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Angel Ramos

Position: Principal
School: HI School for the Deaf and Blind
School District: Hawaii Public Schools
City, State: Honolulu, HI

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Angel Ramos was nominated by his colleague, Dala McNew.

"I have only worked at the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind for a short time, but from day one, I could tell that Dr. Ramos was a key element to the positive nurturing atmosphere of our school," said McNew. "As soon as you step onto the beautiful campus, you can see the pride the students take in their work, and you can feel the ohana. All of the students, no matter their age, help each other. Dr. Ramos is often seen all over the school talking to all the students and checking in on the teachers. He truly cares for the staff and the students, and it shows. We are lucky to have him!"

Comments (7)

Michele Westfall Posted 4 days ago

Dr. Ramos should receive this award, because Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind was in a terrible shape before he came in. In just three years, he has turned this school around and gotten it accredited. How many people can say they've done the same?

Kathy Thomas Posted 4 days ago

Please vote for Angel Ramos. Even the Deaf Hawaii community is proud of him for making it better for the Deaf school. The Deaf Hawaii kids need a principal who can talk with them in sign language directly, NOT through an interpreter as a third person. I believe Mr. Ramos is a great role model for the kids as well as a life changer for us all. He’s Deaf, and he can sign in American Sign Language (ASL). I strongly support that Bilingual Education (Bi-Bi) is a very important tool for Deaf Kids, using both ASL and English at the same time, for better education and better mental health. Mr. Ramos is making it possible with good results. Good job, Angel.

Dr. E. Lynn Jacobowitz Posted 4 days ago

Dr. Ramos has increased Language rich environment at this school. Deaf children perform better skills in any course. Dr. Ramos is passionate about his work ensuring that these Deaf children’s families are included to ensure their communication accessibility. He deserves this award for being a life changer for children, parents, & community wide.

Dala McNew Posted 5 days ago

Dr. Ramos, In the short time that I was able to work with you, I learned SO much about myself and how to always be positive. You always inspired me to be the best "me" that I could be which carried over to my teaching. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Destiny Robins Posted 5 days ago

I want Angel principal back work to HSDB Because he is good person and help to deaf students about new idea different of opportunities in school that’s great.

David Simmons Posted 5 days ago

Dr. Angel Ramos is a true gentleman who inspires and elevates almost EVERYBODY from all walks of life. He is an angel to many of us. He has opened many doors for the Deaf Education, no matter how challenging. First time in Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind, he achieved the official accreditation for this school. Both Deaf and hearing students love him. Please vote for him.

Beth Daigle King Posted 9 days ago

I have been a Teacher of the Deaf on Maui for over a decade. I’ve seen a few Principals of the Hawaii School for the Deaf come and go. Having worked with Dr. Ramos and engaged with d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing (d/DHH) keiki (children), I was so amazed at the turn around. The campus has not only seen structural upgrades, but the rigor and dedication to provide best practices in Deaf education is being met at the highest level. Access to direct communication and resources from the larger Deaf community at the local, state and national level is now available to Hawaii’s teachers and Deaf students through Dr. Ramos’s leadership style, ASL skill, and personal experiences as a Deaf leader and change agent. The future for Hawaii’s d/Deaf students is on the right path. Just as the native Hawaiian people look up to their Kapunas who share the needs of the Hawaiian people based on Intricate first hand experience with Hawaiian culture and values; the Deaf community has gained their own Deaf Leader advocating the needs of d/DHH students and teachers with attention to Deaf Culture and Deaf values. This kind of leadership at HSDB is historic and essential!