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Drew Moon

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Buchanan Elementary School
School District: Haralson County School District
City, State: Buchanan , GA

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Drew Moon was nominated by his colleague, Erin Davis.

"Drew is the true definition of a LifeChanger," said Davis. "I have worked with Drew for six years, and in the first year of working with him, he fit the profile of a Ron Clark Academy teacher and Bow Tie Guy. He comes to work with high-energy and delivers amazing, hands-on Math lessons. Year after year, I watched him convert students who hated math to math experts the following May. He has the ability to make math fun, engaging and exciting to the kids. He is a non-worksheet teacher!"

Every year, Mr. Moon's students show more than 50% student growth on the end of year Georgia Milestone Standardized Assessments. He's not only a phenomenal teacher, but someone who goes above and beyond to create a positive work environment for his students. He works a lot during the summer to paint and decorate his room to make it fun and inviting to the students. Mr. Moon has a graffiti-themed room, and this summer, he created a teacher desk/small group table out of the front clip of an old rusty truck. The table even has working headlights!

Mr. Moon was also selected by Kim Bearden, co-founder and teacher at the Ron Clark Academy, to receive a graffiti-style, full size, Volkswagen Bug that can be used in his classroom. He is a leader among his peers and co-workers. He is on his school's Leadership committee, Vertical Math team for the district, and serves as the fourth grade math lead teacher. Additionally, he was the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year.

"Mr. Moon is a LifeChanger because year after year, I have witnessed so many students return to our school to remind him how much of a difference he made in their lives," said Davis.

Comments (46)

Zandra Green Posted over a year ago

I agree 1000%! Drew Moon is certainly a LIFECHANGER! I came to Buchanan Elementary School in September and Drew Moon was the FIRST new friend I made IMMEDIATELY. He is fun, friendly, and a great teacher. He has a charisma about him like no other. He cares about his students, colleagues, school, and most of all his family. He makes class fun for his students. He makes everyday fun for his colleagues as well. There is NEVER a dull moment around Mr. Moon that is for sure! We love Mr.Moon here at B.E.S.

Ashley Walker Posted over a year ago

Me. Moon taught my daughter two years ago in 4th grade. She is a hand full for sure but he knew exactly how to put her mind to good use. She still asks to go by and see him every time we pass the elementary school on the way to the middle school. He is the first teacher that had stuck out to her and it made my heart happy to see her excited for school. Thanks Mr. Moon, Lex says hey!

Laura Henckel Posted over a year ago

I do not know Mr. Moon very well. I have never had a child in his class. I do not know his family and I haven't known him forever. I do know this: I had the fortunate opportunity to work as a sub for a teacher who team taught for a few hours during the day with Mr. Moon and that one day made me realize that he is a fantastic teacher. He engaged those students as naturally as others breathe. He flowed in and around the students and each child knew that if something didn't click for them, he would stop, explain it a different manner that would bring that child to a level of understanding that they hadn't reached before. His outstanding attention getting techniques, the way his energy never ceased and the way each child was actively engaged in learning taught me enough in one day to know that working and learning from Mr. Moon is nothing short of life changing.

Kim Bearden Posted over a year ago

Drew is the real deal! I love his passion, dedication, and commitment to his students. He is so deserving of this!

Kim Posted over a year ago

Drew is an amazing teacher! He loves his job and his kids! The one thing that stands out is how strong he is! He lets nothing get him down! He is following a great role model, that I only wish to have met. He is nothing but special to BES and to his family and friends around him! He is always smiling and joking! Drew has the biggest heart and only wants the best for his kids at BES! We at HC love Drew and wish nothing but the best for him. He has an angel watching over him, who is very proud and always smiling down on him! Keep up the good work!!!

Pat Hearn Posted over a year ago

Mr. Moon has taught 2 of my grandchildren & I hope he gets to teach the one that is currently in the 2nd grade. Mr. Moon was very energetic & gets along with all of the kids. He was there favorite teacher.

Brittani Alexander Posted over a year ago

Mr. Moon had the biggest impact on my now 15 year old's life. After struggling through 3rd grade and barely passing, he was finally in 4th grade and was blessed to have Mr. Moon. Mr. Moon made math fun again for him, and helped him succeed and excell in math and in all other subjects. To this day Mr. Moon still asks about my son and has offered to help him any time he needs help, even now with my son being in 10th grade. You will NOT find a better teacher who loves all of his students and makes learning fun the way that he does.

Janice Huckaby Posted over a year ago

Mr.Moon was my sons favorite teacher. He makes learning fun!

Helen Hardin Posted over a year ago

Mr.Moon taught my daughter math and social studies. He has the ability to reach kids on whole other level and pull greatness out of them. My daughter still talks about the ways Mr.Moon made math and social studies fun and exciting. She loved his class, I never once heard her complain about any assignment. She truly loved Mr.Moon and as a parent it makes me so happy to know that while she was in his class she felt smart, accepted, and realized how much potential she had. He not only is a wonderful teacher but he is also a great member of his community. We are so blessed to have him.

