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Ellen Rogers

Position: Fourth Grade Dual Language Teacher
School: Hackberry Elementary School
School District: Little Elm ISD
City, State: Frisco, TX

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Ellen Rogers was nominated by her principal, Stephen Richardson.

Mrs. Rogers has proven her ability to make a difference in the lives of all her students. She creates a learning environment for her students that keeps them engaged and thirsty for more. Mrs. Rogers is the ultimate motivator and encourager. She knows every students' interest and how to connect with each of them. The most important quality Mrs. Rogers holds is her ability to instill confidence in her students. Her students know that she believes in them, and she will accept nothing but their best!  

Comments (10)

Dalia Sandoval Posted over a year ago

Ellen is an amazing educator and coworker. I am so lucky to work with such a professional and dedicated individual. She makes our jobs so much easier by being on top of everything related to our students She always has a smile on her face and our students adore her. I cannot think of anyone that deserves this award more than Eelen. She truly embodies what a life changer is like because she makes a difference every single day in our kids'lives by motivating them and believing in them. Oh, and she has the most contagious laugh! Ellen, you inspire me daily!

Damaris Lucaciu Posted over a year ago

I know Ellen since we were sophomores in high scool and I was an exchange student in the US. She was the first person I made friends with because of her nice character, gentle and aproachable demeanour. She had quite a large group of friends for which she was the glue that held them together. We all liked her best. I was so glad to see she chose to become a teacher. My first thought was that it suited her perfectly. She is friendly, very patient, and with a kind smile on her face always. I am sure all the children she comes in contact with have very much to gain for having her as their teacher. She IS a life changer to the better and has been since we were in high school for everyone around her (young or old). She has surely changed my life to the better and I fondly remember high school in the US because of her.

Cheryl Libbert Posted over a year ago

Mrs Rogers is truly dedicated to her profession. She has a kind and caring heart that resonates to her students and beyond.

Suzanne Harlow Posted over a year ago

Way to go, Ellen! I’m so proud of you. What a blessing you are to your students, Hackberry and LEISD! Keep it up!

Gloria Geisler Posted over a year ago

Ellen Rogers would be the perfect candidate for life changer of the year. When I was still student teaching, Rogers was always helpful and supportive towards me starting my teaching career. She was amazing to watch teach, because of how passionate she was about helping her students succeed. Her relationship with her students always come first and it showed in her classroom.

Katie Medrano Posted over a year ago

Ellen is dedicated to making a difference not only in the lives of her students, but also to people around her. She seeks out connections and gears her lessons around those interests. She knows how to encourage her students and keep them motivated. Her students know they are welcome, loved, and that their teacher really cares for them. She is the perfect candidate for this award because she is a life changer!

Judy Dutton Posted over a year ago

Dear Ellen Congratulations on your achievement! I know first hand that you are the Best at Teaching your Students as my Daughter was your First she wouldn’t be who she is Today without You! And your tireless efforts. Your students are the Lucky Ones. The Lord has Blessed you with many talents and I pray that you continue to use them to touch many Children’s lives and futures for many years to come. Continue to do what you Love. ??

Marta Flores Posted over a year ago

Ellen is both a phenomenal teacher and coworker!! Anyone who has been in the classroom knows how much work and preparation goes into student learning. Ellen is a master planner. She is detail oriented and thinks of all possible avenues in which our students can learn best and then choose which will be most engaging and aligns with our standards. I absolutely love working along side of her each day. Our students love you and your coworkers love you!!

Mariza Escamilla Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Rogers is an outstanding teacher who works tirelessly to find unique ways to engage her students. Her calm and caring nature provides a safe haven for her students to take chances as they learn.

Christine Cook Posted over a year ago

My dear Ellen, You are living your lifelong dream of being a 4th grade teacher! And how fitting that you are teaching in the district where you grew up. Your dedication to your students is truly inspiring. By recognizing each of your students' strengths and abilities, you are able to help them soar to their greatest potential. Congratulations on your nomination!! You make a difference!!