer!

Angelina Copper Posted 8 months ago

Areka is a beautiful, strong and phenomenal black warrior that has inspired the lives of many. She has a heart of gold and tears down any challenges in her way. I admire her will to bring out the best in each and every student within her reach. I’m so proud of you Areka. Much love ??

Selonia Groves Posted 8 months ago

I really wouldn't know where to start when I am asked to describe such an amazing woman like Mrs.Watkins. She has a bond with all her students individually. With a kind heart of her own she has impact us all. She watch us grow and learn day by day. She supports us and care.When you're a student you feel the love and affection she puts into getting to know her students and watching us learn.Mrs.Watkins deserves this award she is my life changer and many more.

Carlyn Payton Posted 8 months ago

Ms. Watkins is a outstanding teacher and I learned that and I'm still learning that. She takes out the time to make sure you're okay academically and personally. She helped me discover who I am and helped me come out of my shell. When I first came to Ms. Watkins class at the beginning of the year I was a insecure 15 year old girl. But with a lot of pushing and help Ms. Watkins is helping me reach my full potential and become the person I was meant to be. She is a god-fearing woman and is faithful, and productive. She knows her worth. From the years that I've known her (even before taking her class) she is a heart felt person. I love Ms. Watkins personality and how she carries her self. She truly is a life changer.

Chauncia Banks Posted 8 months ago

She’s the best candidate it’s the best decision.

jamiya smith Posted 8 months ago

Ms.Watkins is a very inspirational and caring person.!

Pamela Heard Posted 8 months ago

She is a Phenomenal Teacher she pours so much into her students that it is life changing my grand-daughter was blessed to have been one of her students and through her contact she made a life changing decision to remain in Mississippi to finish her education with the school of Amanda Elzy High (she's from Florida)....Ms. Watkins is very inspiring and has a passion for her students to enhance and grow them to learn and challenge themselves to become productive persons.....she is truly a life changer in the heart of hearts you can feel and know the love that she has for teaching and the life of the students and their families to achieve the best that they can possibly BE through being committed to being educated!!!! She is truly a winner changing a life one student at a time!!!!!

TaJuan Beckworth Posted 8 months ago

Areka Watkins is one one of the most empowering teachers I have ever come in contact with. She is truly for student success in every way. She encouraged me to become for outspoken and courageous and I appreciate her for it. I cannot think of a better nominee for such an amazing title.

Khamya Posted 8 months ago

Ms.Watkins is by far the BEST person I ever met. She is a loving teacher & she is very fair. She uplifts students daily. Majority of the students feel more confident & more able to express themselves when they attend her class. I have a learned a lot from her. She is not only my teacher, but she is my role model.

jymeisha wilson Posted 8 months ago

Ms.Watkins have a very big impact on my life today , i took her my 10th grade year and i was very exciting the first day i went to her class she was about her WORK everyone knows her slogan it ain't but some WORK . She is a hard working women and she does her best to help out with her students , she will push you and will help you accomplish any and every goal you want to accomplish . Watkins have the highest state test , everyone loves her and everyone knows her . We love you Ms.Watkins

Montizse Dillard Posted 8 months ago

A good woman here.If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t even look at life the way I do.

Teresa Watkins Posted 8 months ago

My sister Mrs. Areka Watkins, is the best teachers I know she's dedicated, to her work as a teacher. My sister loves working with children. Mrs. Watkins devotes all of her time to her students motivating them to become better. I've watched my sister over the years push her students and bring out the best in them also bring out their inner strength. Mrs. Watkins also started an awards banque in hourner of our mom who suffered with an illiness for twenty nine years. this award would go to a most deserving student who really showed the most growth.My sister teaches in a way the students are having fun as well as learning, she gives them a reason to want to learn while enjoying doing it, she's always thinking of ways to reach her students. My sister not only motivate students she also movitate adults to become better parents. All in all my sister loves her students as if they are her own. This is why I nominate Mrs. Areka Watkins as lIFE CHANGER OF THE YEAR.

Fredarica Haney Posted 8 months ago

Mrs. Watkins Thomas, taught my daughter and now she teaches my son. With both kids she has made a tremendous impact on their lives. My daughter looks up to her and strives to be as phenomenal as she is. My son says shes his favorite teacher and he has learned so much from her in these last past 2 months

keyonce jackson Posted 8 months ago

Literally the Best teacher ever!! We appreciate you to the fullest!!