Amie Harbuck Posted over a year ago

Mr. Moon thank you for the approach you take in making learning fun and not so stressful. Khaidyn and I appreciate you! She comes home many days talking about how fun it is being your class. I'm happy she gets to have the experience of being in your class.

Laura Watts Posted over a year ago

Drew was my student teacher. I had been teaching 10 plus years when he came along. I had had many other student teachers, but none compared to Drew. His positivity and energy brightened up the classroom. He came in working and left working on ways to reach kids. I had a mentor myself in college that just had the power and control of a classroom that one just has to see. You literally feel it when you walk in the room. Drew has that power and control just with his demeanor. The students knew his expectations and met them without a struggle. Drew developed a relationship with the students. He worked to build their trust in him which is a stepping stone to teaching kids. I knew Drew’s parents, but I wasn’t familiar with him. I thought all I need is this young guy that doesn’t have a clue about what he is walking into. I was wrong! His heart was there and the passion to be a teacher and all the roles that comes with that title was there. I can’t think of anyone that could be more deserving of this award than Drew. I learned really quick what a momma’s boy he was and that made me love him even more. She is so proud of you and the reputation you have created! You deserve this!

Emily Woodcock Posted over a year ago

Mr. Moon, there are no words to describe how your teaching has spread across your county, state, and one day-the world! You are an amazing human being! I am so happy for you to be nominated for this amazing title! Congrats and you deserve it! Love, Emily!

Kalen Gilbert Posted over a year ago

Drew moon is A great example to his students and everyone around him. He works hard in his classroom and with his kids to make sure they feel comfortable and makes math fun. He is a true example and totally deserves this.

Kalen Gilbert Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to Drew. I went to school with him and he is absolutely amazing. He’s not only an amazing person but he has very unique ideas and works with his kids. He goes the extra mile and is so deserving! So proud wish u the best Drew.

Donna M Harris Posted over a year ago

Proud of you, Drew! So glad your making differences in so many children’s lives. Know your enthusiasm and love for what you do will always make you happy. Your mama would be so proud!

Crystal Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mr.Moon is an extraordinary educator! My daughter had him two years ago and it totally changed her hate for math. It became her favorite subject and she has exceeded in it ever since. He brought such positive energy into the classroom that made my child look forward to being there each day. He loves his students, his job, his family, and it truly shows. Thank you Mr.Moon for making such an impact on my child's educational experience?

Karen Smith Posted over a year ago

I have known Drew since he was a little boy. I worked with his mom. It has been so much fun to watch Drew grow into an awesome teacher, loving husband and exuberant dad!! He goes into everything he does with his whole beautiful heart! I would love to be in his math class. I graduated from high school in 1967.

Jaclyn Byrd Posted over a year ago

Mr. Moon is the most AWESOME! My son had the pleasure of having him our first year we moved here. Mr. Moon saw my son, knew what to do to keep him busy. (My son is very smart, but get bored very easily). I only hope we are lucky enough to get him with my daughter. Mr. Moon ROCKS!!

Teresa Jackson Posted over a year ago

Super guy. Congratulations

Stephanie Motes Posted over a year ago

No one deserves anything more than my friend Drew Moon! He is truly a genuinely great human! He pours his heart into EVERYTHING he does and you couldn’t ask for anyone better to be in your corner!! He has always been an inspiration to me from his consistent positive attitude to watching him set and crush his goals!! I will be forever grateful to have a friend like drew and his students will be better because of him!!

Jill Cohran Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Drew. Your mother would be so proud. You are a chip off the old block. How wonderful for these students to be able to learn under such quality teaching and leadership!

Tiffany Hebert Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Drew since elementary school and throughout the years, he’s left a positive impact on not only myself, but several of our classmates, and even now the students he teaches. He is a very intelligent, fun loving, caring person who is extremely passionate about teaching. He thoroughly enjoys every aspect of being an educator and making a difference in the children’s lives. I can’t think of another guy who is more deserving of this nomination, as Drew is the educator everyone wants for their child!

Karen stephens Posted over a year ago

My daughter was in his class last year, she was very excited about school and didn’t want the year to end, why because she knew she had to move on to the next grade. She would come home every day talking about how great of a day she had in Mr. Moons class. He makes his classroom a fun environment for his students and he really truly cares for them like they are his own.

Lynne Hill Posted over a year ago

I am so happy Drew was nominated for the LifeChanger award. Drew graduated High School with my son. He has always been such a nice guy to everyone around him. As I have watched him become a Teacher, Husband, and Dad you can tell the commitment he puts into everything he does. I Love seeing the enthusiasm he puts in his room each year. I can just imagine how great he is in the classroom. An enthusiastic Teacher creates intrigued minds who wants to learn. The dedication he shows as an all around great caring person blesses all who come into contact with him.

Tunya Parker Posted over a year ago

I am not only honored to be able to work in the classroom with Drew but I can also call him my friend. He has found a way to teach kids without them even truly realizing that they are working hard. He is an amazing teacher. I see it everyday as a co-worker, but I also saw it as a parent when he taught my son.

Dana Clark Posted over a year ago

Wow!!! You are doing amazing things Drew Moon! SUPER proud of you!!!

Rachel Posted over a year ago

Drew is the epitome of positive role model for our students. He is energetic and firm which makes for a atmosphere for great learning. He is entertaining and compassionate. Drew has was is best for kids at the forefront of his instruction. The kids love him!!!

Jennifer Bradshaw Posted over a year ago

Drew, Your mama is looking down on you smiling extremely big with so much pride. You will retire one day with everyone in your community knowing you made a difference, just like she did. I love you so big! Jennifer Bradshaw

Crystal Posted over a year ago

I do not work in the same building with Drew, but I work in the same district. Even so, I can see the dedication and love he puts into his students and his classroom. He goes the extra mile to make connections with and for children. He is a true life changer! Thank you Drew for all you do for our students and our district!

Ashley Posted over a year ago

My son is in 7th grade and he still remembers the life lessons and the math he learned from Mr. Moon in the 4th grade. He often comments and offers memories about him because Mr. Moon was a positive role model in my son's life and my son will never forget him. He goes the extra mile in all that he sets out to accomplish and his posture towards life is very positive and uplifting. He is a role model among leaders in the school system, fellow teachers, parents, and the students in our community.

Kathy Dobbs Posted over a year ago

Drew is a awesome teacher, friend and brother in Christ. He has taught 3 of my grandchildren and they love him dearly. Shine on Drew ????

Lindsey Davis Posted over a year ago

During my second student teaching placement I was placed in Mr. Moon’s class for a full semester. During that one semester the leadership he showed, love of teaching, and truly the change he wanted to make in each student in his class was life changing for me! He has a unique way of connecting with each child on a different level than a lot of teachers and make his classroom a fun & safe learning learning community! While student teaching with him he taught me so many ways to be affective in my classroom that I have taken with me. He also has stayed connected and involved in my teaching experience and a awesome mentor even 2 years later! I was truly blessed to have been in his classroom for the time I was and give him much credit for helping me become the teacher I am!

Keala Taylor Posted over a year ago

Drew is just an all around great guy, but an even better teacher! Other educators can learn so much from him. He deserves this award, and more to come!!

Lauren Myers Posted over a year ago

Mr. Moon is THE best teacher my son has ever had. He completely transformed my son into someone that enjoyed learning. His enthusiasm for teaching can truly move mountains! And I know to this day that if I needed an intervention with my son, he would drop what he was doing an step up to make anything happen!

Kristi Wilson Posted over a year ago

My son, Cooper, is so blessed to have Mr. Moon this year! He has already done better in math and I believe it is because of Mr. Moon’s teaching style. He is great!

Kyler Smith Posted over a year ago

One of the best, truest friends anyone could ask for. Blessed to have grown up with him.

Dena Myers Posted over a year ago

Thank you so much for your love and dedication to Haralson County students!!!!

Anna W Posted over a year ago

Very deserving! He does go above and beyond to make students feel welcomed. There is always a smile on his face with a positive attitude to go with it. He gets my vote.??

Denise McClure Posted over a year ago

Congrats..keep changing lives forever.

Janice Butler Posted over a year ago

Life changing teacher and mentor!!

Debbie Smith Posted over a year ago

Awesome Guy!! Wonderful with the students. Always in a good mood. Joy to work with!!

Erin Cothran Posted over a year ago

Drew is so deserving of this award!

Leigh Allen Posted over a year ago

Drew is not only an amazing teacher, he’s an amazing man. His love for his family and his students can never be questioned. He makes a positive impact on everyone he meets. No one deserves this honor more than this humble man. His servants heart shines through him every day.

Gracie Hitchcock Posted over a year ago

I had Mr. Moon for fourth grade math. I had no idea that he would change my life! The way he taught made me love math. I knew how to do everything in that class because he was such a great teacher. Also, he was in a positive mood every single day! If the teacher isn’t in a good mood, then the students aren’t going to be in a good mood either. He always made everything fun and enjoyable, even though we were still learning. He taught me how to make the most boring things fun with his positiveness. He will always be my favorite teacher, and I will never forget him or how much fun I had in his class!

Misty Nixon Posted over a year ago

Drew Moon you deserve this so much! My kids have not personally been your student, but they look forward to seeing and talking to “Mr.Moooooon” everyday. You are such a light for every child and parent, and colleague as well, that you come in contact with. You have helped Alona and I both transition to a new school her fifth grade year and have reassured me constantly. You have went above and beyond your duties, especially with making sure that Alona is more than okay in her new school. Your light shines so bright through your love for your work and through your love for your family and friends. It is truly a blessing to know you friend.

Robin Dockery Posted over a year ago